Slave of Desire

by cellophanesmile

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Historical, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Matilda, a beautiful young redhead, is traded by her father in order to pay off his debts. She is now forced to live in the Home of Casper, a man who both frightens and exites her. He awakens her to the world of sexual pleasure, but is there more to their relationship?

"Please sir, I don't have the money," Mr. Havely said shaking in his boots. He had done it again, gambled more than he could pay. And this was the worst man for it to happen with, too. His ruthlessness was well known to everyone.

"Well, what do you suppose we do about that?" Casper Jenkins asked, bored with the man's pleading and begging, he just wanted to collect his money and go home.

"Please, I can get you the money. Just give me a little time," Mr. Havely begged, he didn't want to be in debt to this man, but it was the only way.

"And what if I don't feel like waiting? I think I shall just take the price out of your flesh now," came the cold-hearted response. And Mr. Havely knew that he would, too, and there was no chance of fighting back with Casper Jenkins's henchmen around.

"Please sir, I'll do anything. What do you want?" Mr. Havely was desperate now.

"You have nothing that I want," Casper said, realizing that he wasn't going to get his money, and curious what this man would offer to save himself.

"There must be something," Mr. Havely said, then paused, presumably to think, "I have a very beautiful daughter," he said at last, "and she would gladly do anything to save her father, even allow you to sample her charms." Casper couldn't believe the depths this man would sink to, making his daughter pay for his debt.

"Yes, I'll take your daughter," Casper said, and Mr. Havely breathed a sigh of relief, "But not just for a night, I want her forever. You will give up all rights to her and she will be mine," he finished.

"That's not what I meant," Mr. Havely said, now just realizing what an asset his daughter could be in these situations and not wanting to lose her just yet.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did you have something to say?" Casper asked. Mr. Havely shut up and shook his head. Oh well, at least he got out of this one. "Now take me to your daughter."

Mr. Havely got up and they walked the short distance from the saloon to his small, run down house. Casper followed Mr. Havely upstairs, into a tiny, musty room, with a leaky roof and a distinct chill. He saw the girl asleep on the worn, patched covers. My god, he thought, he had certainly got his money's worth with this one. She was beautiful with that alabaster skin and curly red hair, but couldn't be much older than eighteen or nineteen, barely a woman.

"Matilda," he heard Mr. Havely say, and the girl popped up instantly.

"Yes poppa?" she said before seeing the rest of the men in the room. He watched her eyes grow big as she looked around, and she drew her covers up under her chin. "What's going on?"

"I need you to go with this man here," Mr. Havely said, gesturing to Casper.

"What do you mean? I don't want to go with him." Casper watched as the girl slowly started to panic. "Please, I want to stay here," she said desperately.

"Pack up your things, you're mine now," Casper said by way of explanation.

"No, I'm not. I belong to no one," she said getting up and attempting to run for the door, but Casper reached out and grabbed her. She struggled in his arms, "Let me go!" but it was to no avail.

"You have one minute to collect what you want," Casper said.

"No, no," Matilda muttered, sinking away from him. "What's going on, poppa?" she addressed her father. "Why are these men trying to take me?" But her father just looked away from her and didn't answer.

Coward, Casper thought. Matilda just stood there, looking about the room, as if she could read an explanation from their faces.

"Minute is up," Casper said, grabbing for Matilda. Her hand snaked out and grabbed up a small book sitting on her nightstand. She hugged it tightly to her chest as Casper lifted her up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her outside to his waiting carriage.

Neither of them said anything on the ride to his home, Matilda was still trying to wrap her head around what was going on, but her eyes widened as she saw the massive size of his house.

"Welcome to your new home," he said as he hopped out of the carriage, helping her down. He gently guided her up the walk to the house with a hand on the small of her back.

"We will get started with your duties tomorrow. You must be tired tonight," he said, leading her upstairs. "This will be your room," he opened a door, showing her a wonderfully ornate room, with a big lush bed and decorated chairs and furniture. He pushed her inside, and she was in aw of what was happening. Maybe this wasn't so bad, she thought, until she heard the door lock behind her.

After carefully placing her book on the nightstand, she climbed into the big, comfortable bed. But despite the comfort, she found she had trouble falling asleep. What were her duties going to be tomorrow?

The next morning, Matilda awoke later than usual. She saw a complete outfit lying on the end of the bed, and she put it on. It was nothing too exceptional, but it was still finer than anything she had ever worn.

After dressing, she walked to the door, and was surprised to find it open. She walked outside, and came face to face with Casper.

"I don't think we've been properly introduced," he said, "I'm Casper Jenkins, but you will call me master, and I already know you are Matilda Havely, but I shall call you slave, and you shall respond to such," he said in such a polite tone, completely contradicting to the words coming out of his mouth.

Matilda didn't say anything and he continued, "You're duties will be to wash the floors and windows, dust the rooms and just make sure that everything in general is in tip top shape," despite his scary words of wanting to call her slave, he only wanted her to be a housekeeper. Matilda breathed a sigh of relief, this would be no different than home, the only thing was the house was bigger and nicer. She could be his housekeeper no problem. "If you are good at your job, you can keep it," he ended, but Matilda was not too worried about that.

She spent the rest of the day learning the ropes from one of the maids. And was dusting a shelf, when she accidentally knocked over two vases. She stared down at them in horror, and bent to pick up the pieces when she heard him.

"Oh look what you've done now," Matilda was scared of what he would do to her for breaking the vases, but "Give me your shoes," was all he said. Matilda just stared at him dumbly, "I want both shoes, one for each vase you broke," he explained. He was taking her shoes to punish her? It was the weirdest thing she ever heard, but not so bad as punishments go. Matilda then simply slipped off her shoes and placed them in his out stretched hands. "Be careful around those shards, and get back to work," he said leaving the room.

Matilda cleaned up the vases and finished that day with no more trouble. The next day she expected to have her shoes returned, but they were not, so she went about her duties in her stockinged feet. At the end of the day, she saw Casper again.

"Just look at your feet," he said looking down. And when Matilda did, she saw that her stockings had gotten dirty from walking around in just them all day.

"You can't keep your clothes if you don't take care of them, give me your stockings," he said holding out his hand.

"But the only reason they got dirty is because you took my shoes from me," she said.

"When I tell you to do something, you do it without question, do you understand?" he said in a stern voice.

Matilda felt helpless against him, "Yes sir," she said.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, master," she corrected, letting the word slip out of her lips for the first time since she'd been there, hating the sound of it, knowing that it showed his ownership of her.

"Good, now hand them over," he said once again. Matilda had to hike up her dress to undo her garters to let her stockings down, and she avoided his gaze, feeling ashamed at being put in this position. She rolled her stockings down and handed them to him. He walked away without a word.

The next day, once again, neither her stockings nor her shoes had been given back to her. Matilda felt ridiculous working in her bare feet, and it was painful when she had to go outside to fetch water. Despite the size of the house, he had very few servants working inside, and her chores were vast and varied.

On the way back inside with a bucket of water, she accidentally tripped, letting about half the bucket's contents slosh over the side. And as Casper seemed to only appear when she made mistakes, he was there to witness this one. "Tsk, tsk, it seems that you can't stop messing things up, give me your garters," he said calmly.

"What?" Matilda couldn't believe he was asking for her garters.

"Give me your garters," he repeated.

"But why?" she asked.

"I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet, when you make a mistake, I take an article of your clothing as compensation. Now hand them over."

"But, but," Matilda sputtered, "I'm not wearing garters."

"Well why ever not?" he asked with a grin, knowing very well why she wasn't wearing them.

"It would be pointless without stockings," she answered.

"Oh well, I suppose you're right. I guess I just need to take something else, your dress then." Matilda stared at him, horrified. She knew he planed to take her dress and not return it, make her work in just her under things.

"No," Matilda said.

"My slave, I believed we discussed this. Do I need to punish you for disobeying?" he asked. Matilda shook her head and slowly took off her dress, and like he had done before, he left without a word, and Matilda finished her chores.

The next day, Matilda was sure to wear all the clothes she had, and didn't expect to see him till toward the end of the day like she had before, but today he was there in the morning.

"Good morning slave," he said cheerfully, and outright laughed when he saw the garter ribbons hanging down her legs, "I was not happy last night, slave, when I went to put logs in my fire, I found that there were none. I believe that it is one of you duties to replace the wood for the fire, and I'm afraid that I will have to take your hoops for that." Matilda sighed but removed her hoops and handed them over to him without a word.

"I also regret to inform you that the hall windows are completely filthy. It's like you didn't even attempt to clean them, and for that I need your stays." Matilda took off her stays and handed them over to him as well, wondering when he would stop, and blushed to think that he wouldn't until she was completely naked. She wouldn't allow that though, she would just make sure that everything was perfect, and not give him a reason to continue taking her clothes.

He stared at her for a moment, in just the thin shift she wore, then left the room. Matilda worked like crazy, she cleaned everything to the best of her ability and then more, and at the end of the day she was exhausted.

"Matilda," her heart stopped as she heard his voice. "Everything looks very nice today," and she breathed a sigh of relief, "but," Matilda cringed at the tiny word, and thought she might just start crying right there. I asked you to sort out my mail, and it is not done.

Matilda couldn't believe she had forgotten this one duty. "Give me your shift," he said. Matilda's entire body started to shake at his words. She would be completely exposed without her shift on. "Did you hear me?" he asked. Matilda couldn't stop the tears from rolling down her face.

"Please, I'll go do it right now," she said.

"No, it's too late, and you must be punished for your thoughtlessness," he said holding out his hand. Matilda knew that there was nothing she could say, and her fingers shook as she reached up to remove her shift. She paused for a long moment then forced herself to pull it up over her head.

Casper saw her legs first, then her sweet little patch of fur was exposed to his eyes, then finally her small little peach colored breasts, tipped with rosebud nipples. Her entire body seemed to be consumed up in a blush. He felt his cock harden at her naked body, and how embarrassed she was.

Matilda had worked so hard to keep this shift, but now she found herself placing it in his hand. She was completely humiliated at having this man see what no other man had seen before. She felt cold, and she attempted to cover her nakedness with her arms, and he just smiled. "Matilda, you are not turning out to be a very good housekeeper. Many more mistakes, and I think that I might just have to find a new position for you," he said and laughed, leaving the room.

The next morning Matilda stayed in bed. She attempted to get up and go to work, but found that she could not leave the room, naked as she was. She only got as far as the door handle before crawling back into bed.

Suddenly the door opened, "Matilda," she heard Casper's voice, "What are you doing still in bed? Are you sick?" Matilda, thinking that he was giving her an out, nodded. Casper walked over to the bed and put his hand on her forehead, feeling for a temperature.

"I don't think you are sick, I think you just don't want to work today. And for sleeping in late, and lying to me, you will have to be punished. Now come," he said, but Matilda didn't move. "Come Matilda, if you disobey, your punishment will only be worse."

Matilda reluctantly uncovered herself and got out of bed. "Now, kneel down over the bed, that's good, don't move," he said and left the room. Matilda stayed there, humiliated with her butt hanging in the air for what felt like forever then until she heard him come back.

He came and stood behind her, and she wondered what her punishment would be, until she felt the sting of a whip on her bare bottom. "Ahhh," she couldn't hold back her scream of surprise. The whip came again and again. He stopped after what Matilda counted as ten lashes.

"Have you had enough Matilda, or do you need more?"

"I've had enough," she managed to stammer out.

"Good, then put on your clothes and get back to work." Matilda put on the only thing she had left to wear, her garters. As she left the room, a small crowd of maids giggled and gawked at her nakedness. She hated the fact that they were fully clothed, yet she was naked and exposed. And when she turned to leave, they only laughed harder at her bare bottom, with the red welts from her whipping on it.

She worked cleaning the house, going into rooms she knew would be empty. She felt ridiculous and exposed in just her garters, working as a maid.

Later in the day, Casper walked into the library where she was cleaning. He stared at her nakedness, her little round butt and heaving breast, Matilda refused to meet his eye. He walked around inspecting her work, and ran his finger over various shelves, until he stopped at one. "Slave, come here," he said. Matilda walked over to him, she couldn't keep a blush from her face, "What is this?" he asked showing her his finger, so Matilda could see the little bit of dust on it.

"Dust, Master," she said looking down.

"I need your garters for this slave," he said looking down at her. Matilda took off her garters and handed them to him, she was now completely naked. She was utterly humiliated, but she felt something else too, something that she was too afraid to explore deeper.

"Now go outside and fetch me some wood," he said. Matilda couldn't believe his cruelty. Outside was where all the men worked, and she would be fully exposed to their gazes.

"I can't go outside Master, please," she begged.

"Don't disobey me," he said. Matilda felt tears run down her cheeks as she walked to the back door. She took a deep breath before opening it and going outside. She kept her eyes on the ground, but she could feel the stares on her body. She walked over to the woodpile and picked some up, the rough bark scratching the naked flesh of her stomach and arms as she carried it inside.

"Now take it to my study," he said and he followed her there. She placed the wood down and turned to face him.

"Very good slave," he said. Matilda was surprised by the gentleness in his voice, she had gotten used to hearing nothing but his sharp, halted commands. He reached out and softly caressed her cheek, before turning abruptly and leaving the room.

Matilda was continuing her work when she heard some of the maids gossiping, the very maids that had laughed at her that morning. "I don't know why the master is so infatuated with her, she's not that pretty," one was saying.

"Yeah, and she could lose some weight," another said, "I mean, no one wants to see a heifer walking around naked all the time." Matilda didn't let their words bother her, she surmised that they were just jealous, but for the life of her couldn't figure out why. She just ignored them and kept on working, when she felt a sharp slap on her already abused posterior.

"Hey," she turned around to face one of the maids, who had obviously slapped her. But as soon as she turned, she felt another sharp slap on her butt, from another maid who was standing behind her.

"So, you think you can come in here and take all the master's time," one said.

"No, I don't even want to be here," Matilda tried to explain, but the maids just circled her. Matilda didn't know what to do, she was one to six, naked to clothed. Two of the maids suddenly tackled her and threw her to the floor, holding her arms.

"Grab her legs," one said, and Matilda felt each of her ankles being held and dragged apart. She realized that they could see her wide spread vagina, and felt a blush spread across her cheeks.

One of the maids that was not holding her down, rammed a finger up between her legs, causing Matilda to jerk and try to break free. "Oh my ladies, it seems that we have a virgin," she announced to the group, which inspired a spurt of giggles.

"I think we can fix that," said the other one not holding her down, as she grabbed up a broom. The maids laughed and cheered.

This caused Matilda to increase her struggles, but to no avail. "Let me go," she screamed, but the maids continued to hold her. She was crying and screaming as the one with the broom positioned the handle at the opening of her vagina.

"Don't worry, we are just trying to help you, Master hates virgins," she said.

"Drop that this instant!" came a shout from the doorway, and Matilda never thought that she could be so glad to hear Casper's voice. The maids instantly let go of Matilda, but still she couldn't stop her crying.

"Don't be mad Master, we were just having a little fun," the one said.

"Shut up," Casper said in response, "I'll deal with you later." He then reached down and picked up the crying Matilda into his arms. She didn't struggle against him, but felt oddly comforted to be held by him. He didn't say anything as he carried her down to her bedroom.

"It seems that you have made some enemies," he said when he finally reached her room and was placing her in bed. Matilda's crying had stopped by now, and she just glared at him with tear-stained cheeks.

"Come, go to sleep," he said tucking her in. He then surprised her when he made no move to leave; he just sat down next to her on the edge of the bed.

"I'm not tired," she said petulantly, which made him laugh.

"Then why don't you read for a little while?" he said, picking up her book from the edge of the nightstand, but no sooner had he picked it up, then she grabbed it out of his hand and hugged it to her chest.

He chuckled, thinking the picture of her sitting there hugging a book incredibly endearing. "I don't know how to read," she said avoiding his gaze.

"You don't know how to read, yet you carry that book around with you?"

"Yes, it was my mother's favorite book. She used to read it to me when I was little, before she died." Casper could tell by the way she said it that she had loved her mother very much.

"Well, give it here then," Casper held out his hand for the book. Matilda looked at him and her eyes got bigger and she held the book tighter against her chest. She ever so slightly shook her head no, and she looked as though she were in danger of bursting into tears at any moment.

"Come on, I'm not going to take it from you," he said patiently. Matilda didn't quite trust him, but she knew he wouldn't let her refuse, so she held out the book to him.

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," he said reading the title, "Never read it." He opened up the front cover, "Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank," he started. He continued to read, and Matilda lied back and let herself forget where she was, and just let herself be taken into the story.

After reading for a while, Casper stopped and shut the book. "Oh no, please don't stop," Matilda begged. Casper's voice was growing tired, but he couldn't deny her request. He repositioned himself on the bed so he was lying back next to her. He pulled her into his side, her head on his shoulder, and opened the book again to where he left off.

He continued to read, and didn't stop until he had read the entire book. At the end, they were both so tired, that it wasn't long before they fell asleep, snuggled together on her bed.

Matilda woke the next morning to a breathing pillow under her. "Good morning little slave," Casper said. Matilda usually hated being called slave, but this morning it sounded like an endearment, and she kind of liked it.

"Good morning," she said shyly, all too aware that the only thing separating her naked body from him was a thin sheet.

"I've been thinking, you haven't been doing too good a job at being a house keeper, and I've decided to put you in a new role that I think you are much better suited for." Matilda looked at him waiting. "You will now be my bedroom slave, and strictly my bedroom slave."

"Does that mean you're going to rape me?" Matilda asked, not really feeling as scared at the prospect as she should.

"If that's what you want to call it, yes. I prefer saying that we will be giving each other mutual pleasure, starting now," he said, and without hesitation, ripped the sheet off her in one quick motion. She gave a surprised yelp as she suddenly found herself lying naked to his view.

She tried to cover herself, which she knew was pointless, him having already seen all of her charms. He just laughed at her display of modesty, "You are the most delightful creature, I think I've laughed more in these past couple days than I have in the last couple of years," he said.

He then bent down and kissed her, it was Matilda's first kiss and it was wonderful. He started out gently then deepened the kiss. He was finally ravaging her mouth before he pulled away.

Matilda laid there in a daze, while he hopped out of bed and rapidly started removing his clothes. When he was as naked as she, he climbed on top of her in bed. Matilda got only a slight glance at him before he was on top of her, but it was her first glance at a naked man. He was beautiful, she thought, all strong and covered in muscles. His man organ intimidated her a bit; it was so big.

He started placing kisses all over her body. "I've been longing to do this since the first moment I saw you," he said between kisses. After a short while though, he just had to claim her, so he positioned his manhood between her legs, and entered entirely with one great thrust.

Matilda screamed, and he kissed her through the pain, but Matilda had had enough. "Stop, get off, it hurts," she said, pushing at his shoulders.

"It'll feel better, I promise," he said as he pulled out and then thrust back into her. Matilda continued to struggle with him for a while, but then was surprised to discover that it did start to feel better, really wonderful in fact.

She started to move with him, instinctively knowing that it would get even better if she just gave in. Matilda could feel the pleasure rising then finally explode into white hot flashes of ecstasy. She wreathed under it, then finally floated gently down from her peak. Casper collapsed on top of her, and they laid together, completely spent.

Matilda fell into a light sleep, and she felt Casper pick her up and carry her to another room, presumably his, and lay her down in bed. Matilda curled into the covers and continued to sleep.

She wasn't sure how long she had slept, and she was still half asleep when she felt herself being rolled over onto her stomach. She was too tired to protest when she felt each of her hands being tied to opposite sides of the bed, and she allowed her butt to pulled up into the air. But she came instantly awake when she felt something cool and slimy being applied to her ass crack. She tried to lower her butt to the bed to get away from it but felt strong hands stopping her.

"Stay the way you are," Casper said. Matilda was dreadfully uncomfortable on her knees with her butt in the air and her face pressed to the bed, her arms stretched out away from her.

"What are you doing?" she asked, but Casper didn't answer her. She found out all too soon enough though, when she felt his cock start to enter her butt hole.

"Stop, that hurts," she shouted, "What are you doing? Stop it," her voice ended on a plea, but he continued to slowly press into her.

"Relax, let yourself enjoy it," he said.

"No, I can't, it hurts," Matilda felt very uncomfortable with his erection sliding up her bum. Casper reached his hand down and started playing with her clitoris, pinching it between his thumb and forefinger and rolling it around. Matilda gasped at the instant stimulation.

He continued to arouse her as he slid his member into her, until he was all the way in. Matilda was at her peak now, and Casper started to fuck her ass in earnest. She was just coming down from her climax, when she felt Casper spill his seed in her bum. After, he pulled her legs out so she could lie fully on the bed, they were both breathing hard. Casper untied her hands and she rolled onto her side, his seed spilling out her butt.

He laid on his back, and she curled up next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around her and held her. They stayed that way, not sleeping, but too content to move.

Matilda was surprised at how much she liked her new life. She was allowed to wear clothes again, and enjoyed roaming the gardens and the vast house. She now stayed permanently in Casper's room, and would spend most of her time with him. They often talked, and Matilda was surprised to find him genuinely interested in what she had to say. He would also read to her, Matilda could never get enough, and he would read until his throat was sore. He said that one of these days he would have to teach her to read, and had laughed when Matilda had instantly jumped at the idea, begging him to do so, he promised he would, and she had hugged him.

Most of all though, they would make love. Matilda was surprised at herself and at the things she was doing, and enjoying nonetheless. But mostly she was surprised at how infinitely she trusted him. She trusted that he would never really hurt her, and he always gave her pleasure too, when he took his own.

He could be gentle and kind sometimes, but he could also be ruthless, making her surrender herself completely. He often tied her up so that she was helpless, completely in his hands, and on those times her pleasure seemed never ending, she would come to an orgasm again and again. But sometimes he was tender, and she needed that, too. He would make love to her gently, making her feel cared for and treasured.

She also didn't mind his punishments so much either; he would either spank her or tie her up in an uncomfortable position and leave her there for a while. And usually she would become so aroused through out them, that when he would make love to her afterwards, it would be intense and wonderful.

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