Starting Again
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a story about how a husband gives his wife to another man

It was the blazing hot sun that woke me, I lay there for a moment just savouring the freedom that winning the lottery had given me, no more work, no more stuck in snarling queues of traffic crawling to the office, no more butt licking, I was rich!

I'd gone to the island purely to escape the glare of publicity following the gigantic win and it had already proved to be the right decision.

I smoked a cigarette before getting up and padding naked out onto the balcony where I stood against the balustrade looking down at the beautiful, golden sands of the never ending beach,

"Good morning" I turned to see a woman on the neighbouring balcony smiling at me, a cigarette in one hand and a coffee cup in the other, like me she was completely naked and I thought how sexy she looked.

"Good morning" I smiled in return, "I hope I'm not embarrassing you like this"

"Certainly not" she laughed, "I love being naked, but for God's sake be careful or you'll burn"

"I will" I smiled, "I need to find a shop that sells sun block then I'll be fine"

She was joined then by an older man wearing a pair of shorts who came over and shook hands,

"I'm Frank and I see you've already met my wife, Helen"

"Yes, you're a lucky man Frank, would you join me for breakfast?"

"It'll be our pleasure won't it Frank?" she looked at him with obvious love in her eyes and reached out to hold his fingers with hers, "We're going to do some serious sunbathing afterwards, you can have some of our sun block"

She stood up and stepped into a tiny white g-string, then a short beach dress that did nothing to hide her lush figure whilst I put on a tee shirt and shorts and we met out in the corridor.

Over breakfast they told me they'd been married for three years, second time around for each and Helen informed me that it was her birthday,

"Frank says I can have anything I want" she smiled and looked me straight in the eye before adding, "Anything at all"

"And do you know what you want?" Frank asked and with another look at me, she nodded, "I know darling, oh yes I know all right"

She crossed her legs and I caught a glimpse of her little g-string, she knew exactly what I'd seen and she smiled at me as I allowed my eyes to roam over her bra-less breasts straining at the little beach dress.

"Would you mind if I opted out of sun bathing darling?" Frank asked his wife, "I'd like to go on the trip to look at the old ruins on the other side of the island" "I don't mind at all darling, I'm sure Alan will look after me, won't you Alan?" she kissed him goodbye, hooked an arm through mine without waiting for an answer and away we went.

The long, golden beach was sparsely populated with sun bathers, all of them naked, we found a spot at the bottom of a dune and laid our towels and mats down, Helen took off her dress and asked me if I was a gentleman,

"Yes I think so" I replied and turned my back assuming she was about to take her string off,

After a few seconds I turned back round to find her still wearing them along with a smile,

"A gentleman would help me off with my panties" she said coyly, "After all, it's my birthday"

I grinned at her and dropped to my knees before gripping the waistband of her panties, I pulled them down very slowly until her hairless slit was uncovered, then I moved closer and planted a kiss on the soft skin of her mound.

She giggled and stroked my hair as I pulled the panties down completely for her to step out of,

"That was done nicely Alan" she smiled "And may I say you've got a very tempting prick?"

"And you've got a beautiful little pussy Helen" I laughed, "Would your birthday wish have anything to do with it?"

"It has everything to do with my pussy Alan as well as your prick, that is of course if you find me attractive"

"I'm a normal healthy man Helen" I told her as she lay on her towel, "And as you can see me and my prick both find you very attractive but what about your husband?"

"Well as you've probably gathered, he's a lot older than me, thirty years to be exact and we haven't shared a bed for the last ten years, this is to be our last holiday together, Frank is hoping I'll find a nice man to take me on so that he can live his own life"

"That sounds a bit odd"

"Yes, I bet it does, but it's genuine, we still love each other, but we're like brother and sister now and I've already got a brother, I want a lover, a soul mate and a bed mate!"

She squealed then and giggled as I dribbled some oil onto her back, then the giggle became a soft, low purr of pleasure as I smoothed the oil into her naked skin, I smoothed it into her back and shoulders and she sighed contentedly as I did under her arms and the soft, creamy sides of both heavy breasts.

"You've got a lovely touch Alan" she said softly, "But I won't break you know"

I moved down onto the curves of her lovely bottom and my prick reacted accordingly, I used both hands to caress the oil into the delicious little crack and she moaned with pleasure as my thumbs ran over her secret little hole, then it was the turn of her legs,

"You've no idea what this is doing to me have you?"

She turned her head to look at me but instead she saw my prick which was virtually touching my navel,

"Oh my God" she said in awe, "Have I done that?"

She turned completely over and presented her statuesque physique to me, as if of their own volition, her legs parted slightly and I saw the wetness glistening between them, my prick twitched and she giggled,

"I think we've had enough sun for today, don't you?"

"I think you're right"

I slid a finger into her pussy and then took it into my mouth to savour her wetness, "Let me taste it" she said softly,

She opened her mouth and I obliged by letting her taste herself,

"I'd like some more of that"

"Well I think you should take me to bed, don't you?"

She put her dress back on for the sake of decency and took my arm as we walked back to the hotel, the softness of her breast against my arm kept me hard until I closed the door of my room behind us.

She was in my arms in a second, her mouth warm and inviting, her tongue like a snake slithering in between my teeth, her breasts filled my hands as her dress dropped to the floor, her hands scrabbled at my shorts and they followed her dress, we were both naked again and I pushed her back onto the bed,

She reached up for me and parted her legs, there was no foreplay, neither of us wanted it, I slid straight into the swamp that was her cunt,

"Oh God yes" she breathed, "Oh yes that feels so good"

I felt her vaginal muscles squeezing me as she wrapped her legs round my back and heaved herself back up against me

"Harder Alan" she hissed, "Do it harder" I used both hands to cup her buttocks while she used her crossed ankles to push me in, her breath was coming in short gasps and she shouted out that she was coming,

Her whole body stiffened, even her cunt muscles felt like an iron vice around my prick,

"Alan" she gasped, "Alan, I'm coming, yes, yes, yes, I'm coming"

Her lips curled back in a snarl, I felt her finger nails digging into my back ripping and tearing the skin, the sharp pain acted as a catalyst, I lunged forward savagely and she screamed as she came again, my prick jerked and spurted sending jet after jet of spunk deep into her body.

We shared a cigarette then sitting up, me with an arm over her shoulder and my fingers idly rolling a nipple between them.

"That's getting to me you know" she said softly as she slithered down and kissed my stomach,

"I want some more of this" and her soft, red lips closed over my prick.

It was four hours later when we got up, I'd fucked her three times, she'd sucked me to orgasm once so I was completely spent and suggested we went for some more sun.

It was almost unbearably hot on the beach so we both found a quiet spot, stripped off and ran into the ocean, I tripped and fell and I went under as she jumped on top of me riding me like a horse and squealing with laughter.

I stood up and she fell off still squealing and laughing before swimming out a few yards, when she stopped she looked round for me, but I was beneath her and broke surface with her legs around my neck and my mouth on her cunt, I trod water furiously for a few seconds whilst she held onto my hair, but then my strength gave out and we drifted apart until she swam towards me and came into my embrace.

"Do you think I could be the nice man you're looking for?" I asked and her deep kiss told me that I was.


Three weeks later back in the UK, we picked the last of my things from the house I'd shared with Frank, I was a bit sad but full of understanding for my dear husband and of course I was totally besotted with Alan.

I was a complicated lady with a massively diverse sex drive, I'd had good sex with Frank earlier on in our relationship but now I was looking forward to expanding my sexual horizons with Alan.

I'd enjoyed anal sex years ago with Frank and Alan rekindled my desire for it,

In the hotel where we stayed on our return for a few days, he sodomized me every night, I loved it, in fact I craved it, he woke up every morning with a hard on and I took care of it eagerly, he liked me to wear stockings under my skirt and slipped his hand under it at every opportunity.

I was permanently wet for him and for what we would do together and one night whilst we were making love, he asked me if I'd ever had any experiences with other women.

"Not since I was seventeen" I told him, "But I'm quite partial to a nice wet pussy, why?"

His thrusts became harder, faster and deeper which told me he was keen to see me with another woman,

"Tell me about it" he gasped, I pushed back up against him and gripped his back as his mouth met mine, "I'll do better than that Alan" I hissed, "I'll show you"

I felt his prick jerk and his spunk splattered against the inner walls of my cunt as he came, my head was swimming with visions of a girl writhing under my tongue as I licked and sucked at her wetness.

It was the following morning when we were getting ready to drive out and view a house, I was wearing just a little white g-string which he loved and washing my hair, he came in waving a morning paper at me, his face a picture of excitement,

"Look" he said excitedly, "A lonely hearts column"

"Why would we want a lonely hearts column Alan?"

"For a woman, you know, for you"

"Alan" I giggled, "There are much better ways than that, go out and buy a computer, that's the way to do this sort of things nowadays"

"Oh ok"

He turned to go, but stopped and grinned,

"Nice bum by the way"

"It would look even better with your prick inside it" I smiled,

"Mmm, yes, nice thought but we've got a house to view first"

An hour and a half later, we pulled up outside a huge old house, the estate agent was already there and we were both delighted to note that she was the best looking estate agent we'd ever seen.

"Call me Maggie" she smiled as we introduced ourselves, we spent an hour looking and exploring, the house was gorgeous and the gardens just blew me away, it stood in two acres of land, half was a well maintained garden and half was woodland with a narrow path through it which led down to a beautiful river on which pleasure boats ran up and down at regular intervals.

"It's a regular route up river to a couple of pubs" Maggie explained and it gets very busy in summer,

Alan was chatting on his mobile and when I turned to look at him questioningly, he grinned and ended the call,

"I've bought it Helen" he laughed and turning to Maggie, he asked how much commission she would earn from the sale.

"I, -- what?, you've bought it, but how?"

I told her and her jaw dropped when she realised just how much commission she'd earned,

"Oh God" she laughed and hugged me, "Thank you, thank you, oh thank you"

She touched her lips to my cheek, or rather she would have done if I hadn't moved and they touched my lips instead, it was only a very brief touch but just for a second I felt her breasts against mine and inhaled her warm, aromatic breath.

Hurriedly she pulled away looking flustered, but I laughed and held her hand,

"You can do that any time you like" I said and saw something flicker in her eyes, she was gay, I knew it, gay or at least bisexual.

"Join us for dinner Maggie" Alan said to break the moment,

"Yes Maggie, please do" I begged, "Dinner and a drink or two to celebrate our new home"

"And my commission" she added, "Yes, thank you, I'd love to"

"You can bring a partner too if you wish" but she shook her head, there isn't one at the moment, but I'll be there.

We drove back into town then and Alan insisted on buying two laptop computers which kept us busy all afternoon setting up and getting on line.

I announced that we should be getting ready for our dinner date and I had to practically had to drag him away from his laptop for a shower.

"Wow!" I said as she entered the hotel bar, "You look gorgeous"

She blushed prettily and looked me over,

"Next to you I feel plain, you're so beautiful and look at Alan, wow, you make a stunning couple"

Alan blushed too but grinned, he was obviously pleased at the compliment and I knew he was aching to find out if Maggie and I would actually get it on together, her dress was floor length, cut daringly low to display her creamy breasts and was completely backless, I wondered if she wore anything underneath it, or if like me, she wore stockings and a g-string!

The meal was superb as befitted the hotel and the conversation was good throughout, we told her how we'd met and she found it fascinating,

"I'd never have the nerve to be naked in public" she giggled, "I'd be far too self conscious"

"Yes but if everyone else is naked, you would be self conscious at all" I told her and anyway I bet you look brilliant naked"

"Well I used to have a job where I didn't wear very much" she said hesitantly, "I was a lap dancer"

"Oh wow, I wish I had that much nerve" I laughed, "How did you get into that?"

"Oh I'd just split up with a partner and basically I did it because she, he I mean said I wouldn't dare"

She looked flustered then at her slip, I reached out and laid my hand on hers,

"She, he? Come on Maggie we're in the twenty first century you know"

She looked at me and smiled, "I'm sorry, it's just that some people are still uptight about same sex relationships"

"Yes, well we're not among them" Alan smiled and I smiled in agreement,

"I had a fling with another girl some time ago" I said, "God it makes my pussy tingle just thinking about it"

Maggie giggled and Alan grinned, things were moving the right way!

Alan signed the bill and suggested that we went up to our room for some champagne,

"What made you stop lap dancing then Maggie?" I asked and she looked sad,

"I was in a car crash and when I was better after the injuries had healed, the club had been busted"

"So what did you do?"

"I got a job selling houses to nice people like you"

Alan and I smiled at each other then, she meant it, she was obviously a very nice lady.

We walked up to our suite then and found the champagne waiting for us, Maggie whispered to me that if she had any more to drink she'd have to stay the night in the hotel,

"That's fine" I said softly, "I suspect that Alan may offer you a job after a drink or two anyway"



"What sort of a job?"

"I don't know really, you obviously know he's rather wealthy, it might be fun, do it Maggie, go with the flow"

"If I go with the flow Helen, I'd take you into my arms and kiss you to death, but I'm getting drunk, so I didn't really say that"

"No of course you didn't" I said softly as I drew her to me and touched my lips to hers, her lips parted and I felt her tongue duelling with mine, I felt a hand on my breast through my dress, she was gasping as her passions rose, it felt like a dream as I unfastened the single strap of her dress and then her breasts were in my hands, her nipples were hard like two little nubbins of rubber, she was incredibly sensitive there and gasped loudly as I took one into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue.

"Oh yes Helen" she whispered, "I knew you were into girls"

I slipped one hand up beneath her dress and felt the warm flesh of her thigh above her stockings, her legs parted and she looked at me in puzzlement as I stood up to unfasten my own dress,

"Stay just like that" I smiled, "You look so fucking sexy"

As my dress slithered to the floor, she smiled and licked her lips, the transparent white triangle of her panties showed her wetness and she traced the outline of her slit through them.

Behind me Alan got up and said that he'd leave us to it, but Maggie pouted and said that she was bi-sexual, not gay, he grinned and stood up to strip off while I knelt over her face, my own panties were soaking and got even wetter as her tongue slavered over the wet lace,

"Mmm, what a view" she giggled and eased her tongue into my panties, "And what a taste"

I was hovering on the brink of an orgasm as she licked me, I turned my head and saw Alan standing there naked and stroking his huge, thick erection,

"Come on Alan" Maggie cried, "I want that monster inside me"

Like me, Alan had a bit of a panty fetish, so he just eased the gusset to one side and slipped his prick into her welcoming warmth, she moaned with pleasure and gripped my hips with both hands to pull me down, her mouth found my clitoris and I came as she nibbled at it, then I came again as she rimmed my anus and I collapsed in a quivering heap beside her on the couch.

During the next few hours, Alan fucked us both, Maggie and I had a long and very wet sixty nine and she showed us how she'd became successful as a lap dancer before we all fell asleep in our emperor sized bed.

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