The Initiation

by Sir Lancelot 88

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Alicia's new boyfriend is all she had hoped for and she thinks that she couldn't be happier. When he takes her to meet his friends she learns that there are pleasures that she had never imagined.

Alicia met John a little over a month ago. She knew the moment she first saw him that she was going to fuck him, but it was almost a week before they finally ended up in bed together. It had been all that she had hoped for and in the following weeks he had proved to be an amazing lover. His fingers, tongue and cock had explored her body and taught her pleasures she had never imagined. Alicia had surrendered herself completely, allowing John to do things she had thought she would never do, but which always brought her to such intense orgasms that she could only beg for more.

One night as they were cuddling after another session of mind blowing sex, John looked into her sparkling eyes and told her that he thought it was time he introduced her to his group of special friends. Alicia was hesitant at first and asked a lot of questions about what he meant by special friends and why did they need anyone else when things were going so well between them. John only smiled and assured her that she would thank him once she got to know them. Beyond that he would tell her nothing.

Alicia was very nervous as she dressed for the night she was to meet John's friends. As John had instructed her, she dressed simply. She chose her favorite bra and matching lace panties over which she wore a little black cocktail dress that came to about mid thigh. John assured her that she looked great and she was going to be hit with his friends.

They drove to a part of the city where Alicia had never been. She gazed in awe at the huge houses set well back from the street on oversized lots. Finally, they turned up a long, tree lined drive which looped in a circle past the front of the house. Alicia's nervousness reached a new peak when she saw the number of cars parked around the circle. John found an empty spot and parked. He took Alicia's hand and lead her up to the massive front door. To Alicia's amazement, instead of knocking, John quickly tapped a sequence of buttons on a keypad next to the door and lead her inside.

Alicia twisted her head back and forth as she tried to take in the elegance of the interior while John propelled her down a wide hallway towards a set of large double doors. He swung the doors open and swept her into a large room. The furniture in the room consisted of a semicircle of couches where nine other couples lounged waiting for their arrival. A slightly older man rose from his seat and greeted them warmly. Then turning to the rest of the gathering, he spoke. "As you are all aware, we have special treat tonight. Our friend, John, has brought his latest playmate to meet us and hopefully to become a regular member of our group." "It's Alicia, isn't it?" he said smiling her way. Alicia nodded. "Well, Alicia, I'm sure you are wondering what this is all about as I'm sure John has not told you very much. It's quite simple really. We are a group that is totally dedicated to female sexual pleasure. Every man here makes it his only purpose to see that every woman in the group experiences the utmost pleasure possible."

"What do you think, Alicia? Do you want to learn more?" Alicia looked around at all the smiling faces watching her as her mind tried to decide whether she should stay or not. John gently stroked her back to calm her nerves as the seconds ticked by. "I ... I ... guess it wont hurt to find out more," she stammered.

The man continued, "My name is Alex. My girlfriend, Sandra, and I came up with the idea for this little group about three years ago. It has worked out rather well I think. You will get to know the rest of the group as we go along. I wont bother you with all their names right now. As I said, it is all very simple. We get together every two weeks or so and we start out by having one of our lovely ladies tell us what wildest fantasy she would like to have satisfied. Then we proceed to do just that. When she decides she has had enough we spend the rest of the evening making sure that every one of the women present goes home with a smile on her face and a warm glow between her legs. We close out the evening, which actually may be well into the morning, by choosing which girl is to be the 'star' of our next meeting. That way she has plenty of time to plan what she wants to have done to her."

A million thoughts raced through Alicia's mind as she listened to Alex's description. She wasn't sure what she was getting into, but the tingling in her clit and the moisture soaking into her panties told her she wanted to learn more. The fact that John's hand had slipped down her back to caress her ass didn't do much to lessen the heat that was building up in her belly either.

Alex resumed speaking, "Just to give you a idea of how we respond to our ladies requests, at our last meeting Julie was the girl chosen and her desire was to swallow as much cum as she could." Alex turned his gaze on a shapely, little brunette who was casually running her hand over the bulge in the pants of the well built young man cuddled next to her, "How many loads of cum did you manage to extract from our male members, pun intended, Julie?"

Julie grinned broadly as she lifted her hand from her partners crotch and spread all five fingers, then closed her fist and spread her fingers again, then repeated the gesture one more time.

"Fifteen", Alex said, "well I hope that satisfied your desire." Julie nodded vigorously as she returned her hand to its place on her boyfriends cock.

Alex chuckled, "Obviously some of our very cooperative gentlemen contributed more than once. It's a wonder we had enough left to satisfy the rest of the group, but you girls always seem to be able to handle that situation." At that remark several of the women exchanged glances and giggled.

Alex continued, "At the meeting previous to that Megan was our star. Meg, why don't you tell Alicia what your fantasy was and how well it was satisfied?"

Meg tossed her long red hair as she addressed Alicia, "I had cocks in all three holes for over an hour. The orgasms I had were so intense it was almost as good as being init..." At that point she covered her mouth with her hand and looked a Alex. Alex merely smiled and wagged his finger at her.

Turning again to Alicia, Alex said, "So, you see we truly do strive to give our fair ladies whatever they desire. Now, before we go any further, it is time for you to decide if you wish to join us. If you say no, then John will take you home and you can forget all about us. If you say yes, then as our newest member you will have the honor of being the object of our primary attention for tonight. What is your answer?"

Alicia looked at John. He squeezed her hand and smiled, "Say yes, sweetheart, you'll love it."

Alicia looked around at all the others as they waited for her response. "I ... I ... I'm in," Alicia stammered, "but I'm not sure what fantasy I want to have fulfilled."

Alex smiled broadly, "That is perfectly alright, my dear, we don't expect you to respond on such short notice. In fact, we prefer it that way as we have a little initiation ritual that all our girls have experienced that will serve quite well to introduce you our group. The first thing we that are going to do we call 'The Unveiling'. John, would you please bring Alicia to the center of the group and do the honors?"

John rose from his seat and taking Alicia's hand lead her to stand in front of the group. Alicia was pretty sure what was going to happen next. Her body tingled with nervous excitement, she had never been naked in front of more than one person before, but she had agreed to be a member of this group and there was no turning back now.

John stepped behind her and Alicia felt him unfasten the button at the back of her neck. Then he grasped the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head as she raised her arms to assist. Alicia stood clothed only in her bra and panties as he laid the dress aside. She felt all the eyes looking at her nearly naked body and her nipples began to stiffen beneath the thin fabric of her bra. Then John's fingers were releasing the clasp at the center of her back. He slipped the straps off her shoulders and freed her breasts completely. The air in the room on her exposed tits caused her nipples to stiffen even more as murmurs of approval were heard from the attentive group of onlookers.

Slipping his hands around from behind, John caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples, pulling on them slightly to be sure they were fully erect. He then slid his hands down to the elastic band of her panties and slowly lowered them over her hips and down her thighs. As Alicia's smoothly shaved pussy came into view the group expressed their approval with a round of applause. John finished removing her panties and, after pausing to sniff the damp crotch, tossed them to the man on the nearest couch. The man smiled as he too sniffed at Alicia's panties and held them out to his partner who nodded approvingly. Alicia vaguely wondered if she would ever get to wear them again as she watched her panties being passed from person to person.

Alex came over with a broad smile, "Well, John, your little friend seems to be making a very good impression on everyone. Shall we move on to the next phase of Alicia's initiation?" Without waiting for a reply he turned to the group and pointing to two of the men he ordered, "Hank and Sam would you please get the chair?"

The two men moved quickly to pull back a curtain in a corner of the room revealing what at first appeared to be a large recliner. As they rolled the chair to the center of the room Alicia noticed that the foot rest was split in the center, puzzling her slightly. As the men returned to their seats, John took Alicia's hand and guided her to the chair. At John's direction, she seated herself in the chair.

Alex stepped behind the chair and pressed a button. The chair whirred softly as it slowly reclined and the foot rests began to rise. As they rose they swung to the side, taking Alicia's legs with them until she was half lying down with her legs spread wide exposing her glistening pussy.

Coming around to face her, Alex asked, "Are you comfortable, my dear?"

Alicia nodded as she wondered just what was going to happen next, although she had no doubt that it would surely involve her pussy. As that thought played in her mind she felt her juices trickle down over her ass, causing her to squirm slightly.

Alex spoke again, "Everyone here is anxious to get to know you a little better so now we are going to have what we call 'The Tasting'. Each member of our little group is going to have 30 seconds to explore your sweet pussy with their tongue. I know 30 seconds doesn't seem like very much time, but we don't want you to get over stimulated just yet. John, you get to go first, of course, although I am sure your tongue has already spent a good deal of time savoring her nectar."

John knelt between her legs and rested his hands lightly on her thighs as he lowered his mouth to her cunt. As his familiar tongue parted her labia and worked its way quickly to her clit, Alex's words echoed in her mind. He had said "each member", that meant the women as well. Alicia had never had her pussy licked by a woman and that thought was exciting her almost as much as John's skillful tongue which was causing her clit to swell and just start to peek out of its hood when she heard someone yell "Time". John immediately lifted his head as Alicia's hips rose to try to keep in contact with him. He smiled at her and blew her a kiss as he moved out of the way.

The others came to her as couples, each taking their turn. Some concentrating on her clit while others probed their tongues into the wetness of her opening. She marveled at the softness of the women's tongues compared to the more aggressiveness of the males. Alicia's body was on a roller coaster of sensation as each 30 seconds of stimulation pushed her to a higher peak of pleasure only to plunge back down at the call of "Time".

As one of the last couples came up, a raven haired girl with pale skin and ice blue eyes knelt between her legs. The girl paused and looked into Alicia's eyes for a moment, then she winked. Alicia smiled meekly back at her as the girl dropped her eyes to Alicia's pussy and licked her lips with the tip of her tongue. Alicia felt the girls fingers spreading her pussy lips, then all Alicia could see was the top of the girls head as she pressed her mouth over Alicia's cunt. Alicia sucked in her breath as she felt the tip of the girls tongue circle her entrance before starting to slip deeper inside. The air in her lungs was released with a shudder as Alicia felt the tongue go deeper and deeper and deeper inside her until she had a good four inches of tongue swirling and curling inside her cunt, producing sensations that no cock could ever achieve.

Alicia's mind was screaming inside her head, 'Oh, god, don't stop, please, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, just a few more seconds, please!' "Time!" And the tongue was gone. Alicia's whimpered in frustration as the raven haired girl raised her head and again looked into Alicia's eyes with a look that said, 'Next time there wont be a time limit.'

The raven haired girl's partner took his turn, licking fiercely at Alicia's swollen clit. Her mind was so busy thinking about what that tongue had done inside her that she barely noticed his efforts. The last couple, Alex and Sandra, took their turns, also, with Alex going last. He used his time to lick her juices off of her taint before sucking a last mouthful directly out of her cunt. At the call of, "Time", Alex sat back on his heels with his hands resting on Alicia's knees. "You certainly are a most delicious addition to our group," he said.

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