Wishbone: Student Teaching
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Mind Control, Magic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The devil sends 18 year old Kyle the magical wishbone, on the condition that he teach his high school math teacher a special lesson.

"I've graded your final exams and most of you are to be congratulated, ' Ms. Moran announced."If you've passed my class then statistics show you've most likely passed all the rest of your classes and will be graduating next week and going on to great things, no doubt, and never have to see me again."

Kyle's stomach sank. She had said most. He knew if anyone hadn't passed, it would be him.

"But three of you apparently want to spend more quality time with me," she said with an evil smirk. "If your score is circled in red, you'll need to meet with me after school today so we can develop a strategy to get you out of here before you're eligible for social security."

Three. Well at least he wouldn't be alone with the bitch. Hell, maybe Kyle would luck out and at least one of them would be a hot chick. It'd be ironic if summer school with Moran got him laid. At least Kyle was pretty sure it was ironic. He was failing English too, so it was hard to be sure.

Kyle slouched through his last class after receiving his failed exam from the scowling teacher and then slumped to his locker, dreading the after school meeting. He was so depressed that he nearly failed to notice the tiny, naked man in a top hat sitting on the shelf of his locker reading his copy of Playslut.

When Kyle did notice the imp, however, he was understandably startled.

"Holy fuck!" he exclaimed.

The little man looked up from his reading.

"Oh, there you are!" he exclaimed in a voice like the squashing of fat insects. "I was beginning to think they gave me wrong directions."

He stood and Kyle couldn't help but notice that the thing had no genitals. It cleared its throat and spoke with formality:

"Mr. Kyle Philips, I have been authorized by His Infernal Majesty, Lucifer Morningstar, Lord of Hell and Master of Magics, to present to you The Magical Wishbone."

The imp raised his hat and removed a small bone from it. It would have fit in the palm of Kyle's hand, but it was as long than the imp's forearm.

"Should you accept this offer, you, Kyle Philips, will have magical power over the minds and bodies of all the children of Adam, to mold and shape them as you will. You may wield the Wishbone for as long as you maintain it in your possession."

And then he started speaking much more rapidly:

"The Wishbone shall remain the property of Hades Incorporated and shall be returned upon demand to any authorized representative of said corporation. Hades Incorporated makes no warrantee, express or implied, on the consequences of wishes made using The Wishbone. Side effects of using The Wishbone may include exaggerated libido, rapid degeneration of morality, and loss of one's immortal soul. If use of The Wishbone causes an erection lasting more than 4 hours, the user should seek the attention of a naughty nurse or other kinky medical professional."

"Huh?" Kyle asked.

"Sorry, kid," he said. "In my profession I tend to work with a lot of lawyers. The jargon tends to rub off on you after a while. Anyway, you want the Wishbone or what?"

"What is it?" he asked.

The imp sighed impatiently.

"Satan's severed pinky bone. You hold it and make wishes about people and they come true. Just people. Doesn't work on inanimate objects, plants, animals, angels, demons or any such thing what don't fall under the category of 'Children of Adam' like I said. There are profound theological-type reasons for this that I'm sure you wouldn't be the least bit interested in. Look kid, just take the thing in your sweaty little hand and wish for those four skanks to come back and show you their tits.

Kyle turned and saw that the four senior cheerleaders had just waked by in uniform. His cock immediately advised him to go for it, as crazy as it sounded. He grabbed the bone and wished for the girls to turn around and show him their tits. All at once, they turned about and lifted up their tops. Fay Elgar wasn't wearing a bra!

The cheerleaders looked very confused and blushed furiously. 'This is so cool!' thought Kyle. Suddenly, all four girls grinned. "This is so cool!" they exclaimed in tandem. They wiggled their tits at Kyle, clearly enjoying giving the show as much as Kyle was enjoying getting it.

"What do you girls think you're doing!" an angry voice exclaimed.

Kyle turned about and saw Ms. Moran barreling down the hallway.

His heart leapt in his throat. He wished the teacher would go away. She didn't. She kept on coming. Kyle looked in his hand. The bone was gone. So was the little man. Shit.

"We're showing Kyle our titties," Fay explained.

"It's so cool," Tammy Kilgore elaborated.

"Cover yourselves this instant!" the rotund teacher demanded.

The cheerleaders pouted but complied.

"You!" Moran said, turning on Kyle. "You get to my classroom this instant. You're in enough trouble already. Tell Christine and Erika I'll be there once I take these four to the principal's office. The very idea!"

Kyle watched the dejected cheerleaders be led away by the teacher and felt his heart sink. Such a lost opportunity! Fay turned about half way down the hall and flashed him again, but Moran grabbed her by the ear and turned her back around.

"So, kid, you want it?" came the voice like squashing insects from his locker.

Kyle turned about and found the little daemon with the bone under his arm.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck yes I want it!" he exclaimed. "I want them! All four of them!"

"What, you don't want the old bitch as well?" the daemon asked.

"What? Eeew!" Kyle exclaimed. "That's disgusting!"

The imp shook his head.

"You just don't grasp the power of this little thing yet, kid," he said. "You can mold her into anything you want, as long as it's still human. You could make her look just like this hot Chinese tramp in your tittie mag just by wishing it. Hell, you could make her believe she IS the centerfold. You could make her into anyone you want to. And I highly recommend it, as she is the reason that His Infernal Majesty decided to send it to you at this particular moment."

"Really?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, well, Old Scratch was trying to tempt her best friend in college into becoming a slut thirty years ago and Hillary Moran turned out to be the most effective cock-blocker in the history of the game," the imp explained. "He tends to hold grudges. If you were to do Him this favor, I'm sure he'd find some way to reward you."

"And I can use it on anyone else too, right?" Kyle asked.

"Most definitely!" said the imp. "Long as their human, go for it! You can practice on those two cunts in Moran's room until the bitch gets back! Have yourself a great time. Just try not to fuck so much you forget to eat."

Kyle grinned and held out his hand. The imp placed the small bone in his palm. It felt warm and alive. And then the little man was gone. Kyle chuckled, clasped the bone in his fist, and headed for Hillary Moran's classroom.

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