Dark Whispers
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Romantic, Fiction, Vampires,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - well adin is just a simple teenage kid living in a small town called Banliyuan. well its all rainy and everything adin and his pals try to get home. on the way they see someone laying in the streets all wet from the rain...thats when they meet summer. an odd odd girl. and blah blah blah... theres something adin dosent know about this girl but yet...he likes her

... :::someones pov:::...

I walked down the cold, lonely, streets in the rain with my friends. Its night time and so yeah, we started home when the rain started to hit the ground. We were drenched.

"Oi, Adin whats that?" koda asked pointing to something laying on the ground.

I looked over and squinted.

"I don't really know" I said. "let go look" they nodded and we started running toward it. We stoped infront of it and I got down and looked. When I lifted it up a little bit my eyes widen and I look back at the boys.

"dude, it's a girl" I said. They looked SHOCKED when I said that!

"are you sure dude?" jack asked. I nodded and picked her up. "she seems pretty light for her age" I said.

"Oi, Ad look" koda said pointing at a small river of blood flowing down from where the girl was laying. When I looked at her, she seemed pale. She started moving a bit then opened her eyes.

She looked at me and said "wh-who is you?" she asked.

... ::::my pov::::...

I opended my eyes a little and felt my body shiver from the coldness. I opened them all the way and looked into someone's brown eyes. For the first time in my life. I got lost in them.

"wh-who is you?" I asked as I was looking at him.

"im Adin" he said. "and you? Mademoiselle"

When he said that I felt my cheeks burn up and I tried to look away.

"summer" I said.

after 5 minutes looking into his eyes I said "you know you may put me down now? I can walk"

he blushed a little them put me down. I stood there n started to walk.

"Oi! Where is you going un?" koda yelled. I looked back and shrugged but kept walking. "wait!" adin yelled and ran to me. I looked at him and said "what?" "do you have a place to stay?".

It took me a while to think and shook my head. "nope." He looked at me then said "well you can stay with me?" from the sound of it he was hoping I would say yes. I thought about it for a while then shrugged. "if its okay with your parents ... you may look me up somewhere. Later dude" and with that I walked off with them still looking at me.

... :::next day:::...

i heard someone come in my room and shuffle around.

they opened the curtains and i pulled the blankets over my head and groaned. "go away" i said.

"nope. sorry summer, danny said to come and wake you up." rochelle said as she pulled the blankets off.

when she did i jumped up and closed the curtains.

she looked at me and i glared at her to flip off. she rolled her eyes and walked out the room. i yawned and sighed walking over to my closet.

i opened it and decided what to wear then someone knocked on the door. "come in" i said lazyily. the door opened and some younge couples ... somewhere around there 30's or so came in.

"hello there" the lady said. "hi?" i asked. "your summer ... right?" she asked. i nodded and sat on the bed. "well summer. im Celia Chapman and this is my husband Thomas Chapman. and umm well were acually here for you." she said.

i froze and looked at them. "y- your hear for me?" i asked. tom nodded and i smiled nervously. "one second" i said. they nodded and i walked out my room down the stairs and into the head master's room. from my room Celia and Tom heard me yelling at him and everything.

i came back up stairs and grabbed my bag and started to shove all my cloths in there.

"you have any kids?" iasked. "yes acually... 3" tom said. "nice. whats tthere names??" i asked still shoving things in my back pack.

"well there's Kain, Janell, and Adin" celia said.

when she said adin i choked on my twizzlers i started to eat. "are you okay summer?" tom asked. i nodded and coughed again. "shit. adin?" i thought. i sighed and zipped my backpack and turned to them. "im ready"

"good! now we can go" they said. "joy" i said.

we walked down stairs while i snuck out my bedroom window since the kids downstairs would cry and everything. when i got to the bottom i went to jumped into the car. Celia and Tom came out and got in

then we drove out over to there house.

:::at the house:::

when the car came to a stop and i jumped out the car.

"oh summer ... if you can tell kain were going to be gone for a while ;D" she said. i shivered when she said that and walked inside taking off my shoes.

i walked into the kitchen and opened there fridge getting a dr.pepper and then walked down the halls finding my room. i came to a door that said 'summer' on it. i opened it and went in ... closing the door i went over and shut the curtains to were it was all dark in the room. i set my bag down and looked thru it and found a tanktop and a pair of boxers. i put them on and fell sleep.

a couple hours later i heard someone knock on the door. "come ... in" i said and sat up. they opened the door and came in. i looked at him and he seemed really cute. all he said was "whoa."

i looked at what i was wearing and blushed a little looking down. he came and sat on my bed and put his hand out. "kain" he said. i grabed his hand and shook it ... yet he pulled me to him and said "and you must be summer? right?" i nodded and blushed more.

he smiled and pinned me to the bed leaning down and whispered in my ear "wheres my parents?"

"they went somewhere." i said. he grinned and kissed down to my neck then found my week spot and started to suck on it. i moaned softly as he kept sucking on it.

after he was done with my neck his hands where wondering around my body and he came up and kissed me deeply. i kissed him back oddly. when he slid his tongue in my mouth i felt it touch one of my tooths. he jumped off looking at me.

"whatt are you?" he asked.

i got up as my eyes turn red and the door shutting.

"do you really wana know?" i asked walking to him untill he ran into the wall. "yes" he said.

i got to him and embrassed him into a hug. he hugged me back and i licked his neck. i felt him tense up a little bit then outta know where i sunk my teeth into his skin. i felt him holding me tightly agaisnt him and i kept sucking his blood.

after a couple minutes i pulled away and he looked at me frightend. i licked the blood off my lips and looked back at him.

"are you ... are you a vampire?" he asked.

i didnt say anything.

"answer me!" he yelled

"you said you wanted to know. so i told you." i said.

"yah by biting me." he said holding his neck.

after 3 minutes of explaining he stood up to go to his room then he passed out. i heard someone come and swing the door open. he looked at me shocked and i looked at him.

"adin?" i asked.

"summer?" he asked back. i nodded and he shook his head grabbing his bro and dragging him into his room. after he was done Adin came back into my room and closed the door.

he sat on my bed and asked "what was he doing in here?"

i shrugged and said "well he came in first"

"well dont be alone with him ... dont trust anything he says or does. ok?" he asked. i rolled my eyes and nodded "yes adin-kun"

"adin-kun?" he asked. i blushed again and looked down.

he lifted my chin and looked into my eyes. "summer ... when we met i sorta liked you." he said. which made me blush even more.

"i- i liked you too. adin-kun."i said still blushing.

he smiled and said "your so cute when you blush you know." "dont say that" i said trying to hide the fact i was blushing. "im sorry. i just couldnt help it" he smiled and huggled me and i huggled him back. "its okay adin-kun" i said.

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