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Desc: Sex Story: A frat guy gets hit on by a party--by a girl who explains that it's her civic duty to have as many kids as possible. Twisted Quotient: 1/5. Surprise ending, but nothing special.

"Hey," she said, smiling at me as I stood against the wall. We were at one of my frat's parties to kick the year off. Nothing special, just this one didn't have a whole lot of people, and I had gotten a bit bored. So I was a little surprised when this girl walked up to me.

"Hey," I replied. She was definitely sexy. She was a little shorter than me, probably 5'4 or so, with her brown hair cut short. Her body looked a little athletic, and was nicely toned; her breasts were a definite C cup, and looked fabulous, even through the blouse she had on. Beyond that, it was a cute skirt.

"I'm Jane." She extended the hand that wasn't holding a drink and I shook it lightly.

"I'm Jake." Then it hit me, why she seemed so familiar. "Weren't you at one of these parties last year?" She nodded, mischief in her eyes. "But you were pregnant!"


I gave her another look-over, and her body did not show the signs of having been pregnant: she was still lithe and toned. But it did explain her breasts. She smiled at my gaze. "So, um..." I wondered. "Where is it?"

She pushed up close to me, one of her legs sliding between mine. I didn't smell any alcohol on her breath: she was completely sober. "I'd like to talk about that in private, if you know what I mean." She whispered it into my ear calmly.

I took another drink, trying to think of what to say. "Uh ... what?"

"You. Me. Your bedroom." She tugged at me slightly with her hands. What the hell, I didn't need more coaxing.

She smiled at me coyly as we wandered through the main room and up the stairs, to my bedroom. Several of my frat brothers gave me covert thumbs-ups. This early in the year, and I was already going to score!

When we got to my room, she closed the door and then kissed me full on the lips. I returned the kiss, amazed that this amazingly hot woman wasn't drunk. We took a few halting steps backwards together, then she pushed me back onto my bed, and fell on top of me, continuing to kiss me, her hands running down my sides.

"Aren't you going a bit fast?" I asked as she stopped kissing me to nibble on my neck.

"Nope," she replied. "It's my civic duty."

"What?" I asked, pushing her back a little. "And what's up with the baby?"

She laughed softly and climbed off of me, letting me sit up. "I guess I should explain, then."

"Explain what? Why you were pregnant and are still hitting up a guy at a frat party?"

"Yeah, that too. Yes, I was pregnant last year ... the baby was born June 15th, and I haven't been laid since."

"What about the father? What about the kid?"

"I'm not that kind of girl."

"Then what kind of girl are you?"

"One who helps people." At my confused expression, she continued. "You see, when I was twelve, my doctor told me I was hyperfertile."


"It's a condition that runs in families: my mother was the same way, and so was her mother. It's really easy for us to become pregnant."

"Okay, and?"

"A few months later, I learned about abortions. Did you know that there were over a million abortions last year, alone?"

"No." Didn't this girl want to have sex with me a few seconds earlier? What the hell?

"Yet there are over a million couples out there who are trying to have children, but can't. It's so unfair!"

"Yeah, I guess."

"That's when I realized that I could do my part."


"You see, it's really easy for me to get pregnant. And there are lots of good, loving parents out there who want to adopt children."

I nodded, seeing it come together. "Okay."

"So I had sex with a boy down the street a couple of times--he gave me fifty bucks for it, which was a lot to me back then--and sure enough, I got pregnant. My parents about flipped until I explained it to them."

"Wait, you were what? Twelve?"

"Thirteen. When I had the kid, we gave it up for adoption to a good, loving family. On my fourteenth birthday, I went on fertility drugs."

"Fertility drugs at fourteen? How'd they let you?"

"My mother lied and said they were for her. My parents had a friend who was into young girls, but was a really smart guy, so I had sex with him ... ended up with triplets, each to a different family. But that was a pretty hard birth, so my parents took me back off the fertility drugs."


"Basically, I went through high school pregnant all the time. I was known as the girl who put out--without a condom--but had high standards. I wasn't sure who the father was for two pregnancies."

"High standards?"

"Yeah. I graduated valedictorian of my high school--and I was eight months pregnant when I gave my speech," she giggled. "And I'm sitting at a 3.91 GPA right now. I'm a pretty smart gal, and my family's really healthy: no major diseases or anything. Adopting parents like that."

"And so the father..."

"Also has to be a pretty smart guy. I only have sex with the ones who would make good kids with me."

"So you have sex with several guys--"

"Now I usually just stick with one until I'm pregnant," she said.


"Less jealousy. And it makes filling out the paperwork easier."

"So you have sex, get pregnant, and then deliver the baby..."

"And give it up for adoption immediately! Yep!"

"With no child support or anything?"

"No ... the adoption papers require reporting of the health of the mother, and they like health of the father ... but part of the whole process is signing it off. I never see the kid again, and the father knows his genes are spread somewhere. And a couple that really wanted a child now has one. Everyone wins."

"Don't you ... want to meet them eventually?"

"Maybe. I plan on doing this until I can't have kids anymore."

"So if I may ask, how many have you had?"

She counted on her fingers, mentally adding them up. "Ten--no, eleven. I had another set of twins in there--that's the one I graduated high school with."

"Wow. That's a lot of babies."

"Most family a hundred years ago tried for that many kids, but the women didn't survive. We have better medical technology now, so I'm always fine."

"And guys still want to have sex with you?"

"Hey, I put out, and you know there's no protection. That's a big deal."

"What about diseases?" That was sitting on my mind.

"Never had a problem. I figure any guy that knows he's making a kid wouldn't let me if he had something. I figure you're clean, right?"


"Good. I saw you give a presentation last year in physics, and I knew you had to be the next father."

"Why me?"

"You're smart, you get good grades, and you're healthy. Plus, you're sexy."

"Good to know."

"So do you want to, then?"

"Want to what?"

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