Rekindling an Interest
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Telephoneman

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After some years of celibacy a young colleague at work rekindles my interest in the opposite sex.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Slow  


Penny Walters, our sexy teenage office junior, looked at me with her head tilted slightly. It was the 'Question' look that most men are familiar with, the one that can mean just about anything but we always seem to know which anything. In this case I'd said that decent music had stopped been made after the late seventies; an exaggeration, I know, but close in my biased reckoning, plus I was out to wind Penny up a little.

She went on to name a few groups and solo artists, unsurprisingly all male.

"Pretty boys!" I laughed, before adding. "Girls buy their stuff because of their looks, not the music. Every generation has them, including mine, but musically not a chance. Ask yourself how many boys buy their records."

Just then Sally Higginbottom, our Office Manager called Penny over to her. Sally was a petite, handsome woman in her early thirties, quite young to have attained her current role, but when totally deserved. Most of the time she was easy to get on with as long as you didn't cross swords with her. Then she was ruthless, although she never appeared to bear grudges, whatever the outcome of any disagreements. She was liked by virtually all the staff and more importantly; she was just as well respected. It appeared to me that Sally, for reasons best known to her, had decided to mentor Penny.

"We're not finished yet," she warned.

As she turned away and strolled back to her desk, which was next to Sally's, I couldn't help but admire the view. She was eighteen or nineteen, tall for a girl at 5'9" with a slim, but not skinny, figure. Her green eyes contrasted with her dark brown hair, which just fell short of her waist and had such a wonderful sheen to it that I wondered how long she spent each night brushing it. With two daughters, now in their twenties, I remember well how much hard work that natural look, which we men love, actually takes. As my gaze reached her long legs, I heard her laughing comment.

"Dirty old man!"

"Guilty as charged." I responded as Penny stood besides Sally. The contrast was almost comical as Sally was barely five foot tall yet I guessed still outweighed the younger girl. Sally's short-cropped dyed blonde hair competed the disparity. I smiled to myself before returning my attention to my computer screen. Just as I did, the screen saver popped up, requiring those extra few keystrokes and a few seconds doubt as I struggled to recall my latest password. 'How does it always know when I'm about to restart?' I asked myself.

Just before lunch Penny came round and asked if I wanted anything from the shop. One of her duties was as a 'gofer', which included the sandwich run to the local corner shop.

"Please! Anything except..."

"Cheese!" Penny finished for me.

"Ah! Mind reading another one of your skills then." I laughed.

"Just one of many." She winked as I handed her my money.

Twenty minutes later she sat on my desk and handed me my sandwich. Coronation Chicken was today's choice and I started to unwrap it. Thirty seconds later, that complex task achieved I looked up to see Penny still at my desk opening her own sandwich.

"What do I owe the honour of your company to, then?" I asked.

"We haven't finished our discussion on modern music." She looked over to where a couple of our younger male colleagues sat, then back at me. "Plus, you're less hassle than some in this office."

"Penny, the way you look, you are always going to get attention from half the adult population, that includes this office. However if anyone takes it too far then have a word with Sally, she will stop it dead I can assure you of that."

"I can believe that." Penny acknowledged with a teenage giggle.

Trying to lighten the conversation a bit, I said. "Anyway, what about my attention, surely a 'Dirty Old Man' is far worse than a couple of nice looking lads."

She smiled at that. "You know I was only joking when I said that, and I know you are just acting and that don't really fancy me."

I raised an eyebrow and very deliberately felt my pulse. "Yes there is a pulse so I'm alive, I'm male, which I already know without the need to check."

As intended this brought an even louder giggle.

"And you can take my word for it that I'm not gay. The result is that, of course, I fancy you, but I'm also three times your age so just a bit too old for you, hell I'm probably too old for your mother, let alone you."

"But you never come on to me. I know you always look when I leave or approach you, but you do it in such an easy way I never feel offended. I just assumed it was an act."

"To be honest Penny, its probably because of my age. Understandably you never consider us 'Old Farts' in the same way you do men of your own age. I look at you because I appreciate beauty. You can lay me to rest the day I stop appreciating the feminine form. Now before I scare you away let me put that into context. I consider you in the same way as I do, say, a Ferrari. Fabulous to look at and admire, makes me wish I was young again but would I want one? Definitely not! This decrepit old body couldn't even get into one these days. Anyway before I embarrass myself too much, let's get back to music, a subject I know about and you obviously don't."

That was it for the rest of our lunch break, a tongue in cheek debate on the merits, or in my opinion, the lack of them, of modern music.

I was surprised though when I received a kiss on the cheek before Penny returned to her desk. Fortunately the rest of the day flew by as I became engrossed in my latest project.

I didn't really thank any more about Penny until I lay in bed that evening. I rubbed my cheek where her lips had been and smiled. As much as I could think of reasons why I would enjoy a romantic interlude with my teenage colleague, I couldn't think of one reason why she would want one with me. I was also honest enough to know that even my reasons were fantasy and ignored reality. I have never been much for one-night stands or even purely physical relationships and I knew that there was no way that I would be up to even a short-term relationship with anyone so young however attractively wrapped. Still for the moments before sleep overtook me I allowed my fantasy a free rein.

For the next three weeks things began to change at work until they settled into a newer and more enjoyable routine. I already enjoyed my job and the majority of co-workers and even most of the management. Now Penny made a habit of talking to me more often and joining me at my desk for most lunches. Our conversations expanded to cover most general topics as well as sharing a few personal details. I learned that she was nineteen and she was working here because she had narrowly missed out on university because of low grades, which were mainly down to glandular fever that just about knocked out three months of her final year. Her parents were divorced and it appeared that she blamed her father for that and now had little or nothing to do with him. Quietly I wondered if that had anything to do with the time she spent with me. She loved squash and played at least three times a week, one of those in a pretty demanding local league. I'd been challenged but age had reduced my testosterone level enough that I could pass that potential embarrassment. The sports also explained her figure, which I still took ever opportunity to openly admire.

I explained my own divorce and my rather large contribution to it; basically that I didn't realise how good I had it until I didn't! I also mentioned my one meaningful relationship since and how that had faltered some four years previously, mainly down to a twenty-three year age gap. That failure helped me to keep my feet on the ground and not to dream of a girl thirty-eight years my junior; okay I did dream but kept it there.

I also learned that her name was actually Penelope, named after Penelope Keith, when she was in the BBC series 'The Good Life'. It appeared that her father really fancied her. I'd laughed and looked a bit shocked as Miss Keith, although an extremely accomplished comedy actress, she is nor was a woman that I'd put into the 'fanciable' category; now her co-star in that comedy, Felicity Kendall, she was a different prospect altogether, I, and I think most of my generation of men had fancied her. Penny told me she'd watched a few episodes of the much-repeated show and agreed with me. She added that she also preferred the name Felicity too.

Whenever she left me after lunch she invariably gave me the quick kiss on the cheek, to the amusement of most of my colleagues and the envy of a few. Those kisses and her wriggles as she walked away did more to tempt me from chosen path of celibacy than anything.

The improvements in my working life were nice but small, but didn't really stretch to my private life, unless you count a happier demeanour. Monday of that third week Penny approached for our, now, usual chat holding a small white envelope.

"David, I have a big favour to ask." Penny started, looking at me for my reaction. I circled my hand inviting her to continue.

"Mum is involved with a Charity Dinner and Wine Tasting event, and I promised her that I'd sell some tickets. Most of my friends aren't really into this sort of thing and the few that are can't afford it."

I nodded; I knew from previous chats that most of her friends were her own age, many at universities around the country or like her, on the bottom rung of the employment ladder. One thing I realised that I hadn't mentioned was my love of good wine; one look at my not so svelte figure indicated my love of food.

"How much? When and where?" I asked, not wanting her to beg.

She told me the price, not cheap, the venue, Crewe Hall, which explained the price and the date, this coming Friday.

"Give me two tickets." I said, pretty sure whom I would take with me.

Penny looked surprised. I wasn't sure if it was the quick affirmative or the request for two tickets. After a second or so she squealed with delight and bent over to give me a big hug and even a quick kiss on my lips. The latter bringing woops and heckling from the surrounding desks, which I, of course, ignored; mainly through shock I will admit. She returned to her usual perch, my desk, and told me a little more about the event. There would be a four-course meal with three different wines to sample with each course. Immediately after the meal would be an auction of some Fine Wines, far to expensive to include in the ticket price. All the wines would be available after the meal for further evaluation and could be ordered at the end of the evening.

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