Man's Best Friend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Zoophilia, First, Bestiality,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I know you all have heard the phrase; "Man's best friend," which refers to dog. Well, in this story you will see how our dog has just become this woman's best friend.

I know you all have heard the phrase; "Man's best friend," which refers to dog. Well, in this story you will see how our dog has just become this woman's best friend.

After my divorce, I acquired the house, a large two bedroom, Victorian style home. I am sole occupant, except for one cute, rambunctious, delightful, three year old Boston Terrier, named, "Roue." I decide to dog-sit him while my son is in the military.

Roue is a well trained dog, he barks when he needs to go outside, guards the house like a big German Shepard, biting any one who dares to enter our domain with out my approval. So I didn't worry when I left the house to go to work at eleven pm, because I knew that when I returned, the house would be safe.

After work, it is not unusual for me to come home, enter, place my keys on the dish where I always kept them, and then let the dog out. Once he is finished I let him in and feed him. I would then kick my shoes off, walk down to the utility room, strip and throw my uniform into the washer, then put on my robe and go see what there is to fix for breakfast.

This particular day, I was horny as hell and decide to leave the robe off. Many times, I would do that because the suspense of someone seeing me heightens my orgasms. My nipples are rock hard, my bush drenched, and I could smell my arousal in the air.

I went into the bedroom and pick up one of the x-rated magazine I had which has erotic letters in it. Next, I walk down the hall to sit in my favorite chair in the living room, next to an open half-secluded window.

As I thumb through the pages, I discover a story about two women, which by the way is one of my favorite masturbating fantasies.

I began reading. With each paragraph I read, my arousal went into high gear. Each nipple is so fucking hard; I swear if anyone bit them they'd break off. My cunt is so drenched that the juices are running down both thighs. I can feel the clit, throbbing, begging for me to touch, pinch and pull it.

I pause from reading, and ran my hands across my breast, moaning in pure delight. I then started tantalizing the left nipple, pulling at it and rolling it between my index finger and thumb. While I did that, the other one, slid down to my wanting pussy, with a caress that's light as a feather. I start to shake uncontrollably with desire.

With shaky fingers, I then ran the index finger through my slit, covering it with the sweet nectar. After that I brought the liquid-laden digit to my mouth, sucking it, and savoring the taste.

As my hands tantalize me, my eyes went back to reading the hot story. With each word, my fingers work their magic; toying, pulling, probing, and pinching me, closer to climax.

All the sudden I feel this cold nose on my thigh. When I look down, I froze, there was Roue. At first I thought he's telling me he needs to go outside once more. However, before I can react or say anything, his tongue is zeros in on my pussy.

Oh God, I don't know what to do, my mind is a blur of excitement and fear. It is then I recall a story I once read about a dog doing this woman, sexually. I remembered that it said they are very attracted to a female, not just her sexual arousal, but during her menses. One thing they love to do is lap the pussy and ass, bringing the woman to orgasm.

"Could he, would he, make me cum?" Damn-it, it's been a long time since I had human-cock or even been eaten.

I decide to just lean back and see what happens. I talk reassuring to the dog, "Good boy, Roue, that's it, keeping eating momma's cunt."

He seems to sense what I want and need. He begins tongue-fucking me, his long rough tongue, going inside me like a jack hammer, as if he cannot get enough of my sweet nectar.

I close my eyes, threw my head back and squeal, "Oh-my-God! Keep it up baby, nice boy you're making momma feel good!"

I watch him in awe. It is then notice that his small five inch cock sliding out of its sheath, swelling, glistening with juices, throbbing visibly.

I ask myself, "Wonder if he'd let me touch, play and suck that fucking cock, mmm!!!!"

The dog's tongue slips from my pussy and began to clean my ass that did it! I reach down slid my fingers across my clit once, and climax, harder then I have ever done.

After I calm down a bit, I look for Roue. When I spot him, he is sitting kind of leaning back, so his cock is fully exposed. Not only is he whining, but licking his cock.

My eyes go wild with lust and I tremble, because his cock is so hard, that even the knot is out of the sheath.

I then tell myself, "Why not bring him some pleasure, after all he did make momma cum?"

I get out of the chair and slid down next to Roue on the floor. I speak to him calmly as I scratch his tummy, going closer to his cock with each stroke. Then I touch his slimy, pulsating cock, slowly grasping it, and then pausing, to watch his reaction.

"Does that feel good boy?"

His eyes, drooling tongue and whining told me it was safe to continue. I stroked it harder this time, and he begin to hump my hand.

I feel my clit throbbing and the juices run down my legs once more as I get aroused by my actions. I slid one hand to my pussy and continue to stroke Roue's cock. I then bravely leaned forward, stuck my tongue out and licked the cock.

"MMM," it tasted, gooey, salty, and not much different than human cock."

I then decide to help him cum, I would have let the dog fuck me, but at the time didn't know how, and my fear of the unknown stopped me. I lick, suck, and stroke his cock, as my fingers rub my clit frantically.

I can see by his actions, panting, and humping of his hips, Roue wants to cum. "But, how do I do that," I ask myself. I then remember that I need to squeeze his knot for him to climax.

With a calm voice I ask, "Hey sweety, want momma to help you cum?"

So why rubbing my clit, I did just that ... squeezed his knot. Oh-My-God!! I have never seen so much cum, not only did he fill my mouth, it overflows and covers, the whole front side, and the rug.

I react with a violent climax. I lay there panting and relishing in my new experience. As for Roue, he moves and starts licking his cum off me.

When he comes to my pussy; once again his marvelous tongue causes me to have another earth-shattering climax.

After that, I let him out into the fenced in yard and head down the hallway to take a shower.

I shower, dry off, and put on my terry cloth robe. I then proceeded to the kitchen and fixed me something light to eat, because I am going to bed soon.

After I eat, I let Roue in and head toward my bedroom. For once I am actually tired and sleepy. He follows me, like he always does, probably wondering if this time, he gets sleep with mommy, as usually Roue sleeps by the bed on his pillow.

I drop the robe, climb on bed, and snuggle up underneath the covers. I then look over at Roue, who has one of the saddest faces, I ever seen.

I smirk, and then pat the side of the bed, "Come here baby, you deserve to sleep next to momma now."

Roue jumps on the bed, snuggles up to me and soon we are both asleep. I don't know if dog's dream, but I know that I'm dreaming about what I will do next with Roue.

"Wow talk about man's best friend, Roue is now my best friend."

Ever since that day, when I had my first baestiality experience, my dog Roue, now sleeps next to me on the bed.

I'd gone to bed that particular night naked, because my body was still charged from my first bestiality experience. Due to the fact the humidity was high; I didn't even cover myself up. I soon fell asleep and began to dream of what Roue and I could do in the future.

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