The Club

by jack08180

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: I'm on the hunt for some fast and dirty action to satisfy my desires. A college nightclub provided something different, but filled the need just as well

It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Drunken college girls trying to play hard to get with drunken college guys. It didn't take much effort to have my pick of them, but the problem with college girls is that after you have a couple; they are all pretty much the same.

Not that I minded college pussy, but it gets boring. Hell, I lived with a college girl and fucked the hell out of her every night. Dani was different though. How many other girls would not just allow, but encourage me to go out and fuck other women? She was at a study group tonight for finals, which is how I ended up at the crowded club full of these damn kids. Eh, at least the scenery was nice.

Then I spied my prey. You can always tell the one's that don't quite belong in a place. There was a circle of women that looked just a tad bit too old to be in a club like this. You can also tell that they didn't belong because they weren't making active attempts to get the attention of the guys around them. I studied them for a second and got confirmation when I saw the flash on her finger. Married girls. Never quite made it to or through college, but too young to sit at home. By the way that everyone was hovered around this one girl, it had to be her birthday. Girls' night out. This was going to be fun.

I kicked back for a while and watched. This one definitely had a body to put against anyone in this room. I had never seen a black dress stuck to a figure like that before. I would bet money that there wasn't a damn thing under it other than an expensive push up bra either. Short girl, long blond hair, great legs and a huge smile, slightly tilted by one too many drinks. The way that this girl was dropping Patron shots, she was going to have a hard time standing before too long.

Eventually the circle moved to the dance floor. Something about groups of drunk women on the dance floor that gets a lot of attention, and many pairs of eyes followed them. All of them had been drinking plenty, so they had little problem with the guys that made attempts to dance with them. Watching drunken college guys trying to dance is entertainment all in itself.

She was a bit more subdued than the rest of her friends. I didn't know if it was because she was more drunk than they were, or just in her own world. Luckily for me, a thumping techno song came on and I made my way over.

Without a word, I moved up behind her, slowly sliding my hand around that tiny waist and pulling her against me. She stiffened for a moment and looked over her shoulder at me. Her huge green eyes met mine and I smiled and gave her a wink and she relaxed, turning back around and pressing back against me.

I held her firmly and started to move, my bulge pushed firmly against her tight ass as we began to sway. I glanced over her shoulder at her friends across from us, who had quite amused and appreciative looks on their faces.

She reached one hand up and grabbed my hair, the other hand going back and grasping my ass firmly as we rocked together. Her back arched and she shoved her ass back on me harder, as if she was trying to fuck me through out clothes. I responded in kind, tightening my grip on her waist and pulling her back on me harder. Her motion changed, her ass moving in circles and I dropped my hand down in between her legs, rubbing her thigh firmly and slowly moving it North. Her grip on my hair tightened and I knew that she was mine.

"Bathroom. Now." I commanded in her ear and she nodded, her nails raking across my ass as I moved away. I pushed my way through the crowd and checked over my shoulder to see her still behind me.

I grabbed her hand and pushed my way through the bathroom door. A scrawny college kid looked up at me and I shot him a snarl as I shoved her into a stall and closed the door behind us.

I moved closer to her like a lion stalking a lamb and she smiled a seductively drunk smile. I grabbed her head and kissed her firmly, tasting the Patron on her breath. She met me hungrily, her nails running up and down my back as I gripped that tight ass in my hands. This girl was definitely ready for some action. She moaned in disappointment as I pulled away, but I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around, shoving her back against the wall and pressing against her like we had done on the dance floor. She giggled a little and purred as my crotch found her ass again, my hands dropping down, finding the bottom of her dress and working it up.

"Where are your panties you naughty girl?" I whispered into her ear as the black fabric made it over the swell of her ass.

"Lines suck." She replied with a drunken giggle.

"I agree. And they just seem to get in the way." I said, the side of my hand sliding up and down her asscrack.

She purred, leaning her head towards me, her long blond hair spilling down in a beautiful contrast against her black back. I hooked a finger around and teased her pussy a bit and her volume increased. I leaned back in to her ear.

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