The Maturation Of Vinnie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Slow, Caution,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Vinnie Blanton has a lot of growing up to do. With the help of his family and the fascination with a beautiful young woman, he beings his journey.

My name is Vincent Blanton but almost everyone calls me Vinnie. I am 28 years old, or as my older brother used to say, 28 going on 18. He used to say that and for the most part he wasn't wrong. I took me a long time to grow up. Not physically, but emotionally. I'm probably still going through that, but things are a lot better today than they were a year or two ago. Just to fill in the background, I'll tell you a little bit about my life to date and then I'll tell you the reason for this story.

I was never much of a student, unlike my older brother, Tom. I scraped through high school by the skin of my teeth and I'm not sure they didn't give me a diploma just to get rid of me. I wasn't really interested in getting any more than the absolute minimum education for the least amount of work and that's what I accomplished. I'm a pretty decent athlete, but again, I just didn't have enough interest to concentrate on that either. It was too easy, I suppose. The one thing that I did concentrate on was having a good time. I picked up that interest when I was about sixteen and it stuck with me until just a year or so ago.

For me, a good time was hanging out with the guys, drinking a few brews, now and then smokin' some dope and, of course, getting it on with the ladies. I'm not an ugly guy, about six foot and 185 lbs with dark hair and dark brown eyes. I've had more than one girl tell me I look sexy, so I've pretty well assumed that's the case.

Life was pretty good for me. My old man owned a construction and renovation company that did a lot of high priced work and we lived a pretty good life. When my brother joined the company after he graduated from technical school, I was already a crew chief and he came on to head up the second crew. It meant we were able to take on more work and that meant more money in the pot. That was fine with me.

I admit I was a little pissed when Dad made Tom the head guy and I had to report to him. After all, I'd been there longer and I thought I was doing a good job, so I should have been the guy. The truth is, Tom was better organized and had a lot more know-how than I did, but I just couldn't admit it to myself. When he brought in another guy to run the second crew and then started ragging' on me about how this new guy was getting the work done quicker and smarter, I was really pissed. I guess I was pretty unhappy and I think that led me down the path that got me in all the trouble.

I was just showing up to work to get a paycheck. As far as I was concerned, I'd do what I had to do and no more. At night, I was out with my boys and we were working over the night club scene downtown. In the meantime, my brother got married and took off for Europe on his honeymoon, and that's when the shit really hit the fan. My Dad had a stroke and there was no one around but me and Robbie, the other crew chief, to run things. When the little guy started giving me my assignments, that's when I knew I'd had enough.

Like my brother, I owned a share in the company, a one-quarter share. It was probably worth a lot of money but I didn't know how much. About the time my brother was talking about getting married to Jenny, I met a girl I really liked. Her name was Marcia Raymond and she was a beauty. She really liked me too, or so I thought. She liked to go to the casinos and play blackjack and poker and stuff and I liked being with her, so we became a couple.

I guess I was gambling a bit more than I realized and I was running short of cash now and then. Marcia said she knew a guy who would lend me some dough until I could get even again and that's when I made the biggest mistake of my life. I went along with it and borrowed ten grand from this guy Tremblay. I figured my luck would change but it didn't. The next thing I knew, I owed this guy close to fifty grand. I was in shit up to my neck and I needed to find a way out.

That was when Dad had his stroke and Tom had to take over the company. I was really upset that Dad was sick, but I figured maybe that would force Tom to sell the company and I'd get my share and pay off Tremblay. Then Tom came along and offered to buy me out. I wasn't doing very well on the job because of all the problems and finally Tom called me and insisted on a meeting. He knew all about my money problems and worse than that, he said Marcia was Tremblay's girlfriend and was just setting me up for him. I didn't believe him. Tom said he'd help me, but I knew the only way out was to accept his offer to buy me out.

Two days later, I got a visit at my apartment from Tremblay and some goon friend of his and he worked me over pretty good. I ended up in the hospital with a bruised kidney and ribs. I told Tom what happened and he said he'd look after it. I guess he did. He said he paid the debt to Tremblay and the guy who put the beating on me was in jail for parole violation. It was then that I knew I couldn't keep going on the way I was. I had to get my head straight and do something about my future.

I got to see the special side of my brother then. I knew he was a black belt in karate and I figured that would protect him from Tremblay, but I saw the smart side of him too. He had figured out how to let me run my own business as a framing contractor and still pay me out for my share. It was such a good offer after all the shit I had caused him that I would have been an even bigger idiot if I didn't say yes. It would take me a while to recover from the beating, but at least now I had a future to look forward to.

For all the problems that my brother and I had over the years, I knew he was one cool guy under pressure. I'd seen him lots of times in hairy situations and he would just 'ice down' as he sized up the problem and the options before making a decision. I had no idea that it would carry over into real physical danger situations until I heard what happened a few days later. His wife Jenny told me in private because I don't think Tom was very happy with how it all came down. I just shook my head in amazement when I heard the story.

Apparently, Tremblay was unhappy that he didn't get every dime that he figured he was owed, which included a fifty percent interest payment. Tom had made him understand that he was going to get about half that interest and he was going to like it. Tremblay must have stewed about it for a few days and then one night, after more than a few drinks, decided he needed to get the rest of his money. He got a gun and went to Tom and Jenny's house and when Jenny answered the door, he pulled the gun on her and backed her into the house.

The way Jenny tells it, it was like something out of a Steven Segal movie. Tom came in, looked her straight in the eye and told her not to move and then turned around, shielding her from Tremblay. When Tremblay started making demands that Tom go and get the money he wanted, Tom just said No! Jenny said it scared her to death. She was sure Tremblay was going to kill them both and maybe even their little girl, Nikki.

Tremblay must have moved toward Tom and Jenny said it happened so fast that in just a second, the gun was on the floor across the room and Tremblay was on the carpet in serious pain with a broken wrist and blood running out of his mouth and his ear. Tom sent her downstairs to look after their daughter and cool as a cucumber, picked up the phone and called the cops. I would have given anything to see that.

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