Auraya’s Temptations
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Zoophilia, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens to this Hermaphrodite when she visits a tiger?

It was a good day for Auraya to work at the zoo because they had saved some rare cross river Gorillas that would soon be flown in from Nigeria. So with a smile on her face, she left for home. Once home she checked the mail and was delighted to see the new issue of Weird Sex had arrived. She quickly brought it in the house and ran to her room. Feeling dirty with sweat and grime she decided to read in the tub. Soon she was relaxing in the hot water. She grabbed a rag and hurriedly washed her small body. Once she felt reasonably comfortable and ready, she picked up the porn magazine. Auraya got turned on by the magazine because it showed pictures of different sexual acts and had related stories which see loved to masturbate to. Flipping through the magazine, her eye was caught on a picture of a woman fucking a dog, and then the next page showed a man getting his ass pumped with big dog meat, she started reading the stories and was turned on quickly. Reading and thinking about having sex with an animal soon had her horny. With pleasure, she started to touch her body.

She ran her hands through her long brown hair and down her neck over her chest to her pink nipples and felt them harden under her soft touch. After playing with her perky breasts for a few minuets she slid her hand down her hot trim body and lightly teased her shaved, dripping cunt. Tickling her love lips she felt her body respond and she inserted a finger into her hot tight snatch. She started to moan as she fucked her body with two fingers. The magazine was soon forgotten when she use her other hand to rub her clit.

She felt her bodies need for release and grabbed her hard cock and slid her hand up and down its length as her pussy was filled with two trusting fingers. Eager for her orgasm, she leaned over and took the 10 inch dick into her waiting mouth. She ran her probing toung along the thick head and slowly swallowed as much as she could. Wanting to feel that orgasmic bliss, she reached over grabbed the plunger and inserted the handle in her waiting twat. Her cock swelled even bigger as she shoved it in and out her pussy and bobbed her head in utmost pleasure. When she couldn't take any more, her body erupted with a long passionate orgasm. Her hungry mouth was filled with her own creamy cum and she happily slurped it down.

The next month went by in a blur as she worked long and hard preparing for the arrival of the Gorillas. She helped with the building of the recreation of the artifical ecosytem to house the gorillas and to set up a menu for that gave them a balanced nutrition. After months of working and waiting, Auraya and her colleagues watched as the veterinarian gave the five new additions to the zoo an examination and cheered when she declared that with careful diet and exercise they would be in good health in no time, and that one of the gorillas would give birth soon.

A month later when then newest issue of Weird Sex came in, Auraya found more stories and pictures of animals fucking humans but this time it was horses and bulls. Auraya had a great orgasm as she read the magazine and looked at the pictures provided. When she fell asleep covered in her sperm Auraya dreamed of fucking the animals at work and by the time she woke up had a plan half forming in her mind.

That night, after all the animals were fed and everyone left, Auraya stayed late. She walked the whole zoo examining the animals to see which would best fit her plans. After careful consideration she decided that the tiger would be best to fill her fantasies. The tiger being young, tame, and gentle helped to decide for her. She walked in to the natural looking enclosure and closed the gate. The tiger named Flame, for his reddish looking fur, walked willingly to her and she rubbed his head for him. He started to purr as she rubbed his back and sides. Then after a moment of indecision she started on his chest working her way down his belly. When her hand got near his sheath she watched fascinated as his red penis slowly showed its self. Taking this as confirmation, she reached under him and gripped his warm and growing dick. Almost of its own violation, her hand pumped his cock and he let out a deep-throated purr. Curiosity getting the better of her, she gave him the command to roll over and she lowered her face to his croch. His throbbing dick had a spicy taste to it as she licked it. Flame was giving off a constant purr of pleasure as her lips wrapped themselves around his 7 inch penis.

Giving head to an animal, a tiger to say the least, made Auraya uncontrollably horny, so she stripped out of her work clothes. Once nude she laid down beside Flame and let him sniff her pale aroused body. His tounge sent shivers down her spine as he licked her neck, only to make her start moaning as he licked her nipples. Hardened to an almost painful level, her nipples were helpless against his rough toung. Her body tingled as he licked his way down. She gasped aloud as he encircled her dick with his wet tounge, and he even took it in his mouth for a second. All this attention was quickly bringing her to her limit and as she pinched and pulled her nipples. She shot her load high into the air to rain down all over her body and into Flame's waiting mouth.

His toung left her cock and she began to think he had lost interest when she felt his hot toung probe her wet pussy. "Oh god!" she yelled as his toung dug in deep to caressed her insides and g-spot. Auraya was once again brought to orgasm when his speeding toung touched her clit each time it dived into her dripping cunt. She pushed his head to make him stop but the tiger was not to be deterred. Never had Auraya experienced such orgasmic pleasure as she had multiple orgasms.

Final she managed to push him away and started to crawl toward her clothes, but Flame was not finish with her. She had just got to her panties when she felt his big, hot, furry body mount her from behind. "No flame!" she called and tried to get him off, but he was too heavy. She stopped struggling when she felt his wet cock against her skin. Flame's dick was rubbing all over her thighs and ass and the kinkiness of getting fucked like a whore by this tiger once again made her horny. After a minute of waiting for him to find her wet and juicy pussy, she reached back and pulled his fuckstick to where it could enter her body with ease. She let go of him when she felt his penis on her labia. "Mmmmm, that's it," she moaned as his cock spread her cunt lips apart. Once he was balls deep in her snatch he started fucking her hard and fast. His dick was a blur as it thrusted deep inside her. "Ah ah, oohhh god yes!!!!" she chanted. The sound of her cock slapping against her stomach could be heard and it made her even more aroused. On a sudden inspiration she slid forward and quickly turned over. On her back she lifted her hips and wrapped her legs around his furry sides creating better and more stimulating penetration. Her pleasure only grew as Flame bent his head and licked and even suckled her hard nipples. Beginning to lose control of her self Auraya wrapped her arms around Flame's neck and hung suspended rocking back and forward with his red cock spearing her pussy. Black spots floated in her vision as her cock rubbed his soft smooth belly and she came closer to orgasm. Then Flame's beautiful cock blasted her full of his creamy seed. With cum leaking out of her tight twat. Auraya's dick blew her load all over the tigers belly, and she blacked out from the orgasmic pleasure. A minuet later laying in the after glow of her great night of sex, Auraya slowly stood up and walked past the panting Flame's body. Half an hour later, she and Flame were cleaned up, and she was dressed to leave. Checking all the doors and gates were closed, she left the zoo. With a smile on her face she went home thinking of the fun she could have with the other animals at work.

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