The Ah Kung
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Heterosexual,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Roger sees a man about to be murdered and he knocks the gun out of the criminal's hands. The man that was about to be assassinated was a member of a Triad in San Francisco. The Chinese gangster tries to repay roger for saving him and they become good friends.

Roger Boring walked slowly up Grant Street looking into the shop windows showcasing the Chinese goods that the tourists loved to buy. Grant Street is the main street for the millions of tourists that visit San Francisco's Chinatown each year. It has the typical faux Chinese architecture found in China towns across the United States. The shop windows display the Chinese knick-knacks that tourists love, Chinese foods, herbal cures, Oriental styled clothes and more Chinese Dim Sum restaurants than is required for the area. Most tourists don't realize or don't care that these buildings were built many years ago and little thought was paid to make the buildings earthquake proof. Chinatown could be a dangerous place to be if a large earthquake occurred.

It was only 7 o'clock in the morning so the tourists weren't out yet and the Chinese shopkeepers were setting up for the day's business Much of the merchandise was being put on the sidewalks in front of the shops in the hope of luring the tourists into the shop for the higher priced wares. As he passed a Chinese bakery, Roger stopped and stared at the baked goods being lined up by the young Chinese woman who kept looking at him as if he was going to stick his hand through the glass and steal the lotus rolls she was lining up.

A movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. A Chinese man stood at the entrance to the bake shop. The man had on a jacket that was much too heavy for this day. The morning chill had not yet gone away but Roger was comfortable wearing just his light sweater. The man looked down Grant Street as if he was expecting someone. Once, when the man's eyes caught Roger looking at him, Roger thought that he detected fear in the man's eyes. The hell with him Roger thought; he's probably just some junkie or wino waiting for some day old freebies from the bakery.

Roger's mind began to wander. It was definitely not a good day for him. Hell, it had not even been a good year or even two years. Roger and his girl friend had decided to call it quits last night. Last night was the latest in what was turning out to be a routine occurrence. One or the other of them would say something that they thought was an innocent remark and then it would escalate. Basically the problem was money and the arguments always revolved around money; rather the lack of money. Since the start-up had gone under, Roger had picked up a few jobs here and there but it was never enough to cover the bills. They began to rely more and more on Ann's waitressing money to make the rent with a little left over for food. Often Ann would bring home food from the restaurant that someone had ordered but didn't eat for some reason or food that the cook had fixed by mistake. Roger suspected that the cook sometimes made a mistake on purpose so that Ann would have something to take home.

Last night had started out tense. Roger had stopped with one of his friends and they had a beer. The friend bought the beer because Roger had less than a dollar on him. Ann smelled the beer on his breathe as soon as he walked in and she blew up. Roger never got the chance to tell her that someone else had bought the beer. She got up from the table and shouted at him that he had better get a job because she was tired of supporting him. Roger let his testosterone get the better of him and said a few things he didn't really mean. The fight grew until Ann rushed into the bedroom, yelling at him that she had had it and that she was moving out, and locked the bedroom door. Roger heard her crying all night. He didn't get to sleep all night and, in the morning, took a shower and got out of the apartment before the sun came up. Roger knew that it was no sense trying to talk Ann out of it; it had been over between them for a long time.

Roger and two of his friends from Stanford had programmed a search engine that was far beyond what was being offered anywhere at the time. They were aware of other search engines being developed at Stanford but, as many young entrepreneurs do, they thought that theirs was the best and that the world would come beating a path to their door. Roger borrowed two hundred thousand dollars from his parents and the other partners did the same. A venture capital firm put up an additional five hundred thousand dollars. Their business plan had their revenue coming from subscriptions. They introduced their search engine on a subscription basis with generally good reviews from the computer magazines. A week later Google released their search engine for free with the revenues coming from ads. Google became the darling of the computer magazines.

The business never really got off of the ground and Roger's partners left before the year was up. Roger, as so many entrepreneurs do, tried to hang on and save the failing company but there was really nothing there to save. After the search engine was eclipsed by Google, Roger started taking jobs as a consultant and as a contract programmer. He finally had to close the doors of the company three years after it opened. His parents and all of the investors had lost everything.

There were jobs to be had in the area but Roger couldn't shake the black cloud of failure that hung over him. He got it in his mind that no one wanted a failure and he knew that interviewers could see that he was down and was having trouble getting back up. After a year he concentrated on trying to make a living repairing computers and doing a little programming but the money was sporadic at best. He had been working for three years now off and on at his, sometime and sporadic, career.

Roger saw, in the reflection of the store window, two large cars pull in front of the bakery and stop. Two large Chinese men got out of one of the cars and look up and down the street. Roger smiled to himself; the two men looked like Odd Job in that James Bond movie. One of the men went to the second car and opened the door while watching the street. The other man kept looking at Roger. A well-dressed Chinese man started to get out of the car.

Roger caught a movement out of the corner of his eye as the Chinese man that had been standing in the doorway of the bakery rushed toward the car. Roger saw a wicked looking machine pistol come out from under the man's jacket. Without thinking Roger dove at the man and hit him in the back with his shoulder. The machine pistol fell from the man's hand and clattered along the sidewalk. Roger sat on the sidewalk afraid to move in case the man got hold of the gun again.

The two "Odd Jobs" ran over to the man that had tried to shoot the man getting out of the car, roughly grabbed the man and hit him a few times before they threw him into the car that they had been driving. Roger saw that the driver had pulled a gun and was holding it on the man. One of the large men got in the car and hit the man in the side of the head and pushed him over to the door of the car and held the man tight against the door.

The man that had apparently been the target of an assassination said something in Chinese and one of his men ran over to Roger. The man grabbed Roger roughly and pushed him in the car with the well-dressed man. The well-dressed Chinese man now held a gun and it was pointed at Roger. The man said something in Chinese and the cars pulled away from the curb and drove out of Chinatown as fast as traffic would allow. People were moving about as normal and Roger figured that no one had seen what happened or they thought that it would be safer just to mind their own business.

"Look mister, I just..." Roger started to say.

"Please just sit there," the man said calmly, "We will resolve this shortly."

The man picked up the telephone and spoke into it in Chinese. They continued to drive for another ten minutes until a car similar to the one they were in passed them and pulled over to the side of the road. The well-dressed man got out of the car and ran to the car that had just joined them and got in it as a man from that car ran to the car the Roger was in. The man pulled out his gun and told Roger to sit there and say nothing. The cars pulled away and began to drive out of the city as fast as they could and still obey the speed limits. Soon all three cars went in different directions.

Roger saw that they were heading across the bridge toward Sausalito. The man holding the gun on him saw him looking out the window and ordered him to get on the floor and close his eyes.

"You make a move and you'll never see tomorrow," the man snarled.

Roger remained as still as he could. The car seemed to drive forever and make many turns. Roger tried to count traffic lights they stopped at but soon lost count of the lights they had passed. The man held the gun at Roger's neck the entire time.

The car came to a stop and the man pushed the gun harder into Roger's neck and snapped, "We're going inside now. Walk like you're just coming in for a visit. If you make any noise or try to get away I'll kill you and no one will ever find your body."

The man opened the car door and put the hand holding the gun into his pocket. He looked up and down the street and then motioned for Roger to get out of the car. Roger's legs were stiff from being in one position for so long but he slowly got out of the car and stood up, using the car as support.

He saw that they were in Sausalito and they were parked in front of one of the biggest house boats in the town. The man patted Roger down as discreetly as he could and then turned him and gently pushed him toward the house boat. Roger made his way down the dock that separated the house boat from its neighbors.

There were two men standing outside the door that was apparently the main entrance to the house boat. They patted him down again while looking at their surroundings; as if they were being on the alert for trouble. When they were satisfied that he didn't have any weapons on him one of the men told him to wait and the man went inside. He returned a minute later and said something in Chinese to the man that had ridden with Roger in the car that brought them to this place. The man left and got in the car and the car drove away from the houseboat. The remaining Chinese man opened the door and led Roger inside by the arm; not too gently.

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