Blind Man's Quest

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Bestiality, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carol is on a two week vacation to Hawaii and meets a blind man with a great cock and sparks fly...but why? What does he know about her? What will she do to have him?

It was Carol's first trip to Hawaii and so far she was really enjoying herself. The travel agent had booked her into a two week vacation in a quiet resort on the north side of the small island of Lanai and it was everything she had been led to believe it would be. The resorts accommodations were perfect; the restaurants were as close to five stars as she had ever eaten in and the blue Pacific Ocean was literally right outside her front door.

It was only her second full day on the island but she already thought of herself as having 'gone native'. She had brought several bikinis with her but after realizing how much privacy she had on her cabana's front porch she had taken to sun bathing topless, laying on her back and listening to the gently sound of the waves washing ashore. She thought of it as 'naughty', laying out on her back and playing with her nipples, getting so excited that she had to race inside and masturbate in private. Carol loved sex but recently, with the rigors of her job, a relationship had just been out of the question. She actually hoped that she would meet someone in Hawaii that she could relax with and have a sexual relationship but so far that hadn't happened although to be fair it had only been two days.

It was on her third day that she stumbled on the 'clothing optional' beach. As she walked east from her cabana she saw the sign then noticed a few women either topless or totally nude. There were some mothers with their breasts swinging back and forth as they played with their children who were frolicking on the beach and there were the young and not-so-young men and women laying around on the sand and even a few older men in the surf walking around with their cocks proudly hanging down between their legs. She stopped and adjusted her sunglasses and tried to appear not to notice anyone but with so much nudity it was hard not to at least take a quick peek. That night, after several glasses of wine she decided that maybe, just maybe tomorrow she would go back to the beach and try going topless in public. Christ she hadn't done anything that risqué since her junior year in college and that had been almost six years ago.

The following morning Carol opened her dresser drawer and rummaged through her bikini's finally settling on a bright yellow one. She slipped on her bottoms; adjust the it around her butt then bend over and let her breasts settle into the bikini cups, stood and fastened the straps behind her back. She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and a large bath towel and headed down the beach toward the clothing optional section. She was very nervous although she realized that she was better looking than most of the people she had witnessed at the beach yesterday, still...

It didn't take her long to find the exact spot she was looking for, one up close to the tree line and out of the sight of most of the other sunbathers, a perfect place to go topless and not risk having anyone see her. She spread out her towel and settled down on the warm sand then she reached behind her and unfastened her top. Her breasts popped out into the sunlight and she lay back, adjusted her sunglasses and began watching the calm ocean and enjoying the warmth of the morning sun.

It was about a half an hour later when she first saw him walking down the beach. He looked like an ordinary man out for a walk with his dog. As he came closer she noticed that he was middle-aged, maybe in his late thirties and was wearing a raggedy pair of swim trunks and nothing else. He was being led by what looked to be a German Shepherd then she noticed his walking stick and wondered... As she looked closer she saw the dark glasses and finally put two and two together and realized that he was blind. Comfortable, once she realized he couldn't see her she lay back and watched him. The dog stopped just a few feet below the edge of her towel and lay down and curled up apparently satisfied that she wasn't some sort of a threat. The man laughed at his dog and reached down and patted the animal on the head and seemed to be staring right past her.

She smiled at his dog then looked at him with a bit of a renewed interest. He stood maybe six feet and looked to be about a hundred and eighty pounds and was in great shape, kind of what Carol thought of as a hunk. His taut skin rippled over his well-muscled body which was a light brown color and Carol realized that it was probably from spending so much time out in the sun. She was mulling over his body and good looks then what he did next startled her... he calmly spoke to the dog then untied his trunks and let them slide down his legs onto the warm sand — and he wasn't wearing a swimsuit or any underwear.

"So Bogart," he said to his dog. "do you think this is a good place to take a quick dip?"

Bogart looked up at his master and barked once. The man laughed again then ran out into the calm ocean; dove under a small wave, surfaced then turned around and called his dog. After two barks he seemed to be oriented and he waded ashore and sat down on his swim trunks and brushed off the water on his arms and chest. He was facing Carol with his legs spread apart when he leaned back onto one hand and slowly started to stroke himself. Carol at first was aghast at his abhorrent behavior but then she realized that he probably thought that he was all alone and besides, she noted with interest, his cock looked to be every bit of eight inches and he wasn't even hard yet! She watched fascinated as he slid his fingers down over the mushroom head, then up over a beautiful ridgeline that had been formed by a perfect circumcision then back down to his neatly trimmed pubic hair. He tilted his head backward and licked his lips as his hand slowly slid up and down on his cock until small amounts of pre-cum began to leak out of the tip. He ran his fingers through the pre-cum and used it to lubricate his fingers as his hand began to move faster and faster.

Carol was having difficulty breathing as she watched him stoke his cock. Her eyes were glued to his member then she felt herself getting wet too. She looked in both directions and didn't see anyone and knowing that he couldn't see her she slipped off her bikini bottoms and began to finger herself. Her eyes never left his cock as her fingers found her wet labia, slipping just inside and up until she found her clit then she began rubbing small circles and watching him as he masturbated.

After a while he began moaning as his hand moved faster and faster. "Oh yes, Oh fuck yes." He called out.

Carol was excited too and she wanted to scream out with pleasure but she couldn't make a sound for fear of getting caught spying but she felt the same way as he did because she was about to cum too.

"Oh yes, Oh yes! Oh fuck I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmm!!!!!" He screamed as waves broke on the shoreline drowning out his screams of pleasure.

Carol lay back and watched his cum spurt out of the tip of his cock. The first shot went far enough that it actually landed on the edge of her towel and the next three ropes landed harmlessly enough on the sand in front of him then he stopped and squeezed his cock until the last drops curled out and around his fingers. Finally finished, he lifted his hand up to his face and licked the cum off of his fingers then reached over and petted his dog.

Carol came too only she couldn't say a word. She had one knuckle in her mouth and when she came and she clamped down hard on her knuckle then lay back and furiously fingered her pussy. When she was finally finished she too sucked the juices off her fingers and then on a whim she reached down and scooped up some of his cum that had landed on her towel and tasted him too. Damn, she thought, that's nice!

The man was taking deep breaths trying to calm down and when his breathing finally returned to a semblance of normal he stood up then reached down and picked up his swim trunks and slipped them on. He seemed to look right through Carol and with a smile on his face as he turned and trotted down the beach, Bogart running circles around the man as they ran together. She sat there watching his fading profile and wondered if she would ever see him again, God what a great looking cock she thought to herself. She shrugged her shoulders and having experienced enough excitement for the morning she dressed and picked up her towel and walked back to her room to shower and take a nap. As she curled up in her bed, her eyes closed, she imagined the strange man, naked and in her bed, his cock slipping in and out of her wet pussy and Carol stroked her clit until she fell asleep, her fingers still lodged between her thighs.

That evening Carol had dressed for a nice dinner and was sitting by herself at a table for two in a corner of the expensive hotel restaurant. She was sipping on a Mai-Tai and enjoying the light Hawaiian music that was being played by a trio on the other side of the dance floor, her mind miles away from Hawaii. She had just picked up her menu and was trying to decide what to have for dinner when a shadow fell across her table. She looked up and saw the hostess who had seated her earlier standing by the table with HIM... the man from the beach. The hostess looked a little embarrassed then bent down and in an oriental accent whispered...

"Excuse me Missy Carol but I was a bit wondering if you would mind if these gentleman join you for dinner. I know a little unusual but we expecting big crowd tonight and I don't seem to have another empty table."

Carol looked at the man and was amazed at the transformation from the raggedy swim trunks he wore in the morning. Now he was dressed in a handsome black tux, although he still wore the sunglasses, only now he looked like someone right out of GQ. "Well, no... I guess that would be fine." The man bowed, and then said...

"Thank you miss, I appreciate you hospitality."

They introduced themselves, his name was Jim, and then they ordered cocktails, she another Mai-Tai and he a single malt Scotch, neat. Jim told her that had a recommendation for their entrée and when she nodded in approval he ordered their dinner, a freshly caught Mahi-Mahi, green peas lightly sautéed, twice baked potatoes and with their meal they shared a bottle of icy cold Chardonnay. Throughout the dinner they chatted easily and enjoyed each other's company then they settled on sharing a chocolate mousse for dessert. It was over dessert and coffee that he asked her if they had met somewhere before. "You know something Carol, I have the funny feeling that we've met somewhere before but I can't place it. Have we?"

"Oh!" She was shocked and for a moment speechless but then she recovered. "Well I don't think so... I mean I've only been on the island for a couple of days, now where could we have met?"

He tilted his head and she thought he might be staring at her but who could tell behind the dark sunglasses. "I'm not sure but I have the feeling..." He let the sentence trail off then changed the subject. To anyone watching they would have seemed like lovers or at maybe newlyweds, so close were their faces as they whispered back and forth across the table. Finally the check arrived and he gallantly offered to pay and she demurely accepted. He turned and looked towards her. "May I escort you back to your cabana?"

She looked curiously at him then laughed. "Well that would be nice but it seems like an oxymoron... I mean shouldn't I be escorting you?"

He laughed with her and at himself. "Humm, well I guess you're right, come on I'll let you take my arm and we'll walk together, how's that for a compromise?"

"It's wonderful, come on, let's go." Arm in arm they walked out of the restaurant and down the path towards her cabana. The restaurant door had just closed when the dog, Bogart, appeared out of nowhere and began following them. There was something strange about the dog and about Jim but Carol just couldn't put her finger on it. They kept up their friend banter but she wondered if he was going to try and kiss her. She had already decided that if he did she would let hem but wondered where it might go from their. She thought back to that morning on the beach and remembered his huge cock and just thinking about it made her wet. It didn't take long until they arrived at her cabana.

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