Michigan Revisited
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Our lovers meet again in Michigan, though quite a few months have past since their first meeting. Once again this will be co-written by a ghost writer. We will trade off chapters in this one with the ghost writer doing the female perspective. I hope you enjoy this one as much as we enjoy writing it.

It has been forever since we felt the touch of each other.

The miles between us have forced us to find lust over the airwaves, passion carried by invisible means, bringing your voice to my ears. It gets old though, desiring another through the airwaves ... we need more. We have sought the arms of other lovers as the time has passed; there is simply no replacement for the warm flesh of another. However, our desires lead us in the dark towards each other.

I step off my place and see you standing there in the airport waiting for me. You are wearing a short skirt, and a bra with some fabric over it that someone might call a shirt. I pick you up there and bring your lips to mine so that I can kiss you a lover's kiss. I pull you up and you wrap your legs around my waist there in the terminal as we kiss. I already want to be inside of you, but I am going to have to wait.

I put you back down on the ground and quickly try to conceal my obvious erection. I put my arm around your shoulders, you put yours around my waist, and we walk together to your car. Once we get into the car I cannot resist; and I reach over and slide my hands up your skirt to see if you have on any panties. I had suspected there to be none, and I was not disappointed to find my fingers grazing your naked sex.

I reach over and pull on your nipples through your bra, getting the blood flowing to your sensitive nipples. I reach inside your shirt, pull out one of your huge tits, and start sucking on it as you are driving to our hotel. I know I am distracting you, so I put your tit away and sit back in the passenger seat. Although, I'm not done yet ... I unzip my jeans, pull out my cock, and start stroking it there so you can watch me play with my hardness.

You reach across the car and grab a hold of my dick as you are driving and start jerking me off. I want you to take me into your mouth. At the next stop light, I undo your seat belt and you lean over and taste me for the first time in a long time. Licking up the precum juice that has formed on the tip of my head there. You take as much of me as you can into your mouth and then let me back out so that you can drive again. I just continue to sit there with my hard cock in my hand, playing with my balls while you drive the final miles to the hotel room.

I check in quickly and we head upstairs to our room. Once inside the door I push you up against the wall, grab the back of your head, and forcefully start to kiss you as I undress you with my free hand. Undoing your bra, taking off your pants, I have you naked in a matter of seconds there just inside the door to the room. I cannot wait, I must fuck you now, and I have waited long enough.

I grab your hand and pull you away from the wall so that you are in front of me, naked. I take you by the small of your back and lead you to the closest double bed in the room. I guide your body down to the bed and rip off my clothes in record time. I slide up the bed and place my tongue on your clitoris. I slide two fingers inside of you as my tongue goes to work on you. I flip my body around so that my cock is directly over your mouth and I can fuck your face from above as I lick your sweet pussy. As soon as I can feel your juices, flowing and I have to enter you.

I flip myself around, take the head of my cock, and place it at the hole of your sex. I rub the head of my cock on the inside of you, bringing it up and putting its warmness on your clit, then sliding it back down until I can feel the head start to enter you. Then I plant myself fully into you with one stiff thrust. I begin to rhythmically thrust into you, pulling almost all the way out, and then sinking myself all the way back in again. Not too fast, not too slow, but a genuine rhythm, one that has both of us preparing to blow a load on each other.

I sit myself up so that I can have access to your legs and I spread you by taking my hands behind your needs and pushing your legs back so that I can have a better thrust angle at you sopping pussy. Your juices have begun to run down you and have lubed up your glistening ass. I was turning you over to do doggie when I realized this had happened. Immediately I lean down and start licking your asshole that is covered in your pussy juices. I want to force my tongue into your ass it tastes so sweet.

I slide a finger into your pussy as I am there licking up the juices from your ass ... trying my best to get you to relax enough for my tongue to sneak in there. Finally, I am so turned on that I have to be back inside of you. I enter your pussy from behind, and at the same time, I start working a finger into your ass. "I am going to cum in your ass tonight Baby." I tell you. It is not long before you are begging me to stick my cock into your ass, so I take out my finger and smear some more of your juices onto your ass and I place the head of my cock at your back door.

Slowly I slide in until you are comfortable with me being there, and then, I start to slowly build up my pace as I thrust into you. I tell you to reach under you and rub on your clit as I pound away into your ass. You moan beneath me; then you command me, "CUM in my ass." Hearing you say that turns me on so much that I cannot hold back any longer. I have no choice but to unload my seed into your ass as you cum beneath me. We both start trembling as our orgasms hit us at the same time.

I collapse on top you for a moment and then hoist myself back up onto my elbows, keeping myself inside of you. I want to go soft inside your ass before I pull out. After a minute, I let myself finally slide out of you and I roll over onto my back and pull you to me so that your head is on my shoulder and you wrap your leg over mine. I reach over and gently caress your tits as your absent mindedly rub my semi soft penis back to life.

"Lover, I want you to ride me," I say to you, as my penis grows back to hardness...

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