The Stray (Nitro nee Fido)
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Robin

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nitro nee Fido wanders into our lives and our bed. He is a welcome guest, house trained and ignores me, so that's nothing new i guess. Warning, this is K9 sex in several guises so if this offends you, please do not read on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Zoophilia   Furry   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Bestiality   Size  


The first time I saw the stray was as I left home for work. He was curled up against the privet hedge, sleeping just inside my front garden. He looked up as the garden gate squeaked, but showed little interest in me. He passed from mildly interesting to completely forgotten in the time it took to reach my car.

The next time I saw the stray, he was laying full stretch in front of the fire in my living room. Jill had obviously met him and, Jill being Jill, had brought him in, probably fed him, mothered him and become his best friend, all in a day.

The dog looked up, mildly curious at who was entering the room, but returned his nose to his paws and contented sleep.

"I see you have met Fido." Jill said as she closed the door behind her. "He's a darling isn't he?"

I leant forward and kissed her by way of hello.

"Fido?" I asked. "That the name you gave him, or is it on his collar?"

"Fido doesn't have a collar. Fido doesn't have any marks. The vet checked him over, he's healthy and doesn't have a chip or anything so, Fido is ours and he seems to like the name."

"You've been to a vet already?" How long has he been ensconced I wondered.

"Yep, we went this morning, I found him outside looking all lost and bedraggled so we became friends." It wasn't the scene I remembered from this morning, he didn't look too bedraggled or forlorn when I saw him.

"So, we are keeping him then I take it?"

"Oh yes please, he is such a darling and house trained already. He scratches at the back door when he needs to go out; isn't that cute?" Jill looked with softening eyes at her new charge. "He likes mincemeat."

"I'm sure he does. So, was that dinner in the dog then?" She laughed a giggle of delight, like a young girl who has won over her dad over a dispute.

Dinner will be in a little while, want a glass of wine?" Jill left Fido and me to get acquainted while she attended to pouring wine and checking on dinner.

I sat in my armchair and studied the dog. He had been aware of being the subject of conversation, but like a prisoner waiting for their sentence, had decided to keep a low profile, just using his eyes to follow the flow between us. He kept his head down, but silently regarded me with dark brown eyes, waiting for what ever happens next. He certainly filled the rug he was laying on. His whole body length sprawled with back legs sticking straight out backwards, something slightly unusual as a pose. His brindle coat shone, I guessed Jill had bathed him.

"So, you're Fido then eh?" I asked the dog whose eyes followed, but no other movement as if he was afraid of antagonising me or appearing threatening. "I can see why Jill likes you, the strong silent type eh?"

His tail thumped on the floor once, by way of answer. His tan coloured eyebrows lifted in a comical expression. It was like the brows had been painted on his face. Everything else was a riot of mixed colours, except these eye brows, a bit like a Rottweiler has light coloured brows surrounded by black.

And so, Fido insinuated himself into the family, taking up the omission of children in our lives. We didn't seem to be able to produce kids, but neither one of us really wanted to know badly enough, which of us was deficient. Besides, we were having too much fun.

Over the course of a week, Fido and I developed a quiet regard for each other. We would acknowledge each other, a pat on the head, a tail wag, but it was obvious from the start, he was devoted to Jill and followed her around the house as if connected by an invisible chord unless he was in his favourite position, in front of the fire, on the rug. When he was in this position, not very much would move him.

It was Friday night; we had a dinner date with friends of ours who wanted to show us their photos and video of their holiday in Viet Nam. Dave and Anne were always good hosts and dinner was usually spectacular.

Jill was supposed to be getting ready, but had been a long time, even for her and the time was marching on. I had to go and chivvy her along, otherwise we would be late. I'd been dressed for ages and becoming impatient.

Opening the bedroom door was something of a shock. Jill was flat on her back on the bed with Fido lapping dementedly at her hairless crotch. Her head was thrashing from side to side while a free fist was stuffed into her mouth, stifling her excited moans of pleasure. Her other hand was gripping the bed cover in a talon like claw, scrunching them up.

"Um, should I call Dave and cancel?" It was lame, but I really didn't know what else to say. It isn't like you would expect to see such a sight and kind of confuses the brain a little.

To her credit, Jill jumped up and pushed Fido away in one movement. She blushed instantly and began to stammer; something she reverts to when she is nervous, a hang over from her childhood.

"I don't know what happened." She managed to blurt out. "One minute I was sitting on the bed putting on my make up, then suddenly, Fido was giving me the most fantastic blow job and ... well you saw. Christ on a stick Rob, that dog gives great head. It hasn't happened before, up to now, Fido has been a perfect gentleman. I don't know how it happened"

"Perhaps Fido should have been called dynamite." I answered dryly.

"More like fucking Nitro." Jill was getting under control, Nitro, nee Fido, had slunk out of the room and was nowhere to be seen.

"Nitro it is then. Now, are you going to get dressed? We should be able to make the sweet."

It appeared that I was nonplussed by my wife cheating on me with a dog, but the feelings and emotions had to be thought through at a time when I was not quite so shocked. Of course I knew what the true meaning of a Lap dog was, but you really don't expect it in your wife, the person you thought you knew so well, but really can surprise you, even shock you. With the twisted logic of a man, I kind of liked what I had seen too. It appealed to my sense of erotic and seeing Jill so turned on is always a pleasure.

We didn't talk about it that evening, but the next morning was a different story. Both of us had had the time to think and brood on it. Breakfast coffee was a tense affair. Nitro had been let out and was running around the back yard, sniffing the hedges.

Jill was defensive at first, explaining that she had come out of the shower, sat naked on the bed while she applied her make up and then, before she knew it, Nitro had shoved his nose between her legs and begun to give her the best licking of her life.

"Honest to goodness, he hit my clit straight off and you know how that turns me on."

"But a dog Jill? I mean, come on, it ain't natural."

"Well I didn't ask him to do it. He just started and I lost control. Fucking hell Rob, it isn't like I'm fucking some bloke." Her defensiveness belied the credence of her answers.

"And it hasn't happened before?" I asked and took a sip of coffee while I looked at her over the rim of the cup.

"Well no ... not really."

"What does not really mean?"

"Well he has shoved his nose into my fanny before once or twice, but I thought he was just being friendly and pushed him away. Last night was the first time I have been naked in front of him." She too sipped her coffee and stared back at me, her eyes steady adding truth to her statement. "Oh, he likes my panties as well. Keeps chewing them to bits, I've got to buy some more."

"So what we going to do about this Jill? Being cuckolded by the family pet is a little disconcerting to say the least."

"I will have to stop him doing it. Perhaps if I smack his nose, he will understand that it isn't allowed."

"I might want to see that again. It was fantastic seeing you in such a state. Nitro seems to know his way around". I had been thinking during the night and the memory of Jill with her fist in her mouth gave me the hardest woody even.

"It wasn't planned Rob, he just snuck up on me, but you're right, he does seem to know what buttons to lick. His tongue is incredible and had me coming quicker than anything." She began to blush again, always a pretty sight and, judging by the hardened nubs of her nipples pushing against the terry cloth of her dressing gown, the memory was not unpleasant at all.

"Better than mine?" The question slipped out unbidden and I regretted it immediately.

"Different, Rob. Just fucking different, okay?" I knew I had crossed a boundary and shown a jealousy never before realised.

Suitably mollified, but blundering blithely on with all the sensitivity of a house brick I asked.

"So will you get it on with Nitro do you think?" Why didn't I just light a short fuse and see where it led?

"Well that really depends on Nitro doesn't it? But, if you carry on acting like an asshole, you won't know will you?" She was pissed at me for being so pushy and jealous.

It took a day or so before she settled down enough to broach the subject again.

Part two.

Nitro nee Fido.

I learned some time back, not to push things with Jill. If I planted a seed and allowed it to germinate, then it became her idea and both our egos were stroked. I didn't mention the possibility of her and Nitro getting it on, thinking that, if I left the subject alone, it might just happen naturally, or in its own time. Either way, I got my erotic wish and Jill got the tonguing of her life.

It took longer than I though it might. Something like two weeks passed without a sniff of them providing a repeat performance. During that time, Nitro insinuated himself into our daily lives, the rhythm of which changed to include the needs of the dog.

Our regular Thursday night meal out, became a take away or home delivery. We just couldn't leave the dog while we went out and enjoyed ourselves. The fact that the dog spent large lumps of time, home alone was neither here or there, but that was work, so it didn't count.

I didn't bring up the fact that we had booked a holiday in Cyprus later in the year. If Jill started to think about that, it would quickly become a problem and a worry.

Jill and I had been watching some girly film, the title of which, completely escapes me, but Jill loves these weepies and quite often, if I made the right noises, her emotions would be sufficiently stuffed up, that sex would follow as a re-affirmation of our partnership. Usually, these sessions would be frantic, a basic need to be fulfilled.

Tip for the male reader; it is often well worth sitting through an hour and a half of tedium and be in touch with your feminine side if you want regular wild sex from your partner. Just so long as the feminine is an occasional thing. Well it works for me.

Tonight was one of those nights, when Jill had basically bawled her way through the film and I had been the shoulder on which she sobbed. This is enjoying a film? Anyway, because I had shown the right amount of support and made the right noises, sex was assured for the evening. The wine helped too.

Jill showered first, I followed her in after a few minutes, soaping her back and massaging her breasts from behind, my arms wrapped around her and my semi-hard cock in the cleft of her cheeks. Jill loves to relax in a torrent of hot water and my arms encircling her body.

Another tip; find what relaxes her and eases her into the mood. Again, works for me.

Jill turned and kissed me as she stepped out of the shower, leaving me to wash and clean the shower tray of soap suds. It took a few minutes to tidy up, put the damp towels in the linen basket and clear away the soaps.

I found Jill sitting on the edge of the bed; her legs spread wide, a blissful look in her half closed eyes while Nitro lapped with some determination at her labia. Not wanting to break the spell, I stood in the doorway and watched as the door performed magic, his tongue bringing Jill to a crashing climax. She shuddered as it ripped through her and a sigh was quickly followed by a sharp intake of breath between her clenched teeth.

She pushed the dog's nose away and closed her legs to prevent him getting at her quim. Jill looked up and smiled a beauteous grin that was both wicked and conspirital at the same time.

"Jesus Rob, this dog really does know how to lick."

"So I see." The effect on me was instantly evident, my cock was pointing straight at her as if pointing in accusation. "You seem to enjoy it as well. Jill, it looks totally fucking hot, I don't mind telling you, better than watching a stranger fuck you."

"I meant to angle the mirror so I could see for myself." Her blush from her climax spread to her cheeks, an indicator if ever there was one, that she had really enjoyed herself.

"Funny he only does it when you've showered isn't it?" It was an observation I made. "But he likes your panties you say?"

"Hmm. You coming to bed or are you just going to point at me with that thing?" She looked down at my still hard dick and smiled coyly.

Needing no other invitation, I climbed on the bed, behind her and began to stroke her back. Jill loves her skin to be treated to a finger tip massage; it excites her nerve endings and heightens her receptiveness.

Jill began to relax back into me as my strokes covered her shoulders and then found her hardening nipples.

"Jill, spread your legs, I think Nitro wants to see how you taste after coming."

She hesitated for a second or so, but then slowly parted her legs to allow the dog access to her wet sex. He had sat at her feet, watching our prelude to sex with his head cocked to one side.

Nitro's interest in Jill came suddenly to the fore. He seemed to like her honey pot and, as her legs parted, his nose pushed further between her thighs until his tongue flicked out and covered her slit in one long lick that finished over her clit. His muscular tongue, was parting her lips, allowing him to get a little penetration into her hole before slipping over her exposed clit.

The effect on Jill was devastating. She shuddered as his tongue travelled between her labia and then physically jumped as he hit her clit. His pace was fairly slow, almost deliberate in this tasting over her.

She lent back against me, my chin against her neck as I watched Nitro give her the oral session to end all sessions. She shivered and convulsed, gasping as his tongue slicked her sex and lapped at her without pause. I kissed then nibbled her neck, a place that can do wonderful things to her. I guess the extra sensation did the trick, she squealed as an orgasm rippled through her ending in a quivering of her legs as she came hard.

Nitro, for his part, rewarded with her amber nectar, began to lick harder as if to make sure he got all of her essences.

"Rob ... Stop him please ... I can't take anymore." Jill managed to gasp out between ragged breaths.

I pilled her back from the edge of the bed and laid her across the top sheet while she calmed down from a high I had rarely seen her reach. She was almost unable to move under her own volition and I love the state nitro had caused her.

"Scoot." I told the dog, pointing at the door, but he did what he normally does when I tell him anything. He ignored me, but did stop questing after her sex and sat at the side of the bed on the floor.

I touched her lips, slipping a finger into her wet cunt, then lightly slipping over her clit, expecting great things, but Jill gasped that she needed a break for a minute. She did turn enough though, to grasp my cock and slip it between her teeth and bury my length in her mouth.

Trapping my flared head between her lips in a tight O, she started to rub my cock, wanking it into her mouth.

"Jill, stop or it will be too late." I love filling her mouth with my come, even watching as she plays with the sticky goo, pushing it out between her lips, only to suck it back in before swallowing my load. But we had only just started tonight and a quickie wasn't what I had in mind.

Jill had other plans though and ignored my warning, or at least, doing the opposite and sucking my cock deeply until her nose was pushing against my pubic hair. I couldn't last, in just a few seconds, my cock was exploding in her mouth, three, four and five strong spurts that seemed to force their way up my shaft and flood her mouth. Jill didn't even try to gargle or play with my come, she just swallowed the load and said thank you.

That was it for the night. Jill curled up into a foetal position and was asleep within a few seconds. I managed to cover her with the duvet and fell asleep beside her, uncovered, but quite happy.

"Good morning Baby." Jill's eyes were open, but it was a second or so until her brain caught up. "That was incredible wasn't it.

"Sorry Rob, after Nitro did what he did, I was so fucked, I was totally done for. I hope it didn't spoil it for you." A worried crease appeared at the corner of her eyes.

"Don't worry Baby, coming in your mouth is never a disappointment. Perhaps you will learn to control it over time." I hoped so. Although I love being sucked to completion, I also like to fuck Jill and I also wanted her clit on my tongue, but I had learned a lesson, not to compare or compete with the dog, she might see it as jealousy.

Part Three

Nitro nee Fido.

Of course, we talked about it the next day.

"Jill, it was really wonderful to see you so blasted. Nitro's tongue really does do the trick and, honestly, I so enjoyed what we did last night. So don't worry about me not getting my turn." Jill had been stressing a little, knowing that she had lost control so far, nobody else but her, got completely off. It wasn't an issue with me, but I would have a problem if this turn of events became the norm rather than the exception.

"Thanks Rob, but I know you didn't get any satisfaction. Nitro is just pleasing me, he isn't getting anything out of it either. I feel so selfish, but I truly was completely done for. Perhaps it was because it was the first time, who knows." She bit the corner of her lip, a sure indicator that she didn't feel comfortable at all.

"Look, we can call it a day with Nitro if you want. I can see you are worried and it isn't supposed to be something to worry about. Jill it's meant to be a bit of fun, let's not make a big thing out of it eh?"

"You must be kidding! I want more of Nitro and, if he is up for it, would love to finish him off in my mouth while you fuck me."

"Fuck me Jill! Have you seen the size of a dog's cock?" I doubted she had. "They ain't like a man; their cocks have a bone in them and then a fucking great big ball called a knot. Get it wrong and all kinds of things can go tits up." But, the picture was cast in my mind of Nitro's cock, all purple and veined with Jill's lips wrapped around it. And then, the picture changed again, in a natural progression, Jill was gripped in a tight embrace around her waist, while Nitro fucked into her.

"You know, I had a thought, why not try to get Nitro to fuck you; probably safer than you trying to swallow his cock." The idea gelled in my mind's eye. "Oh Jill, wouldn't it be great?" I didn't want to pressure her, but once the idea had propagated, it was hard to stop it. "But, only if you're up for it, of course."

She must have replayed the conversation back.

"You seem to know a lot about the anatomy of a dog. Where did you get to know about a dog having a bone in its dick?" She looked at me from the corner of her eye as if to seem uninterested, but I knew she was hanging on my reaction and answer to her question.

"Just type K9 into a search engine, you would be amazed at the amount of crap that comes up, but a few sites carry a 'how to' section, very informative." She visibly relaxes; her suspicion that her husband had some secret life was allayed. "It really is more common than you might think; millions of people are into sex with animals in a big way."

"Well anyway, we'll see how things go eh?" Jill was noncommittal, just as I expected her to be. I knew she would think about it for a day or two, but again, the seed was planted, watching it germinate was going to be an exquisite, but expectant wait.

Over the next few days and by not making it obvious, I watched Jill sizing up Nitro. I saw her glances that stared at his sheathed cock, estimating the size to which it might grow. Looking through the history of visited sites on the computer told me she had been doing her own research. I was a little amused at her reaction when he sat in front of her while she was watching the television. The tip of his cock, very pink and sharply pointed was poking out of its sheath, it mesmerised Jill, then, she licked her lips and I knew for certain, she almost tasted him. Her imagination was trying out the scenario; her reaction told me that the scene was quite pleasant. I'm no amateur Psychologist, but some reactions are all too obvious to be missed. The seed was growing and the time before it all happened was getting shorter.

Friday night in fact; D day as it were.

Jill and I had shared a bottle of Australian Shiraz and, with a pleasant buzz, decided to go to bed. She ran the shower and stepped in, soaping her self, raising mounds of white frothy bubbles and humming softly to her self. Picking up on the signs, I quickly followed her in, washed her back and held her as a prelude to sex.

We dried and went to bed naked, warm and relaxed. We lay on top of the quilt and cuddled, running finger tips over each others backs, causing goose bumps to rise that had nothing at all to do with a chill. We got over the frantic lead up to copulation years ago, preferring to bring each other to a readiness slowly, savouring each other in a sensuous crescendo that involved tongue, finger, lips and caresses that gradually brought climax. Screwing was the end result of a longer event that almost always resulted in a mutual orgasm.

Our fore play was well under way, Jill's breathing had become a little ragged when my fingers had found and teased her clit while I sucked on her nipple or kissed her neck.

Suddenly, Jill got up from our embrace and opened the bedroom door, leaving it wide. I could read her mind. If Nitro wanted to come in and join us, he would be welcome, but she wouldn't invite him in with a command. It was up to the dog.

She came back to join me and a few seconds later, the click of his paws could be heard coming across the laminated flooring that led to our room.

Although we were very aware of the dog sitting at the side of the bed, we carried on with our embrace as if ignoring him.

I guess he was feeling left out, because pretty soon, Nitro jumped up on the bed, a place he had never been before. His cold nose quested at Jill box, pushing my fingers aside so that his tongue could lap at her cunt and clit.

She gasped and flung her legs wide, allowing him easy access. His broad tongue went to work, lapping at her, exciting her labia into suffusion and heat. Her wetness evident on his nose as it appeared above her mound.

I thought I would let it go on for a short while. I didn't want Jill to come so hard that she would be useless for anything else. She shuddered in my arms, a sigh escaped her lips and then, perhaps knowing that the last time had been so devastating, she closed her legs so that he couldn't get to her sex. He tried though, and kept on licking at her neatly trimmed bush.

Jill patted the bed, inviting him to come up the bed. I watched, waiting to see what she had in mind. Nitro got the hint and started to lick at her nipple and then, he licked her cheek, then her mouth. Jill's lips parted and she got his tongue between her teeth in a French kiss. What I was seeing was so hot. Right in front of me, this dog was frenching my wife and she was obviously having a ball.

I thought I would take care of business at the other end and scooted down so I could get to work on her clit. From my new vantage, I had this sudden view of Jill's hand wrapped around Nitro's cock. She had pulled back his sheath and was stroking his darkly veined cock in a gentle grip. Nitro seemed to be quite comfortable with what she was doing because he stood quite still, allowing her hand to perform its magic.

With a raging hard on, I thought I would do the same for her. I began to finger fuck her slowly while my eyes were riveted to what she was doing to Nitro's growing cock.

Jill was soaked. Her juices were flowing freely, slicking her lips and my fingers as they slid into her gash and teased her already engorged clit. She was moaning in that guttural way she has when words or anything else, are beyond her.

Nitro was still reaming her tonsils, lapping at her mouth while his cock had grown to a length that surpassed mine by a few inches. His haunches were beginning to hump, his back arching so that his genitalia was pushed forward. Each flick of my finger tip over Jill's clit was making her shudder. She was coming in a constant production of her natural lubricant, her aroma invading my sinuses, telling me, at a subliminal level, that she was more than ready to mate.

Suddenly, she scooted down, disregarding the ministrations of my fingers and Nitro's tongue. She turned on her side, pulling the dog down until his sharp cock was nudging her lips.

"Rob, you had better fuck me now or I swear to god, I will kill you." She opened her mouth and stuffed as much of Nitro's dick between her teeth as she could manage while she grasped the remaining length in her fist.

I didn't need any encouragement. Slipping down over the sheets and with my feet hanging off the end of the bed, I pushed my cock between her ass cheeks and, with the help of my fingers reaching around her thigh, managed to shove my cock into her willing and wanting cunt. She was so wet; there was no resistance at all. All of my cock slid into her and I fucked her as hard as I could. By supporting my head on a crooked arm, I could watch her sucking Nitro. His cock had reached a proportion that I couldn't imagine a dog of his medium size would hide. It must have been all of nine inches and God knows what in circumference. Then, right at the base of this massive weapon was an expanded ball, covered in purple veins that looked about the size of a tennis ball.

Without forethought, and knowing what it is that triggers a dog's ejaculation, I reached over and formed an 'O' behind his knot and squeezed in gentle pulses. It was the necessary signal his instinctive brain was waiting for. It had been tricked into thinking he was tied. His humps became sporadic and less pronounced as a steady stream of hot come shot from him and into Jill's mouth. There was far more than she could handle, it hit the back of her throat and was pushed out by her tongue that was working hard to eject as much as possible, but I could see her throat muscles swallowing what didn't pulse out between her lips.

I defy any man to hold on in a situation like that. Although I had stopped fucking into Jill a little while back, my cock had stayed deep inside her. It twitched and suddenly, my own load was emptying into Jill. The ejaculation was almost painful in the need to fill her womb.

That was it for the night. The hottest session we had enjoyed together and the most fulfilling and satisfying. Nitro licked Jill's cheeks clean of his come before jumping down off the bed to clean him self.

I admit to doing absolutely nothing apart from throwing an arm over Jill and dropping off into a sleep that resembled the dead.

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