Chapter 1: The Experts

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Enema, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Body Modification, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Experts - It's been six months since Valerie Burbon and Sally Thatcher celebrated their love with a BDSM handfasting. Hellfire pictures wants to make a movie of that time, with Valerie and Sally to advise them. In the midst of making a movie, Valerie and Sally will change, altering their relationships with everyone. Can their love survive changes so great as to alter the way they see themselves and their relationship? Will the need for depth of submission drive them away from the Master they both love.


Valerie Burbon and Sally Thatcher walked into the house they shared with Francine Traline. It was three weeks since their hand fasting ceremony and Sally had been given a ride to and from work by Valerie since Sally's car was in the shop. Francine was sitting at the table that served as dining room table and general do what ever you want desk. The smile on her face was the biggest they had seen since the safe word incident so recently, yet so long ago.

"Francine? What's the occasion?" asked Valerie.

"Val, Sally, I've got good news."

Sally, in mock seriousness, demanded, "Well, don't keep us in suspense. Speak, lady."

She held up a small rectangular piece of paper. Valerie looked close and gasped when she recognized what it was. "Francine! That's a check for 1.5 million dollars!"

Sally was no less shocked. "It's from Hellfire Pictures. Why is a movie studio giving you that much money?"

Francine smiled. "They bought my house. The deal closed this afternoon and they cut the check right there. Now we can pay Fred and Daphne for the house and take possession of the title. Now, I know that my lawyer insisted you sign contracts to pay me back for your shares of the house, but I don't want to see a cent from either of you. I intend to give you two the house as a gift."

Valerie gasped. "Francine, you can't..."

"Oh yes I can. I will have over a million left from the sale of my house. I can easily afford to buy my own place with that. You two have been so kind to me, especially after what I did to you, Valerie."

A silence hung over the room as they all remembered the incident. Valerie hanging, back bloodied and raw from Francine's whip. Francine had been suffering from post traumatic stress, the result of her former boyfriend beating her up after she told him she was a dominant and wanted to play BDSM games with him. No one had realized it at the time and Valerie had been submitting to her friend, when Francine lost control and ignored Valerie's safe word. The resulting scars still covered Valerie's back and legs. The incident also resulted in both Francine and Valerie being publicly outed in the press as 'sexual deviants'.

Valerie sat down next to Francine, putting her arms around her friend. "Francine, I forgave you and I still do. You don't have to do this."

With tears in her eyes, Francine nodded, saying, "Yes I do. Maybe not for you, but for me. I don't feel like I deserve your love and forgiveness. I may never feel like I do, but this will help. Anyway, I love you both, too. I want to do this."

Sally was thoughtful. "And you can, but not now. Mr. Moore was correct on one count." Franklin Moore was Francine's lawyer. "If you give us the house now, so soon after the crisis, it could be taken as an admission of guilt on your part. It might even give someone the ability to challenge the purchase of the house. Plus, you're not going anywhere until your psychiatrist says that you're full recovered from the ordeal. Neither of us is going to give you the chance to kill yourself. You tried once before, not again."

Valerie nodded vigorously in agreement. Francine saw love and firmness in both their faces and did not even try to talk them out of their stances. In truth, she didn't want to. Deep inside, she was afraid of being alone. She knew that her sanity was fragile right now. Nightmares still haunted her at times. Horrible dreams where Harv was beating her while she beat Valerie. She was seeing her psychiatrist, Dr. Gloush, twice a week.

"I know. I'm not ready to be on my own yet. But I will be, sometime. But, when the time is right, you are getting the house. I won't take no for an answer."

Valerie nodded her head. "You won't have to. You're my friend and friends allow their friends to show their love. I understand how important this is to you."

The three ladies hugged each other and went about the normal activities of the evening, little realizing that their relationship with Hellfire Pictures was only beginning.

Six months later...

Valerie Burbon walked into the offices of Delgrasi Publications bright and early. Erica looked up and smiled as she snatched up the list she had just finished making. The two collared submissives had become good friends in the last several months.

"Good morning Valerie. You are looking delectable today. The temp cancelled, again. So you're stuck with me. Here's your day's appointment list."

"Thanks Erica. Anything I need to worry about right away?"

"Yeah. You've got three secretary interviews back to back."

"Great! I know how overworked I've kept you with all the temporary service secretaries quitting. As much as I enjoy working with you, I can't monopolize your time."

"I like working with you too. Take a look at the second appointment."

Valerie looked at the list and started. "June," she whispered. June Humbol had been Valerie's secretary at Bradford and Gashune when she had been outed as a player in the BDSM world. June had quit in protest when Valerie had been fired for "moral turpitude" but had also told Val that she could not see June's kids anymore. Their friendship had effectively ended that day.

"I see. She is a good candidate I just did not expect her to apply, not here."

"Why is that? It would seem that she thinks you're a good boss."

"After her reaction to my being a submissive, I would have thought that she would avoid this place like the plague. Well, I will have to see what she has to say for herself. It's not like she can avoid 'sexual deviancy' if she works for Delgrasi in any capacity. I notice that you're not on my schedule."

"No, Master has no special instructions for me today, at least not in advance."

Erica was also a submissive, though she preferred the term slave, and her Master, Damien, expected her to be in submission 24/7, including at work. Valerie would sometimes monitor Erica to see that she was appropriately obedient. Today, it seemed, there would be no need to do so.

Valerie was feeling very frustrated by the secretary hiring process so far. She had interviewed only nine people in the months she had been working at Delgrasi, and had found that eight of those people had little or no work experience in the field and seemed to think that being into kinky sex was all the qualification they needed for the job. The one with experience had ended the interview herself when she found out just what Delgrasi published. Every secretary from one of the temp services in town had quit within a week or had to be fired. What was it about an adult magazine company that made it so hard for people to be professional?

Delgrasi was the foremost publisher of high quality fetish magazines in the country. They currently published twelve titles dealing with subjects from leather, body art, and homosexuality to magazines on travel and cooking geared towards the sexually adventurous. They had hired Valerie as the advertising consultant to their advertising clients. The quality of ads has always been a sore point in the sexual magazine field and no less so at Delgrasi. Already, some product and service providers had responded to suggestions that Valerie had made and altered their ads to be more mature.

What Valerie needed was a secretary who was fully qualified and didn't mind being exposed to sexually themed material, both in ads and magazine content. So far, every applicant had satisfied only one of the two criteria. She was beginning to despair that one such person existed. Calvin Freshin, the editor of The Pony's Paddock, had solved the problem by hiring his personal submissive as his secretary though Susan was not happy doing it (Calvin was a dominant just like Valerie's Master, Charles Vanquil). Maybe June would work out.

She made some notes about her lunch appointment while she waited for the first applicant of the day. This was the first attempt on Valerie's part to lure a vanilla advertiser to one of their magazines. Global Travel was a premier international travel agency that was capable of arranging vacations and business trips for large and small groups with equal equanimity. Road Bound, Delgrasi's travel magazine, had no major travel agencies as advertisers, something Val considered to be a major reason for its low readership. Attracting Global Travel would be worth while in two ways. More readership, once it was learned that the only fetish travel magazine had a real agency as an advertiser, and once Global was on board, other agencies would have to advertise as well or eliminate themselves from a significant market of travelers.

There was a knock on the door and Erica cracked the door to announce, "Ms. Burbon, your first applicant, Brad Nunchez is here." Erica rolled her eyes to signal that this one would be a problem.

"Show him in, please."

Mr. Nunchez was not off to a great start. He seemed to think that he could apply for a secretary's position wearing jeans and a pull over shirt. Valerie had never seen someone who actually swaggered, but Brad did just that. The worst thing in this person's presentation of himself was the way he looked at his potential boss: open, undisguised lust.

Valerie stayed professional and rose to greet him. "Good morning Mr. Nunchez. Have a seat."

She held her hand out to shake his. He took it, but instead of shaking, he gripped her hand hard and tried to force it downwards. Val held her ground and watched his face. She saw a flash of anger and then he released her hand and sat down. Valerie returned to her desk and opened his application. Erica had scribbled, "clearly unqualified," on the top.

Closing it again, she leaned back and asked, "Mr. Nunchez, tell me why you think I should hire you."

"Because I am a Master and you are a slave. You will do as I tell you."

For a moment, Valerie stared at him in shock, unable to believe that anyone would be that stupid. Then she chuckled once, set his file to the side and forced her face to take on a hard edge.

"I can see that this interview is over. You are clearly unqualified for the position. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

His face went angry and he stood, putting his hands on her desk. "I said, you are a slave and you will do as I say. Now get on your knees!"

Valerie came to her feet as she saw the door to her office crack open. "Mr. Nunchez. Clearly you have no idea what D/s is all about. You should check out some of our publications. As for me, I am not your slave. I submit to a very small group of people and you are not on that short list. Your demands border on attempted criminal enslavement, a class A felony in this state. And don't even think of threatening me with some kind of punishment, because I will have your ass thrown in jail so fast that you will have road burns on your face. Now, get out of my office and this building."

Valerie could barely contain the laughter that was trying to get out as the look of utter shock filled his face. Erica opened the door and pointed towards the exit as he stumbled away. Once he was gone, Erica closed the door and the two submissives broke out laughing.

"I can't believe he tried to dominate you. What was he thinking?"

"I'm sure I do not know. Did you see that swagger. Not even Master swaggers like that. He doesn't have to."

"I loved the way you suggested he check out our magazines. He really does need to bone up on the lifestyle."

"Well, I'm oh for ten now. I may hire June just because I know she'll be professional."

"Well, you need a secretary, not a fetish expert. This company has plenty of those." Erica giggled at her little joke. "I better get back to the desk. Can I tell Master Damien about Brad?"

"Please do, everyone needs a good laugh. I'm telling Master Charles."

Valerie wrote Charles a quick note about the would-be dominant 'master Nunchez' in the time left over from the aborted interview. She found that there was a reminder that she was to report to the house after work. Like most of Charles' remote orders, there was no reason given or clue as to what was being planned. Her pussy was dampening in anticipation of submitting later today.

Erica showed June in and Valerie rose to greet her. "Welcome Mrs. Humbol."

June shook Valerie's hand while requesting, "Please, June."

Once they were both sitting, Valerie started the interview. "June, obviously I know your qualifications. You are an excellent secretary and have the added advantage of already being familiar with my needs as an advertising executive. What I need to know is, given how we parted last time, why do you want to work with me and for Delgrasi publications?"

"Fair question, Ms Burbon. I have never had a problem with you professionally. The issue that came between us was my fears for my children. Those fears are still there. I know that submissiveness is not contagious, but ideas are. That you may influence my children... ," she held up a hand to forestall the Valerie's interruption. "whether you intend to or not, is not something I can take even the slightest risk of. It's not that I have a problem, personally, with the fact that you allow people to whip you and use you for a sexual toy. That's your private life. And I'm not so much a prude that I would be unable to work for this company. I just need to be paranoid about my children."

Valerie thought for a moment. She remembered the concern she had a certain Sunday afternoon about children in a park. Charles had made it clear that he would have been disappointed with her if she had not brought the subject up. Was it really unreasonable for June to take such draconian measures to protect hers?

"That's fair. I won't say that it doesn't hurt that you could not trust me to keep your children safe, but it is your job as their mother. I don't expect that protectiveness to interfere with our professional relationship in any way. Since you're the first qualified applicant out of eleven that was willing to work for a publisher of fetish magazines, you're hired. I'll get the paperwork started right away. Erica can get you the forms you need to fill out. I'm not sure I can get you the same salary that you made at Bradford and Gashune, but I will try."

"Thank you Ms. Burbon. When shall I come in to start?"

"Tomorrow works. You'll be working with Erica for a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the company and our magazines. By Monday, you should be up to speed enough to start the real work for me."

"Thank you again, Ms. Burbon. I'm looking forward to working with you again."

June left to talk with Erica and Valerie started to fill out the paperwork to have June hired. She included a special note requesting a higher starting pay for June, based on her long work history with Valerie in the past and her competence. She was about halfway through the forms when Erica knocked and stuck her head in again.

"Val, your next applicant is here."

"Damn. I forgot about her. Send her in, I'll break the bad news to her myself."

Erica showed the redhead in, introducing her as, Mary Carstares. After greeting her and sitting down again, she opened the file that Erica had prepared for her. What she saw was an inexperienced young lady fresh out of school with a BA in business management. There were several glowing letters of recommendation from former teachers and from her employer during her internship. One line from the internship caught her eye. "Ms. Carstares has an uncanny ability to see the implications of future decisions that borders on psychic. Anyone in a position of having to plan for the future would do well to have this professional young lady on their staff."

Valerie thought a moment and then addressed the young lady whose nervousness was visibly increasing as she sat in the silence. "Ms. Carstares, I'm afraid that the position of secretary has been filled already. I do apologize for not calling you in advance to let you know. That said, your resume is very good for someone right out of college. I'm especially impressed by the comments that Mr. Silverman included. Are you willing to take another position with the company, even if it is a less paying position?"

"Yes I am, Ms. Burbon. I have been interested in both publishing and sexuality for some time. Working here would give me a wonderful addition to my resume, even if I don't stay with the firm in the long term. What position were you thinking of offering me?"

"I'm not certain yet. I'll have to talk with the vice president and see what we have available. Your secretarial qualifications are well represented. Tell me what your interest in sexuality is and why it qualifies you to work at Delgrasi."

"I have an incredible curiosity to understand sex in all it myriad forms. I am a subscriber to all your publications and find them incredibly fascinating. On a certain level, I want to experience everything about sex that I can, though I am aware that some things are impossible for me to experience and others I need to take great care in. This qualifies me to work here because I will not be embarrassed or insulted by exposure to any form of human sexuality. This means that I can discuss any ad or story without balking or being judgmental."

Part of what she had said rang alarm bells in Valerie's mind. "You said that you can talk about any form of human sexuality without balking. Does this include sex with children?"

The look of horror on Mary's face was enough, by itself, to allay Valerie's concerns. Her words reinforced that. "I'm afraid I will have to leave. Pedophilia is not human sexuality, it is monstrous. If you will excuse me?"

"There's no need to go. Delgrasi feels the same way. I just wanted to make sure that 'anything' did not include that. I've had to deal with the effects of sick people whose idea of sexuality crossed moral lines." Mary sat down, a look of relief clearly displayed on her face. "Would you mind waiting here while I check out an idea that just occurred to me?"

"Of course ma'am."

Valerie walked down the hall to Calvin's office. Susan was in the outer foyer working on the computer. While Susan was good at not showing her emotions on her face, Valerie had picked up on her unhappiness within a few days of starting at the company. Unlike Valerie, Susan lived in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship with Calvin. Prior to Mr. Freshin's need to replace an outgoing secretary, Susan had lived in her Master's home as a full time kept woman. Valerie had lunched with Susan a few times and she was open about how much she enjoyed being totally dependant on her Master for every part of her existence. Valerie did not think that she would ever want that level of total submission, yet she knew that for Susan, it was right.

"Susan. Is Mr. Freshin free right now?"

"Oh, Hi Valerie." Susan had permission to call the other submissives in the company, Val and Erica, by first names. "He's in a meeting right now, though it should be done in a matter of minutes. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Actually, it's something that I may be able to help you with. I just had two qualified secretarial applicants back to back. I hired one and the other is in my office right now. Do you want to go back to being His house slave?"

"Oh God, yes! You don't know how hard it is to be so forceful out here." Susan's eyes were brimming with tears. "I'm just not cut out for it. I'm not like you."

"I know. How does he feel about this arrangement?"

"I don't think he likes me out like this either. Things that are my responsibility don't get done around the house. We don't play as much as we used to. I think it weighs on Him."

At that point, Calvin was exiting his office with another gentleman.

"All right Mark. Get some new photos to go with the article and we should be able to include the article in the November issue." He noticed Valerie and smiled. "Valerie. It's good to see you. What brings you down to my little neck of the woods?"

"If you have a moment, I may have a solution to a problem of yours."

"I can give you 10 minutes, I think." He looked at Susan for confirmation.

"Yes, Master. Your next appointment is in 15 minutes."

He nodded and showed Valerie into his office. "So, which of my problems are you planning to solve? Have you managed to convince a tack manufacturer to advertise in The Pony's Paddock?"

"I'm afraid that will take even me a few weeks longer," Val said with a smile. In reality, that barrier could take years. Most equestrian supply houses were repulsed by the idea that their products would be used on people. "No, I think I've found you a secretary."

He perked up at her words. "Are you serious? I thought you were still looking for your own."

"I had two qualified applicants interview today. The one I didn't hire is sitting in my office. I think she would fit your needs perfectly. I know that Susan has been struggling with having to be non-submissive in the office."

"Yes, I spent years training her to be fully submissive and this secretarial position is undoing that. Tell me about this applicant."

"Mary Carstares is a fresh graduate with a BA in business administration. Her resume includes several glowing letters of recommendation, including one from her employer during her internship. In addition, she says that she has an intense curiosity about all things sexual and would not have issues with anything from our magazines. She, in fact, subscribes to all twelve, something I didn't think anyone would do. After all, there are not many people in need of both Sappho Digest and The Gay Gentleman."

"I see what you mean. Find out from Susan when my next opening is and have her come back then."

"You got it."

Back out in the foyer, she talked to Susan and found that Calvin would be free in an hour. On the way back to her own office, she passed a lady that Valerie assumed was Calvin's next appointment. Back at her own office, she found that Mary was still waiting, looking nervous.

"Mary, I can't go into details, but one of our editors could use a new secretary. He would like to interview you in an hour. Will that work for you?"

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you very much."

"Good. Erica will show you to Mr. Freshin's office in an hour."

"May I ask a question?"

"Of course."

"Which publication does he edit?"

"The Pony's Paddock."

"Oh. That's a very unusual magazine. I can't imagine wanting to be treated like an animal, a beast of burden."

"Have you ever had a chance to talk to a pony girl yourself?"

"No. I'd love to, though. I'm bursting with questions."

"Well, I don't know if you'll ever get the chance to talk with one of the ladies, but you will get to learn a lot more about the subject."

After Mary left, Valerie finished getting ready for her lunch meeting. By noon, she was at The Crystal Match enjoying lunch with Drusilla Gloch, Vice President in charge of advertising for Global Travel. Valerie had only been in the members only club once before, with her Master, on their second date. She had been wearing a collar that night too, though it had been a leather dog collar.

Her presentation went well, and while Ms. Gloch did not indicate that she would be placing any ads in Road Bound, Valerie was hopeful. The rest of her day went smoothly, though long and it was almost 6:00 when she left the office. On the way to Charles' mansion, Valerie called her lover, Sally, to let her know that she would not be home for dinner.

Charles Vanquil had been her Master for almost several months now. Her submission to him and the rest of his submissives had been the most fulfilling emotional and sexual experience of her life. She could no longer imagine going back to the vanilla woman she used to be. She was already becoming aroused at the thought of what he might do with her.

The mansion's gate opened for her as she approached and she drove to her usual parking space near the front door. Since she had received no special instructions, she walked up clothed as she was and knocked on the door. Herman, Charles' butler, answered the door.

"Ms. Valerie. Master Charles has instructed me to tell you that you are to go to play room three and disrobe. Once that is done, wait for him, doing nothing."

"Thank you Herman. I know the way."

Valerie went down the stairs that led to the basement and entered play room three. The room as familiar to her with it's padded table. She deftly removed her clothes and folded them on the bench that housed the drawers of equipment. The scars along her back had faded some in the seven months since she had received them from her friend Francine Traline. Francine had been suffering from a form of post traumatic stress and had ignored Valerie's safe word for an hour.

Once nude, she knelt in the center of the room, next to the table with her head bowed. Of all the things that she had been commanded to do as a submissive, only whipping someone else was harder for her to endure than waiting. Every weekend in the last three weeks, Charles had made her wait, unmoving, for at least half an hour. It was a measure of her growth that she could last that long with only a minimum of tears. She used to sob uncontrollably after only fifteen minutes.

The waiting had not gotten any easier, she had just accepted that it was a part of her submission. Anticipation was something Valerie hated. Couple that with the uncertainty of knowing if she had been pleasing to her Master and you had pure hell. What got her through these times was the knowledge that He wished her to go through them. Valerie was one of those submissives who could endure much if she simply knew that it would please her dominant. The inability to tell time did not help.

By the time the door opened 40 minutes later, tears were once again running down Valerie's face. She did not look up or say anything, determined as she was to obey her standing orders to remain silent until she was addressed. She could make out his feet as he walked past her as well as the sounds of his gathering the instruments he was intending to use on her tonight. When she felt his hand brush her hair, Valerie drew a breath in sharply. His hand caressed her cheek and she could not help but to lean into his touch. The chuckle from above her told her that he was pleased with her reaction.

"Valerie, how was your day?"

"It was a good day Master. I hired a secretary for myself and I may have found one for Calvin Freshin as well. There was one disappointing, yet humorous event as well."

"Oh, what was that."

"One of my applicants tried to dominate me in the interview. He seemed to think that since I was a submissive, that I would submit to anyone."

"I suspect he got the surprise of his life."

"Yes, Master. I don't think he expected to have me threaten him with legal action. I told him that he had just committed the crime of attempted enslavement, a class A felony."

Charles chuckled again. It was laced with a bit of sadness as well. He longed for the day when people would truly understand what BDSM was all about. Submissives did not want to submit to everyone, yet, even in the lifestyle, that misconception was not uncommon. It didn't help that there were some who would go to clubs so that they could submit to whomever they chose.

"Well, enough of the day, I have plans for you Valerie. Get up on the table and kneel."

With a spring in her step, Val climbed up onto the table with an enthusiastic, "Yes, Master." Once she was kneeling, Charles pulled her arms behind her back and began to tie her with ropes. He started with two short lengths that fastened her wrist cuffs to the elbows of the other arm. A longer length was wrapped around her two arms, locking them together. After checking to see that there was no tingling indicative of circulation being cut off, he positioned her on her side. With the middle of a short length between her knees, he wrapped yet another, longer length of rope around her legs, pinning her thighs and calves to each other. The rope pinched in her knees was looped through her collar's leash ring and pulled taut, forcing her legs against her chest and her head down towards her knees.

As Valerie felt each rope restrict her movement in some way, she became more fully aroused. She loved the feeling of being helpless under his attention and each restriction was like a lover's caress. Every loop of rope sent a tingle through her body that seemed to end up in her pussy. With each completed binding, she struggled against the ropes, feeling the security of their grip on her body. Once complete, she knew she would start to feel uncomfortable after a while. She looked forward to it as something she could give her Master.

Charles' final restriction was the blindfold he used to take away her sight. He stood back and watched as she struggled in her bonds, pulling against the ropes to see if they would give. He knew that she did not want to break free. Rather, she was seeking reassurance that she was truly helpless and at his mercy. He could see her body flush with arousal. Her cunt was leaking juice which ran down her ass cheek onto the table. He let her writhe there for several minutes as he walked around the table, letting her hear his presence. Her breathing was becoming labored as her body began to silently demand attention.

Valerie was in heaven. The sweet agony of unmet desire and lust paired with the helplessness of being unable to affect her own pleasure was a sensation that she craved with a deep dread. She knew that Master could choose to drive her to orgasm after orgasm, her body unable to react to the release of pleasure that would be inflicted on her. He could also tease her mercilessly to the brink of orgasm without ever letting her climax, letting her wallow in unreleased desire. Just the thought of either choice was driving her arousal to even greater heights. Finally, the suspense became more than she could stand.

"Master, please touch me. I need your touch so much. I beg you, touch me, tease me."

His hand touched her back and she tensed against the ropes, involuntarily this time. A moan escaped her lips. Charles caressed her body, driving her need forward. He ignored her pussy and breasts for the time being, concentrating on her back and face. Every time his fingers passed by her lips, she kissed them with a hunger. Every once in a while, he would let her take them into her mouth and suck them like they were a cock.

After half an hour of this teasing caressing, Valerie was in constant motion to the limits of her bindings, striving to somehow draw more pleasure from His touch. She was moaning whenever her mouth was not filled with one or more fingers. A damp spot had formed under her hip from the juices she was leaking. Her pussy lips, engorged and tender, were protruding as much as possible given the position they were in, her legs clenched tightly together. The aching emptiness in her cunt had grown to near debilitating proportions and her erect nipples pressed almost painfully into the ropes around her legs.

"Master, please fuck me. I need to be fucked," Valerie gasped out between moans. "I need you so badly, Master. Please, I'm begging you, touch my cunt, fuck me, Master."

Charles ignored her pleas, neither answering her nor giving her what she begged for. His hands kept up their sensuous assault on her body, caressing her back, face, neck and feet. Valerie's breath was coming in ragged gasps and tears were leaking from underneath her blindfold. All she could do was twist and turn on her side as his ministrations continued with relentless slowness.

Charles thought that Valerie was at her most beautiful when she was desperate with need, writhing in arousal. Her pleas and begging took on a musical quality to his ears. He also knew that she loved being tortured in this way. So much so, that he doubted she had a safe word limit for sensual torture. He was tempted to see if he could find such a limit, but they both had to work in the morning.

He bought his fingers to her mouth one more time, letting her suck on them for several minutes. She moaned the whole time she treated the fingers like his cock, lavishing attention and tongue caresses on them. He added a second and a third finger, causing her mouth to open even wider and for her to drool a little on the table. When he took them out, they were dripping in her spit.

When he touched her asshole with those fingers, Valerie gasped, then cried out, "Yes. Fuck my ass, master. Take it, it's yours."

His finger entered her after a momentary resistance and a cry of pain at the penetration. He could feel her clenching against his finger, milking sensation from it. He slowly moved the finger in and out, fucking her ass with it. He could hear her grunting as she tried to press back against him. When he removed his finger, she let out a huge sob of despair.


"Yes, Master," she forced through her tears.

"I want you to be absolutely quiet. Do you understand?"

Valerie nodded her understanding. She didn't know if she could manage to be obedient, but she would try. When she felt herself being dragged through her own juices to the edge of the table, she steeled herself for what she suspected was coming. His cock's initial contact with her pussy caused her to suck in a great gasp of air. She fought against her need to respond to the blessed contact with her cunt. She started breathing hard and fast through her mouth in preparation for the massive increase in pleasure that was coming.

When Charles thrust into her pussy, it was all she could do to not cry out at the explosion of sensation that rocketed across her body. Her body strained painfully against the ropes that prevented her from giving into the feelings coursing through her body. Her tears still flowed, but now they were tears of pleasure. Her pussy was squished so tight that every thrust was magnified several times. She was on an express elevator towards her orgasm and she had no desire to stop or even slow down. Even knowing she would disobey and scream when it hit was not enough to create any desire for Master to stop.

As she reached the edge of orgasm, she heard Charles' voice. "Scream your orgasm, Val. Let the entire house know you came for your Master."

Then, Valerie exploded. Her body started to quiver and her head snapped back, leaving an impression in the back of her neck. A keening wail erupted from her mouth in response to the orgasmic charge that filled her cunt and overflowed into the rest of her body. She pulled so hard against the ropes that it felt like they had tightened against her. Through it all, Charles continued to fuck her, with increased speed and force. The tremors in her cunt were propelling him towards his own climax. As Valerie started to ease down from her cum, he grunted, thrust one last time into her and poured his cum deep into her pussy. He stayed in her through several pulses of his cock and beyond, removing himself only when he began to soften.

Once spent, he removed the ropes binding Valerie in the tight ball shape she had been in. With her legs weak from being in one position for so long, he had to help her to the shower room. There, they both spent several minutes under the showers before Charles massaged Valerie's legs and arms to restore circulation to normal.

"Thank you Master. That was a fantastic experience."

"You're welcome. You are a wonderful slave."

"Thank you. I love being your slave, Master. I love you."

"I love you Valerie. Now, we should get to our respective beds. Morning will come too early, I suspect."

"It always does, Master."

"This Friday, you are Sally's. She can use you any way she wishes."

"Thank you Master. I'm looking forward to a wonderfully frustrating time with her."

"I'm sure it will be." Charles' wicked smile told Valerie that Sally probably had special instructions for the Friday. She never knew what her partner would subject her to. Sometimes, Sally was capable of more cruelty than Master was. Not that she didn't like it. She enjoyed the act of submission itself, the allowing of whatever was to come to her, be it pleasure, frustration, humiliation or pain.

Valerie left Charles' place and drove home to the house that she shared with Sally and Francine. She walked in to find that both the other women were sitting at the dining room table. Sally looked up and saw Val.

"Valerie! Oh ho, looks like someone was used very well tonight. I'm officially jealous."

"Don't be, you'll be able to get some for yourself. Master says I'm yours Friday."

"Ooo. I can't wait. Are you ready for a hard weekend?"

"I'm always ready for you, lover."

By now, Valerie had reached Sally's place at the table and the two women were warmly embracing. They kissed, sharing their tongues with one another. Francine smiled at the lovers, knowing any attempt to engage them in conversation for the next few minutes would be pointless. She continued to scribble some notes on the paper in front of her.

The ladies spent time talking about the small things that friends talk about before going to bed. In bed, Sally and Valerie caressed each other while Val related everything that Charles had put her through earlier in the evening. By the time Valerie had finished her tale, both were worked up and the scent of female arousal hung in the air.

Sally kissed Val lightly on the cheek. "Val, honey. Can you wait for the weekend?"

Valerie shuddered slightly. Her need had reasserted itself under Sally's skilled hands and the remembrance of her submission. She drew a deep breath. "For you, anything. Do you want to tease me some more?"

"No, though I will on Friday." Val made a small whimpering sound in anticipation of the coming frustrations. "I know. It will be hard and you'll love it. Good night love."

"Good night Sally."

The next day, Wednesday, started well for Valerie. June, as efficient as ever, was picking up on the facts of life at Delgrasi quickly. She seemed unfazed by the fact that Erica wore a collar of her own, nor was she visibly bothered by the subject matter of the magazines. June made no comment when Erica disappeared into Val's office for an hour so that Valerie could witness and monitor Erica bringing herself to the edge of orgasm and back three times on orders from her Master.

Hellfire pictures reentered Valerie's life with the 2:00 appointment. June buzzed Valerie. "Ms. Burbon, Mr. Freeman is here for his appointment."

Val looked at the appointment list that had been prepared earlier. Milton Freeman did not have a company listed. "Send him in, June."

The man who walked in was loud. Not audibly, but visually. He was wearing a white pair of slacks with a lime green button down shirt. The top two buttons were open, showing his bare chest beneath. After a moment's hesitation, Valerie stood and greeted him.

"Good afternoon Mr. Freeman. I'm Valerie Burbon."

"Yes you are, indeed," he answered, shaking her hand with vigor. "I've heard so much about you. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"I'm afraid that you have me at a disadvantage then, Mr. Freeman. Please, have a seat." Once they had both sat down, she continued. "Apparently there was no notation made concerning your company. So I suppose the first question is who do you represent and what can Delgrasi publications do for you?"

"Ah, I didn't tell the beautiful lady out front who I represent when I made my appointment. I needed to make sure that I was actually put on your schedule. You see, I represent Hellfire Pictures. We are making a movie about the events surrounding you and Francine several month ago."

Valerie's first response was quick and visceral. "Like hell you are! We haven't signed any rights away."

"And we don't need you to Valerie. May I call you Valerie?" He didn't wait for an answer. "The events were public and your statements to the police are a matter of public record now, thanks to there being no criminal charges filed. So yes, we can make a movie about you and Ms. Traline."

"Wait, Hellfire Pictures. You bought Francine's house! You bastards tricked her into selling you the house where she whipped me."

"No, we did not trick her. She knew when she made the deal, just who we were and what we planned to do with the house. You should know that there are three different pictures being planned for your story."

"Well, why are you here? If you don't need my permission to make the film, why bother to talk to me?"

"Valerie, Fiasco Films is making an exploitation film. It will be an R rated titillation movie that intends to portray everyone involved as sexual perverts worthy of contempt or pity, all the while exploiting those very perversions for box office receipts. Infinity Productions is making a cautionary tale about spousal abuse and the dangers that your style of sexual play poses to women everywhere. We want to tell what actually happened. For that, our actors and production staff have to understand this, BDSM is just a lifestyle. The reason I'm here to see you, and my colleague is visiting your Francine, is to offer you a job as consultants. Help us show this so called 'perversion' as it really should be understood."

Valerie sat there, stunned. Never in a million years would she have expected this. Part of her wanted to kick him out. The advertising expert in her, however, saw an opportunity. If she could influence the movie to portray BDSM as it really is when practiced in a safe and sane manner, it could go a long way towards changing public attitudes towards the people in the lifestyle. She was, however, unsure of how much influence she could actually have. She could end up giving a seal of approval to something that ended up portraying the lifestyle in a bad light. She was also cognizant of the fact that, with two months experience in the scene, she hardly qualified as an expert.

"That's quite an offer, Mr. Freeman. I'm not sure what to think about it. There are a lot of aspects to being a movie consultant that I'm sure that I have no clue about. How much control in the creative process would Sally and I have? Are you looking for true advice or a stamp of approval? How much work are your actors and production people willing to put in to learn what they need to know to represent accurately those who are in BDSM? Do you have any idea how much you're asking of us and your people?"

"Those are all good questions. I want real advice and, if they know what's good for them, the people who are working for me will want that too, and will be willing to do whatever work is needed. As for creative control, that won't happen. When push comes to shove, the telling of the story will be more important than the perfect accuracy of the ... scenes, I believe they are called? As for me, I don't really have a good idea what's involved in BDSM. That's why I want to hire expert consultants."

"Well, I have to admit, I'm tempted. I can't answer right now. I need to talk to Sally and to my superiors. I am an employee of Delgrasi and any work I do for you will cut into my ability to do the work I was hired for. I can tell you that their willingness would be positively affected by an already existing business relationship between Delgrasi and Hellfire. For example, have you ever thought of advertising your movies in our publications?"

"I'm not involved directly in distribution, but, is there a market for our pictures among your readership?

Valerie was now in her element. This was the very job she was hired for. "Mr. Freeman, please don't make the assumption that people involved in the fetish communities are one dimensional. I understand that you advertise your movies in those publications that would be read by potential viewers. So you would not advertise a slasher film in a Christian magazine. What most people don't understand about the fetish community is its diversity." Valerie called up a program on her computer and swung the monitor so that Milton could see it. "Take a look at these demographics on the subscribers to The Sensible Submissive. As you can see, this one publication reaches every demographic group except children, obviously. Have you made a chick flick? Plenty of women read this magazine. Have you made the latest Die Hard movie? Lots of 25-45 year old males are also readers. People in the fetish community watch movies just like vanilla people. If they saw you advertising in a magazine that was just for them, they would, even if it was on an unconscious level, be inclined to think more positively about your movies, since you are taking them seriously."

"That's some interesting data you have there. Can you prepare something that I can show to distribution? I can't make any guarantees, but they need to see this. Are the demographics similar for your other publications?"

"Very much so. The only exception is Kitchen Submissions, which has a readership similar to other housekeeping themed magazines. I can prepare something for your people. Would next Monday be good?"


"Three other considerations. Francine is still dealing with the emotional ramifications of having whipped me so brutally. I doubt she could or would become a consultant for your movie."

"I'm sorry to hear about that. Not only would the perspective of both people involved be good, we'd like to have consultants from both sides of your lifestyle. I think you call them dominants and submissives?"

"Yes, that's right. It would be good to have a dominant's perspective. I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding one. Now, you are making a movie about the fetish community, specifically the BDSM lifestyle. Several of our publications would be interested in doing a series of articles about the making of the movie. Reporter access to your sets and other production processes would influence the decision to allow me the time to work as your consultant. It would also give you lots of free advertising."

"That is something I think I could swing. I will talk to publicity and pressure them to allow access."

"Finally, what are you doing this evening?"

"Are you asking me out on a date? I'm flattered."

"I'm afraid not, though we will be going to a club. You said you're not knowledgeable about what goes on in BDSM. I'd like to give you a taste by showing you around Mephisto's tonight. Give you a chance to see the sheer diversity in the lifestyle. I think you'll be surprised."

"I'm sure I will. I think I can be free tonight. Is 7:00 good?"

"That will be perfect. I can pick you up then. Where are you staying?"

"I have a room at the Davenport."

As she expected, a movie producer would be staying at the most expensive and elegant hotel in the city. "I'll come by the front at 7:00 then. Be sure to eat before then. Mephisto's doesn't serve food or alcohol on the premises. It was good to meet you, Mr. Freeman, and I hope we can work well together on the movie."

"I'm sure we can. I'll be looking for you after dinner."

Once he had left, Valerie had herself added to the president's schedule. He found the idea of a movie, showing a portion of the fetish community in a positive light, a worthwhile cause and authorized Val to set aside time to work with the production staff and actors. He did instruct her to insist on access for three reporters to follow the production of the movie as a condition of the approval. Since she did not have any appointments after 4:00, she left early. On the way home, she received a call from Sally.

"Valerie. Did you get a visit from someone about a movie?"

"Yes, I did. They want to hire Francine and I as consultants."

"I had one too. Apparently Francine turned them down and suggested they hire me. This is a big opportunity for us A movie that shows us in a positive light. Do you think it's possible?"

"I think we can't take the chance of refusing. Without expert help, they won't get it right."

"I agree. Can you get time off from work?"

"I think so, as long as they allow Delgrasi to cover the making of the movie."

"They should. It's free advertising."

"Right! I'm taking Mr. Freeman to Mephisto's tonight. I want him to see the pain free side of BDSM before we go very far. That's probably the biggest misconception about the scene."

"I can't come with you. I have a prior commitment. Have you talked to Master about the offer?"

"No, I haven't. We should though. Can you call him tonight?"

"Yes, I can do that. You know Lilly and Frank are putting on a demo tonight, don't you?"

"No, I didn't. She sure has come a long way since she was being torn up inside at the activities at Master's."

"Yes, she has. She has taken to bondage like a fish to water. I've got to go. See you tonight, love."


Valerie drove home and changed into something more casual for a night at Mephisto's. A short skirt that came down to just above her knees, stockings with garters, a pullover shirt that was tight against her breasts and three inch heels. Her collar and cuffs would identify her as a submissive, yet her clothing would indicate that she was not trolling for a Master. She was not expecting trouble along that line from any of the regulars, but No-Pain Wednesdays drew a large percentage of people who did not come on other nights and would, thus, be more likely to not know who she was.

She picked up dinner at the Mustard Seed and was in front of the Davenport at 7:00. Milton was there and let himself into the passenger's seat. She shared the President's conditions on her being allowed to work with him as a consultant and he indicated that they seemed fair. Mr. Freeman spent some time looking at Valerie as she drove. This was the first chance he had had to look closely at her cuffs and collar. He had still not seen her scars, though that would change as soon as they were out of the car.

When he did see them for the first time, he did the same thing everyone does when seeing them for the first time. He stared in shock at the scars that crossed the visible portions of her legs.

"Oh my God!"

"Yes, they are horrible. So was the way I received them. They are not indicative of BDSM in general. They are the result of something that went wrong, horribly wrong. I have no intention of holding anything back about the lifestyle. There are dangers involved. People can be hurt, like I was. But it can be safe. There are ways of making it safe. Our watch words are safe, sane and consensual. The people you're going to see inside are all consenting adults who are participating because they want to and because they enjoy it for one reason or another. Non-consent in BDSM is rape and torture. We may play games where we pretend to be taken unwillingly, but the lifestyle views forced participation as an anathema."

"I see. I do have a lot to learn."

"Shall we?"

After paying the cover fee the pair entered the club. As Valerie had expected, Milton was not fazed by the various levels of dress and undress that were visible. He was from Hollywood, after all. Several people, both on the staff and customers, greeted Val with friendly comments and waves. There was a voice audible over the speaker system and Valerie led Mr. Freeman towards the center stage. Except for the monthly salve auction and other special events, the main stage's speaker system was not hooked up to the club wide sound system.

As they worked their way forward, Val sensed the first hints of confusion from Mr. Freeman. His confusion reached full force when he noticed several people near the stage with pens and paper. On the stage, a man was tying ropes on a woman while explaining in some detail exactly what he was doing and why. The lady was in a hogtie position and there was a pulley suspended above her.

The dominant's voice was sure and calm. "Once you've finished the basic hogtie, you can start with the suspension. Remember, we can't suspend the submissive directly from the hogtie. That much weight pulling back on the shoulders like that will cause excruciating pain and dislocate both shoulders in short order. What we're going to do now is create a cradle of rope beneath the submissive that will actually take the weight. Once finished on my beautiful Debbie, here, it will feel like she is lying on a bed of narrow slats. Uncomfortable, perhaps, but safe."

His voice faded as Valerie led Milton away from the stage.

"This is not quite what I expected. I don't see any..."

"Whips?" Val finished with a smile.

"Yes. Where are the whips and paddles?"

"That's the first thing I wanted to get across to you. BDSM is not all about whipping people. Many players are so not into pain, either inflicting it or receiving it. This is Wednesday. Mephisto's reserves Wednesdays as No-pain nights. No whips, paddles, hot wax or other pain causing play is allowed tonight. Remember that BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. In fact, some players dislike that description and prefer D/s, which stands for Domination and submission. It's really two sides of the same coin. One describes what goes on and the other describes why it goes on."

"I'm not sure I follow."

"Everything that goes on here is about one person submitting their will to the will of someone else. The submissive consents to give up power over his/her fate to the Dominant. How much power is given up varies from person to person, couple to couple. It can be as small a transfer of power as, 'I'll let you tie me up and bring me to as many orgasms as I can stand, but nothing else, ' to as much as, 'I will be your slave 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will do anything you command without hesitation and no limits.' How much is up to the people participating."

"That is incredible. Some people let themselves become total slaves, all the time?"

"Yes. I've only met one person in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship so far. Personally, I'm not ready for that level of submission, and I may never be."

"If you don't mind, what level are you at."

"I'm available to my Master at any time that doesn't interfere with my health and livelihood. We have a contract that specifies various things that I won't submit to and I have safe words. Other than that, He can do anything he wishes and order me to do anything that he wants. He frequently lets/requires other people in his service to dominate me."

"And you do this because it's fun?"

"Yes and no. There are things he requires of me that I do not enjoy at all. Pain is one of them. I can't stand pain. But, I enjoy the submitting itself. Letting Him whip me until I'm sobbing and begging for mercy is one way I show that I am submitted to him."

"Are you frightened of him?"

"No. I can be nervous, embarrassed and incredibly aroused. But, I'm not frightened of Him. You see, I trust my Master completely. I know He will never truly hurt me or allow me to be injured. You can't fear someone you trust that much. This is not to say that the things He does are not frightening. It is always scary to know that there is a cat-o-nine-tails about to lash across your back numerous times. Frequently I'm fearful of failing Him, of being disobedient."

"How is that possible? If you've submitted, why would you disobey?"

"The most common way is to unknowingly disobey. Forgetfulness. Other times, it's a matter of the mind is willing but the flesh is weak. For example, He may order me to not make a sound and then start using the crop on my breasts. I will be fearful of not being able to hold my cries of pain inside."

"What happens when you are disobedient?"

"Then I'm punished. I hate punishment. Punishment is always harder to take than play. For me, knowing that he is not doing it for his pleasure makes me unable to take it as well. I've failed him in some way and my heart breaks at having done so."

"This is hard to fathom. You fail to follow an impossible order and you feel guilty?"

"No. Not impossible. If it was truly impossible, then it is all part of the play and the 'punishment' is part of the scene we are playing at. It's when I could have, but didn't when I feel the guilt."

"How do you know the difference?"

Valerie thought a minute. "I don't know. I just do. It's part of the relationship we've built up over the last couple of months. I think the tie is done. Let's go see what a suspended hogtie looks like."

The dominant had just finished tying off the rope to an anchor bolt in the floor. The lady was suspended one foot off of the floor, seemingly by her bound wrists and ankles. He was commenting to the audience.

"Notice how it appears that she is hanging by the hogtie itself. But, when I pull against this here, it's slack." He was pulling one finger against the length of rope that went between the wrists and the knot where the web was linked up at. "In reality, the web is supporting her, not her arms and legs. Of course, there's no end of what you can do with a beauty like this that is helplessly hanging above the ground, or bed, or whatever. You could try to bring her to an orgasm or two."

At that, he began to caress her through her clothes. A low moan was audible from the submissive as her body reacted to the stimulation. She began to struggle against the bindings and everyone could see her face flushing in arousal. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and Valerie could make out a small stain spreading in the crotch of her slacks.

"Is he going to bring her to a climax right here, in front of the whole crowd?"

"Maybe. That's part of the submission. She is the submissive and he is the dominant. Unless she safe words, He is in control of what happens, including when or if she cums."


"Oh, yes. Orgasm denial is a classic game of domination. My Master and Sally are quite fond of it," she mentioned with a droll voice.

The dominant had stopped caressing his submissive and was addressing the crowd again. "This is where the second largest numbers of injuries may occur. You need to be careful of releasing the suspension. Clearly, if I simply let her loose, she will fall onto the floor. At the least, she will get a bloody nose, not my idea of an erotic look. The ladies need to be especially careful. If you don't have the upper body strength to take the submissive's weight down gently, you need to make sure there is padding, lots of padding under the suspended person."

As he was explaining this, two assistants brought up a large pillow and mattress. He had untied her from the floor and lifted her up another foot. The mattress was slipped under her and he continued. "Even with padding, it's best if you don't allow a drop of over a foot. Feathers can only stop so much. Remember, this dropping is only for those who can't take the weight off gently. It would be best if you never had to do this, but things happen. In fact, if I had, pulled a shoulder, for example, I would build the padding up to almost touching her and then let her loose. Anyway, bombs away! Are you ready Debbie?"

The girl nodded and he released the rope to allow her to drop onto the mattress. She bounced slightly with an audible, "oof." He took a few moments to untie the ropes holding her bound, then turned back to the crowd.

"If you have the resources, it is even possible to suspend someone without the need for muscle power. There is a wide assortment of hand powered and motorized winches that will let even the most petite of dominants suspend the very big boned of submissives. Just be sure you have a good working knowledge of how your winch works. Try it out on a sack of potatoes first. If anyone wants to try their hand at suspending, Shelly and I have reserved rooms four and five so that we can observe your technique while you practice. Thank you all for being a good audience."

There were some scattered applause and a few couples were wandering over to the rooms he had mentioned. Valerie and Milton spent the next hour walking around the main floor, observing the people who were engaged in play as well as those who were just mingling. She pointed out various aspects of the things people were engaging in. Not every one was playing at bondage. One female dominant had her male submissive sitting in a chair, unbound. He was apparently under orders to not make any noise. She was giving him a full contact lap dance, bringing him to the edge of cumming and holding him there. His cock was rigid and the tip was almost a deep purple in color. His hands were gripping the chair so hard that his knuckles were white. He had locked his feet around the legs of the chair and his face was contorted in a clear effort to make no noise and to not cum. Milton audibly gulped at the sight.

At another spot, a woman was bound at the wrists with her arms raised over her head. The smell of arousal was strong Another woman, clearly her dominant, was standing next to her, whispering in her ear while a third person was fingering her cunt. The submissive had tears running down her face and was whimpering softly. Valerie and Milton moved closer to hear what was being said.

"Don't cum now. Mistress doesn't want you to cum. Hold it in."

"Please Mistress. It's so hard. I can't hold off anymore."

"Yes you can. I know you can. Just one more minute. Can you give him one more minute?"

"I'll try, Mistress."

The young woman was breathing hard, holding each breath for several seconds before letting it out. Pussy juice was running down her legs. Her lips were engorged and protruding. The man in front of her was running his finger up and down her slit, passing over her clit with each pass. After the minute had passed, the dominant said, "Time," and the man pulled his finger away.

"Very good, Cynthia. I'm so proud of you. Only one more to go. Can you do it?"

"I'll try Mistress. God, I'm so close. I feel like I'll explode at the slightest touch."

"I know. You look like such a slut."

"You say the kindest things, Mistress."

The dominant looked over and noticed Valerie. "Valerie Burbon. I've wanted to meet you. Let me say how sorry I am that your safe word was ignored and you were hurt so badly."

"Thank you, ma'am. I appreciate the feelings."

"Would you like to play with Cynthia?"

"Perhaps. What is the game?"

"Cynthia has to survive an hour of stimulation by random strangers without cumming. Twelve people for five minutes each, one finger only. If she can do that, she gets to tie me up and torture me with pleasure for the entire day on Saturday. If she cums, she will spend Saturday in her cage, bound and unable to participate when I have another slave in to play with. She has one more person to endure. Would you like to play?"

"I'd love to."

"Excellent! I'm Mistress Dominique, by the way. If you would be so kind as to sanitize the hand you'll be using first?"

Valerie took the proffered baby wipe and wiped her right hand thoroughly. Once that was done, she stepped forward to Cynthia.


The exhausted sub looked up.

"Would you like to cum tonight, or do you want to remain frustrated?"

"Please," Cynthia begged.

Valerie leaned in close. "Please what? What do you want from me?"

"Please don't make me cum. Please." Her voice was punctuated with sobs.

"Very well. I'll take you close, but you won't cum." Valerie ran her finger across Cynthia's lips and traced a line in the sweat and tears from lips to lips, from mouth the pussy. As her hand made contact with Cynthia's cunt, Val asked, "Are you allowed to speak?"

"Yes," she gasped, as Val's finger traced the edge of Cynthia's pussy.

Valerie rubbed her finger across Cynthia's lips with three quick strokes. "Let me hear you. Let the whole club hear you."

Cynthia cried out inarticulately in response to the sensations in her pussy. Val plunged her finger through those lips and into the aching cunt. Moans were flowing over the club as the bound girl writhed under the finger fuck she was receiving. Valerie felt the first quiver in the pussy and stopped all motion. Cynthia cried out in an agony of frustration. When she had settled, Val curled her finger inside Cynthia's cunt, twisting it inside, feeling the inner walls. She pulled out enough to brush across Cynthia's clit and stopped again at the scream. Panting, Cynthia forced the orgasm back from the brink. Then Val was stroking again. She used a slow stroke that barely touched Cynthia's pussy lips. For the last two minutes, she held Cynthia at the edge of climax, neither ebbing nor waxing.

Dominique called time and kissed Cynthia on the lips. "I'm so proud of you, little Cynthia. You get to torture your Mistress on Saturday. I expect to be in tears and begging for mercy by the time you're done. Now, one more thing tonight since you won the game. Now I want everyone here to see you cum."

The dominant dropped her hand to Cynthia's cunt and caressed it. Cynthia jumped at the touch and began to whimper. Dominique's relentless assault brought the already highly aroused woman to a mind numbing orgasm in under a minute. Her whole body shook as her Mistress gripped her in a tight embrace. The orgasm lasted for well over a minute as the pent up sexual energy finally found release.

Valerie and Milton left after that, mostly because Val was now highly aroused and did not want to frustrate herself too much. Mr. Freeman had been given much to think about. Valerie could see the wheels turning in his head as he processed the information he had just been deluged with.

As they reached the hotel, Valerie asked, "Well, what do you think about what we saw?"

"There seemed to be a wide variety of things going on, as well as a variety of people. Is everyone there is into BDSM?"

"Actually, no, not likely. Most are. I'm sure that some people were there out of curiosity through. Vanilla people wanting to see what the big deal is. Mephisto's is not a member's only club. Others may be curious about the scene and considering playing themselves, but don't know how to start. That's why all the main stage presentations on Tuesdays and Wednesdays must be instructional in some way. We can all learn new techniques and novices need to have some way to learn how to be safe. It's too bad that Mephisto's can't advertise those days."

"How well known is the club?"

"Until recently, it was the best kept non-secret in town. Since Sally's and my handfasting, I think it's better known. But, you have to come to the club, or know someone who knows, to find out about No-pain Wednesday and instructional days. I suspect a lot of novices show up on weekends and get overwhelmed. It's all pretty haphazard, really."

"Well, I'll get in touch once I know about the reporter access. It was nice meeting you Valerie."

"I hope we can do business, Mr. Freeman."

Valerie did not hear back from Mr. Freeman by the time Friday evening had arrived. She didn't think much about it, being used to how corporate America made decisions. Sally had not engaged in any sex with Val since Charles had told her that Sally would be her Mistress on Friday, leaving Valerie incredibly horny. It was 4:00 when Sally called her on the direct line.

"This is Valerie. How can I help you?"

"Valerie, this is your Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress. What can I do for you?"

"When you arrive at the house, you are to strip before you come in. Then, go downstairs. There is a new toy there. Grasp it and await my arrival."

"Mistress, I don't understand."

"You will. Now do as you're told."

"Yes Mistress."

Valerie put the finishing touches on the presentation Milton had asked her to prepare, outlining the reader demographics for Delgrasi's twelve publications. She called the number he had left on a card and left a message that the presentation was ready and she could deliver it or he could pick it up on Monday. Her work week over, Val headed home for what she hoped would be a frustratingly pleasant night.

The house they lived in was set back into the lot, with a yard edged by numerous bushes. This made stripping on the porch less of a danger than it would be somewhere else. As long as no one was driving by, she would be unobserved. Entering naked, she saw Francine gathering her purse to leave.

"Evening, Val. You're Sally's tonight?"

"Yes. Going out?"

"Yes. I think I'll see the new Harry Potter film."

They parted awkwardly. Francine, ever since the safe word incident, could not stand being around when Valerie was submitting, especially to pain. Sally had apparently warned Francine that tonight would make a good night to go out. Val continued to the basement as Francine left.

The house had originally belonged to a dominant couple who had built the basement to handle BDSM activities. It was sound proofed and had numerous eyebolts for hanging things that were far more sturdy than a planter or picture would require. It was one of the things that had originally attracted Valerie and Francine to the house. When Val opened the door and turned on the lights, she saw what Sally had been talking about. A large wooden pillar had been placed in the center of the single room that made up the basement. It was a full foot in diameter and must have weighed a couple hundred pounds or more. Clearly Sally had arranged for it to be installed during the day. Valerie wondered just what story the workers had been told about why it was being installed.

When she got closer, she saw several rings hanging from the pillar on chains and a matching number of eyebolts along the bottom. One had a sticky note on it along with a plastic baggie. The note, written in Sally's hand, said, "Valerie, put the ear plugs in and hold onto this ring until I show up. Face the whipping post. Do not let go for any reason. I have a web cam watching you. Mistress." Valerie bit her lip. The ring she was to hold onto faced away from the door. The ear plugs, good quality foam plugs, would keep her from hearing anyone come in. How long would Sally make her wait?

Valerie followed her instructions. The ring was high enough that she had to stand on tip toes to reach it. As soon as the plugs were in, all sound outside her body vanished. Valerie could hear the pulsing of her blood and the rasp of her breathing. She rattled the chain in silence. A knot formed in her chest. She had never been deafened before and found the sensation unnerving. Her difficulty with waiting was magnified. With no watch and the room's clock behind her, she had no idea of how fast time was passing.

Her anxiety grew quickly. In only five minutes, she was crying. After ten minutes, her crying had become sobbing. Loneliness threatened to crush her. Her body craved touch, any touch. She tried to concentrate on the ache in her calves and shoulders. In her head, she clung to the knowledge that she was doing what her Mistress asked. She was being pleasing. Her inner pain was such that she had no idea that her nipples had become erect and her pussy had soaked itself. Sally, who had entered the basement just five minutes after Valerie had, was standing a mere five feet away, watching her lover bear the agony of silence and stillness with such courage.

Valerie never heard the horse hair flogger coming. When it struck her, it felt almost orgasmic and she cried out, barely holding onto the ring.

"Oh! Ah! Thank you Mistress."

The soft hair like strands of the flogger left no marks. In fact, without the build up of waiting, they would not have hurt at all. Sally lashed Valerie with the flogger another nine times, Valerie thanking her after each one. Then, Sally went up and hugged Val from behind, kissing the back of her neck. Valerie was still crying as Sally removed the earplugs.

"How are we doing my little slave?"

"It's so hard Mistress, the waiting is so hard."

"I know it is. But you bore it well. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you Mistress. How can I please you further, Mistress?"

"I'm going to torture you tonight. There will be pain and denial and you will be sobbing and begging for mercy by the night's end."

"Yes, Mistress," Val whispered in response. She shuddered at what was to come, but wanted with all her heart to give Sally what she wanted. "Mistress, please torture me."

"Of course dear. Let go of the ring."

Sally used a small length of chain to loop Valerie's cuffs through the ring so that she could stand on her feet while still bound in place. Valerie's feet were spread to either side of the pole and the ankle cuffs clipped to eye bolts. Sally's hand descended to between Valerie's legs. There, her fingers found Val's cunt and stroked it while Valerie moaned and bucked as much as she could. Waves of energy spread through her body as her arousal grew under her lover's talented fingers. With each bucking motion, Valerie's clit rubbed against the pole, adding its own fire to the heat growing inside her.

"If you cum, slave, you will be punished and the pain you will suffer will not please me. Don't cum, Valerie."

"Help me Mistress. Help me to obey. I don't want to disappoint you."

Sally pulled her hand away, causing Valerie to groan. Leather straps were wrapped around Valerie's waist and upper thighs. Once they were pulled tight, she was unable to move her crotch and ass in the slightest. Then another strap was wrapped around her chest, just below her armpits, immobilizing the rest of her torso.

"How is that, little one?"

"Thank you Mistress. I can't do anything to seek pleasure on my own. Mistress?"

"Yes, Valerie."

"I so want to cum. Please may I cum tonight?"

"No, you may not. I may even forbid you to cum all weekend."

"Oh. please Mistress. I don't know if I can take that much denial."

"Yes you can. You can because you love Master and you love your Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress, I do. It's so hard. Please help me."

"Of course dear, I'm right here."

Sally's hand returned to Valerie's pussy, stroking the folds and slipping a finger inside with every pass. Val was climbing again. Her tears flowed freely as she accepted the pleasure that she knew would be cut off too soon. As hard as it was to endure, Valerie loved giving Sally this more than anything. She had seen the rapture on her Mistress' face when she inflicted this torture on Valerie. Sally, who had come to know Valerie's body like a master violinist knew his Stradivarius, could take Val closer to the edge of orgasm than anyone, drawing that much more agony from the denial. Valerie bathed in the climbing arousal, determined to give every iota of pleasure up to her soul mate.

When Sally pulled away, Valerie cried out in anguish. She sobbed uncontrollably in both the agony of denial and the ecstasy of submitting so deeply. Sally came around to where Val could see her and smiled. Valerie was gasping and struggling against her bindings. Her body was trying to get the last little bit of stimulation it needed to cum, but the bindings rendered it a moot point, freeing Valerie to simply experience the denial instead of having to cooperate in it. Sally brushed her hands against Valerie's face, smoothing the hair back and wiping the tears away.

"How are you feeling Valerie?"

"Very horny, very needy Mistress."

"Good. You're right where I want you to be."

"I'm glad Mistress. Can I give you more Mistress?"

"Of course you can. Are you ready?"

Valerie nodded her head, unsure if she could answer without breaking down. Sally traced her fingers along Valerie's scars, causing the bound woman to twitch at the sensations. Valerie felt her arousal ebbing and her breathing returning to normal. She pulled against her bonds, soaking in the feelings of safety and comfort that being helpless before Sally always stirred in her.

When the horse hair flogger hit, Valerie sucked in a breath at the sting. This was her first time under the lash of the horse hair. Unlike the pure pain that came from a cat or a crop, there was only a sharp stinging sensation. As Sally moved the strokes up and down Valerie's body, she began to moan with little cries of, "Yes." For the first time in her submission, she was truly enjoying a whipping for its own sake and not just enjoying the knowledge that she was pleasing her Master or Mistress.

As the whipping went on, Valerie's back and legs became extraordinarily sensitive. The stinging increased in intensity, even though Sally was using no more force. In fact, Sally's blows eased up slightly over time so that, even with the increase in sensitivity that she knew Val was experiencing, she never experienced true pain, only really sharp stings. As her body became increasingly sensitive, Val realized that the whipping was actually arousing her. She could feel the aching emptiness in her cunt and the flow of juices down her leg.

"Ah, God, Mistress. Don't stop Mistress, please don't stop."

Sally continued flicking the hair thin strands of the flogger across Valerie's legs and back. "Do you like this, little one?"

"Oh yes!" Valerie purred as she jerked under the repeated stings. "Oh yes. My pussy. Mistress, whip my pussy, please."

"It might make you cum Val. Do you want to risk disappointing me?" The whole time, Sally kept up the strokes.

"Just once, Mistress. I promise I won't cum. Please."

Sally hesitated a moment then, saying, "Very well," she brought the flogger up against Val's pussy lips with a single upward stroke. Valerie screamed, jerking tight against her bonds in what Sally recognized as a fight to hold off an orgasm. Body tensed and breath panting, Valerie fought her climax with all her might, desperate to obey her Mistress. Finally the pleasure receded from the edge and Valerie was able to relax, at least as much as her position allowed her to.

"Thank you Mistress, thank you. I didn't cum Mistress."

"I know. You did very well. I'm proud of you." Val smiled at the praise she craved. "Would you like to cum to this whip sometime?"

"God, yes, Mistress. Please, soon."

"Not tonight, but soon." Sally was caressing Valerie's back, rubbing body oil into it. Slowly, she massaged the immobilized woman, soothing the tension out of her muscles. In spite of the ache in her shoulders, Valerie did not want down. She was reveling in her submission to her lover, and the oil massage wasn't bad either.

Once the entirety of Val's back and legs were glistening with oil, Sally let her hands reach between Valerie's legs again. Valerie moaned in pleasure at the touch. Sally did not penetrate Val's cunt this time. She merely caressed the lips over and over with light strokes. Valerie's moans grew in volume as the buildup of pleasurable feelings continued relentlessly. As Val crept closer to climax, Sally leaned in.

"Do you want to cum?"

With a gulp and her eyes filling with tears, Val whispered, "No Mistress. I want to obey you."

"Good girl. You won't cum."

Sally kept the caresses going for several more minutes, stopping only when Valerie was on the edge and sobbing. It continued like this for another two hours. Sally would alternate fingering Val to the edge of climax with attacks on her body with the horse hair. In between, she would caress and hold Valerie until her arousal sank enough for the next step. At the end of the two hours, Valerie was sobbing and pleading unabashedly.

"Please, Mistress, I need to cum. I'll do anything, please let me cum. Punish me later, but I need to cum so badly."

Sally hugged her tight. "No, not tonight. I love to hear your beg. Beg some more while I hold you."

Valerie did just that. She begged and pleaded for an orgasm. She wept in her agony, yet there was a smile on her face from knowing that she was giving her Mistress what she wanted. After several more minutes, Sally took Val down, using the short length of chain to secure Val's wrists to her collar, preventing her hands from reaching her pussy or breasts. Once they were back upstairs, Valerie's ankles were fastened to the corners of the bed and the two lovers fell asleep, Valerie's more restless than Sally's.

Valerie woke up to the feeling of fingers caressing her pussy. She wriggled and moaned without opening her eyes. She could smell old and new sex in the air. Her hands and legs were still bound from the previous night.

"You know. The longer it takes you to wake up, the more frustrated you'll be when I stop." Sally's voice had a playful sarcastic lilt to it.

"You mean I still don't get to cum?"

"Nope, afraid not. Master's orders."

Valerie opened her eyes to see her lover lying next to her. Sally had a glow about her in the morning that made Valerie jealous at times. Her short cut hair was not the frazzle that Valerie's always was upon waking. Sally was that most dreaded of people; the morning person.

"How can you be so ready to go so early?"

"Uh, Val, it's after 10:00 in the morning I've been waiting for you so we could take a shower together, hon."

"Oh. I guess I was a little out of it."

"Well, you did expend more energy last night than I did."

"You mean you took more from me," Val corrected with a smile.

"Just for that, you're hands are staying bound to your neck."

"Then I guess you'll have to wash me yourself."

"I guess I will." The look of lust in Sally's eyes gave Valerie a shudder.

The two took a long hot shower, luxuriating in the plentiful supply of hot water. Sally teased Val mercilessly while washing her. By the time the shower was over, Valerie was on the edge again and loving every minute of it. Once they were dressed, they joined Francine in the dining room.

"Valerie, you had a call while you were in the shower. What is Milton Freeman calling you about?"

"He wants to hire Sally and I as consultants on his movie."

"You're going to work on a movie about what happened? Why?"

"We can't stop it, so we might as well try to influence its accuracy. Wait a minute! How in the hell did he get our home number?"

The three ladies looked at one another. As each shrugged their shoulders, they realized that Mr. Freeman had chutzpah and connections. If he didn't seem so harmless, they would be frightened. As it was, they were concerned. Are they that easy to track down?

Francine's face took on a look of, "Children!" She exhaled and said, "You don't think it's easy to stay hidden? I could find anything out about anyone in an hour on the internet. You just have to want to."

"That doesn't make it any less irritating that he went and invaded our privacy. He is so close to not having an expert consultant. Give me the phone." Valerie dialed the phone with angry stabs at the keys. There was a wait of several seconds.

"Mr. Freeman!"

"Valerie. It's so good to hear from you."

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Valerie's voice had a tone that only an idiot would miss the danger in.

"I'm not sure what you mean. Is there a problem?"

"Is there a problem? You go out of your way to find my private, unlisted, home phone number and don't think that's a problem? Are you a stalker of some sort, or just an insensitive prick?"

"That would be insensitive prick. Listen, it's how things are done in Hollywood. I needed to call and I did what needed to be done to get a hold of you."

"Well, that's not how things are done here. Don't you ever call this number again! Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. I suppose I shouldn't call Charles Vanquil's home phone either?"

"That would fall under the definition of bad, as in he can break your company, bad. Just the fact that you know about him is bad. If this is how you treat the people you work with, I need to rethink my willingness to accept your offer."

"Please don't do that. The whole reason that I called was to tell you that I have approval for your magazines to have reporter access from start to finish on the movie."

Valerie took a deep breath and let it out. The fact was, she wanted to do this for reasons of her own. Making sure that the lifestyle received positive coverage in a motion picture was important; important enough to put up with movie mogul peccadilloes. "Mr. Freeman, if you will promise to respect the privacy of me and those I care about, I'll give you a pass on this one."

"Great. I appreciate that. I'd like to get you and Sally to start working with the screen writer as soon as possible. Can you see him today?"

"I don't know. My weekends are frequently Master's. I need to check with Him to see if I'm free."

"I understand, I think. He will need to see examples of submission. Maybe he could sit in and observe one of your ... what are they called ... scenes?"

Valerie's voice had that hard edge again. "Mr. Freeman?"

"I didn't mean today. I meant, if you should be planning on anything public, like at the Mephisto's club, it would be good if you could let him know so he could observe."

"He could do that without me. Mephisto's is open to the public."

"But, he could not get to know you and your submission that way. The story is about you and what happened to you."

Valerie sighed. "I'll see what I can do. I have to call my Master now. I'll be in touch, Mr. Freeman."

Sally came up behind Val and put her arms around her lover. Sally could feel the tension in Valerie's body. She massaged Val's shoulders and felt the kinks and stiffness ease out. Valerie leaned back with her eyes closed and let Sally put her at ease.

"Val, it will be okay. Working on this film will be good for us and the lifestyle. Master is okay with it."

"I know, it's just that man pushes my buttons so well. Is he doing things to get my goat on purpose or is he just that insensitive?"

"He's insensitive. I had to work with a studio once, getting a safety program into place. They really are that full of themselves and can't conceive that anyone else is not as taken with them as they are. Why do you think that celebrities think their opinions on politics matter to anyone else?"

"I suppose you're right. That feels so good. I don't suppose you can tease me some more this morning?"

"I'd love to, but we should see if Master has sent us any instructions."

"You're right."

Valerie and Sally moved to where their computers were and logged on to their e-mail servers. Both had messages from Charles instructing them to meet him at Mephisto's at four that afternoon. They were allowed to play with one another, but were not to cum.

Valerie looked over at Sally. Their eyes met, each melting into the other. Getting up from their computers, the embraced and kissed, their tongues wrestling in their mouths. Their hands roamed across each other's back, caressing with a loving gentleness that was far different, but no less passionate, than the caresses than Sally had inflicted upon Valerie the previous night.

"I love you so much," Sally whispered.

"I love you too. You are the center of my life, Sally."

"I'm not sure I want to get too worked up before seeing Master this afternoon."

"I know what you mean. Do expect to be kissed at every available opportunity, however."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Do you want to meet the screen writer with me?"

"I can do that. When?"

"I'll have to call Milton back."

Valerie made the call and set up a meeting with the screen writer at noon. Mr. Freeman would also be at The Texan, a local steakhouse. The two women spent the rest of the morning dealing with personal and house hold chores, broken up by the stolen kiss and embrace. Neither had any idea what they were in for when they would talk to the man who would take their story and put it on paper.

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