New Orleans

by Will Havers

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Size, Hairy, .

Desc: True Sex Story: I took a job in New Orleans in 1996. I met and fell in love with a most erotic, remarkable woman.

This story really starts in February, 1996. I was working for a small "Mom & Pop" company that was going places. Well, it was. The owners had a son who was nothing short of a parent's worst nightmare. After three years, I'd had enough and started looking. I was offered a job at the first place I applied to and accepted their offer of one hundred fifty dollars per week over what I was making at the time.

The eighty mile drive each way was eating my raise in gas. I had to move and finally did in April, 1996. My friends helped on a Saturday, and on Sunday, I got up and took inventory of what I had to eat and decided a trip to the grocery was in order.

I had no sooner walked in and grabbed a basket, and there she was. Tall, 5' 10" and wearing a white button down sleeveless shirt, faded denim shorts, and those little flat white sneakers women wear. Her hair was short and made up of tight curls that made me think of a tightly wound perm. A small, regal face that looked like it was out of Vogue finished it off. I had to see more of her and as I shopped, I kept my head moving to catch sight of her. By the magazines and books I spotted her. Easing up, I pretended to check out the selection. I've never been the smoothest operator, but I had to say something. "Not much here to read, is there?" Her eyes snapped over to mine. "No, not much at all." She said. We talked a bit more, and I introduced myself. "I'm Will." "Laura." She said, extending her hand. I hadn't felt a jolt like that since auto shop class in 10th grade when I grabbed the coil wire on a running engine. Might as well cut to the chase, I thought. "Would you like to get together for dinner during the week?" "I'd like that, Will."

We went out Wednesday, and saw each other again Saturday. Laura was one serious kisser. She used her whole body. Her voice was sultry, but silky at the same time. I had more than just the hots for her.

We did talk, and as our relationship progressed, I learned that she'd never seen a John Wayne movie. Incredible, isn't it? She was coming over on a Friday night, and I was going to cook, and we'd watch a movie. Dinner went well, and we settled in to watch "The Duke." I hadn't hit the play button on the remote when she leaned over and kissed me. "Thanks for a wonderful meal." "Anytime." Our wine glassed wound up on the coffee table and Laura found herself on top on me on the couch, our mouths locked together. My hands roamed over her, touching her, getting to know her curves. With every touch, Laura got hotter, kissing me more intensely. Finally, thinking "what the hell," my right hand slid up her side and cupped her left breast through her sleeveless blouse. I should mention that while Laura was a beautiful woman, she was almost totally flat chested. There was nothing there but a slight rise and a small nipple and areola. She didn't push my hand away, but instead moaned into my mouth, so I started to massage it. Laura heated up in kind, and I opened her shirt and cupped her breast so I could kiss and suck her now hard nipple while she ground her crotch into mine. I could slightly smell her arousal through her jeans. A shiver ran over her, then another, and yet another. She collapsed on me gasping for breath.

"I have to go." "Why?" "Well... , I..." "No. I want you to stay. I want to wake up with you. Nothing has to happen that you don't want to." "OK. I'll stay." Those eyes of hers were melting me.

We got off of the couch and put away the glasses. "Need a shower?" I asked. "That would be great." "Want me to wash your back?" Nice move, dumb-ass, I said to myself. But, Laura smiled, and said "Only if you can control that friend if yours." as she glanced at the distended crouch of my jeans with a twinkle in her eye.

I started the shower and turned to her and finished unbuttoning her blouse. Slipping it off of her shoulders, I hung it on the hook on the door and moved to her feet. Laura's sandals came off, and I opened her jeans. Standing and slipping my arms around her, I ran my hands down Laura's back to the waist of her jeans and pushed them under her jeans and panties. Once past the swell of her hips, her jeans and panties were in a heap on the floor. "My turn." she said. She eased my t-shirt over my head and gently unbuttoned my jeans. Opening them, she saw nothing but my pubic hair. "No undies? You are a nasty boy!" "Oh my!" she said as my erection popped out of my jeans and landed in her thick pubic patch. "Like it?" "I sure do ... But, it's been a while ... I mean I don't usually do this with so soon." "Me either. It should mean something. Anyone can fuck, but I want to love you." "You do!? What do you mean?" "I mean that you mean more to me than that. You're very special to me." Soon, my jeans were along side hers on the floor.

We stepped into the warm water of the shower and I grabbed the soap and lathered Laura's back. I wet a wash cloth and worked it in, giving her a good scrubbing. Moving lower, I washed her butt and worked into her crack. Her little starfish twitched as I passed over it. Turning her around, I washed her from the neck down, paying close attention to her breasts and nipples. Her belly was flat, with only a slight bulge. But her pubic hair was something else. It encompassed her mound, spreading onto her lower belly. Under the shower, it reminded me of seaweed. I worked the soap into it, making it a mass of suds. Laura shuddered, grasping my shoulders as she had another orgasm. After she rinsed off, she took the soap and began to wash me. When she reached my cock, she grasped it and slid her hand up and down its length. Drooling pre cum, it actually got harder and throbbed under her touch. Her other hand cradled my balls and gently squeezed then as she slowly jacked me off. "Does that feel good, baby? You like Laura playing with you?" Her talk and hands were driving me to the brink. Our lips smashed together and my hand found her entrance as I came on her stomach. "That's such a good boy!" she cooed into my ear. Then she started to shiver again as she came on my fingers.

We rinsed and then dried off and headed for the bedroom. I'd turned the balcony light on, which lit the room in a soft, warm glow. I turned the covers down and guided her to the sheets. Our lips met as we held each other and kissed. I rolled Laura onto her back and lay on top of her and kissed her. She was grinding herself against me and my once again rigid cock. Kissing my way to her ear, I nibbled the lobe and teased the outer edge with my tongue. If this were a nuclear reaction, Laura would've been close to "critical mass." But, I backed off and worked my way down to her nipples and worked them with my tongue and hands. Her navel was an "innie," as opposed to an "outie" and I tongued it and moved further down to her thick pubic patch.

Each woman's pussy is as unique as her finger prints. Laura's was covered with a thick layer of dark hair. Her clit was prominent, sticking out past her inner lips, as large as a pencil eraser. The lips were medium sized and gaping open, surrounded by her fleshy outer lips, covered with the same thick layer of hair. Her vagina was open and oozing liquid that ran down past her dark coral-colored asshole to the bedding. Nothing matched the aroma of a woman in heat, and Laura was no exception. It enveloped me and erased everything else from my mind. Flattening my tongue, I ran it upward from asshole to clit, stopping to stab her vagina. She tensed and writhed as my lips wrapped around her clit and I fucked her with my tongue. I felt hands on my head as she pulled me into her and bucked her orgasm against my face. Moving back up her torso, I hugged her to me and kissed her. "Sweet Jesus! That was great!" "It's not over yet." I said. "I hope not." My cock was actually painful from its hardness. Like a guided missile finding it's target, it found the entrance to Laura's pussy and slid inside. A few half advances and retreats later, and I was buried inside her. "I'm full! God, it feels so fuckin' good!" She shuddered as I began to move in her, slowly at first to spread her lubrication over me, then faster, changing the angle slightly to rub her inner pleasure place. Laura's breathing quickened, and with a grunt and shudder, she orgasmed, wetting my balls in the process. I held her close and rolled over so that she was on top. Taking the cue, her hands went to my chest as the undulated her pelvis against mine. My hands held her ass and teased her asshole. "I'm close." I said, and she picked up the pace, matching my thrusts. I felt my cock get harder and grow a bit, and with a moan I ejaculated into her depths. We lay there for several minutes as my cock softened and slid out, followed by our combined exertions. Laura rolled off of me and pulled the sheet over us and settled into the crook of my arm as sleep overtook us. "I'm falling in love with you, Laura." "Me too, Dahlin."

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