Getting the Best of Mom

by Anal_King

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A son catches his mom in a video that shouldn't have been made. A little blackmail gets him what he's always dreamed of!

My name is Devin and I'm a 24-year-old unemployed graphics designer. I recently moved back in with my parents to save what little money I had. To earn my keep, I keep the house clean and mow the lawn when necessary. My parents never asked me to do this but I didn't want to be a freeloader. I like to hold my own when I can. Aside from those minor chores, I use my free time surfing the Net or watching tons of porn. Until the situation changes, this is how I presently exist.

Anyway, it all began last Tuesday when my uncle Angelo, on my mother's side, stopped by and asked if I could keep an eye on his place. He said he had to go away on business. I told him it wouldn't be a problem. He tried to slip me a one hundred dollar bill when my mother wasn't looking, but I refused it. I still had my pride and he respected that. Besides, eating all his food would be payment enough.

Before I go further, I suppose now is as good a time as any to give you my mother's stats since this story is really about her: Mom is one-half Colombian and one-half Irish. An interesting combination which has given her the characteristic Latina curves but with pretty hazel eyes and pouty red lips made for sucking. At the mature age of 48, mom still manages to turn heads and elicit an occasional groan from a few men who catch a glimpse of her on the street or in the mall. But the real reason for all this attention has nothing to do with the aforementioned; what these guys are groaning about, and this includes myself, is her fat, juicy ass. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with her b-cups breasts. Take my word for it.

My mom's ass has made me blow countless loads of cum in the past. In fact, I could've kept a small fertility clinic in business with the amount of seed I've thrown away. Her ass isn't what I'd call toned like the kind you're used to seeing in fitness magazines. And I can't say it's an even mixture of muscle and fat. No, mom's ass is the type that's soft all over yet very round while maintaining its pleasing heart-shape.

I'm pretty sure the only reason why my dad married mom in the first place was because of her cock-stiffening ass. I suspect that mom knew this, but she claims dad's charm and the fact that he's a successful CPA won her over. Well, she didn't mention the CPA part. I threw that in but I'm sure it played a role in their getting together and eventually marrying each other. Mom works as a senior nurse because that's her passion, helping people.

I began housesitting duty the very next day after my uncle's visit. I wasn't even there an hour before I became bored. It was after 8:00pm. I had already eaten and fed Magic, his brown doberman pinscher. Nothing interesting was on cable so I went through my uncle's DVD rack to see if there was anything new. His collection consisted mostly of horror and sci-fi, which was fine by me because I loved both genres.

Nothing struck me and I was about to call it a night until I happened upon on a DVD case without any artwork around it. More out of curiosity than anything else, I took a look at it. My uncle had written "A & M—Anal" on the cover. Nice! It's about time uncle Angelo added some porn to his collection. I was beginning to worry about him. I put the disc into the DVD player and took a seat on the couch.

When the screen came on, it showed a bedroom. The camera was pointing toward a bed. I could tell this was an amateur effort seeing how crappy the video quality was. Someone was adjusting the camera's zoom feature, getting a close-up of the bed. After a few more refinements, a man with a hairy ass walks in from the left and lies back on the bed. Holy shit! It's uncle Angelo! I would never have pegged him for the type of guy who'd makes his own fuck film. Way to go uncle. I should try it some time when I find a woman who doesn't mind a man who's penniless.

He began stroking his cock while looking at something off screen. He must've been around 7-inches and pretty thick. He wasn't as big as me but he still had a decent amount of girth. Now I know which part of the family I inherited my size from.

A woman began to speak and her voice grew louder as she got closer to the bed. She was explaining to my uncle how she has to limit her fuck sessions to twice monthly for fear of her husband becoming suspicious. Then this sexy lady walks in wearing nothing at all and climbs on the bed. She has a—what the fuck! Mom! Mom and uncle Rob! Before I could get over my initial shock, they embraced and frenched each other in a passionate liplock. Having never seen my mother naked before had my dick instantly throbbing. Her tits were nice and perky with long pink nipples made for sucking, which is exactly what my uncle was doing at the moment. He ravaged her tit-flesh, taking long, greedy sucks on her rubbery paps.

Mom moaned and closed her eyes enjoying her brother's ministrations. He jumped from one tit then the other giving them equal attention with his mouth. When he had his fill of her spongy breasts, he gently positioned my mother on her back. He wasted no time moving in between her soft thighs and swiping his tongue over her dripping snatch. My mom clutched his head and ran her fingers through his hair while he slurped her sweet nectar down. "Oh baby. You're the only one who knows how to eat me so good," She murmured with lust contorting her face.

He stopped after a few licks and replied, "I should be good at it. I've been taking care of this pussy since we began puberty." Damn! Mom and uncle Angelo have been doing this for years. If my dad ever found out about their incestuous affair, he'd fuckin' flip. And he's a big dude so you don't want to mess with him. Trust me. I know.

After some time had passed, my uncle brought mom to a screaming orgasm. She raised her hips off the bed when she reached her peak and then collapsed when she came back down from her climax. While she caught her breath, uncle Angelo went back to sucking her tits again. My mom pushed him off and gave him a wicked grin. She then got on her hands and knees and crawled between his legs. She looked back at the camera and said, "Is this how you want me? So the camera can capture my big ass?"

Mom arched her back for effect and began to erotically swing her luscious ass from side-to-side, showing two of the roundest cheeks I've ever seen. Her beautiful crack and tight anus made my dick twitch in my pants. Even though she's gained a bit of weight over the years, that ass of hers can easily give girls half her age some serious competition.

I was dizzy with lust and had to pick up the remote and pause the movie, so I could burn the image of her round derriere into my brain. I never, ever wanted to forget the only ass which has fueled my fantasies for so many years.

After five minutes had gone by and a puddle of drool had formed on the floor, I hit play. "Brother of mine, I'm going to suck all of that nasty cum from your balls," she whispered. She bent her head down and wrapped her lips around his cockhead and sucked. Uncle Angelo loudly groaned. As for myself, I began breathing heavily and broke out in a sweat as she proceeded to take his entire cock down into her throat. "Oh God, Maria. Take it all" he urged, as he gripped her by the head and held her down into his crotch. My uncle humped her mouth for a few strokes and then let her get back to sucking him off.

She pulled back, leaving a trail of saliva that coated his thick shaft and then started licking his pole from the base to the head as if it were a leaking popsicle. She swirled her tongue around the crown of his dick one way and then the other, making uncle Angelo flinch each time her tongue-tip connected with a particularly sensitive nerve. Mom went back to slobbering all over his rigid dick and sucking him down again. This elicited a whole series of moans and groans from my uncle.

It was obvious that mom was no amateur when it came to sucking cock. She had my uncle writhing on his bed with her oral talents. The funny thing is you'd think he'd be able to hold out much longer, but in less than five minutes, he announced that he was going to cum and screamed while unloading his incestuous batter down my mother's throat. Mom kept bobbing her head while swallowing every drop of his load.

Once he was totally drained of his seed, they went back to frenching each other. After a while, my uncle pulled away from her and blurted, "Why won't you let me fuck your pussy for a change, Maria?" She gave him a look. I knew that look because she gave it to me so many times before. It's the don't-push-it look.

"I told you a long time ago when we first started messing around that my pussy was only going to be for my future husband. And I promised you back then that my ass would only be for you. Everyone's happy so don't ruin a good thing." I can't believe it. Mom denies one what the other gets and vice versa.

The went back to kissing again and then the video cut to a scene where both of them were on their left side in the fetal position. Uncle Angelo had his cockhead lined up with her pink anus. He pushed against her striated membrane. And like the asshole of a well-practiced whore, it immediately opened around the mushroom-shaped head of his erection, swallowing him inch-by-inch. His fat, veiny prick stretched mom's asshole to its limits as he snaked his cock right up to the hilt, completely filling her anal cavity. Surprisingly, she took it all without any complaints.

Once she was sufficiently opened up for him, it was easy for uncle Angelo to thrust his long rod of flesh in and out of her lubed anus. He got a good rhythm going and began to passionately kiss my mother. Their tongues dueled and their saliva leaked down their chins. They each took turns sucking the other's tongue, moaning as their incestual fuck quickly took them over the edge. Uncle Angelo pulled his lips away; his breathing was labored. "Maria, I'm going to cum." Just then, his entire body tensed and his voice cracked as he gave out a deep moan followed by a yell: "Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuccckkkkkk! Marriiiiaaaaa! I saw his penis jerk and his balls contract as he unloaded his thick splooge into mom's rectum. My uncle must've been full of cum because it took him a long time to get it all out of his system.

Once his breath had returned to something close to normal, he reached over and began rubbing mom's clit. That set her off and she wailed as a strong climax overtook her body. She shook and squealed riding out her orgasm until she, too, lay panting. After some more kissing, my uncle slowly slid out of her gripping asshole, leaving mom's red ring gaping with a mixture of semen and lube coating the outer edges. I could clearly see some of her red passage coated with his white cum, glistening under the light from the ceiling. Fuck! I started shooting off in my pants without even touching my prick. I moaned as my shorts were flooded with cum. I couldn't stop it. I moaned unable to draw in air. When it was over, I felt completely wiped out. Shit! I haven't cum in my pants since I was a kid.

I looked back at the screen and watched my uncle get up to shut the camera off. The last scene I saw before the screen went black was his white cum oozing out of mom's yawing hole. What a sight.

With the soft glow emanating from the screen, I sat there on the sofa thinking about what I had seen. A flood of emotions seeped into my mind. Part of me was jealous, but another part was really excited. On some level, it was hard to watch my own mom getting fucked by someone other than myself. However, on another level, it was so hot watching mom getting fucked by her own brother. It was a level of depravity that made all the difference.

I picked up the remote and went back to the spot where she first got penetrated by my uncle's dick. I pulled my pants and briefs down and hit play. I began to jerk off, timing my cum with his. Both our moans filled the room. I had cum a total of three times, all in the span of two hours. They were the most intense climaxes I've ever experienced. I would've attempted a fourth one but my dick was starting to get raw. Besides, it was late and I was getting very sleepy. I made a stop at the bathroom to take a much needed piss before heading to bed.

The next morning, after Magic had been walked and fed, I drove home to copy the DVD to my hard drive. My parents had already left for work which made my job easier for me. For the rest of the day, images of mom's succulent cheeks kept intruding into my thoughts, giving me more erections than I cared for. It was hard getting anything done when the only thing I wanted to do was masturbate over and over again. It must feel so good sliding into her shitter like uncle Angelo did. I could only imagine—wait! I don't have to imagine. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I've read so many erotic stories using the tried and true theme of blackmail that I can't believe I didn't think of it before.

What the fuck am I thinking here? A story is one thing, but real life, that's an entirely different ball game. I don't know if I'd have the strength to actually approach her and say, "From now on I'm going to fuck your ass any time I want or else dad will get a copy of the DVD." Think about it. Can any one of you reading this story walk right up to your own mother and flat out blackmail her on the spot? Can you live with the disappointment in her eyes once the words have left your mouth? Would she still love you after it's all said and done? To be honest, lust was winning the battle but I still had enough sense to wait a few days before reaching a decision. In the meantime, the DVD would suffice.

For the remainder of my stay at my uncle's house, all I did was watch the movie which was a big mistake. Repeatedly watching her asshole stretch time after time only fueled my lust to even higher levels. I decided, with more than a few reservations and with more than a few knots in my stomach, to approach mom Saturday afternoon when I knew my dad would be at work. Yeah, he's one of those dads who loves his job more than his family.

When Saturday finally rolled around, with not a drop of saliva left in my mouth, and a heart ready to explode, I called out to my mom.

She came walking in from the den: "What is it, honey?"

"Well ... I ... er ... need you to watch something. It'll only take a sec." I put the disc into the DVD player and let out the breath I'd been holding. I looked back and mom was sitting on the couch waiting.

"What are you going to show me?"

"You'll see." The now familiar screen of uncle Angelo's bedroom appeared. Mom's voice could be heard. I don't think it registered for her until uncle Angelo got on the bed with his stiff cock pointing to the ceiling. Then when she stepped into the camera's view, she knew for sure because when I glanced at mom, her face had turned Gothic pale. I mean all the blood had completely drained from her face.

Her eyes were wide with shock. She didn't move or say a word for a while until she finally snapped out of her daze and said, "Where did you get this?"

"I found it last week at uncle Angelo's place when I was house-sitting." Mom looked at me for a moment before she covered her face and sobbed into her hands. She kept repeatedly saying "Oh my God!" to herself and then a few "What have I done?" as well.

I felt like shit but when I turned to the T.V. screen and saw uncle Angelo's dick sawing in and out of mom's ass, I gained the needed confidence to make my play. "M—Mom. You have to listen to me now." She was still sobbing. "Mom!" I yelled. She jerked her head up and I saw how her pretty hazel eyes were totally blood shot.

"I haven't shown this to dad. And I won't if you do one thing for me." She stared blankly with far away look in her eyes and then comprehension began to set in.

"Let me guess. This is the part where I get blackmailed. Right? By my own son no less." She put her head down and stared at the floor, then asked "Okay, how much money do you want?" Mothers always assume that money is what motivates their sons to blackmail them. They never look at the possibility that they could be considered sex objects. Typical mom thinking if you ask me.

"Mom, I don't want your money," I explained, with my heart beating rapidly because there was a big struggle going on in my head. I mustered up some courage and said, "I want that," using my index finger to point to the television screen. Mom looked to where my finger was pointing at. At first, her face was a mask of confusion. All she saw was my uncle fucking her ass. But then she gasped and covered her mouth in shock.

"Devin! You must be joking. How could you ask such a thing? You want me to commit incest?"

"Then what the hell is that?" I replied jerking my head to the screen.

"Would you please shut that off already." Mom's gaping hole filled the screen before I shut off the player.

"Mom, you've already committed incest with your own brother." She went back to mumbling a bunch of "oh my gods" before she was able to articulate her response.

"Devin, are you sick or something? I'm your mother! And why on earth would you want an old woman like me anyway?" Was she kidding? I'd better set her straight right here and now.

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