Chapter 1: Board Meeting

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Doctor/Nurse, Body Modification,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: Board Meeting - A tale of Jenny's journey in search of her BDSM self by Freddie Clegg and Phil Lane.

Two people are in two offices, a hundred miles apart. By coincidence they are both looking at the same page of the same magazine.

Larry Ross, thirty five years old with sandy hair that just might be starting to thin at the back and a waist that is just a bit thicker than he would like, is one of them. Until recently Marketing Director of Clegg Enterprises Special Products Division, Larry has been given a new job by Clegg and a new challenge, too.

The other is Jenny McEwan, a post graduate student and researcher at a university in the English Midlands.

The magazine is Second Skin, a glossy BDSM and fetish scene magazine. The page they are looking at carries an advertisement placed by a business called "Inward Bound".

They may be looking at the same thing, but they each have very different interests. Jenny is studying it closely. She is telling herself that her interest is academic, but that might not be the whole story. Larry, on the other hand, already knows about Inward Bound; when he first heard about it he was so impressed he recommended that Clegg Enterprises buy the company.

Jenny is remembering times when a new issue of Second Skin was the thing she looked forward to most of all. She recalls how she and her lover used to read it together in bed using its fetish imagery and kinky articles as a springboard for their own imaginations. It is a pleasant memory, but right now that's the problem: it's only memory. She goes on looking at the advertisement. She is going to discuss it with her PhD supervisor, Professor Dawney, later. She is suspicious of Dawney's motives for suggesting that Jenny look at the advert. She is determined that she won't end up in bed with the Prof again. Not this time.

Larry is sitting at an empty desk in an empty office in an empty building. It's the first day in his new job; his first day as managing director; the first day of the new business venture that Clegg has set up. He takes one last look at the magazine and then puts it to one side.

He allows himself a few moments to savour the luxury of an empty diary, an empty filing cabinet and nothing more than the ideas in his head and an open-ended directive from his boss as the starting point for what needs to be done.

The directive was Clegg's quiet, "Just get things started, Larry. Go talk to the people in Huntingdon. See how you can move things along." It is a change for Larry; but it is a change for Clegg too. He isn't used to letting somebody else run things. It's obvious that neither of them will find the change easy to deal with.

For Larry it is definitely a promotion. Today he is starting on "Project Willing", the result of ideas that he himself had proposed to Clegg. They aim to take over "Inward Bound", a business that specialises in giving submissives a chance to experience consensual slavery. Larry isn't sure which is going to be the bigger challenge, doing the job, keeping Clegg happy or keeping the business legitimate!

He is, however, sure about one thing. The whole enterprise is going to work better with a cup of coffee but, with no kettle, no coffee machine, no coffee, no milk, no secretary it will have to be Starbucks, he thinks.

There's so much to do to even get the basics in place. He stands up, runs his hands though his hair and looks out of the window. Unsurprisingly, he can see the green and black sign over a shop front less than fifty yards away. He looks down at his waist line. He promises himself that he'll have a low fat muffin this time. He knows he's lying to himself.

He is half way to the door when the phone rings. "Ha! Interruptions!" Larry thinks, "That's good. I must be getting somewhere already. You always get interruptions as soon as you start doing something important."

He picks it up. "It's Larry."

"Hi, Larry." He recognises the voice at the other end. "It's Sarah," she says. "I've just had a message from Mr. Clegg. He wants you for a special board meeting at 10:00."

"Did Freddie say what it's about?"

"No, Sir, but I sort of had the impression that he has something on his mind. He was, er, very definite if you know what I mean."

"Thanks Sarah. I know what you mean. I'll be there." Larry looks at his watch. It will only take him fifteen minutes to get over to the Brick Lane offices.

Larry puts down the phone. With an empty desk and an empty diary there doesn't seem like there's much preparation he can do. He was going to call the people in Huntingdon they were planning to take over. That was going to be the starting point for "Project Willing". But now, well it's probably best to wait until after the board meeting. He looks at his watch. 9:30. Larry thinks, "I might as well walk round. It'll be better for me than the coffee anyway."

The Brick Lane office has a seedy, unkempt air. It is set on the edge of the City in a 1950s block of dirty brick, peeling paintwork and metal windows. The building has an anonymous, non-descript feeling to it that suits Clegg perfectly. He doesn't much care for ostentation. At least not in his business dealings.

At 10:00, Larry makes his way up to Clegg's office.

The room is comfortable rather than luxurious, but then Clegg's preferred business forum is his club or the restaurant alongside it rather than the Whitechapel offices. Sometimes, though, he needs an office base, and this is it.

Clegg's management style is usually pretty 'hands on'. He finds it hard to delegate. Worse still, he finds it hard not get involved with the detail. Larry remembers stories of how Freddie insisted on taking part in 'operations' sometimes. He isn't surprised that Freddie is looking to involve himself even at this early stage. He had hoped he was going to get through his first day without it, though.

It's not as though he's even keen on meetings," Larry thought to himself. "He's never been strong on the formal 'running the business' stuff." As a result, Larry is surprised to see the room almost full. There's even one of the secretaries there to take minutes. Larry is astonished. Freddie doesn't usually go in for taking minutes.

Larry looks around the room. It's not quite the usual suspects. Freddie is there, of course, and Elly (his business and, everyone assumes, personal partner) in her role as group legal adviser. Pamela Jordan, the group's medical adviser, and Connie Mbazu, recently appointed as head of training, are both there, too ... There are maybe a half a dozen others lurking at the back. Given that the office isn't much bigger than a table that has room for eight, it's pretty crowded.

Clegg smiles and waves Larry to the one remaining chair. "Hello Larry, glad you could come. I just thought it would be good if we all had a chat before you got yourself stuck into things with 'Project Willing'. Give us all a chance to make sure that things go in the right direction. No treading on toes. No dead ends. You know."

Larry nods. He knows. He knows exactly. What this says is that Freddie's changing his mind about things.

"The thing is," Elly cuts in, "Freddie's has been re-reading your business plan and looking at the due diligence from the 'Project Willing' acquisition. We're wondering if maybe the "consensual" division might be more important for the future of the Group than we thought at first."

Elly had always struck Larry as dangerous. She is an attractive woman, her hair jet-black and curly and usually, as today, combed back from her forehead. Her eyes are piercingly blue. Larry always felt there was much more going on in her head than she ever spoke out loud. On their previous encounters, she'd given him a fair hearing and when she'd agreed to support him, she'd always delivered. She is wearing a smart, fitted, white blouse, a black leather skirt, black tights and riding boots. Her outfit tells you she's a powerful woman, a woman that means business, and one that doesn't mind your knowing it.

"Yes," Freddie continues. "We have to have an eye to the social and political context we are operating in."

Larry is immediately worried. 'Context' is a word he doesn't normally associate with Freddie. It means that he's been talking to people. That is invariably a bad idea from Larry's perspective.

"The thing is, Larry," Elly chips in, "that our business risk is gradually increasing whilst the fees we can charge clients can't rise in step."

"You see," it was Connie now, "your marketing efforts increased demand significantly and that has created a problem. Shipping. The business now has a far bigger export market than our home market. Now we have to ship across international borders..."

"Well," says Larry. "None of this is news to me. This is all stuff we looked at in the marketing plan, way back. I don't want to be unhelpful, but what's this got to do with my business? If I start by trying to solve the problems of your side of the business, I'll never get it started."

"Sure, Larry. Sorry." Clegg sounds almost apologetic. "Let's slow things down folks. Larry's right; we don't want to get things confused. Let me just explain the problem though. The problem as I see it is," Clegg looked around as if defying any of the others to interrupt him again, ", one of transport. The police and customs are now very interested indeed in the illicit movement of people. Their primary interest is in terrorist operations, but they're very aware that a lot of illegal immigration and drug trafficking is involved with people trafficking, bringing in sex workers. And, that's how our slaves are seen."

"And," Elly came in again. Clegg shuts his eyes. "While our usual measures serve to keep most of the law enforcement people on-side most of the time, we have to sweeten more people and that's expensive."

"Elly," Clegg interrupted with barely concealed impatience. "And, of course, when Tricia was discovered all crated up and en route to Moscow. Well, let's just say it didn't help. We're going to have the problem of shipping for some time to come. Unless we take a radical look at the problem."

Larry is feeling increasingly impatient. "And, this radical look relates to my business in some way?"

Freddie nods and looks to Elly. "Do you want to cover this?"

"Sure," she says with a smile. Freddie sits back in his chair, his hands folded across his stomach. "So Larry," Elly continues. "We were thinking that if 'Project Willing' could find people who wanted to be slaves, they would cross borders willingly as legitimate travellers to their new owners. That would avoid a lot of problems, not to mention a transport cost. I'm thinking we could get to having no real involvement in shipping beyond maybe organising their tickets."

"Erm, well," replies Larry. He's irritated that everyone wants to jump on his wagon. "Well, I'm glad you all feel that this is going to be more than a side show, but a couple of things. As of today, right now, this moment, we do not have an operation in this space — there are a few ideas in my head and the possibility of taking over this new business. So, maybe I can get on with that?."

Dr Jordan joined in for the first time. "I think you might be missing a point here. There will be people who contact you for an adventure holiday of consensual slave training. During their training, some of them are going to find that the lifestyle is something they would like to continue for an extended period of time. Then who knows? Maybe even 24/7/365 and on into their indeterminate future."

"What we think we could be looking at, Larry," Connie continues, "is a complete revolution in the slavery business, with a substantial proportion of slaves in harness because they want to be. They'll and are prepared to approach us for contracts after their training. In fact, if we train them properly, the physical and psychological changes they experience will lead them to the point where that sort of request is more than likely and..."

"Of course," Elly takes up the thread, "we would have to negotiate honorariums, health insurance and pension contributions on their behalf with their owners, sorry - our clients, as part of the package..."

Larry is trying to keep his irritation under control. He hasn't even got this thing started and the rest of the organisation is already trying to hijack it. He is about to lose his cool when Freddie cuts in.

"But in short, Larry," Freddie leans forward trying to reassert some control, at one time pleased and frustrated by the way that everyone has been pitching in. "If I can just sum things up." He looks around the room. The others at the table get the message and sit back. "I think - we all think - that this project is important for our future ... If there is going to be a growth in consensual slavery, it will affect businesses like us that focus on the non-consensual kind. This company we're acquiring has got facilities and they've got know-how that we can take advantage of. So, Larry, old man, I want to see how quickly you can get them integrated into the group and how soon we can learn the lessons we need to from them. I am going to give this a fairly high priority. Everyone here is really committed to giving you any help that you need."

"So, no pressure then?" asks Larry.

"No," smiles Elly. "No pressure at all! We all have complete confidence in you!"

Larry is used to them behaving like this. He knows how to deal with it. "In which case," he says, looking around the table and smiling back at Elly in the quiet way he uses to re-assert control. "Perhaps you can let me have your feedback on the contracts that the Huntingdon business is using, Elly. And, Connie, you might like to let me know what your people thought of the site that the Project Willing business is using for their 'experience' sessions and when you're going to finish with Sukie and Rachel, so I can have them as was promised? And, Dr. Jordan, you could update me on the psychological profiling you were doing on their training people. Now that we're all working as a team. So to speak." He smiles at the others, happy that he's made his point.

Clegg chuckles as the others mutter their agreement and start to gather up their papers. He turns to Larry and throws his hands up in mock surrender. "All right," he says, "you don't have to ask me. I'll get the CFO to finish his financial review on the 'Project Willing' business as well. Like I said, let's get on with it."

While Larry is dealing with the machinations of corporate office politics, Jenny is on her own. She is in the room she shares with three researchers at the university, thumbing through Second Skin. She is looking at the photographs of fetish club events and wondering if she could persuade her husband that they should go to one. She remembers how much fun she had when she went with one of her girl friends, way back in her student days. The only problem had been that others there had got her wrong. Most of the men had thought she was a dominant. It was being quite tall and slim, she supposed. Or maybe it was just the rubber cat suit she was wearing. That and wishful thinking.

She smiles and pushes a strand of her shoulder length, dark brown wavy hair back from her face. She remembers the man that had tried to buy her a drink at the bar. He had taken the drink from the barman and got down on his knees to offer it up to her. It was one of the more original chat up routines she had come across, even if it hadn't worked.

She smiles again,

Jenny smiles easily. When she does so, her eyes open giving her a wide-awake look. She opens her mouth a little wider than might be thought polite, showing even white teeth and a touch of gum beneath her upper lip.

Her research colleagues think of her as cheerful, open, and straight forward. Jenny puts that down to her determined chin and the way that her nose tips up. Occasionally though, as her colleagues would tell you, she can seem a bit naïve and a bit of a romantic. Jenny doesn't have an excuse for that.

She turns the page. There's an article on how a corset fetishist has combined her enthusiasms with the philosophies from Laura Doyle's book, the Surrendered Wife. Jenny knows she's supposed to be thinking about her research programme and she's pretending to herself that this might have something to do with it. When the article moves on to describing the erotic combination of tight lacing and submissive demeanour, Jenny's hands stray to the crotch of her jeans. She's fondling herself; looking at a dramatically lit, black and white photograph of a kneeling, corseted, woman. She hears someone in the corridor outside. She gives a strangled cough and drops the magazine. She manages to slide the issue of Second Skin under the latest copy of the Journal of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy as one of her colleagues comes in.

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