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Desc: Erotic Cheating Sex Story: Kate is lusting over her best friend's boyfriend, Dante Hale, a sexy, sexy man.

The atmosphere of the small room was thick with lust. Kate Winters, a long-legged brunette, was staring directly at Dante Hale. Dante was pure eye candy with his chocolate brown hair that was thick and wavy and those piercing blue eyes that reminded many of the sky. His hair parted perfectly in the middle and his bangs fell into his face when he moved just ever so slightly, which caused him to run his fingers through the thick waves. The ends just barley touched his shoulders and flipped out just a tad. Kate longed to reach out and thread her long fingers through it.

Dante was tall and built like a Marine. Pure muscle. Kate would bet all her millions that Dante hadn't an ounce of fat on him. She raised her champagne flute to her lips and took a small sip without taking her eyes off of Dante. Damn, what she would give to have a man like Dante, even if it was for one night. Too bad the stud was taken, she thought to herself as her eyes fell to her best friend, Summer James.

Summer had thrown a big party just so everyone could meet the mystery man she had been seeing for the past 8 weeks. Up until this evening, Kate figured Summer had been lying about the man since Summer had been keeping her boyfriend away from everyone, even Kate.

Dante looked up and his eyes met Kate's. Though many would have looked away embarrassed, Kate kept her eyes on Dante. She even gave him that slow sexy smile she gave to every man she wanted to fuck. To her surprise, he gave her a slow easy smile back at her and winked before turning back to Summer's parents as they drown on and on about the political party Summer's dad was running for.

Kate rolled her eyes. God she hated being around Summer's people. They were all so ... so damn annoying with all the political shit and war. They were all just a bunch of drunk rich people. Oh how they all bored Kate to death. She sat her flute down on the table and went in search for the real alcohol.

Dante looked back up as Kate left the room. He watched her as she exited the dinning room. Well, not at her, her ass more likely. His mind wandered for a moment as he visualized Kate naked underneath him moaning and panting. Damn, he shook his head, where had that thought come from? Kate was Summer's best friend, he shouldn't be day dreaming about fucking Summer's best friend. Actually, he shouldn't be thinking about fucking any other woman besides Summer.

He found it hard not to think about it though, for Summer still wouldn't have sex with him. Hell, she wouldn't even let him touch her in a sexual way much less have sex with him. So he was always catching himself fantasying about other women.

"What do you think honey?" Summer asked in her small innocent tone.

"I'm sorry, what?" Dante asked shaking his head to clear all of his thoughts.

"Daddy said he wanted to run for president. Don't you think he'd make a wonderful president?" Summer looked up at Dante with her pretty cornflower blue eyes.

"Yes, sir. I think you'd be an excellent president. I mean with all your good ideas, you'd be the best damn president we'd ever have." He smiled. Good cover, he thought to himself, "If you'll excuse me for a moment..."

"Oh sure, son." Summer's dad smiled at Dante.

Damn, he was already starting to call Dante his son.

"Where are you going sweetheart?" Summer asked, holding Dante back by tugging on his suit jacket.

"Just to the bathroom and outside for a little breather. I'll be right back Summer." He smiled at her and placed a small kiss on her cheek.

"Do you want me to come with you?" She asked.

Not unless you want to have a quickie, was what he really wanted to say but instead, "No, no. You stay inside. It'll be quick, I promise."

Summer let go of Dante's jacket and he walked off into the direction he thought where the bathroom was. Summer had given him a tour of her parent's big home, but he'd forgotten exactly where she said the downstairs bathroom was. He sat his cup down onto the dinning room table before exiting into the living room.

Kate trailed her fingers along the wall of the upstairs hallway. She stopped at the second door on the left side and opened the closed door the guest bedroom she had claimed her own. She entered the bedroom, closed the door behind her, and went straight the small refrigerator the Summer's had graciously put into the room. She grabbed the only thing that sat inside. A larger Sky Vodka bottle.

Kate tilted her head back as she took a long swig right from the bottle. The liquid burned the hell out of her mouth and throat but she didn't give a damn, just as long as it got her drunk. She sat the bottle down on top of the refrigerator.

Staring at the bottle of alcohol, Kate pondered how much she had this evening. A few swigs from this bottle earlier on. How many glasses of champagne had she consumed? 3? Or was it 4? About 4 glasses, she settled for and now the vodka, again. She sure hoped it would start kicking in soon because she couldn't bare anymore pain tonight.

She was tired of being alone all the damn time. Her best friend was always gone now that she had Dante. Her friend Marcus was just getting into yet another relationship with another guy. Kate was tired of going home with a different guy almost every Friday and Saturday night. It wasn't filling the emptiness. She was going to have to quit lying to herself. Sex wasn't the answer. Angery, Kate snatched the bottle back up and took another long swig then slammed the bottle back down.

Kate knew she was on the road of alcoholism, but it ran in the family so the realization didn't surprise her much. Her mother died from alcohol poison and her father was now lying in a hospital because of it. Her grandparents were still living, how she didn't know. The two elderly drunks drank everyday starting at 10 in the morning. She was going to have to stop if she knew what was good for her.

Her body started to heat up and her lips began to get a little numb. Oh yes, yes, yes. It was finally kicking in. Kate reached behind her back and grabbed the zipped on her dress and started to tug the zipper down. The zipper had just reached the end of it's trail at her lower back when her door opened up.

All Dante could do was stare at Kate's flawless backside. Though there wasn't much ass showing, he could just imagine the look of Kate's round heart-shaped ass. He took notice that she wasn't wearing a bra. Kate looked over her shoulder at him, her long brown hair caressing her tanned back. Dante's cock twitched into action. Dear Lord, she was beautiful.

"Oh!" He exclaimed finally, "I-I'm sorry! I thought this was the upstairs bathroom." He tugged at his tie, heat flooding through his body.

Kate laughed. It was a heavenly laugh. She turned around and walked to him.

"It's ok. I don't mind. But the bathroom is the second door on the right, not the left." She smiled at him and leaned against the wall nearest him.

The strap of Kate's small dress fell around her shoulder but she seemed oblivious of it. She stared into Dante's blue eyes with her cloudy green ones.

"Sorry again." He apologized once more to Kate.

"Hmmm ... You smell so nice." Had she ignored him?

Dante watched as Kate sank her white teeth into her bottom lower lip after she wet it with the tip of her tongue. Dante saw her eyes glitter with excitement. She closed them and inhaled.

"Yes, very nice." Kate whispered. She opened her eyes and raised her hand up to his face. She brushed back his bangs so she could see his face better.

A sudden forceful hunger built up inside Dante, starting directly in his balls. Dear God, how he wished to rip off her dress and have his way with Kate right this second. But he couldn't. It would be wrong to do such a thing. Summer was just down stairs...

"So," Kate said, "Have you and Summer ... you know." she rolled her eyes and then looked back at him, smiling.

"What?" Dante asked, though knowing exactly what she was getting at.

"Has Summer gave up her virginity to you?" Kate bluntly asked then. A look of seriousness crossed her face as she stared at him, waiting for her answer.

"Wh-what? She's a-a virgin?" Dante hadn't known that fact about Summer.

"Of course she is!" she exclaimed, "Summer's been saving herself for the man she loves. So I guess you two haven't then, have you?"

"Obviously." Dante grunted, furious that Summer hadn't share that bit of information with him. Now he understood why she was so damn prude.

"What a shame..." Kate whispered as she shook her head.

"What is?" Dante asked letting his gaze fall to Kate's chest. She had her arms crossed under her breast, letting their full roundness be seen, pouring out of the dress.

"Letting such a sexy man like you wait forever. I wouldn't have waited so long. I bet your perfect in bed." Oh God, what was she doing? Summer was Kate's best friend and here she was trying the get Dante in bed with her.

Kate couldn't stop though. She placed her hand on Dante's chest and stepped closer to him. He wasn't objecting, so she leaned forward, closing the distance between their lips.

"Kate," He breathed, "I don't think we should be doing this."

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