Private Pleasures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hairy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mark's dream of building a very special apartment complex finally comes true, where not only are his wildest dreams and desires fullfilled, but so are many others who are fortunate enough to live there.


Mark Mitchell had begun his building renovation nearly two years before today. Now he stood outside his luxurious apartment complex looking over a few last minute details, finalizing the last bit of needed landscaping before his units were ready to be inhabited.

A year prior, Mark had began advertising his units along with a fairly expensive brochure that went into more than sufficient detail about how they'd look, everything that was included, along with some pretty special rental requirements. Initially, he wasn't even sure there would be that many people interested in his properties, but that concern proved to be unfounded, far beyond his wildest expectations. Even before the first week had gone by, Mark had received well over a hundred applicants interested in moving in to only ten available, yet very spacious apartments, though one of these located on the top floor of one section, would be his own equally spacious living area. Most of the units were two bedrooms, but he had couple that were three bedrooms in the event that special or unusual circumstances would require that. Each unit was equipped with multiple baths, laundry facilities, though Mark had also included an inexpensive service for that as well should anyone wish to use it. There were only three units per floor that formed a sort of horseshoe like design around private grounds, which included a nine-hole golf course, swimming pool, spa and recreation area.

At 44 years of age, Mark was a self-made millionaire with nothing but a whole lot of time on his hands, and as some might say, some fairly peculiar tastes as well. Though sexually active, and dating several women at the same time, Mark's favorite pastime was voyeuristic in nature. Which is the main reason he decided to build this particular complex, and offer it to a very selected group of people who were willing to agree to the very specific, and very clearly defined terms.

To those who had applied, there came a multitude of questions of course, most of which he'd already explained in the brochure, but he'd expected that as he began going through the pre-screening and interview process.

As luxurious as his apartments were, it wasn't just the rich that could afford to live there, in fact, it was almost the opposite. Mark wouldn't be charging any rent for anyone to live there. The only requirement was that they had to agree to live there for a year minimum, responsible only for their own utilities, and accept the fact that every room in their entire apartment would be on a 24/7 private security camera system that Mark would operate from his own Penthouse apartment located on the very top floor of the building. The only area of any apartment not able to be remotely viewed would be in the self-enclosed bathroom stalls themselves. These would be the only true sanctuary of any of his units. Those who agreed to those terms and conditions could thus live a life of real luxury, rent free, provided they were willing to accept the loss of their privacy for a year.

In addition, Mark made everyone aware they were free to come and visit him any time and see exactly what it would be like, and look like to Mark while they were living there. He didn't want there to be any misrepresentations or misunderstandings with regards to his internal and external "Private Security Monitoring System", or "PSMS" as he affectionately referred to it. This would include cameras monitoring the spacious swimming pool in the courtyard, along with the Jacuzzi and spa inside, weight room, and game room. As stated to everyone that applied or who were truly interested, every waking aspect of their daily lives while living there would be on camera each and every day, though they were also all made aware, none of it would be broadcast to the outside world. It would strictly be for his interest and viewing pleasures alone, unless he invited someone else to view along with him of course. But beyond that, no one else would ever know or be made aware of the unusual living conditions unless they chose to do so.

Mark had of course done a very thorough background check on everyone that had applied for one of his units. In addition, he'd given each individual person a very detailed, often very explicit questionnaire that he also required to be filled out in full. Anyone refusing to do so was immediately discarded as a potential candidate for one of the Suites. Mark proceeded at that point to filter through those who had qualified, selecting a wide and diverse group of individuals so that no two, or groups would be too similar in looks, shape, size, or even in beliefs. The last thing he wanted was a commune like feel, or even a cookie-cutter like atmosphere of similar people all living together. For Mark, that would take away one of the aspects of his voyeuristic curiosities, and being interested in watching people as well as observing them, he needed them to be as completely different from one another as possible, but still willing and able to get along together as well.

Beyond the camera requirements, utilities, he only had one another specific requirement, one weekend a month he would have a building party, and with the exception of true emergency requirements, everyone would be expected to attend.

Satisfied with the almost manicured like grounds, Mark headed back up to his own penthouse apartment to go over the last minute review of applicants and begin making the phone calls that would tell them they'd been accepted.

"Stacy? This is Mark Mitchell calling. I just wanted to tell you that you and your sister have been approved. You can begin moving in anytime that you'd like."

Stacy and her twin sister Tracy would be occupying Suite 101 on the ground floor, along with a newly married couple Jack and Darlene who would occupy Suite 102 in the middle wing. Jack was employed by a local bank, Darlene was currently unemployed, but it had also been one of the reasons Mark had selected them. It guaranteed him that at least one of them would usually be home during the course of the day, and could possibly prove to be interesting in nature. Next to them in Suite 103, and rounding out the bottom floor of the building was a single male, Mike, who was also currently unemployed, but a local artist of sorts who made a reasonable living on the side selling some of the pieces he sculpted, which were most all nudes of women who came to his studio and posed for him.

Above in Suite 201, Mark had leased the suite to a lesbian couple, Pat and Pamela who'd been living together for several years now. Pat was certainly more masculine than Pamela, or "Pam" as she preferred being called, though even Pam had quite a bit of a tom-boyish look to her that Mark had found intriguing. And the fact that even though they were lesbians, and fully aware that Mark would be able to look in on them day or night, they had readily agreed to all the terms and conditions of living there, which had surprised him as two other lesbian and gay couples had declined once they'd been informed of the very special requirements.

In Suite 202, Mark had chosen a brother and sister who'd been sharing their parent's rundown decrepit old house together after their parents had died. Of legal age, though they were both still fairly young, Charlene being 18, and her brother Danny at 20, both attending a local junior college, and only able to afford to go with the money they were both saving by agreeing to live here.

Next to them in Suite 203, Mark had selected a much older single but attractive looking woman. Martha was in her late fifties, but after having read through her profile, and though she was fairly well to do herself, he'd accepted her as well as he knew from interviewing her that she loved to attend parties, and most often they were the kind that were very sexual in nature.

In the units just below his own penthouse, Mark had accepted another married couple, though having no children which had been another one of his pre-screening requirements, each middle aged, and reasonably successful in their respective careers. John was a contractor, and Mark had in fact hired him and used him in the final plans and building construction, offering John along with his wife Cindy one of the available units.

In Suite 302, Mark had selected an interesting older gentleman whose wife had died only two years earlier. Still active and fit however at just over 60 years of age, Mark had selected Robert, or "Bob" as he preferred being called, to act as the overseer of the grounds, with enough experience behind him to warrant that, along with a select group of hired grounds keepers and maintenance personnel that would see to the day to day needs of the building complex.

Last but certainly not least was his very own daughter Brandy, a recent graduate from high school, her boyfriend James, and another friend of theirs, Andy or Andrew who had come to live with them while all three tried to decide what they were going to do with their respective lives from here. They would be occupying one of the suites that offered up three separate bedrooms, though Mark already knew his daughter and boyfriend would in all likelihood be staying in one of them together. His only requirement in allowing them to stay there had been that they not disclose that fact, he being her father, to any of the other tenants. Something they had all three readily agreed to given the circumstance of their rent-free luxurious stay.

All total, there would be 17 people living together there in his complex, including himself. With that many, all under the watchful eyes of his camera's, Mark felt certain that there would be plenty of drama, entertainment, and perhaps a few wildly erotic sexual escapades to keep him entertained. And much to his delight, he didn't have too long to wait to discover that for himself either.

Suite 301

Initially both John and Cindy had been self conscious about the cameras, and had even tried to ascertain where they were all located, without any success. Mark had done too fine a job of concealing them throughout the complex for them ever to be discovered, with the exception of those that were outside and served a dual purpose of actually providing security and monitoring the grounds.

"Do you think we're being watched this very moment?" Cindy wondered.

"Who knows? Maybe, maybe not," John told her. "But it's something we'd both better get used to," he reminded his wife. "We're here for a year either way, and just because some guy will be looking in on us whenever he feels like it, I'm not about to act or behave any differently either. Besides, I helped build this place, and I really look forward to living here."

They were both still putting things away, though they hadn't needed to bring much with them as every unit was lavishly furnished. Hungry, they had ordered in Pizza, and now stood drinking a beer together, taking a break. John's idea of taking a break had included a little more than eating pizza and drinking beer however. With Cindy wearing only one of his old work shirts, the tail tied in front barely covering her large full breasts, and a very skimpy pair of cut-off shorts, John had immediately gotten other ideas.

"Come on Cindy, like I said, I'm not about to change the way I live or act if we're going to be here. And that includes the two of us doing what we enjoy doing, whenever we feel like doing it. You agreed to that prior to our moving in here," he told her even as he reached for and began untying his wife's shirt.

"I know, and I know I'll eventually get used to the idea," she told her husband, "and admittedly, it is sort of a nasty, naughty feeling when I actually think about it," she added. "The fact that someone might actually be watching us doing it, does sort of add to the excitement of it a little too."

"I thought you might eventually see it that way," John said grinning as he stood cupping his wife's firm breasts, squeezing and massaging them even as she began unzipping his pants, freeing his firm erect member.

Suite 103

Mike had been one of the first tenants to move into the complex. He had taken one of the lower floor suites specifically because it was easier to receive the large amount of clay he used. Having turned one of the bedrooms into a studio, it also offered the additional feature of having it's own private little patio outside the bedroom where he would often work outside, weather permitting, and where many of his models would sit posing for long periods of time in the nude and still feel comfortable while privately doing so. Mike of course didn't inform any of them that they could well often be looked at while there. A thought he honestly didn't really think about any more after living there for well over two weeks now.

Today, Mrs. Grayson, or Carol was modeling for him. Something she did more for personal fun than anything else. Mike didn't even pay her for the time she was there, giving her a percentage, and a small one at that, for whatever piece he sold that she may have modeled for. Most of the time, he didn't even sculpt their heads or faces, usually it was an abstract of their body, a line or specific curve, sometimes erotic in nature, which is what he mostly sold to a very select group of clients. Carol had gotten a kick out of the fact that her own husband had actually purchased one of Mike's pieces, and didn't even know that it was his own wife's breasts shown in the sculpture. Nor was she about to tell him either.

"It's a little warm out here today isn't it?" Carol asked appearing to wipe her forehead momentarily.

"Please try not to move around so much Carol, I'm trying to keep a particular line in mind for your right breast," he told her sternly. "And I need you to harden your nipples for me again too," he added. Carol picked up one of the ice-cubes he had given her in a bowl and quickly ran it across both breasts, immediately hardening each of them again.

"You know, if you'd just take your cock out and leave it there, I promise you I wouldn't need the ice-cubes in order to keep them hard," she said teasingly.

"Yeah, well last time I did that, you kept turning to look at it, and I kept loosing the lines."

Carol pouted, rubbed her nipples once again forcing Mike to stop where he was, waiting for her to reposition herself. He merely glared at her until she had done so.

"I have another appointment in less than an hour," she reminded him. "And you promised," she added with a pouty sulk on her face.

Exasperated, Mike put down the small trowel he'd been using. "I guess that's enough for today anyway," he stated. "Might as well let this harden and dry tomorrow, we can finish the piece on Friday if you're available."

Carol immediately stood, pretending to stretch though she'd been anxiously waiting for something else entirely. "I can be here Friday morning," she said easily, "for an hour or so anyway." Then she smiled, giving Mike that certain look that said she wasn't about to be denied any longer and walked over to where he stood, still cleaning off his hands.

"Now, how about you let me sculpt that cock of yours," she stated as she fumbled with his belt, unzipping him.

Suite 101

Stacy was just slipping into the shower in preparation for their date this evening. She and her sister Tracy had met a couple of guys at a party a week ago, but the funny part had been that Tracy hadn't been attracted at all to the guy she had ended up with, though Stacy had been. And since nothing of a real intimate nature had occurred yet, they'd agreed to do what they had sometimes, though rarely done in the past, in switching identities with one another prior to going out. As far as Pete would know, he'd still be seeing Tracy again, not Stacy. While Tracy on the other hand would be paired up with David, whom they had actually both liked reasonably well, so it all worked out for the best anyway. If in time the relationship continued, the girls would find a way of explaining it all as they usually did.

Now, with those thoughts in mind, and the eager anticipation of perhaps actually getting intimate with Pete later on that evening, Stacy began washing herself, though she began paying particular attention to an ever growing arousal situated between her legs. As she had done, self consciously perhaps, she glanced upwards and then around, wondering ... but quickly disassociated the thought.

"Even if you are watching me right now," she thought, "You might as well enjoy it, because I'm certainly going to!"

Stacy enjoyed the feel of the water as it vibrated down against her. The specialized showers could be adjusted to any kind of pulsating or massaging spray imaginable, and she had quite by accident discovered that one such particular pulsating spray felt really good on her exposed pussy when she had inadvertently directed it there. Ever since, she frequently masturbated while using it there in the shower. With a nice comfortable little bench seat built into the shower stall, Stacy chose to sit down rather than stand. Resting one leg on a wide comfortably positioned ledge, she effectively opened herself, displaying her pussy to the warm water's caress as it pounded down in pulsating little bursts against herself.

"Hmm," she murmured to herself, pleased with the deliciously wicked sensations. With her hands free, she merely had to hold herself apart, further exposing her hard little clitoris to the more direct stimulation of the pounding water as it played against both the folds, as well as her sensitive little clit. She was enjoying the delicious sensation of doing that when her twin sister walked into the bathroom.

"You masturbating again?" Tracy asked, then laughing. Though the shower stalls were certainly enclosed, they didn't have those foggy glass over, being crystal clear so that Tracy could see exactly what it was that her sister was doing.

"Like you don't?" Stacy shot back, though she remained where she was, eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the pounding water against her cunt.

"I just prefer my vibrator," she said sitting down on the toilet seat, though continuing to watch her sister through the glass enclosure. "Though I have to admit sis, seeing you there does look interesting! I might actually have to try that sometime."

"Be my guest," Stacy told her. "But you'll have to wait until I'm finished here at least, now ... shut up and let me enjoy myself, you're distracting me!"

"Not bad," Mark thought to himself as he flipped through a few of the other rooms. Most everyone else was either out, or busily involved with normal mundane routines to be of any real interest, but at the moment at least, he had three of the suites with enough interesting activities taking place to amuse him, so he quickly brought all three up onto the main large screen and split the images in order to watch all three side by side.

Suite 301

Having undressed her now entirely, John stood behind his wife as she prostrated herself over one of the chairs leaning over it. Her magnificent breasts swinging too and fro as he fucked her rhythmically from behind.

"Oh yeah baby, that's nice, that's really, really nice!" John moaned as he continued pounding away inside his wife's cunt. "You're so fucking wet!"

Cindy's own hand was busily twirling away at her clit as John fucked her, the sweetness of her own climax rapidly growing nearer and nearer.

"Harder you fucker!" she cried out abandoning any inhibitions. Something John had always loved about her after they'd met. Cindy had always had this hidden secret side to herself, shy and demure to an extent whenever they were around other couples until she really got to know them, but becoming a real horny, dirty fuck-slut the moment she truly became aroused. Once she had, she enjoyed rough language, "dirty talk" as she called it, and the hornier and hotter she became, then the dirtier and more obscene it became, both in hearing it as well as in speaking it herself. "Fuck my cunt you prick!" she called back at him, looking over her own shoulder as John stood behind her, hands on her hips now slamming himself into her just as fast and as furious as he could manage as Cindy ground back against him, meeting each and every plunge of his prick deep inside her wet glistening pussy with an urgency that heightened her own impending climax.

"Oh yeah baby, yeah! Here it comes you fucking cunt!"

As much as she was vocal about her sexuality, she was every bit, if not more so about being decadent in the act itself, which often included watching, and feeling her husbands spunk landing on her. Usually, she preferred it however when he shot his load directly against her pussy, where she would most often then finish off herself by using his cream to masturbate herself to orgasm with. And this, is exactly what she wanted him to do now.

Spinning around, Carol spread her lips apart with her hands giving John the perfect target as he began fisting himself, pumping the first hot spurt of his semen directly against her wide-open split.

"Shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot it!" she cried happily, watching each delicious spray of his cream splattering against her sex as she began capturing it with her hands and fingers, now spreading it upon herself, fingering her clit wildly as she soon joined him in sweet agonized pleasure.

Suite 103

Mike had positioned himself, lying down in one of two over-sized lounge chairs. One of Carol's favorite places to fuck was outside, she'd always been a bit of an exhibitionist anyway, the thrill of someone seeing her, catching her, or flashing her breasts at a complete and total stranger had a wicked appeal to her, as did fucking Mike outside on the patio as she was now.

"That feel good baby? You like the way my pussy feels around your cock?"

"Yes Carol, I do," Mike responded half-heartedly. He was still annoyed with her at the moment for causing him to quit working earlier than he'd intended. And he also knew that calling her Carol while fucking her annoyed her as well. She had a slightly twisted desire to be called Mrs. Grayson for some reason instead.

"Oh come on baby, you know what I like hearing," she cooed into his ear. "Please baby? For me? Pretty please? I promise to suck you off, let you come in my mouth if you'll say it," she offered.

Even Mike had to admit, Carol, "Mrs. Grayson" could suck cock like no one he'd ever been with before.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me Mrs. Grayson, fuck my prick."

She was already in the throes of climax before he got her full name out, shuddering against him in pure ecstasy. "See? Now that wasn't really all that difficult now was it?" she stated, slipping down off his prick where she then proceeded to lavish it with that talented tongue and lips of hers.

Suite 101

Mark watched Tracy head from the bathroom back into the bedroom. Opening her nightstand drawer, he saw her remove a rather realistic looking vibrating penis, which she turned on briefly checking to make sure it was still working. He expected her to perhaps lie down on the bed and use it there, especially as she tossed the toy down onto the bed and began removing her clothes. The moment she was naked however, she snatched the pink prick from the bed and headed back into the bathroom.

"Interesting," Mark mused feeling his cock begin to harden.

Both girls wore their blond hair relatively short, no more than about four inches long, styled in a cute bob that gave them both a pixyish sort of look, though with full sensual lips and enormous blue eyes, they looked far from innocent. And from what Mark could tell, especially now, they were identical in nearly every other way as well. Small breasted to some extent, the twin's boobs were very perky, pointed, and capped with the darkest pink tipped nipples he'd ever seen. They had both shaved as well, so there was no easy way to identify them as far as simply looking at them that he could discern.

Stacy was still sitting on the little bench thoroughly enjoying herself as the water continued to pummel her spread open pussy. Tracy re-entered the bathroom once again taking her seat down on the toilet.

"Now what?" Stacy asked her sister.

"Nothing, just keep doing what you're doing." Stacy laughed.

"What? Seeing your sister getting herself off turned you on huh?" But Tracy didn't answer her, simply continuing to sit there watching her sister as she began running the tip of the now vibrating toy up and down her hairless slit.

From where she was sitting of course, Stacy could see what her sister was doing. "I'm going to have to try that one sometime," she said lustily. "It looks bigger than the one I have, how's it feel anyway?"

"Now who's being the talkative one?" Tracy spoke with a hint of irritation in her own voice, though it was feigned. "If you'd like, we can switch places."

"No fucking way, I'm too close as it is, another couple of minutes and I'll be there."

And indeed she was, as only minutes after that Stacy's mouth came open forming a wide "O" that she held sucking in her breath, humping herself against the water's spray and began to climax. Simultaneously, seeing this, Tracy plunged the vibrating toy inside herself, holding it there by closing her legs together, then furiously began slapping her cunt with the palm of her hand until she too had joined her sister in her own climatic ecstasy.

Mark smiled, wiping the just spent cum from his hands with one of the tissues he kept nearby, quickly checking to see how Cindy and John were doing, though they had since gotten redressed and had begun putting additional things away again.

Likewise, Mike was back to straightening his own work area with Carol having made a hasty departure only moments ago.

It had been a satisfying afternoon all in all, and Mark was already looking forward to the next day as it was the weekend, and he hoped that with most everyone at home, that he'd have a lot more enjoyable pleasures ahead of him.

Saturday morning, 7:50 a.m. By the Pool

Pat and Pamela had gotten up for an early morning swim and exercise. Mark was just on his way back after checking on how the Golf shack was doing, as that was available to the public for use as well. Noticing Pat and Pamela as they did a few laps in the pool, he spoke with them briefly before heading up the elevator to his penthouse.

"Morning ladies," he greeted them as he walked by. Though Pam smiled in a friendly way, he barely got a nod of recognition from Pat. "Hmm, have to remember that, apparently Pat doesn't care to be considered a lady."

The girls sat treading water until Mark had finally disappeared around the corner heading to the main lobby area.

"I still think it's weird," Pat stated staring at her girlfriend.

"Well if it's so weird, why'd you agree to come here and live?" she questioned her friend pointedly. "You know damn well what all was involved, and so what if he gets his kick's peeking in on everyone now and then, we're living here free, in a beautiful place, so who gives a shit?" As though to prove her point, Pam suddenly reached over grabbing the front of Pat's bikini top, pulling it, and watched as it came away in her hand.


But before Pat could do anything more than yell at her, Pam scrambled out of the water, grabbing Pat's top as well as both towels. "See you inside honey!" she laughed racing off.

"Pamela! You'd better get your scrawny ass back here!" Pat screamed. But Pam continued on towards the side door, dropping one of the towels at the last moment before heading inside. Pat didn't even bother to cover her breasts; she just strolled purposely towards the door, picking the towel up, but even then not bothering to cover herself with it.

Suite 201

Mark had just poured himself a fresh cup of coffee, turned on the multi-screened control board, and settled down into his large over-sized chair when he picked up Pat just then retrieving her towel off the grass near the side entry door. He followed her from there into the elevator, and then in the elevator as she headed towards the second floor. Though somewhat surprised, he watched as she stood there merely holding the towel in her hands without bothering to cover herself up.

Even though she was gay, Mark had to appreciate the well-muscled tone of her body. And although it was very masculine in nature, and though her breasts appeared more muscle than feminine, as he preferred seeing, it was still an interesting contrast between the two women. Additionally, her dark hair was cut short in a very mannish style as well, with Pamela wearing her light brown hair in a very long ponytail most of the time.

Pat soon entered their suite and went looking for Pamela. Amused, Mark watched on as Pat began to move through their apartment with a look of determination etched deeply within her face.

"Pam? Where the hell are you?" She demanded, though obviously Pam had decided to remain quiet and hidden for the time being.

As Pat passed by their spacious living room, she didn't see her as Pam scrambled around the backside of the couch crawling along on the floor, then springing up from behind her. Before Pat even knew what was going on, Pam had jumped on the woman's back and was now hanging on for all she was worth as Pat stumbled further into the bedroom with Pam riding her back.

For as strong as Pat obviously was, Pam wasn't any sort of weakling herself, and by now had a firm hold on her partner, legs locked around the woman's waist, her hands, each one firmly digging into, and holding onto Pat's breasts.

"You little shit!" she screamed, but it was one that had a mixture of surprised laughter along with the pretended sternness she was trying to portray.

"You want some of me? You want some of this?" Pam challenged, then dropping away, jumped up onto the bed stripping off her bikini top and bottom as she stood there bouncing up and down like a challenger in a boxing or wrestling ring.

Pam had even smaller breasts than the twins did, though they had a nice supple bounce to them as she continued jumping up and down on the bed in challenge to her partner who stood surveying her, biding her time before pouncing. And also unlike the twins, Pam had a near perfectly shaped little triangle of light brown pubic hair that she obviously trimmed, but not as most women seemed to be doing these days, in leaving a small little square patch, if any at all above their pussy.

Mark couldn't help but wonder what Pat's looked like, which is when she struck.

Pam had lost her balance briefly, trying to regain it when Pat saw her opening and took it. Flying onto the bed, she grabbed Pam throwing one arm between her legs, the other around her neck and head and near-perfectly body-slammed her onto the bed. Having done so, she quickly pinned the struggling woman, then proceeded to cup her mound with the palm of her hand while Pam renewed her struggle as though honestly trying to get away. She didn't though, and soon melted as Pat slipped first one, then two fingers inside the woman's cunt.

"Now, behave yourself, and I might even let you cum," Pat told her. Pam only moaned her acquiescence, and quit struggling, though now squirming hungrily against her partner's exploratory hands and fingers.

"Fuck me?" Pam pleaded a moment or so later.

"Not now, perhaps tonight," Pat said flatly. "And only if you're a good little girl," she warned. "We've got some shopping to do today, and I want to get in my exercises in addition to that."

Pam pouted, but it obviously wasn't going to win Pat over. "I'll give you a nice quickie little cum if you'd like that," Pat offered. "But no fucking until this evening."

Pam seemed to resign herself to that, immediately flopping down onto her back, head buried deeply within the pillows as Pat slithered up between the woman's legs and began going down on her.

Suite 102

Curious, Mark did a quick flip through the various units bringing up the additional screens one at a time. Jack and Darlene were just waking up, or at least appeared to be doing so. Jack was still on his side apparently fast asleep, but Darlene stretched, revealing one of her nicely sized breasts as she did so before slinking back down beneath the covers.

Suite 202

Danny was busily taking a shower, and doing nothing more interesting than just that, while his sister Charlene was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. She wore nothing more than a pair of white cotton panties along with a very tight-fitting white tank top that barely covered her enormous breasts. Zooming in with the remote control, Mark zeroed in on the woman's breasts whose pert hard nipples seemed to be pressing against the material as though begging to be set free.

He soon followed her back into her brother's bedroom, then into the bath as she entered without knocking. Once again, it was obvious that she could clearly see her brother's nude form as he stood there showering.

"Breakfast will be ready in five," she informed him. She stood for a moment longer, obviously staring at her brother. Danny finished rinsing the soap out of his hair and looked over in her direction.

"Be right there," he said smiling, to which Charlene finally turned and headed back into the kitchen.

Suite 101

Mark was surprised to find that Tracy was the only one who was home. Obviously Stacy had stayed out all night, and had slept elsewhere. Tracy was still fast asleep in bed, but Mark noticed that her large pink look-alike penis was still laying on the night stand.

"Damn, sorry I missed that," he thought. Then smiled knowing he could go back and check the videotapes later.

Suite 203

Martha was already up and about, early to bed, early to rise or so it seemed anyway. For her age, she was still a remarkably attractive woman with strawberry colored hair that he thought was probably dyed, though it didn't at all look like it. She was currently sitting at her kitchen table reading the morning paper, but she wore a robe that was loose fitting in front and displayed a great deal of her D├ęcolletage that looked even more alluring, more sensual than even Charlene's sweet full breasts pressing against her tank top as she stood filling breakfast plates with heaps of food.

"I wouldn't mind sampling a bit of that myself," Mark mused, feeling his prick give a little twitch in anticipation of that very real possibility.

Mark didn't even bother looking in on Robert, he'd gotten up long ago and had met Mark at the course earlier that morning. Mike too remained in bed sound asleep, but usually remained so until the late morning.

Curious, he brought up his daughter's Suite.

Suite 303

As much as he loved his own daughter, he really didn't know her at all. He hadn't been a part of her life really, living with her mother on the East Coast for the better portion of her own life, only seeing her perhaps once or twice a year. When she informed him that she'd decided to come out to live on the West Coast after graduation and perhaps begin school somewhere out there, he was pleased and delighted to see her, though his ex-wife wasn't at all happy about her decision to do so, especially as she was dead-set against Brandy and her boyfriend James sharing a place together. Mark laughed out loud over the fact that Brandy's mother didn't even know that their other friend Andy had moved in with them. But, since she was nearly nineteen and having much of mind of her own, just like her mother, she'd made the decision to move even though it had supposedly broken her mother's heart. When she became aware of her father's new complex, she asked him if she and her friends could live there. He didn't really have the heart to turn her away for one thing. So he didn't. And he'd been honest with her about all the live cameras too. There was a lot about her own father she didn't know, but some she did know. And one of those being he was definitely a voyeur, which she couldn't fully understand, but had accepted, especially as she was well aware that he could peek in on her two any time he felt like doing so. But he hadn't, not as often as he did with everyone else rather, just once in a while out of simple curiosity, though Mark struggled with his wicked little voyeuristic thoughts regarding his daughter's private life.

Suite 201 9:00 a.m.

Pam was still lying in bed, lazily so, though also still touching and toying with herself.

"Maybe she didn't get enough, or wasn't completely satisfied," Mark thought. He found Pat in the bathroom showering, though disappointed to find that she had draped several large beach towels over the tub enclosure effectively blocking his view.

"Smart little bitch," Mark chuckled. But he was prepared for that, and switched viewing cameras to the one overhead. Peering down at her now, rather than across the room, he wasn't as fond with this particular angle, but it served his purposes. Pat however wasn't doing anything of any real interest, and again he still wasn't able to get as good a look at her as he would have liked either. So he went back, switching the camera back into the bedroom just as Pam got herself off with her fingers.

Suite 102

As Mark would soon discover, Jack really looked forward to his weekend wakeup hand-jobs. It was a regular routine with them, every weekend though sometimes on Saturday, sometimes on Sunday. This time it was to be a Saturday pleasure as Darlene spooned her husband from behind, her hand already busily moving beneath the sheets as Jack rolled over onto his back smiling.

"God I love waking up like this," he informed his wife.

"And I enjoy waking you up like this too," she grinned back at him. "Such a nice way to start the day isn't it?" She giggled.

Sometimes the hand-job turned into much more than that, but often it didn't. Until later anyway. Today it was to be just the hand job as Jack placed his hands up and over his head, content to just lay there and let his wife do all the work. Giving her a nice friendly morning spurt or two, it was over almost as quickly as it had begun. Wiping the remains of his spunk from her fingers onto her lovely breasts, Darlene then slipped out of bed and headed into the bathroom.

"Don't forget, we're playing cards with John and Cindy this evening," she reminded her husband. "So we've got some shopping to do before then," she added calling out to him from the bedroom.

Mark watched as John scratched himself and then farted, seemingly pleased with himself for having done so, though he waved his hand through the air a moment after that.

"Nothing spicy though ok?" He called back to her.

Suite 303 9:30 a.m.

Mark saw his daughter slide out of bed. He had mixed emotions about spying on her to be sure. But he was fascinated as well. She'd obviously developed into a beautiful young woman, reminding him very much of his ex-wife so long ago now when they'd first gotten married, young and so much in love, or so he'd thought anyway until catching her in bed with not one, but two other men when he'd gotten home early from a business trip, planning to surprise her. "He'd certainly done that," he thought remembering. Moment's later Brandy came back into the bedroom, entirely nude now slipping back into bed beside her boyfriend, when she began to climb on top of him, Mark turned off the cameras.

12:47 p.m. Poolside

It was shortly before one, most everyone had either gone out for the day, or had settled into the usual mundane routines of the day. Mark noticed that Martha had appeared out by the pool and decided to join her. Smiling, he flipped a few switches on the control panel, and then shut down most everything else. He quickly shed his clothing, jumping into a short pair of trunks, grabbed a towel and headed outside to get to know one of his tenants a lot better.

"Afternoon Martha!" He said grabbing one of the many lounge chairs and placing his large oversized towel on it. "How are you?"

"Fine, thank you," she replied smiling. "Certainly is a beautiful place you have here," she said easily.

"Thank you, I certainly hope you're enjoying it ... I certainly am." Mark purposely grinned at her letting the innuendo hang there for a moment.

"You know, you did say during our interviews that if we ever wanted to, we could come up and see for ourselves just what it is you enjoy doing ... you know, see your set up. I mean we all know ... and realize that you could be watching us at any given moment, but knowing that, and actually seeing it are two different things."

"Yes, they are. But you're also right. I meant what I said and told everyone. I don't want there to be any secrets or misunderstandings. So anytime anyone wants to come and have a look for themselves, they're always welcome, just as you are."

Martha sat thinking about that as Mark took advantage of the moment to more openly enjoy looking at her. She really was an attractive looking "older" woman as it were, though she certainly didn't look her age either. She had that natural womanly voluptuousness about her as well, than Mark found extremely sensual and appealing.

"Do you have any plans for this evening?" She asked.

"Not really, no. Would you like to come up and have dinner with me? Then I'll show you the workings, and maybe one or two other interesting surprises as well," he teased. "After we've gotten to know one another a little better perhaps," he added quickly, wondering what she might think of that statement.

"I'd like that," she replied just as quickly, shifting comfortably in her seat allowing him a much nicer view of her full breasts which were threatening to spill from the suit she was wearing, even though it was a full piece, it was still cut sexily in front as well as diving deeply around in back. "And since you're here, would you mind splashing a little lotion on me? And I'd be more than happy to return the favor."

"I think I'd enjoy splashing a lot of lotion on you," he said reaching for the bottle she had sitting near by. "Any place special you'd like it?"

She grinned. "Well for now, you can begin with my back, and then we'll take it from there."

Mark had prepared a nice light cozy little dinner for two, though after their little workout he wondered if he'd made enough as he found that he was famished. Martha arrived promptly on time, wearing a simple but elegant looking shift that accentuated her more than ample curves.

"Hungry?" He questioned inviting her in.

"Famished!" She responded actually blushing. "Wow!" She then added as she really began noticing his penthouse. "And I thought I was living it up high on the hog! This is spectacular!"

Mark laughed, "You really haven't seen anything yet, wait until I show you the upstairs."

"Up stairs?"

"Yes, we'll be eating out on the deck for starters, then I'll give you a little tour of the rest of the place afterwards."

"Including your studio?" she asked smiling.

"Well of course, along with the master bedroom if you'd like."

"Oh yeah, I'd like that very much too," she grinned blushing even more than she had been.

It was a spectacular view from above, just high enough to look out into the valley below at the twinkling of lights from the city. They stood sipping a nice bottle of Raymond Vineyards Merlot, a 97' that Mark had particularly enjoyed and had purchased a fair quantity of.

"This is very nice," Martha said taking another drink. "And I honestly have to admit Mark, I never thought in a million years I'd be living like this. I mean, I do have enough money to live on so that I'll never have to work again, but if it wasn't for you, I certainly wouldn't be living quite this well."

"You're welcome," he said coming up to embrace her, taking her wine. "But it's because of your willingness to accept the conditions of living here that makes it nice ... for both of us."

"Speaking of which," she said almost purring as Mark nuzzled her neck. "How about the rest of that tour?"

Mark picked up the wine along with their glasses and headed towards a winding staircase that led up even further into yet another area.

"This way," he said leading her. "I'm sure you'll find this interesting."

It wasn't exactly like she'd expected to find it either. It was certainly spacious like everywhere else, but it had coziness to it despite one entire wall lined with a series of small screens, each surrounding an even bigger center screen. Beyond that, there wasn't an awful lot of equipment beyond a very small control panel, joystick and a computer screen.

"Probably not a lot going on at the moment," he told her, "Most everyone's out still, though I do happen to know that John and Cindy are over at Jack and Darlene's place playing cards tonight, so we could peek in on them and see what's happening there."

Without waiting for her to respond, Mark flipped a switch and immediately brought things up on the big center screen. "Oh my God! It's like being there!" She exclaimed in surprise.

"Yes, it is in a way isn't it?"

Having a pretty good idea of where they would be sitting, Mark had pre-programmed the cameras to focus in on that location the moment he'd turned the unit on. He was pleased when the two couples nearly filled the screen, sitting around the table playing cards.

"Damn, I was sort of hoping they'd be playing strip poker or something like that," he said half seriously. "Here, sit down!"

Even though nothing was actually going on, Martha was mesmerized by watching them. She took the seat that Mark had offered her without even realizing that she had. "Wow, this really is fascinating," she said finally. "I mean, even this is sort of wickedly naughty, just watching them without them really being aware that you ... I mean, that we are," she amended. "No wonder you enjoy this, it really is pretty interesting isn't it?"

Mark chuckled at that, refilling her wine glass and then his own. Handing it to her, he walked around behind her as she sipped. "One of the nice things though, is I can also video-tape each unit and go back later for a quick review and see if anything interesting occurred while I was away."

"You can? You do?" Martha exclaimed in surprise. "Like what?"

"Well, I could show you a naughty little clip of Tracy enjoying herself last night," he grinned wickedly. "She's got a really naughty little toy that she can get quite enthusiastic with."

Martha blushed. "Would you believe I've never used one of those?"

"I know, ' Mark grinned once again, causing her to blush even more than she had been.

"I guess you would, wouldn't you," she grinned back at him.

"Or ... we could also watch a pretty erotic clip of two people wildly fucking one another," he offered.

"Hmmm, that might be interesting too," Martha said warming up to Mark's touch as he slipped his hands down the front opening of her evening dress, cupping her lace covered breasts with his hands.

"Then go ahead, flip that little red switch in front of you and push play," he told her. She leaned forward just enough in order to do that, then sat back quickly again so that Mark's hands would continue to fondle and explore her rapidly hardening nipples.

"Holy shit!" She exclaimed a second after that. There on the big screen she saw herself, sitting astride Mark's prick grinding away on it like crazy.

"I told you," Mark laughed. "Like I said ... wildly."

It wasn't long after that that Martha climbed up into his lap once again, after having first shed all of her clothing.

"I don't mind telling you," she began. "I've never seen myself like that before, you know what I mean? But there's something about actually watching yourself," she blushed furiously, pausing.

"Getting fucked?" Mark teased embarrassing her even further. "Yes, it is rather erotic isn't it?"

"Very!" She said huskily. "Now, I really do have a better understanding of why you enjoy doing this," she added.

"Thought you might. Speaking of which, would you like to go for a spin with the controls?"

"Fuck yes!" She exclaimed excitedly. "Show me!"

Mark quickly gave her a quick lesson on what to do and how to switch the smaller screens to the big screen if she wanted, and even how to split them and bring two or three up that way if she wanted to.

"Well, well. Would you look at that!" Mark said pleasantly surprised. They had gone back to see how things were going over at Jack and Darlene's place. Cindy was topless, her marvelous looking breasts clearly and plainly in view. She was staring at the cards in her hand, frowning.

"So if I call, it's my panties then right?"

"Ah huh," John grinned looking towards his wife. Though shirtless, he seemed to be the overall winner so far. Even Jack was down to his shorts and socks at this point, with Darlene wearing bra, panties and a single slipper.

"Who'd have thought?" Mark laughed drawing Martha back down onto his lap. "How bout we fuck while we watch the game?" He suggested hotly.

"Sounds like a fine idea," Martha said walking over towards the comfy looking couch and once again climbed up on top of him.

Suite 102

"Damn!" Cindy complained, "I really thought I had you!" She said sincerely, but her two pair didn't beat three of a kind. She stood removing her panties. "So, does this mean I'm out?" She questioned.

John turned looking over towards Jack and Darlene. "Well no, not necessarily," he hesitated, "though for you, the price of poker could get really interesting."

"Ah oh ... here it comes!" Darlene joked. And Jack laughed at that as well.

"Yeah, from here on out Cindy, this game takes on a whole new meaning!"

"Oh? Such as?"

"Well, since you don't have any more clothes to loose, that means that whoever wins gets to have you do something."

"Like I said before ... such as?"

"Well, lets say if you decided to stay in the hand, and I said the bet if you lost was that you'd have to suck on Darlene's tits ... something like that."

"Oh, I see," Cindy grinned knowingly. "We're going to play that way are we?"

"Well, only if you want to stay in the hand," John told her. "You can always fold."

"Not on your life," she said. "Deal!"

Cindy suddenly had a streak of luck, and before long everyone was as naked as she was.

"Well, that sort of makes things interesting all the way around now doesn't it?" She grinned happily.

"So, who's in?" She asked as she began dealing the cards.

Jack looked at his and immediately folded.

"O.K., I'm in!" Darlene said somewhat nervously.

"Ditto," John replied. "And you?"

Cindy looked at her hand. "I'm in too," she said comfortably.

Jack laughed. "Well, now this hand should certainly get interesting." And he was right about that too as both girls lost to a full hand that John had drawn into.

"Damn ... now what?" Cindy questioned. "Well, since you both lost," John smiled, "I think it's only fair that it involves the two of you ... together."

"Told you!" Darlene giggled. "I knew something like this was bound to happen."

"And what is it exactly that we have to do?" Cindy asked already knowing the answer.

"Oh I don't know Jack, what do you think? A little mutual 69 should do it don't you think?"

"Yeah ... yeah, I think that would do it John," he agreed.

"For how long?" Darlene questioned.

"Oh, I don't know, for as long as you want I guess, but for at least a minute or so."

"For as long as we want?" Cindy giggled. "We may not end up playing any more cards after that," she added wickedly.

"Fine by me," John said grinning from ear to ear. "Fine ... by ... me."

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