Helen 2: Sales Meeting

by Serena Jones

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tired of endless meetings? Helen has a suggestion to liven them up. Another in the ongoing adventures of Helen...

Helen was wet.

She shifted in her seat at the far end of the conference room and felt the gooey mess soaking through her pointless little thong. She usually sat near the door because her staff paged her a lot but today the seat had an added bonus - no one else was close enough to hear her pussy's juicy squelch. It was all she could do to keep from slipping one hand under the table and relieving the heat between her legs. She did not know why her boss had asked her to attend this sales meeting but she was terribly glad he did.

The speaker, Zee - as in MacKenzie - asked everyone to look at something on page six of the handout. As the others looked down and flipped through pages, Zee's eyes met Helen's and he silently snarled. Helen stroked her lips with her pen the way she would like to stroke the bulge straining those oh-so-conservative Dockers. In less than a second, he reverted to the professional marketing pitchman that he was externally and moved on with his presentation. Helen bit her lip to keep from groaning aloud. They had been doing this for an hour now and her pussy throbbed. She kept imagining his lips on her nipples, her ass, her clit. She wanted to wrap her own lips around his hardness and taste him. She put her hand back on the table; she was not sure when she started stroking her tits but even she was not quite that brazen.

No mistake; even without the smoldering looks and suggestive gestures, the brother was fine. Perfect bow lips - not too thick or thin - an expressive face, an easy smile. Their eyes had locked when they were introduced before the start of the meeting and Helen began mentally undressing him about two seconds later. His wide shoulders and arms were so muscular, they threatened to rip his shirt and a not so accidental brushing of his thigh told her that his legs were just as enticing. His ass was the sort of thing that made nuns weep.

Finally - finally! - the meeting took a 30minute break largely for the executives to show off their latest Blackberrys. Helen got up planning to slip into the ladies room and mop up before she left a visible wet spot on the chair. As she stood, however, Steve, the VP of sales waved her over. She smiled thinly and joined him. Steve was a nice enough guy but at the moment, he was not on her priority list. Still, one does not blow off a corporate VP when one is vying for a promotion - well, not if one wants a promotion on merit, anyway. A well place blowjob could do wonders for a career.

He asked what she expected, "How's the "Stang?"

"Nearly perfect. She's pulling to the left so I have to get my alignment checked soon. How's the 'Vette?"

"I'm getting her painted next week. Flame red."

"Nice." Helen approved. Steve's corvette was a well-maintained little hot rod and frequently appeared in local car shows along side Helen's car.

"'Vette as in Corvette?" Zee's voice purred over Helen's shoulder. Involuntarily she shivered. When his hand surreptitiously caressed the back of her thigh and ass, she felt her already sopping pussy drip.

"Yeah," Steve did not seem to notice Helen melting in front of him, "It's a 1970 so she's not the bomb like Helen's but..."

"You drive a Vette as well?" His breath brushed against the back of her neck as her juices crept down her inner thigh.

She could not look at him, "No. A '67 Mustang. Mint condition. She purrs like a kitten when she's all warmed up."

"I would love to see that." Somehow, she did not think Zee meant the car.

"It's in the garage," she found the ability to look at him, "How long do we have?"

Zee looked at his watch, "Long enough, I think."

"Yeah, ok." She could barely breathe let alone think, "Steve, we're just going to sneak down and take a peak. If anybody asks..."

"I'll cover. Take it once around the block."

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