Clothes Shopping

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nan drags a protesting Serena shopping. After all, what can a butch need from a woman's store? The answer is surprising and enjoyable as well.

(This is the fifth story about my black butch female "Serena". Butches are as complex as any other human being. Some feel that they are men trapped in a woman's body. Most don't. They don't stand around hitching up their overalls and spitting tobacco while whistling at feminine women. Well, most of them don't. Like most of them, Serena is comfortable in who she is and how she appears to the world. That doesn't mean that she can't change a little though. This story takes place immediately after the previous one in the series "Serena and the Flutist".)

I had never known just what I had been missing by not spending time in the Women's areas of the various stores in just this one mall. Generally when I need clothes I drop by Sears, grab something from Men's clothing and head back out. My shoes come from there too, since I usually wear work boots or running shoes. I know that sounds stereotyped but after all, I'm butch for goodness sake. High heels are not in my repertoire. I'd probably fall off them and twist an ankle or something.

But I had not realized what a fertile area a woman's clothing store was for girl watching. I AM butch and enjoy the sight and sounds (and the feel but that comes later) of femmes. And they are all over in those stores and departments. College girls in tight shorts and mid-rift baring tops. Business women in heels and short skirts. Soccer moms in tight jeans and sweaters and boots. Slender figures and full figures and every kind in between. I was having the time of my life, even if Nan was slowly backing me into a corner on clothes.

So far I had managed to resist any attempt by my new girlfriend to get me into anything frilly. While I had enjoyed the crowd at Victoria's Secret I had escaped without trying on anything there. When she wasn't looking I had bought Nan a nearly transparent pale blue baby doll nightie I hoped to see her in one evening soon but that was different. I LOVE femmes in frilly, slinky and sexy clothing. It's just not for me.

I had given way on a couple of things. My little musician had got me to try on some better quality slacks and blouses that were really blouses and not men's shirts. I admit it, they felt nice and damn it I look rather good in them. No skirts, although she batted her eyelashes at me and spoke dreamily about how my legs would look. If I want to show my legs I'll wear shorts. Or jeans maybe, I had bought a couple pairs of them, yes, from the Ladies' Department, not the Men's. I am a woman after all and my curves are different. I admitted that they fit better than most of my old stuff. Well, I admitted it to myself anyway. There was no sense in giving Nan any more ammunition than she already had.

We had stopped long enough to eat lunch and put the first load away in the trunk of my car. I had enjoyed lunch, sitting in the outside section of one of the better class chain restaurants and devouring a plate of pasta. Who knew shopping took so much energy? My petite flutist also indulged herself. How did she eat so much and remain so little? Must be a femme secret.

After lunch the dragging around continued. This time we entered a large store catering only to women. The clothing was more expensive but I had to agree with Nan that the quality was excellent. She seemed to be looking for something in particular, which was a bit strange as she refused the offered help of the different saleswomen who approached us.

We circled the store twice and didn't stop to do anything more than just casually glance at the racks and displays. On the third pass I finally asked Nan what in the world was going on.

"I'm window shopping," she replied. Her tone was serious but there was a little devil dancing in her eyes that told me she was up to more than just that. I started to protest but she took me by the arm and guided me to a rack of pants suits.

"This is what I was looking for." she stated. But she wasn't looking at the clothing, although she was touching a rather nice looking dark blue outfit. Whoa! "Nice looking"? What was I thinking? And what was Nan looking at. I turned my head to follow her line of sight.

Her name tag read "Jessica". She was a lovely young woman, in her early twenties. She was full figured with black hair that fell halfway down her back. Her olive skin was smooth and her generous breasts strained at the white blouse she was wearing. A navy skirt with matching heels finished her outfit. She was smiling as Nan began to ask some questions regarding alterations and materials and other things that didn't capture my attention.

The two of them had the most animated discussion. Just as I was starting to feel left out, Jessica began pulling clothes from the racks around us and holding them up to me. Nan agreed on some choices and disagreed on others. The ones they agreed on go on a rolling cart. The others are hung back where they came from or laid to one side. When I raised my eyebrows at the ever growing piles they reassured me. Nan said the pile on the cart gave us a lot of choices and Jessica mentioned that she would put the discards up later.

I swore some kinds of signals were passing between the two femmes that being a butch I couldn't decipher. But then I was enjoying the brush of Jessica's fingers over me as she examined one outfit after another. She stood very close behind me and I could not only inhale her perfume I could feel the heat of her full body. Was I imagining things or were her fingers lingering on my arms and shoulders? I shot a glance at Nan, who seemed only interested in the clothing. Her face revealed nothing.

The pair seemed to suddenly come to some kind of decision. Jessica pushed the cart towards a door with "Dressing Rooms" prominently displayed over it. Since Nan was matching her step for step I followed along.

The dressing rooms were much nicer than I was used to seeing. Instead of partitions and half-doors they were private cubicles with mirrored walls and chairs. The door closed behind us. There was a "snick" that I took to be a lock. I hoped so anyway because as Jessica began to sort through outfits Nan began to undress me.

"Nan!" I exclaimed.

"Oh for heaven's sake Serena. Just shuck down to your bra and panties. We have to try things on and obviously that is not going to happen properly if you are dressed."

Agreement came from Jessica, who wasn't even looking at me but rather was leaning over the cart and selecting an outfit. As I undressed I couldn't help but notice her skirt tighten across her rear end as well as the flexing of her leg muscles as she stretched over the cart.

I tried on various outfits. It was fun. The three of us laughed over some and applauded over others. I had to admit I was enjoying it. We finally had gone through everything and I was amazed at how much that I, Nan, WE had decided on. I sighed a bit regretfully.

"What is it?" asked Nan.

"Well this was fun. I'm sorry it's over."

As soon as I said those words I knew something was up. The glint in Nan's eyes gave it away. Before I could say anything else she stood on her toes and kissed me. I felt her fingers run up my side and over my bra. I tried to protest, to remind her that we weren't alone. Then I felt a second set of fingers dance up my other side and begin to stroke my other breast and I realized that Jessica was in on this, whatever it was.

In pretty much not time at all my bra was off and Nan seemed to have disappeared. Jessica was kissing me now, her taller and much fuller body pressed against mine and her hands cupping my breasts. A tongue entered my mouth for a long deep kiss and then Jessica stepped back just as I reached for her.

I could barely see Nan behind Jessica, but I could certainly see what she was doing. The same nimble fingers that danced across the keys of her flute were undoing buttons and tugging Jessica's blouse from her skirt. A low moan came from the saleswoman, then a sharper one. Now Nan was crouching behind the full figured woman. Nude pantyhose were pulled down along with a lacey and extremely skimpy pair of panties.

Whispered directions got Jessica to stand on one foot, balancing with one hand on the wall. Nan removed a high heel and drew the pantyhose and panties over a shapely foot that slipped back into the just abandoned shoe. A repeat on the other side and Nan stood back up. Her hands circled Jessica and slid up. A quick rug and the young woman's heavy breasts spilled free, only to be immediately covered by my little musician's hands.

Jessica moaned and her eyes opened wide. She stared at me while Nan's busy fingers immediately began to tease her big brown nipples to jutting points. The saleswoman gasped again when Nan's face appeared to me over her shoulder and a little pink tongue that I happened to know was as talented as the rest of its owner began to dance along Jessica's shoulder and neck.

I realized that Nan had hopped up to settle her cute little butt on the railing that circled the dressing room. Her legs held up Jessica's skirt, wrapped as they were around the bigger girl's waist. I knew Nan was athletic but goodness she never ceased to amaze me.

I stood there transfixed, watching Nan working over the young woman. I was just about to feel left out when my little cutie cocked one eye at me and lifted a questioning eyebrow. She looked at me then looked down Jessica's body; past the full breasts she was busy playing with to the wide spread shapely legs. I followed her gaze and caught a glimpse of a dark triangle peeking below the hoisted skirt.

Nan's eyes met mine. She gave me an exasperated look and jerked her head down. What was she trying to tell me? Then it dawned on me. She was suggesting that I ... Oh NO! I didn't do things like that. I mean, I'm the rough, tough butch. I use my strapon or my body to top sexy females like Jessica. I pin them on beds or against walls and take them. I don't ... and not from THAT position ... I looked at those legs again and sighed.

I was on my knees, my hands sliding up the back of those full curvy legs. Up close they were even lovelier than when they showed under her skit. That skirt was up around her waist, displaying her black curly bush and a full round bubble butt that my hands ached to hold. Since I saw no reason to deny my desire I reached out and grabbed it in both hands. It felt as good as it looked, rounded and firm and more than filling my grip. I kneaded it like it and watched her lower body quiver with each squeeze. I could trust Nan to take care of the upper half.

I was tentative at first. After all, I hadn't gone down on another woman in quite a while. I studied the full curves of Jessica's legs. I leaned forward, kissing the inside of those legs. Growing bolder I went back and forth from one to the other. I could taste her skin, her excitement already flavoring her as traces of her wetness flowed from her.

This close I could really drink in the scent rising from Jessica's pussy. Her fine black hairs were coated with hanging droplets like dew. I could see another trickle sliding down the inside of her thighs, a match to the one I had already sampled. I didn't even attempt to resist. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue up that trickle until I reached the folds of her labia and clamped my mouth right on her.

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