Mathew 'Mats' Rogers Series
Chapter 1: My Surrogate Nieces

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: My Surrogate Nieces - Although Mats would just love to stay and enjoy his nieces and their many preteen friends; he has to return to work, not because he needs the money but because he enjoys his job. No, he does not lead the life of a monk in Texas. Enjoy the continuing travels of Mats. There is more to cum.

Special thanks to Phil Gorman 2014 for his expertise in re-editing and proofing.

It’s taken me nearly fourteen hours to get this far. The traffic has been brutal, plus rain, multiple accidents and just plain stupid drivers hampering the drive. While sitting in traffic, just idling, proves that my Chevy Avalanche isn’t the most fuel-efficient vehicle. I swear the gauge drops in front of my eyes. This is the first major trip with this unit. I picked it up at the dealer four months ago, after negotiating with them for nearly three weeks online. The Texas dealership was three hundred miles from the oil fields where I’ve lived the majority of the last ten years. I spent some time in the Gulf War; but, other than that, it’s been in the fields.

The work has been very good to me, plus being very frugal and only working for employers that provide complete room and board, fully paid benefits as well as very attractive wages, allowed me to save. Unlike many of my compatriots who live from paycheck to paycheck, most of my savings are in term deposits and investments. Fortunately, my accountant/broker had some foresight to place my funds into bonds and term notes, plus investing in real estate just before the sky fell in on the stock market. I own several apartment buildings in various cities, all managed by the same firm.

The loan sharking operation I run on the side is also very lucrative. My co-workers pay ridiculous rates I’m not proud of, but they all borrow with their eyes wide open. These are only payday loans, but the rate is two for one, for two weeks. My occasional card games have also been lucrative. The custom-built trailer following behind the Avalanche is part of the spoils of a game. It is now the exact same color as the Avalanche and the two applications of clear coat make it shine, matching the truck’s gloss. Carefully packed are my worldly possessions, including a complete camping outfit with fishing tackle, more spoils of cards.

Before going into the oil fields, I was involved with a number of semi-legal schemes that paid-off big time. When the law nearly caught up to me during my last caper, I quickly retired and went into the oil fields. All the semi-legal gotten gains, and my income from the fields, are safely tucked away earning interest or invested in real property. I may not have many noticeable material possessions, but my bank balances and other assets more them make up for that.

My boss was kind enough to give me a six-month leave; it was either he did or I quit. One of my best friends, Ray McBride, contacted me via email asking me to come for a visit. It’s been seven years since we’ve seen each other, but we’ve remained in contact. The visit will be a relaxing vacation long overdue. We served together in the first Gulf conflict. He and his wife Peggy have two daughters, one nine the other twelve. I’m godfather to both.

A little about myself: I am forty-nine and never married. My name is Matthew Rogers. Early in my checkered life I got hung with the moniker ‘Mats’ and the crazy thing is I can’t remember why. My parents were what are commonly known as white trash. When I left home, they likely celebrated because it meant one less mouth to feed. I’ve no idea if they are still alive; one of these days I going locate them and my four sisters. I’m a loner, learning to fend for myself very early in life. Currently I’m an engineer and am very proficient at what I do. My natural ability in the oil fields has kept me in demand. I keep to myself and stay out of trouble; a good trait in a predominately male work environment.

In reality, I really don’t have to work. It’s a good feeling. Leaving home at seventeen, I bummed around for a several years ending up in the oil fields. It was from there I enlisted. After my stint in the Marines, I returned and got an education while being involved with some very lucrative schemes, then back to the oil fields. Never being in populated areas for any extended period; likely kept me single. You don’t meet too many interesting, eligible females in the oil fields. Now, I like being alone. The nature of the job has kept me fit and muscled. Drinking and smoking have never appealed to me. The only vices are a bit of gambling and my computer that is packed in the back seat. It’s my lifeline to the world while in the fields. I’ve always insisted that access to the company telephone lines is part of my employment compensation. The net provided me with the opportunity to complete my education, resulting in an engineering degree. I can get a diploma by arranging to write the finals at the college. It is something to think of in the future.

Prior to leaving Texas, I racked my brain trying to come up with appropriate gifts for the two young girls. Fortunately, a young saleslady at one of the malls assisted me. Ray had sent me a recent picture of the two angels: that helped the saleslady pick out the fantastic looking outfits. I couldn’t believe the styles young ladies currently wear. Obviously, I’ve been away from the fashion main stream much too long. They certainly are different from what I thought would be appropriate. The sexy lingerie, plus the low rider jeans and tight fitting tops, opened my eyes to today’s styles. The chain is national, so if they don’t fit they can be exchanged.

Finally, at the point that my body is shaking from fatigue, I pull into the first available motel complex. The next morning feeling refreshed, and after a full breakfast, the Avalanche is rapidly eating up miles. The last sign informs me that Abbotsville is one hundred forty three miles ahead. If all goes well I should be in Ray’s driveway in less than three hours. It’s two in the afternoon. About thirty miles out of Abbotsville there are numerous signs advertising all the good things about the city. Then starting down a very large hill the skyline of Abbotsville comes into view. It’s an impressive city with no apparent smog.

Rolling into the city, I decide to stop and have dinner before calling Ray. The plan is to call and get directions. The cuisine at the restaurant is very tasty. While paying the tab I help myself to a business card. Perhaps Ray and his family will allow me to take them out for dinner. Using my cell, I call.


“Hello. Is this Peggy McBride?”

There is a pause on the line.

“Yes, it is. Who is this?”

“I am Matthew Rogers, Ray’s army buddy. He asked me to come and visit.”

“Ray has been waiting for your call. Hang on.”

In the background I hear, ‘Ray, it’s Matthew. No I think he is in town’.

“Mats; where the hell are you? We expected you yesterday.”

“I’m in the parking lot at Momma Rosa’s. The traffic was a bitch.”

“You’re not that far from us.”

Ray gives me directions; if I don’t get lost I will see them shortly. As it turns out, I was really close. Ten minutes later, I pull into the driveway. Two late model mini vans are in front. Ray comes running out, directing me to park the Avalanche beside them. Peggy and her two daughters are at the doorway watching. When the engine is shut down, they all come towards me.

“Mats, you are a sight for sore eyes. Hell, you look good.”

“You don’t look bad yourself.”

“You remember Peggy and the girls.”

It has been years since we’ve been together. Peggy is a very striking woman. She is beautiful, very poised and majestic. The two young girls following her really send me for a loop. They’re two smiling miniature versions of their mother. Looking at them, it’s obvious where their beauty genes come from. Ray, like me, is no gift package in the looks department. Shaking Ray’s hands, we both can feel the old comradeship. Hell, we hug like the long lost buddies that we are. Is that a tear in Ray’s eye? We owe each other our lives many times over. That created a very strong bond between us that time will never break or weaken.

“Peggy, how did you manage to stay with this old mug? He’s so ugly even the enemy used to run when they saw him.”

Peggy gives me a hug; her perfume engulfs me. Her body is soft and inviting. When she kisses me she feels as like as light feather. My sensitive fingers feel her bra strap. Looking at Peggy confirms it has a lot to support. We step back from each other, looking at her face, her eyes are just sparkling.

“Ray is a very fortunate guy.”

Then the two girls approach.

“You remember our daughters, Susan and Shania?”

Susan is the oldest. She has the same attributes as her mom, though somewhat smaller; her look is evocative and very self-assured. At twelve, she is just starting to show breasts: her mounds are molded in her tube top. Shania has the same striking features. Susan boldly walks to me and hugs me pushing her young body into me. Her hard nipples are evident and feel like two searing tips as they make contact. Maybe I’ve been in the hills too long. She looks me in the face and then kisses me. A bit surprised, I’m sure I felt her tongue. Her eyes are just dancing with mischief. Shit, it has to be my imagination. Shania is next; although not as well-endowed as Susan, she knows what to do with a male’s mind. She too kisses me on the lips and this time I know she uses her tongue.

“Come on in, Mats. We’ve a lot to catch up on. Hell, you look in great shape; me - I have a bit of a paunch.”

After getting the girls gifts out of the truck, I follow. Watching Peggy and the two girls from the rear awakens feelings that have been suppressed for a while. Eye candy such as this doesn’t exist in my line of work. Both girls are wearing very tight jeans exposing their well-shaped bottoms. Peggy is in a skirt; her long nylon clad legs are well toned, making me imagine of the wonders that must be at hidden between. Then I feel stupid realizing this is Ray’s wife and young preteen daughters.

“Can I offer you a drink? I have some Kahlua and Vodka for Black Russians.”

Memories of Ray and me bar crawling flash in my mind. We tied on many a bender on our leaves. Fortunately, we always stayed out of the MPs’ sights. We never landed in the brig due to our drinking.

“Yes, thank you. It brings back memories.”

“All of them bad, when I think of all the times you and I tempted fate and won.”

“Those were the good times. The times we spent in the hills were not always good.”

Both of us lost some good buddies and friends. It got to a point that we did not associate with the new replacements, not wanting to be close to them. My heart swells when I think of the hell we survived. Ray hands me a drink.

The room is well laid out and attractively decorated. The girls are sitting opposite me on a sofa. They are eyefuls. My lower head stirs. I can’t believe the carnal thoughts running through my mind. Both look so appetizing.

“Well girls, how is school?”

“Both of us are very smart.”

That is Susan, but Shania is nodding her head in agreement.

“We are always in the top of our class. I want to be a pilot.”

“I want to be a vet.”

“Both are very good professions. I hope you both realize your dreams.”

“Thank you!” came in unison.

“I brought you something. I hope you like them.”

I hand a package to each of them. I watch the girls open the gifts and then they run upstairs. They sound like a herd of elephants.

“Mats, you didn’t need to do that. I really did want to see you. You’ve no idea how often I thought of you.”

“Well, in the oil fields at night there isn’t too much to do other than think, if you don’t drink. Not the same for some of my compatriots who blow every cent they earn. Thank goodness for computers and the net.”

“So, you have done well?”

“Very. All my meager earnings have been invested. I have a little nest egg.”

“Well, you should get married and that would change.”

Peggy throws a pillow at him. She has a big smile on her face.

“We are doing all right. We have a way to go before we will be in the poor house.”

Then the elephants return. The clothes do fit. They look much better on the girls then they did on the mannequins. Susan’s outfit fits like a glove. What I didn’t see of her body before is now showing, resulting in more stirrings in my lower head. Shania looks ravishing. Even with her lack of titties she has a very sexy body. The tight top shows off her small hard buds. The sight has me thinking thoughts that are embarrassing. What would the girls look like naked? Susan is looking at me, slowly licking her lips. Shania noticed the interplay and mimics her. Reminiscing makes the time fly by; it is good to be with Ray and his family.

“Girls, it is time to get ready for bed. Come down when you are finished to say good night.”

Both girls tear off upstairs. Again, I get a great view of their very shapely posteriors. The sounds of running water signify that baths or showers are taking place. Ray and I continue to reminisce about the times we enjoyed together. After all these years, all the bad times seem to have been filed away, but the fun times are still vivid. Then the girls reappear. First, they run to their mom and then to Ray for a good night hug. As they are about to leave Peggy stops them.

“Aren’t you girls forgetting someone? What about Uncle Mats?”

How I became an uncle mystifies me; but, what the hell. Both girls come running to me: first is Susan; she’s in my arms. The thin material of her nighty doesn’t cover the soft feeling of her warm body against me. She manages to rub her titties against my chest, her hard nipples feel electrifying. Unlike the kisses she gave her mom and dad, she nails me full on the lips. It’s a bit shocking, realizing I’m returning the kiss. Both Peggy and Ray seem to be enjoying my embarrassment. What is worse is that Shania does the same, rubbing her young body up and down my chest, triggering my sexual arousal.

“Ok girls, you’re embarrassing your new Uncle. Off to bed.”

Watching them climb the stairs gives me a view of their shear panties pulled deep into their ass cheeks exposing most of their beautiful bottoms. Their little display of affection has a very pronounced effect on me. My breathing is ragged. The hue of a blush that I’m sporting really has both parents in stitches. I certainly couldn’t see the humor.

It is nearly eleven when the excitement catches up to me. Exhaustion floods over me. What I need is a shower and a good night’s sleep.

“Mats, can we offer you something to eat?”

“No thanks. If it is okay with you, I’d like take a shower and then hit the bed.”

“Good idea. both have to work tomorrow. Come, I’ll show you your room. The bathroom is just down the hall.”

“Thank you. I want to get rid of this gritty travel feeling.”

The bathroom is large and the counter has a variety of various creams, perfume bottles, combs, brushes and a hair drier. Looking at the display had me wondering which of the three uses what. The room smells of bath soap and shampoo with a hint of what I think they call body splash. Just the thought of the two girls has me hurting. All kinds of stupid scenarios run through my mind like is Susan mature enough to enjoy her body? From the way she came on to me, she must have some inkling about sex. Do girls that young masturbate? Actually, that is what I do to solve my problem.

Undressing I happen to look at the clothes hamper. There’s a pair of panties lying on the top. Closer examination reveals it’s one of the girls. They are white soft cotton with yellow flowers. Even in my hand their scent is very prevalent. Looking around like someone may be watching I open the hamper and find the second pair. These are blue with a white lace trim. The blue ones are a bit bigger than the ones with the yellow flowers. Absent mindedly, I bring one pair to my nose and then the other. They smell of little girl pee and pussy scent. Susan’s panties are damp with a white crusty coating. It’s not pee; it has to be the drying content of pussy juice. She did seem excited this evening. What could have caused it? Me? That’s wishful thinking, but it would be nice if it were the case. With Susan’s panties at my nose, I have a strong climax. Cum just pours out of me. Now feeling really stupid about my behavior, I replace the panties, have a quick shower and go to bed.

By the way the sun hangs high in the sky; I must have slept most of the morning. After dressing, I head downstairs. Voices tell me both girls are close. As soon as Susan sees me, she grabs the coffee pot and fills a cup.

“Your trip must have been tiring. It is nearly one o’clock.”

“Well, I feel rested.”

Susan is wearing a pink pair of very tight and very short terry cloth shorts that have no secrets. The white tube top hugs her small titties, showing her small but interesting nipples. Her blond hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She smells good. It is the same scent I enjoyed last night before they went to bed but more intense. She is wearing a very appealing shade of lip-gloss. A noise behind me has me looking at Shania and she’s dressed in a similar fashion. Her shorts are so tight I can see her pudenda molded in the material. It is a tantalizing sight.

“So, what have you girls got planned for the day?”

“Mom told us to stick around the house and offer to help you.”

“Help me?”

“Yes, if you need something we can help you find the store in Abbotsville.”

“Well, currently everything is fine. Maybe I will have another cup of coffee. What would you girls like to do?”

“Oh, I want to go to the beach.”

“Me too.”

“Is it okay with your parents?”

“Of course it is. We are just directing you where you wanted to go. Shania, let’s go and get our stuff. We will be right back, Uncle Mats.”

There’s that Uncle Mats again. Ray is responsible for that tag. The girls seem to be using it just to get under my skin. They are two interesting young girls, and I would love to see a lot more of them. Watching them run up stairs draws my attention to their body hugging shorts. The material is buried deep between their sexy bum cheeks. Do Peggy and Ray let them wear clothes like tight all the time? Boy, I’m really out of step.

Unhitching the trailer then blocking it, we all climb into the Avalanche. The beach is only three miles away. Both girls have backpacks that I assume contain their bathing suits, towels, sun block and whatever else young girls take to the beach. Susan is in the front seat, her long legs stretched out, moving often and causing me to look in her direction. From what is exposed, she has full love lips. The gap between her legs is nearly two inches. My member starts to stir. Shania face is in the rear view mirror; her lips are pursed, like a kiss. She, too, has a light coating of lip-gloss making her lips appear wet for kissing.

Being Friday, the beach isn’t crowded. I can imagine, though, what it will be like tomorrow if this warm weather holds. Fortunately, we are able to park very close to the entrance. The girls grab their packs and head for the change room. They yell at me to wait for them. Grabbing a blanket and my suit, I’m changed in a very short order, standing in front of the girl’s change area. The flow of eye candy keeps my attention. What these young girls are wearing - or what I should say are not wearing - is shameful. They will be the cause of my suffering whiplash trying to look at all of them. Many are already tanned. The majority of them are wearing very scanty bikinis.

“Come on, Mats, let’s get closer to the water.”

Turning and looking at the two, I’m speechless. They are wearing matching bikinis. The physical effect on me is an immediate hard-on. The bikinis are the skimpiest I’ve ever seen. Susan’s top is brimming Susan. She isn’t heavily endowed, but the bra-top accents what she has. Shania may not have anything but nipples, but the visual effect is very sexual. Each grab an arm and lead me down the beach to a sand dune close to the water. Susan spreads the blanket and both girls drop their backpacks.

“Come on, Mats, let’s hit the water. It looks like you need some cold water to cool you down.”

The she-devil is referring to my now obvious hard-on tenting my out-of-fashion swim trunks. Both girls are running from me, laughing. The chase is on. One thing Susan is right about is as soon as the cold water hits my cock it rapidly goes down to a minuscule stub. Both girls are doing their best to keep out of my reach. Catching Shania, I host her high: my hand slides up her soft thighs, against her pubes, and then I toss her in the water. The heat of her pussy feels awesome, but triggers my erection. She flies through the air and disappears under the water; only to reappear, wheezing and coughing water. Now my goal is Susan, who is swimming as fast as she can to deeper water. Diving I swim beneath her. With the small waves, she is unable to find me; but, I can see her. Slamming my head between her legs, I lift up. Susan’s pussy is against my mouth. Moving forward and mouthing her crotch, I blow hot air on her slit and then toss her into the water, causing a big splash. She comes up for air. The look on her face is priceless. She did feel the hot air on her pussy. She swims towards me with malice in her eyes.

“Come on, Shania! We have to dunk him for doing that.”

Arms are around my waist: it is Shania attempting to pull me down. What she accomplishes is lowering my briefs. Then, Susan is on me. She grabs me by the neck and hoists her body against my body attempting to get me off balance. When she lowers herself, she feels my cock at her crotch. She looks at me, and then bounces on me again to confirm what she feels. Then I feel a hand on my shaft, it’s Shania. She starts pumping me.

“Shania, what are you doing?”

“What does it feel like I am doing? Susan, keep wiggling. We will get him to fall.”

Her hand does feel good on my cock, but I really don’t think Ray and Peggy would see the benefit. Susan is wiggling against me, her nipples hard, pushing against my skin. Every few moments I can feel her lips on my ear and neck, kissing me. Shania is holding on to my cock and pumping. Finally, I grasp Susan’s bum, pulling it to me and I fall backwards. Shania’s grip on my cock is broken, but Susan is now kissing me on the lips underwater. Her tongue is trying to get into my mouth. Opening it a bit I get her tongue and a mouth full of water. We both let go of each other and come to the surface coughing, our mouths full of water.

Fortunately, we are about six feet apart, giving me an opportunity to pull up my trunks. Both barracudas are coming towards me. Fighting them off: we splash and struggle. Shania’s hand is back in my trunks, caressing me. Susan is pushing against me. Grabbing her, my hand runs up her thigh and touches her bare pussy. She has shifted the material of bikini to one side exposing her cunt. It feels so soft and supple. We all stop struggling; my fingers are now exploring her young quim. Susan is now hugging my arm, as my finger enters her.

“That feels good, Mats. I was hoping you wanted to touch me.”

“You realize we shouldn’t be doing this, right? Your dad will kill me if he finds out.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. He has always told us that he owes you his life and anything he has is yours.”

“I don’t think he meant his preteen daughters.”

“Don’t be too sure about that.”

As we talk, my fingers continue to explore her young pussy. Shania seems to enjoy pumping me. The urge to explode is building. Fortunately, the beach is not crowded. The closest people to us are a young couple, who seem to be enjoying some contact of their own under water. The young girl is mounted on the lad. I’m sure she is anchored to him by his cock embedded in her.

“Susan, you want to feel him? He is big.”

Susan’s hand is now on me. She takes over the stroking. Shania moves towards me, taking my other hand; she guides it to her pussy. She, too, has her pussy exposed for petting. Burying my face in the girl’s pussies is now a priority, but where?

“Maybe we should quit before we do something that we all will regret.”

“Feeling this good is nothing to regret. Don’t you like what I am doing to you?”

“Too much that’s the problem.”

She finally releases my cock. Both girls walk towards the shore. Pulling up my briefs I follow, sporting an erection. When the girls leave the water, both have their pussies covered. We all walk to the dune where our blanket is spread. The girls towel themselves dry, and then sit down. I air dry, and then sit beside then. The way the dune is formed, we are in sort of a dip and can see down the beach but anyone looking at us, except from the water, would only see our heads. Both girls lay down on their backs with their legs spread. That is when I notice two of the most beautiful young pussies in the world. The only other young preteen girls I had ever seen naked where in Thailand many years ago; but, in my memory, it is like yesterday. The girls have pulled their bikinis to one side exposing their young love lips. Susan has a spattering of hair; Shania’s is completely bald.

“You can see ours, now we want to see yours.”

This is embarrassing. I truly want to see more of the girls, but the thought of Ray and Peggy’s faces have me nervous. But, stupidity triumphs’ and lowering my bathing suit exposes my seven inches; it is not the longest in the world, but it is thick. Looking at their exposed pussies, I wish it was a lot smaller. Both girls’ eyes are like saucers as they stare. My foreskin is slightly rolled back exposing the very wet and dripping slit. They sit up to get a better look.

“Wow! That is big! A lot bigger then Sean’s.”


“He is a friend, from down the street. We play doctor with him. Really, all we want to do is look between each other’s legs. Does yours spit like his? What is that stuff dripping from yours?”

“Yes, mine will spit if you rub it. The liquid dripping is called precum. It is lubrication.”

“Lubrication for what?”

“Well, if I have sex with a girl it helps.”

“You mean fuck?”

I should have expected that. These young ladies are a bit more mature than I gave them credit. Susan looks more than willing to try something, but I don’t know what. And, if Susan tries it then Shania will insist she does it next.

“Well, that is a crude word to use, but yes, if I fuck a girl it helps my cock go into her.”

“Do you think we could fuck?”

The sixty-four dollar question: looking at their pussies, with the moisture forming on their lips, my answer is yes. Susan is squirming. She is excited as I am. Now I wish we were somewhere private. What am I thinking? I can’t take the girls seriously.

“Well do you?”

“Quite possibility, but we are not going to find out.”


“You know we shouldn’t even be talking about this or looking at each other.”

“But, you do like us, don’t you Uncle Mats?”

“That’s the problem. I think I like you too much.”

“Can you squirt for us?”


“Where else?”

“I don’t think this is a good idea to start with, and if someone was to come up on us all hell would break loose.”

“Let’s go home. We can watch you in the bathroom. That way there is no mess.”

“What about your parents?”

“They never get home on Friday till at least seven.”

“Well, it’s up to you girls.”

You know, girls can move fast. In less than four minutes flat, we’re changed to our street clothes and in the Avalanche heading home. As soon as we are out of the parking lot and on the highway, I watch Susan lower her shorts to her ankles, turns in the seat so she is facing me, and spreads her legs, exposing all of her lovely, wet pussy. It’s open and, in my imagination, I think I can see her hymen. I’ve a dumb look on my face.

“That is to make sure you stay focused on the job at hand. We don’t want any excuses when we get home, right Shania?”

“You bet! I want to see Uncle Mats squirt.”

Pulling into the driveway, Susan squirms into her shorts. The girls run to the house, backpacks dragging behind them. Slowly I drag my ass, following them, wondering, “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” I am having second thoughts about this. The girls are already upstairs: I can hear them moving about.

“Get up here, Uncle Mats! No excuses!”

Both girls are naked. With exception of boobs, and that wisp of Susan’s pussy hair, the girls are mirror images of each other. Shania is a bit smaller, but it is obvious they are from the same stock. Shania may be the slighter of the two, but what she has between her legs seems larger then Susan’s. Her love lips are huge and puffy. I would love to measure both girls to compare. My tent is obvious: Susan moves towards me, her hand on my fly. The zipper is lowered and her hand is grasping my tool. She is looking at me as she undoes the button and my pants drop to the floor. My shorts follow them. Standing before the girls, totally naked from my belly button down, they both study me like a bug under a microscope.

Both of them are in front of me feeling my shaft and lifting my ball sack. Shania is fascinated by my balls. Susan pulls back on my foreskin, exposing my purple mushroom head. The precum is just seeping out of me. Susan looks me in the eye and fingers some precum and then tastes it. Shania, not to be outdone, does the same.

“You don’t taste bad. Sean always wants us to suck him, but we haven’t. Do you like girls to suck you, Uncle Mats?”

The blush starts from my toes and flows up my body to my scalp. I can feel the heat. Susan is still stroking me while Shania is massaging my testicles. While they are doing this, I am hoping one will lean over and engulf me. The last time I had a blowjob from a young girl was in Thailand. She was nine or ten, but she knew how to suck. She had me drained in about five minutes and all for the cost of a single dollar. She got me off seven times before our R & R was over. I never did get to fuck her.

“Yes, I love to have my cock sucked.”

“Would you like us to suck you?”

“Oh, please.”

Shania looks at Susan, then me, lowering her mouth engulfing me. There is no way I can describe the feeling of her sucking my cock. I nearly lost it and had to grab the wall to keep from falling. The vacuum of her sucking is intense, like she has done it numerous times.

“Shania, if you keep that up you won’t see me squirt, I’ll do it in your mouth.”

“Stop Shania! I want to taste Uncle Mats too!”

She stops and slowly the urge subsides. Needing to see more of her pussy, I lift her to the counter. Shania seems to know what is coming next and spreads her thighs. The view is very impressive. Her love lips are fully coated with a misting of her juice. Moving between her legs, my lips inches from her, I can’t detect any scent whatsoever. It turns out she’s all taste. It is mild and tangy. Leaning back, supporting her body with her extended arms, she pushes her pussy into my face. Spreading her peach, I quickly get to the source of her effervescence. My tongue finds the hard pimple of her clitoris, her squirming intensifies. Her preteen body trembles with what turns out to be her first climax. My reward is a surge of tasty pussy sap.

“What happened? I have never felt anything like that before. Can you do it again?”

“Not until he does the same thing for me.”

Susan hoists her naked body on to the counter. Marveling at the sight of her perky titties, I survey the rest of her body. Like her sister she is a beauty, her pussy is sprinkled with transparent blond curly hairs. It is a wonder to behold. Gone is most of her baby fat, replaced by a well-toned body. She and Shania must be getting more than enough exercise in a full day of play to keep them trim. Her beautiful genitalia are a might thinner than her sister’s, but the little flaps of her labia minor more than make up for it. They look like a pink rose blossom just starting to flower. She watches me admiring her pussy. Leaning back, she waits for me to taste her. Her elixir is very similar to her sister’s, a very clear liquid and so tasty. I bring her to the brink several times; my reward is more of her essence. Susan’s clitoris is more pronounced than her sister’s. It is a darker shade of pink, compared to the rest of nether region. The combination of shades just makes it more appealing. The angle of her body exposes her tight rosebud. My tongue quickly finds the opening, tantalizing it. Susan reacts by squirming in an attempt to tighten her ass cheeks on my tongue. With my fingers in position, I keep both holes accessible. Her body trembles as she experiences a climax.

“You licked my bum hole.”

“Didn’t you like it? I think it’s so cute. I had to taste it.”

She leans over and kisses me on the lips, tongue imbedded in my throat; at least it feels like that. Shania’s hands are on my cock, stroking me. One hand is on Susan’s breast, and then I roll a nipple between my fingers. She is sighing. Sucking one nipple, then the other, gets more sighs. Shania is now sucking me; my hips are doing the famous pumping action. All this activity has me in a state of euphoria. The young preteen’s bodies are so soft and willing both girls enjoys their sexual awaking. My cock is enjoying the attention. What could be better than this? The only thing is to see my cock buried deep in either preteen’s pussy.

“Shania, don’t let him squirt in your mouth; don’t you want to see him squirt?”

“I do, but this is fun. It is so big in my mouth. Uncle Matt’s body is trembling.”

Trembling I am. Watching Shania suck my cock is a thrill in itself, but the added bonus is both girls are naked. Their young preteen bodies are a real turn on. I never realized my interests in little girls could be so strong; mind you, spending the most of my time in the oil fields with only a few women, and fewer young girls, around tends to keep my mind on other things. This certainly could develop into a very pleasant habit - assuming I live through my first contact.

Susan has me stand in the tub as she grasps my shaft and starts pumping. Oh, what a feeling. My hips are involuntary pumping in her hand. If you like masturbating, this is the way to go. Both girls are watching my cock and I’m intently determined not to miss any of the events. Then, that unmistakable urge hits me. Straining forward, pushing against Susan’s soft hand, all hell breaks loose. Surge after surge of hot cum streaks forward hitting the shower wall; Susan lets go and Shania backs up, both of their mouths open as they watch the spectacle. Relief floods through me. Opening my eyes and seeing both girls’ look of astonishment makes me feel like an idiot.

“Sean never squirts like Uncle Mats. Look at the mess on the wall!”

Small rivers of cum slowly make their way down the wall to the tub. The scent of sex fills the bathroom. Turning on the shower, the portable spray washes all traces down the drain. Looking up I see both girls are sitting on the counter with their legs spread showing two honey gashes. Sucking in my breath, I just admire the beauty. Shania’s opening looks large enough to take me right now. My stub takes on a new life, as it starts to perk up. Moving between her legs, I push the head of my cock against her cunt. Then I move between Susan’s legs and do the same thing. Susan pushes hard against me, bending my still soft shaft.

“Don’t you want to try to fuck us, Uncle Mats? I know I want to try and I’m sure Susan would like you to fuck her too.”

“When do you think such a thing could happen?”

“Tomorrow. You don’t know it yet, but mom will be asking you to babysit. She and daddy are going to visit her sister. They were planning to call our regular sitter, but when they knew you were coming they thought they would wait. They wanted to make sure we hit it off. I think we did.”

Eating both young girls out, then them giving me a partial blowjob and a hand job should constitute hitting it off. I feel content since the girls did me. The thought of fucking the girls does have a very pleasant sound to it. What am I thinking? I’m here to visit Ray and his family, not take two preteen cherries.

Fascinated, I watch both girls pee. The amber liquid leaving their bodies make the water in the bowl foam. The delicate way they wipe has my cock in a resurrection mode. What a sexy function.

“We had better get cleaned up and dressed before your parents get home. I am hungry, who’s for pizza?”

Both girls vote for a pizza. After getting the number of their favorite shop, I call and order two large. If Ray and Peggy come home shortly, they will likely be hungry as well. Sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, I watch both girls come into the kitchen dressed in sexy outfits. I still can’t believe the styles of young girls today. My parents would have had a shit fit if my sisters had dressed like that; mind you, we didn’t have the money; so, it would have never happened. Susan walks over to me, gets on my knee, circles my neck and kisses me. The taste of her lip-gloss and sexy scent has my shaft getting a feeling of renewal. Cupping her breast, feeling her soft flesh, is just about to get interesting when we hear a van in the driveway. Susan jumps off my lap and straightens up her shirt. Me? I am willing my hard-on to disappear. Then, another van is in the driveway: it’s the pizza man.

The girls welcome their parents, telling them what a wonderful time they had. After the confusion settles down, we gather in the kitchen and wolf down hot pizza. Ray asks me if the girls were good.

“They’re angels. They waited on me hand and foot.”

“Glad you hit it off so well. I’ve a favor to ask.”

“Name it.”

“Well, Peggy and I were hoping to spend a day at her sister tomorrow: it’s their wedding anniversary. We called our regular babysitter and she’s not available. I hate to ask you, but would you watch the girls. I realize this isn’t what I had in mind when I asked you to come and visit.”

“No problem. The girls and I will get along fine. I may have to spank them a couple of times, but I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Both Susan and Shania look at each other then look at me and stick their tongues out: the taste of their tongues flashes into my memory. Susan sticks her thumb in her mouth and sucks, looking right at me. She’s taunting me.

The discussion is about the anniversary and how many of Peggy’s family will be present. It seems she has a large family and they’re combining the anniversary with a family reunion. The look on Peggy’s face tells all: she’s really looking forward to it and the fact the babysitting has been taken care of is a load off her mind.

After our dinner, Peggy disappears to start packing.

“Mats, you don’t know how much this means to Peggy. When we were coming home tonight, it was all she could talk about. There is just so much on our plate this weekend. Your willingness to help is god sent.”

“Your daughters are wonderful girls.”

“I’m glad you like them. I’m sure they will learn a lot from you.”

Ray is smiling as he says that. The comment Susan made this afternoon pops into my mind. She couldn’t be right, could she? Ray disappears upstairs looking for Peggy. Shania comes over to me and jumps on my lap.

“You wouldn’t spank us would you, Uncle Mats? You know we’ll be good.”

“Well, I don’t know about that.”

She moves off my lap, moves in front of me, lowers her shorts and panties and leans over showing me her perfect asshole and moist pussy that I enjoyed eating this afternoon.

“Are you sure you want to spank this or maybe do something else?”

I reach over and run my finger through her gash then rub her asshole. It’s tight, but it will expand a lot larger with a little coaxing. She turns, smiles, and then slowly pulls up her panties, making sure the cloth is tight in her ass crack. What a sight! Then she covers it all up with her shorts and returns to my lap. She looks at me, as she feels my cock pushing her in her butt.

“Looks like you don’t want to spank my bum. You feel good against me. Do you want me to suck you again?”

“Now you’re teasing me. Maybe you should be spanked.”

“Well, I mean it. I want to suck you, Uncle Mats.”

“You do?”

“Yes. I can show you the gazebo in the back yard, if you like.”

There’s a sparkle in her eye as she runs upstairs. She tells her mom that she’s taking me to the back yard to show me the flowers. Peggy has a green thumb and is proud of her accomplishments. Shania runs back to me and leads me to the garden of flowers. The complete backyard has been painstakingly landscaped: flowers are everywhere. In the back is a gazebo covered with climbing vines, currently blooming large white flowers. The scent of the flowers is very refreshing. Hand in hand Shania slowly leads me to the gazebo stopping a few times to tell me about the work she and her mom had to do to make certain flowers bloom, special handling and fertilizers etc.

The gazebo is equipped with soft chairs and a matching lounge. Inside it’s like an enclosure. We can see out, but no one can see through the vines and flowers. Shania slips off her shorts and panties. My hand is quickly between her legs feeling her. Although I love all pussies, young pussies are the best. What I have enjoyed today will become a habit. Somehow, in the future, my plight will be to find and enjoy additional young preteen pussies. If Shania and Susan enjoy it as much as she says, others might want it as well.

“I like that, Uncle Mats; put your finger in me.”

She’s so wet my finger easily slips to her hymen, confirming she’s a virgin. Pushing my finger against the membrane, she pushes back.

“Shania, that’s your cherry. You keep pushing like that and it will break.”

“Well, you are going to break it tomorrow anyway. Lots of girls at school have been fucking. At lunch, some even go into the bushes and get fucked, leaning against a tree. I watched guys behind them pumping them. It seems so funny.”

“Well if you enjoy sex, you find it is a very enjoyable experience.”

“I want to find out tomorrow. Will it hurt?”

“Maybe a bit, the first time, when your hymen is broken.”

“Can you break it now?”


“Yes, so it doesn’t hurt when you fuck me tomorrow. Then I’ll suck your cock.”

My finger is against her cherry and Shania is putting pressure on it. There is no way it can hold out much longer. Shania keeps pushing and I can feel the membrane stretching then my finger slips deep into her. All I can hear from Shania is a deep gasp, as the pain of losing her cherry registers in her mind.

“That did hurt a bit. But I thought it would hurt a lot more than that.”

“Well, some girl’s hymens are more resilient than others. You are one of the lucky ones.”

“Good! I want to know what it feels like to get fucked. Susan will be angry when she finds out. Don’t be surprised if she tries to get you to help loosing hers tonight.”

Shania, on her knees, finds my cock and starts sucking. Feeling stupid, looking through the vines towards the house, I realize no one can come up on us without us knowing about it. My hips start moving, fucking Shania’s young mouth. Looking down I realize it’s a nine year old sucking my cock. Her eyes are closed; she is actually enjoying what she is doing. Shit, if I have to fuck both of them tomorrow I hope my body can recuperate that fast. Soon, the urge is there.

“Shania, I’m going to cum. Do you want it in your mouth?”

She looks up at me, her big eyes shining bright, and doesn’t miss a stroke. I continue to fuck her mouth and then let go. Hot strings of my sperm rush to her throat; she gags once and then swallows. She keeps sucking until the stub of my soldier slips out of her mouth.

“You were great Shania. Any time you have the urge, I’m available. Now, let me make your sore pussy feel better.”

Sitting her on the lounge, I get between her legs. The scent of her aroused pussy fills my nostrils. When my lips touch her pussy, she jumps. My taste bud detects pussy juice and virgin blood. Sucking, and licking, causes her body to twitch and squirm, and then a powerful climax flows through her body. I continue to lick, getting all the blood I can so it doesn’t make a mess in her panties. She would have a hard time explaining to her mom why a nine year old’s panties have obvious virgin blood on them. By the time I finish there doesn’t appear to be any additional seepage, but I don’t want to take any chances.

“Shania, when you get into the house, can you get a pad and put it in your panties? Maybe you mom has some panty liners.”

“I know where they are.”

All the activity of the day has me worn out. I can’t believe my attractions to the young girls. Two days ago, something like this would have never crossed my mind. Now, they are part of my being. Back in the house, Ray and Peggy are still upstairs. I settle in the rec room watching television; actually looking at it, but not seeing anything.

“What did you think of the back yard?”

“It is beautiful; you have done a wonderful job. It’s so relaxing.”

“Shania was a great help. You seem a bit exhausted.”

“Well, it has been a busy first day. I guess the trip, and today at the beach, has taken its toll.”

“I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my girls. I know they’ll be happy with you looking out for them. They can learn a lot from you.”

Again, that undertone comment. I look at Peggy with a questioning look and she just smiles at me and pats me on the shoulder. When she walks away, I can’t believe my thoughts. Looking at her bottom has me wondering what she looks like naked. The girls must have awakened the beast in me.

My problem is getting time in the washroom to have a shower and then go to bed. Ray sees me in the hall and laughs.

“You won’t get into the upstairs bathroom. There is a shower downstairs. Everything is there.”

Gathering my shaving kit, I manage to find the shower. Quickly undressing, then stepping in, I can’t believe the size. Ray and Peggy must shower together; that thought takes me away from the job at hand, envisioning Peggy’s beautiful naked body. Rinsing, I feel a draft and look up wondering. Susan scares the hell out of me when she opens the door and steps in totally naked. Instant erection.

“Susan, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I want you to do the same for me as you did for Shania.You should have done me first, as I’m older.”

The water is flowing down Susan’s body causing a stream to flow from her pussy. It looks like she’s peeing. The effect of that vision has me hurting. When she moves into my arms, I start humping against her young body. It couldn’t be called ‘dry humping’ as the water is pouring on both of us.

“You have to get out Susan; if your parents find out I’ll be minus my very hard cock.”

“I locked the door so they can’t come in. They’re so wrapped up about the trip tomorrow they won’t even think of what I’m doing.”

Although my voice is telling Susan she should leave, my hands are all over her young body, from her perky breasts to her hard nipples, then slowly running down her soft tummy to her pussy. As soon as I touch her pubes, she changes her stance, spreading her legs. The heat of her pussy is very evident, even with the water flowing over us. This young preteen is excited; but so am I. Her hand grasps me and rubs. The rigidity of my cock is a surprise, considering it isn’t that long ago Shania drained me.

“I want you to use this to break my hymen, not your finger.”

She is indicating the use of my cock, all seven inches of it. Susan is jockeying her movements attempting to direct my cock to her cunt. I’m too tall for that to happen. Even as my mind is telling me this is wrong, I shift her body so she is leaning over with her butt towards me. Spreading her legs for better access, my cock head is now at her tight opening. As I push, she stiffens her body to make sure she doesn’t move forward. She’s so tight; maybe too tight, as we are making little progress toward copulation. Maybe this is a bad idea; hell, I know it’s a bad idea! Trying to fuck the twelve-year-old daughter of my best friend is bad enough, but with he and his wife only a few feet from us is crazy. Then, movement. My shaft slowly disappears; stopping when the resistance of her hymen is apparent.

“We can stop this Susan. We’re supposed to do this tomorrow.”

“Push, damn it! I want it now!”

With slight additional pressure, her cherry is history. My shaft is well embedded deep in Susan. The vise like feeling is breathtaking. Looking down the view is heavenly. Her beautiful tight asshole is exposed. Could that opening accept me as well? Susan’s body is very tense as it adjusts to the new feeling of being full of me.

“Oh, Mats, this is different. It hurt for a bit, but now I feel much better. What happens now?”

Starting the strokes, Susan actions are automatic as she pushes hard against each inward thrust. She is taking my full cock without a whimper, only sighs of pleasure are being emitted from her. Reaching to the front of her body my finger finds her small hard bud. Rubbing it brings new pressure on my cock, as she builds up to her first climax. It’s a good thing Shania gave me a blowjob earlier allowing me time to ensure Susan gets the most out of her first experience. Her body trembles as the first climax thunders through her body.

“Oh my god! This is even better than using my finger!”

Then, she experiences the second tremors, then the third and finally a fourth. My blood is close to boiling: my release is near. Then, pushing against her bottom and she is pushes back, I’m in as deep as possible: the strings of hot sperm rush to their goal of filling Susan. The feeling is wonderful. After the last shutter of my climax, and the air is out of my balloon, my mind quickly reminds me that I just fucked my best friend’s preteen daughter. Guilt floods me again.

When my cock finally slips out of it’s tight, warm home, I lean against the shower wall, panting. How can anything that feels so good be so bad? Susan turns and moves towards me: we hug as her hand is on my stub. The results of my deed are running down her legs; a stream of thin reddish liquid, blood mixed with water. Her love lips are swollen.

“That was awesome, Uncle Mats. I want to do it again.”

“Between you and your sister, I’m pooped. You girls are astonishing.”

Susan washes my stub then, using a portable showerhead, washes out cum running from her pussy. It’s a very sexy sight. Some of the water has a reddish tinge to it, her virgin blood. Out of the shower, we dry ourselves. Susan sits on the throne, looks at me watching her, and a yellow stream emits from heaven. The amber flow of pee is so sexually stimulating to me. Hell, my cock is showing signs of life. Watching every movement of this little Lolita, she takes a tissue and dabs her pussy. Slipping on her panties, she takes a mini pad and attaches it to the crotch of her panties and pulls them up.

“Shania told me about it. I grabbed one as I came looking for you.”

“So, you had this all planned. What if I hadn’t taken a shower?”

“That’s the chance I took. I’m glad you showered. It felt like there was a log between my legs.”

“That feeling will go away soon. Get dressed and I’ll check and see if your parents are in the area.”

Sleep is very quick, as the memories of the day have me with a big smile of satisfaction on my face; as well as the thought of being alone all day Saturday with those too.

Somebody is shaking me to wake me up opening my eyes I see it’s Shania. She is wearing a robe with it tied around her waist. She’s smiling.

“It’s time for you to get up. Mom and dad are ready to leave and wanted to let you know.”

Hell, it’s only eight-thirty. Shania makes a noise causing me to look at her. She is standing before me naked, the robe on the floor. The image causes every spare drop of blood in my body to rush to my cock. The hydraulics are working at peak efficiency. In seconds, my cock is fully loaded ready for action.

“Remember, this morning is my turn. Susan told me what you guys did in the shower. She talked about it for nearly an hour last night. I want to feel it too. I hope that you’re not too big.”

With that comment, she picks up her robe and quickly disappears. I dress and, after a very quick shave, go downstairs to find Ray and Peggy in the kitchen nursing coffees. Grabbing a cup, I join them.

“We’re ready. I don’t think Peggy slept a wink.”

“I did too, but the thought of seeing most of my family has me wound up.”

“Well I tried to take the edge off that last night.”

Peggy blushes and then hits Ray on the shoulder.

“Shut up Ray. You’re terrible.”

Quickly, breakfast is history and there is a scramble as I assist Ray loading the van. With all we load, you would think they were going for a week.

“Peggy wants to have as many outfits as possible, so she won’t be out of place no matter what the other girls are wearing. Me? I have three pairs of jeans if they don’t like that they can lump it!”

Shortly after that, the girls and I are waving as the van disappears down the street. Both girls are still in their robes: looking at me they run into the house. Following them, I can hear them upstairs. Both are in my room ... in bed ... naked. Quickly undressing, I get in beside them. Cuddling with two preteens has me rock hard. Shania grasps me and rubs. My fingers are exploring Susan’s no longer virgin pussy. She feels so soft. She cuddles in my arms.

“Oh, Uncle Mats, your cock is beautiful. See? The veins are so large. I hope it can fit in me. Can we try now?”

When I’ve a morning erection, it’s usually loaded for bear. My mind says go for it. Susan moves, allowing me to sit up. Shania looks so small. Her hands are still caressing me. Looking between her legs confirms she’s very moist. Her love lips are puffy: she’s ready.

“We need a towel to put under your bum, just in case there’s any bleeding.”

Susan takes off like a shot and returns with a large beach towel. Shania quickly arranges herself on it with her legs spread wide. She looks so small and my cock looks so large. Susan guides my shaft to its goal. The heat and moisture of Shania’s pussy seems to welcome my cock. Pushing ever so slightly, my shaft starts its journey, resistance is minimal. The head disappears. Looking at Shania her eyes are closed and she is breathing shallow.

“What do you feel, Shania?”

“It feels so different. Keep pushing. If Susan can take you, so can I.”

Another inch is lost in her void and then another: soon my balls are bouncing off her bum cheeks. Shania is taking fast breaths, like she is panting. Withdrawing slowly, and then pushing forward, she lifts her hips to meet me. Her strong vise grip squeezes me: the feeling is indescribable. Susan’s virgin pussy was so good; Shania’s is just a bit better because it is even tighter.

After all the months of doing without in the oil fields, my body is rapidly catching up to the needed relief that wonderful sex provides. Shania is now trying to encircle my body with her legs; an impossible feat. Her arms are holding me as close as possible, as the sexual feelings flood through her body.

The greatest thing to happen is feeling Shania’s body start a slow tremor, working her way to a full-fledged climax. Her pussy muscles tighten up on my shaft, then she cums hard. Holding her breath for seconds, then exhaling as she explodes, is a reward in itself; then I cum. The feeling of the strings of sperm rush to do their job, only to find out there is no egg to fertilize. Every morning should start this way. The size of the load deposited deep inside Shania surprises me after yesterday.

Shania’s pussy is still spread, now slowly shrinking. A small river of cum, and a tint of blood, slowly makes its way between her ass crack to the towel. Her breathing is now regular, as she opens her eyes with the biggest smile.

“Susan, it’s wonderful! It’s too bad Sean’s cock isn’t as big as Uncle Matt’s. We could let him fuck us every day. Matthew, wouldn’t you consider staying here for a while?”

“It would be nice, but I don’t want to overstay my welcome. I think we better have a shower, and then have breakfast.”

We move downstairs to the larger shower. You can imagine the difficulty showering with two young minxes attempting to get you hard so they can have a cock between their legs again. While drying, both girls disappear upstairs, wiggling their bare bums at me. In the kitchen, I prepare a second breakfast for the three of us. The two young preteens appear in skirts and tube tops. I can’t help but admire them. Sitting down, they both display their swollen pussies. It is going to be an interesting day, but will I be able to live through it.

“What do you girls have planned for today?”

Both look at each other, smiling, and then look back at me. Susan is the first to comment.

“I am next.”


“Yes, next. As soon as you’re ready, I want to get fucked again. Then, Shania will want her second time.”

“It looks like I have my work cut out for me.”

After cleaning the table, we return to my bedroom. The bed has been made and two fresh towels are on the bureau. The girls push me so that I am lying on my back. Shania kneels over my face with her pussy against my mouth. This must be my morning dessert. I can taste her and a trace of blood. She must have washed most of my sperm from her pussy.

Susan is at my crotch massaging my now growing cock. Her cool hands squeeze softly. Even considering my recent ejaculation, it feels good. When her weight shifts on the bed, I wonder what she’s up to. Then the feeling of a very moist sleeve engulfs my cock. Susan has mounted me, her body moving up and down on my shaft. Shania smells so appealing and with her sister’s pussy engulfing my cock, my body seems out of control. My hips are meeting her as she pushes down. Shania is pushing her pussy hard into my face; she starts trembling as she cums again.

Losing control, my cock spits deep into Susan’s pussy for the second time. While eating Shania, my finger finds her asshole and is buried to my second knuckle. Her sphincter muscle contracts on my finger. She climaxes for the second time. Susan is still sitting on my now shrinking stub. Finally, both girls dismount from my body and stretch out beside me. Both of their skirts are still riding high, exposing their beautiful pussies.

“I like your finger in my ass, Uncle Mats. Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?”


“Did you like it?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Did the girl like it?”

“Yes, she did.”

“Do you want to fuck me in the ass too?”

“I think it would be nice.”


With that thought on my mind, I fall asleep with both girls cuddled against me on both sides. It’s nearly two when we wake. The swelling has gone down on both of their pussies. What a sight.

“We better get up, girls. We have to go outside and show ourselves, before your neighbor’s think something has happened.”

“Something did happen: something wonderful.”

Even after the nap, I still feel exhausted. I can’t believe what has transpired in the last two days. Sex is a magnificent thing! Getting up, the girls tug my hand to follow them upstairs to the bathroom; then, they proceed to pee in front of me, making sure I get the benefit of the view. It is really sexy watching the amber liquid spraying from the girls. Susan must have large kidneys; she seems to pee forever. When they are done, they look at me.

“Your turn.”

Pulling out my overworked Willy, I send a stream of hot liquid into the toilet bowl causing the water to foam. The girls watch with great interest. Shania looks me in the face, then grasps my tool and wiggles it. The stream cuts through the water. Finally, we are all done in the bathroom.

“Girls, let’s go to the mall.”

There are squeals as they run to the Avalanche. Then it hits me: they still don’t have panties on. During the trip, both of them expose their honey pots. The vision is something I will never get used to. It certainly doesn’t make the job of driving any easier. What the trip is actually for is to purchase a couple tubes of K. Y. Jelly. If we do attempt any anal, I want it to be enjoyable to the girls. It never hurts to be prepared.

While we are there, we enjoy the offerings of the food court. Shania calls out to someone and a very pretty young girl joins us at the table. She is Chinese, about the same age as Shania, with a very slight body. She is very thin with small delicate hands and features, but very beautiful. Her tube top shows off her budding breasts.

“This is my best friend, Charlene. I wanted her to meet you, Uncle Mats.”

Grasping the offered hand, she feels warm to touch. She wiggles her fingers, running her nails softly in the palm of my hand. What is going on with that? She smiles, showing a set of perfect teeth. She is wearing terry cloth stretch shorts that must be her baby sister’s. Her camel toe is accented and looks very appealing. Her legs are long and show signs of development.

“How do you do, Charlene?”

“Very well, thank you.”

Her voice is very low and very sexy. Is she another young preteen searching for sex? She is smiling; very much aware I am ogling her. What am I thinking? Charlene moves her body so that her thigh is rubbing against mine: the heat of our contact flows through my slacks. Her scent is of some sort of an erotic flower. If it’s to get my attention, then its job is complete. Charlene has noticeable bumps for breasts; my imagination has her nipples, taunt, wanting to be caressed and sucked.

“Charlene is beautiful; don’t you think, Uncle Mats?”

“I have to agree with you.”

Charlene enjoys the compliments. She moves so that she is actually leaning on me. Life in the mall goes on. There’s a steady flow of people and not one seems to notice the interplay between my young friends and me. When Charlene’s hand grasps my shoulder, and she leans on me, her face inches from mine. My hard-on grows appreciably. My mind has her sitting on the table, minus her panties, giving me a view of a beautiful Chinese pussy, and then tasting her. Oh how I wish.

“So, are you shopping or just looking like we are, Charlene?”

“Mom is at the hair dressers. I’m glad to have someone to talk to.”

“Well, the girls and I are heading back shortly. We have a few pressing things to do.”

“Can I come with you? I’ll ask my mom.”

“What do you think, Shania?”

Shania is likely thinking how she will get fucked if her friend is with us, and then I realize the girls are not even apprehensive about Charlene. Something in the back of my mind is hoping that seeing Charlene naked is not out of the question. My erection is so hard it’s hurting. My relief is sitting across from me, looking me in the eye. There is a knowing smile on Shania face; Susan is enjoying this, as she is staring at my hard-on.

“Ask your mom, Charlene. I’m sure Uncle Mats will enjoy having you.”

The strong accent on the words ‘having you’ has me looking surprised and in wonder. Is she suggesting Charlene will also welcome an introduction to sex? What a thought! Both Charlene and Shania leave to find her mom. I’m still in a state of bewilderment.

“This is going to put a cramp into what we had planned. I hope Shania realizes we can’t do things.”

“Don’t be too sure about that she and Charlene are best friends: I bet she has told Charlene all about you.”

“You’re kidding?”

While the two girls are gone, I quickly go into Walgreen’s and pick up two large tubes of K. Y. Jelly and, as a gift to myself, new cologne. Now I will smell as good as the girls. Returning to the table, Susan is patiently waiting.

Just then, both young girls come bounding back. They have smiles from ear to ear. Charlene has approval to return with us and her mom will pick her up late in the afternoon. She plans to do some shopping. She will call. After clearing the table, we leave to find the Avalanche. Charlene and Shania climb into the front seat, Susan into the back. Traffic has increased noticeably. With my attention on the street, I don’t notice what is happening beside and behind me. Once out of the downtown area, I look in the rear view mirror. Susan has lifted her skirt and is masturbating. Looking to my right, Charlene has her shorts and panties lowered rubbing her slit. The sight nearly causes an accident.

Regaining my senses, I keep my eyes on the road. Twice the sounds of one of the girls climaxing fill the cab. The scent of excited pussies has me so hard it is uncomfortable. The sight of Ray’s driveway never looked so good. The girls quickly cover themselves and run to the house. Looking up and down the street confirms no one is the least bit interested in what is going on. In the house, the sound of giggles upstairs has me hurrying to see what they are up too. The sounds are coming from my bedroom. Entering, I find all the girls naked. Charlene’s body is slim, but well-shaped: her breasts are the size of half lemons, capped with very interesting nipples that are long and thin. The rest of her body has me panting. I just love her skin tone. Her pussy is large for her size and her love lips are puffy and protruding from her body.

“Charlene wants to watch us, Uncle Mats. I’m ready.”

Shania is more than ready. Her quim is glistening with moisture. With three pussies exposed, and all excited, an arousing scent fills the room. What a way to enjoy a holiday! Quickly undressing, I sit on the bed. Charlene’s eyes are like saucers as she studies the size of my hard-on.

“He is going to put all that in you, Shania?”

“Susan and I have already done it. It feels so good. You don’t have to.”

After what has happened already today, I’m more than ready. Putting me between Shania’s spread legs, Susan grabs my cock guiding it to the Promised Land. Surprisingly my cock enters Shania with little resistance. Her pussy is larger than Susan’s; but it feels so tight. The heat of her pussy has my cock head nerves tweaking. Within seconds, I’m buried deep. Shania didn’t even make a whimper as it went in, but now she is sighing and breathing heavily. Both Charlene and Susan watch intently as my cock slides in and out. Shania moans each time she feels my balls hit her bum. Using my willpower to control my climax, I wait for Shania to explode at least once. When her body quivers, it signals that it’s my time. The buildup of excitement from seeing the girls all afternoon is at the tip of my cock. Then it fires a load of scalding sperm deep into Shania. My muscles tighten with every ejaculation finally drained, I collapse rolling over hanging onto Shania’s body. Now she is on top with my now shrinking cock still embedded in her. Her eyes are open and she leans forward to kiss me. Her tongue is active.

“That was so good, Uncle Mats. See, Charlene? I told you I could do it.”

There is a plop as my cock slips out. It’s covered with a mixture of cum and pussy juice. Charlene still has a shocked look on her face. Looking between her legs confirms she must have been masturbating while Shania and I were fucking. Her love lips are so puffy and very wet. Will she be next?

Susan has a tube of K. Y. Jelly, testing it with her fingers. Smiling, she motions for Charlene to lie on her tummy. When she rubs a blob of jelly into Charlene’s smooth asshole them inserts her finger, slowly my distressed member comes to life. Charlene is moaning as she feels Susan finger pump in and out of her tight bum. She enjoys it even more when Susan puts in the second finger; her hips push back to meet her insertions. This confirms what I have been hoping for that the girls can fuck anally. My tired cock is regaining it stature as it grows, an action that doesn’t go unnoticed by Susan.

“Charlene, are you ready to try something?”


“By the look on Uncle Mat’s face, I would say he is interested in trying to put his cock in your bum.”

Charlene rolls to one side looks at me, then at my now full-blown cock, and smiles. Wigging her bum, she nods yes. I can’t believe what is happening. It has been less than two hours since we have been introduced and now Charlene is offering me her virgin butt hole? Not that I haven’t be savoring the idea since Susan started to loosen the tight orifice with her finger.

“How old are you, Charlene?”

“Twelve and a half, do you think it will fit?”

“Oh, I know it will.”

Susan watches closely as I position my body. Shania hasn’t moved since being fucked, but is also studying what is transpiring. Moving between Charlene’s legs, I feel Susan’s warm hand on my cock. She coats my shaft with K. Y. Jelly, and then guides me to a very willing opening. Although Charlene is very tight, the jelly allows me to slip in easily. The pressure on the head of my cock is fierce. Then her sphincter relaxes. Moving cautiously, I continue my journey. Charlene’s body is so soft and her coloring so sexy. She has her hands under her cheeks. As more disappears into her asshole, she seems to be lifting her bum towards me. With three quarters of my cock deep in her, I stop. Her anal muscles tighten on my shaft providing a sensation all men should feel. I have no idea where all this virility has come from. My cock hasn’t had this much activity since I left home. Even in the forces I never enjoyed so many pussies in so short a time. As I bear downwards, Charlene’s gasps; but not in any pain, but with the sensation of a very different feelings. Her legs are spread, opening her asshole. I can only hope she is enjoying this as much as I am. Shania is now watching intently as my shaft slides in and out. Then she licks her lips and looks at me.

“I want to try that, Uncle Mats. Charlene looks so keyed up.”

“I hope that my body is up to it. You girls are so desirable.”

I’ve no idea if Charlene will experience an anal climax. Mine is inevitable. The necessity to ejaculate is building up. Then the rush of seamen floods the interior of Charlene’s bowls; slowly my high diminishes.

“Charlene, I am sorry. How did it feel for you?”

“Don’t be sorry, it’s a different feeling, enjoyable. But I want what you did to Shania.”

“I will be glad to, if I live that long.”

Finally, my cock slips out of Charlene’s rosebud. It is stretched open and slowly shrinking; cum bubbles out of her sphincter. I manage to catch the majority of it with tissues. After all this sex, showers are in order.

“Charlene, would you like to sleep over tonight? I am sure Uncle Mats won’t mind.”

“I’ll have to call my mom.”

Although thoroughly exhausted, I can’t help but enjoy the sight of the three naked preteens. Modesty isn’t a big thing with them. Susan is masturbating, Charlene is still lying on her tummy and Shania is watching my cock attempting to recover. My next erection will take time. When Charlene finally moves, she grabs the telephone. Calling her mom’s cell, we all listen to her ask her mom if she can stay over. The conversation is positive and I note she never mentioned that I am the babysitter.

“I have to get dressed and go home for my nighty and change of clothing.”

“Well, you won’t need it.”

“I know, but mom doesn’t know that.”

Charlene and Shania run to the bathroom leaving Susan and me. Susan moves next to me and grasps my flabby cock. What is left of it is very sensitive. I really didn’t think my ability to recoup could handle the demands of the three girls. Susan cups my balls and softly massages. It does feel good.

“Uncle Mats, let’s go downstairs and shower. It looks, and smells, like we both could use one.”

Still naked, I follow her lovely body downstairs. She sits on the toilet. I am still fascinated watching the amber liquid leaving her young body. The sight has my cock stirring again. The shower feels good, but hugging Susan feels even better. Her body is so delicately developed. Looking at her makes me appreciate the beauty of young girls. While drying my hair, Susan is fondling me; then, I feel her soft moist mouth on me.

“Susan, what are you doing?”

“I wanted to try this ever since you showed me your cock. Some of the girls at school do this all the time. I never wanted to do it with the boys at school, but you’re my Uncle.”

Shania and Charlene come into the bathroom as I’m enjoying Susan’s manipulations. Both girls quickly undress and both use the facilities. I can’t believe how sexy Charlene looks with her legs partly spread, peeing. Shania follows suit and her flow is mixed with cum. Then both girls hit the shower.

Needing a breather, I suggest we have Fried Chicken for dinner. All the girls agree. Quickly dressing, I take off alone. The drive should help me clear my head and think straight. The affirmation of having sex with minors has my body shivering. Why should something that feels so good be so wrong? I’m recalling the circumstances of each event, none I actually instigated; but, that doesn’t make it right. Not that the young girls don’t appeal to me, but they’re more than willing to enjoy their bodies and I’m a very willing instrument.

Running past the pick-up window of the drive-thru, I am loaded down with two buckets of chicken, two large fries, three salads and two large containers of hot gravy. I hope the girls are hungry.

Entering the driveway, three faces are in the window. They all appear to be wearing robes. After the meal, I look in wonder at what remains. Two chicken wings and four chips, everything else is history. It doesn’t take long to clean up. The girls lead me to the shower once more. They drop their robes and stand naked before me. Quickly undressing, we all enter the oversized shower. Even in the confined space, each girl manages to massage my now fully erect member and my hands are all over the girls. Charlene’s pussy is my target. The puffiness indicates she is enjoying the attention and is excited, contemplating the possibility of full sex. After drying each other, I take particular pains to make sure each of their young pussies is gently taken care of. There isn’t anything in the world that can compare to the beauty of female genitalia and preteens are even more appealing. Each girl is more than willing to have me kiss and tongue her. Susan grabs my cock, like a lead, and we all head to my bedroom.

“Girls, don’t you think it is too early to go to bed?”

“You aren’t going to be sleeping, Uncle Mats. Charlene wants to feel you in her pussy. That is all she could talk about while you were gone to get the chicken.”

Charlene’s complexion seems to get darker, as in a blush. Boldly she comes to me, and hugs me, rubbing her small boobies against me. My cock is pushing against her soft tummy. Lifting her to the bed, I gently lay her down spraying her legs. There is no question she is excited as moisture is already forming on her labia. With my face inches away from her pussy, her scent waifs over me. My tongue’s taste buds quickly identify her unique taste as very additive. Licking her causes her body to flinch each time her clit is touched. Finally, the desire to mount her is unbearable.

“Are you sure, Charlene?”

“Yes, I am.”

Moving above her, my little helper Susan grasps me and aims me to the target. Like with Susan and Shania, when my cock makes contact with Charlene’s pussy it is like being scalded. Slowly I push and she pushes back. Meeting resistance I stop, but Charlene continues to push. With a short stroke, my cock is buried. The gasp from Charlene let me know she realizes her hymen is history. When her arms encircle my neck I realize she has accepted me. The rest is history. After feeling her body tremble, twice, the gusher of cum fills her. After a long series of kissing her, she closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Shania and Susan make sure that I am hard enough to do both of them before they let me off the hook. I never thought I could ever get enough of young preteen pussy, but the girls’ demands are over whelming. Finally, we all fall asleep, with Shania on top of me and Charlene and Susan at my side.

Before breakfast, Susan insists she loose her anal cherry. Thank goodness for K. Y. Jelly. My cock slips deep into her butt and after a number of paced strokes the buildup of energy is too much, my cum splatters deep in her bottom. From all the sexual activity, the room smells of sex. The crusty substantiation of our sex play is all over the sheets. Forcing everyone to the shower, I gather the evidence and carry it to the washer. A liberal dose of detergent will solve that problem. The problem of the girls and me is resolved in the hot shower. Will I live to tell the tale the rest of the weekend?

During the weekend I took Charlene’s two cherries and both Susan and Shania’s anal cherries, plus enjoyed each girl a number of times. I really don’t know how I survived. By the time Ray and Peggy returned, I’m totally wiped out. Peggy thanked me numerous times for helping them out. I still speculate if she knew what really happened. Both Susan and Shania were very adamant about our activities: makes me wonder. Whatever Ray thought he owed me was paid in full by his daughters.

It’ll be hard saying goodbye to my young horny surrogate nieces and their friend, but it’s necessary. Too much of a good thing could kill me.

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