The Were Handbook
Part 1

Pick of the Litter:

Story Synopsis: Lukah Alexandros didn't like walking in the part of the city that he found himself in. It was a bad area, filled with dingy little dives and bars where they'd sooner knife you than serve you a drink. He was about to turn around when a low feminine cry of pain caught his ears. If there was one thing he couldn't handle, that was seeing a woman in pain.

He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him when he entered the bar, seeing a group of men surrounding something on the floor. One of the men shifted and he saw a hint of pale bare flesh and a flash of fiery hair before she screamed for help.

It wasn't even necessary for him to change, anger brought his beast to bear but he kept his human form. Men went flying, punches were thrown and when the dust cleared, Lukah held the last man by his throat. A glance down at the small woman they'd been molesting almost had his hand crushing the man's windpipe.

She was curled into a ball, bleeding and bruised but still alive. So Lukah did the only reasonable thing he could think of. He took her home with him.

Marissa wasn't prepared at all when she saw her gorgeous rescuer coming toward her. He was every woman's dream man, all sinewy muscle and golden skin. It shocked her that she still felt this way even after being raped. When he gave her the option of going home with him or him taking her home, she went to his.

Finding the panthers loose around the house had been shocking, but the amber eyed magnificent beast who wore the same kind of torc as Lukah's followed her around as gentle as a lap dog.

It took a while to win Marissa over, but she finally gave in and went out with him. The bewitching night as well as his bemusing personality had her slowly but surely falling in love with him. The mating had been a shock, finding herself a panther had been hard to deal with, especially since the change hadn't been consummated completely. Pain flowed through her and Terry came to her rescue, even though she was fighting against the same men who'd raped her best friend before.

Cast of Characters

Lukah Alexandros: A tall, gorgeous specimen of a man. He's got hair the color of midnight, eyes that shine like gorgeous amber and wears a golden torc (Thick golden necklace) around his throat which becomes somewhat of a collar when he changes from man to panther. Superhuman strength and hearing help him beat off the men who were hurting his mate to be, though he didn't know it then. He is the head of the Alexandros clan here in America.

Marissa Spencer Alexandros: Red hair spills around her shoulders, thick and curly drawing Lukah like a moth to fire. Her eyes, expressive and pain filled as she tries to handle the shock of what happened to her are a smoky purple/gray. She's curvaceous and too sweet to find herself in the predicament she was in. But when the gorgeous Greek man rescued her and took her to his huge mansion, she could do little but let him take care of her. Note her shock when she finds out that her host has huge black panthers loose in his house and in the grounds outside.

Lucinda Alexandros: Long silky dark hair flows over the shoulder of this tawny beauty. Her golden skin is flawless; her eyes flash amber fire as her legendary temper flares. Promiscuity isn't a problem for this feline and she likes to use her claws. Desperate to get out of the marriage contract her father had signed, she flies to America and tries to use Lukah to break it. She's the panther that scared Lucinda that first day at the mansion.

Marshall Alexandros: Many time removed cousin of Lukah Alexandros, he's the mate that was destined for Lucinda since she was little more than a kitten. He's got that older man's sense of charm and style and more animal magnetism than Lucinda was expecting. He's there to tame the fiery cat and to chain her to him through the mating ceremony.

Dimitri Alexandros: We are given just a glimpse of this handsome were with the deep accent and roaming ways. He was sent to America by his father to learn from Lukah and to make something of himself. The most he's made was a chicken salad sandwich. We'll see glimpses of him through Pick of the Litter and A Strange New Breed but he really shines in Charisma.

Nashe Wolfe: A Strange New Breed tells the story of this older were with his black hair and the intriguing wings of silver that sit just above his ears. He's introduced in Pick of the Litter as Lukah's best friend and confidant. Nashe is a different breed entirely. A mixture of Wolf and Panther, his father had been Wolf and had fallen for the charm of his dark haired mother. He hadn't fallen hard enough though to consider making things permanent. Nashe helps to win the day in the end of Pick of the Litter where he meets the woman he will want to mate and fall in love with.

Terry Taylor Wolfe: Tall, blonde and sexy, she exudes charm and passion as well as sexuality. It's partly her fault that Marissa found herself in that horrifying and painful predicament. Becoming the love interest of a half panther, half wolf, all ass were was not what she wanted, but Nashe persisted, teasing her in her dreams, taunting her in her waking hours. When Marissa is kidnapped in A Strange New Breed, they have to pull together to get her back to her mate before the separation kills them.

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