Where Angels Fear to Tread
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - David Stewart was a fallen angel. God had kicked him down from heaven, sticking him in with the chaos of humanity and expected him to go and reearn his wings. Along the way, he meets some very interesting people. Will he earn his wings or will the love of the right woman keep him here?

He landed hard, the thudding jolt of the sidewalk hurt and made him clench his teeth. Standing, he brushed at the jeans that he wore and the long trench coat that fell to about his knees.

"Why here?" he said, knowing the one he was talking to was listening.

"Because here is where you are needed."

The voice came from behind him and he spun, staring at the tiny girl in a very frilly little dress, tiny white gloves on her hands and black patent leather shoes on her feet.

David burst out laughing, flicking his finger at one of the big sausage style curls on the tyke's head. "Nice, do you do talking dogs as well?" he grinned.

"If I did, it would be to bite your ass," the little girl told him, a sweet smile upon her face.

"I expected burning bushes and plagues that would wipe out millions and you give me this?"

"Plagues can be boring," the girl said softly. "Mankind is too close to wiping itself out as it is, they don't need my help."

"Then why send me down here. Why now?"

"You're unhappy," the girl said. "When you're unhappy, you cause mischief and I'm trying to stop it this time. I have a plan for you, David Stewart. But first, you need this." She opened her small white purse with her gloved hands and pulled out a ticket. "When you finish, I will show you your next task," she said, holding up the ticket. David took it, not too surprised to see the girl disappear.

"A train ticket? You kick me out of heaven, throw me down to wade through this sorry lot we call humanity and you leave me with nothing more than a fucking train ticket?" He turned a complete circle, waiting for a response that wasn't coming. "What the hell," he growled, kicking at a small stone that sat on the sidewalk. "I might as well play along until he comes to his senses and let's me back in."

Going to the nearest store window, he checked out his reflection, smiling and then frowning. Brown eyes stared back at him, wide spaced with heavy lashes any woman would kill to have. A slender nose sat atop firm but full masculine lips. Evenly spaced white teeth peeped from between his lips as he smiled. He ran a hand through the dark hair that was a bit long and too shaggy for his liking, but he'd adjust. It wasn't as if he'd bent sent own here to get a fucking haircut.

Of course, knowing the deity that had so suddenly kicked him out of the pearly gates, you never knew. "God and his fucking sense of humor," he hissed, seeing a woman behind him in the reflection cover her mouth and move quickly away from him.

"Okay, train. I have to catch the train." He turned, taking off at a quick gait, his long legs eating up the ground. Soon he was in the train station and sitting on one of the benches staring at the disreputable people who called the place home. "Why do you have to hassle me so much when these people need help?" he hissed under his breath even though he knew the answer. Free will, it was something that He firmly believed in. But it didn't look like free will had done much for these people. It seemed as if their will had been stripped off them and now they sat day after day, never trying to do anything more than make it through that day.

He was so glad when his train was called that he almost danced his way down to the right track. "Thank God," he said, climbing onto the train. He handed the conductor his ticket and moved down the seats, finally taking one. But he didn't sit long. David had been put here for a reason and he had to find it. "Okay, God," he whispered, "bring it on."

He changed cars, stepping between them easily enough. The train sounded the loudest between the cars and he closed the door behind him quickly. Looking at the first seat, he saw a petite redhead, her eyes concentrating on the darkness outside the window.

"How could I be so stupid and gullible?" she whispered.

"It definitely is a human flaw," he said, waiting for her to look up at him. "Is this seat taken?" he waved his hand at the seat across from her.

"No," the woman said. She seemed to be trying to control her tears and not succeeding very well.

"Mind if I sit then?" he asked.

"If you're going to try and pick me up, then yes, I do mind. I've had it with men. I'm swearing off of them."

Her rage and hurt was very apparent, the red in her aura almost blaring at him. "Maybe it might help if you got some of it off your chest?" He asked, sitting own from her and crossing his long legs. "I'm David Stewart, by the way. He held his hand out and she took it as if she had no choice not to.

Kenna McEwen," she said then she started to hunt through her purse for a tissue.

He stuck his hand deep into his pocket and pulled out a clean white handkerchief. "Here," he said, holding it out to here.

She blew her nose and then wiped her eyes, stuffing the handkerchief into her pocket. "If you give me an address, I wash it and get it back to you."

"No," he said quickly. "That's okay. I have a drawer full of them." Not exactly the truth but she didn't need to know his problems. She seemed to have her own. "It's one of those Christmas gifts that you get every year from your Aunt of your Grandma. Half of them are still in the package," he grinned. "So, Kenna McEwen, what has your Irish up?"

"I just found my fiancé with another woman," she said, though it came out half growled. "Nadia," she spat the name as if it tasted bad in her mouth. "How could he have done this to me?"

David closed his eyes and read her mind, seeing what she'd seen that had sent her running out of the house and onto this train to a Godforsaken place like Michigan. "Did you find them in bed together?" he asked softly, already knowing the answer.

"No, they were in the Salon," she said. "She was sitting on his lap and his hand was on her leg. Her lipstick was on his mouth."

"So all he did was kiss her?"

"That was enough, don't you think?" she snarled. "Don't tell me you're on his side."

I don't know either of you well enough to take sides, Kenna," David said, leaning forward and pulling his overcoat around him more. "But I do think you should have stayed and let him have a chance to explain. There could have been circumstances that you know nothing about," he said.

"What circumstances?" she asked. "You tell me what circumstances that could have put her sitting on his lap with her lipstick on his mouth. Give me one good circumstance, Mr. Stewart."

"Does his mother like you or even approve of you and your relationship?" he asked the upset girl.

"N-No," she said, pulling out his hanky once more to dry the new tears that seemed to never stop leaking out her eyes.

"Then do you think she and this Nadia could have set up this whole thing to get rid of you?"

"That doesn't explain why he was just sitting there and why he didn't come after me when I left?"

David smiled, she was beginning to calm down and think about what he was saying, maybe he was sent to help her find the truth. "Did you see his eyes?" he asked.

"No, I was a little distracted by the red lipstick on his lips. What o his eyes have anything to do with this?" Her brows lifted and a line appeared between them as she thought about what he was saying.

"Maybe, and I do just mean maybe, someone spiked his drink with something." David said softly, hoping this wouldn't start her going again with the tears. Crying women drove him nuts.

"Who would do something like that? I can't see his mother being apart of that even if she hates me. She still loves her son very much. Nicky would disown her if she even thought to be a part of something like that."

"Well, what about what's her name, ahhh, Nadia? Would she do it to Nicky?" Come on girl, he thought, put two and two together and for once get four.

"I-I don't know. Our first meeting didn't go too well. She brushed me off as being inconsequential and I told her to keep her manicure claws off of my fiancé. I should have torn her hair out," she snarled.

"Can you think of any other reason that Nicky would allow her to touch him like that? You can't think he'd do that to you on purpose," David said. He sat forward and took her hands in his. "This all comes down to a matter of trust, Kenna. Do you trust this Nicky? Can you trust him enough to let him explain and give him a chance to tell you his side?"

Her hands were cold and he warmed them with his while she thought. He broke into her thoughts, asking the only question that really mattered. "Do you trust him?"

"Yes," she said, "but..."

"No, no buts," he said. "You need to hold onto that trust for him and not lose hope." He stood, giving her hands one last squeeze before letting them go. "You'll be okay now?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, sniffling. "Thank you."

"You're more than welcome, Kenna. He looked into her pretty green eyes, staring deeply. Her soul was barren and he allowed a little of his own to warm hers, knowing that a barren soul was lost for hope or anything else. He smiled one last time before pulling away from her and turning to head down the aisle. He'd barely taken two steps when he fell and warm water surrounded him. He coughed, finding the bottom of the swimming pool with his feet and standing up.

"Dammit, this isn't funny," he growled, looking around to find the one responsible for this.

She was sitting on the side of the pool, about twenty-two with a rack just made for a man's hands. "Nice," he said, staring up and down at the deity. A tiny bikini covered what was necessary and made the suit just this side of indecent. "You know, you keep coming to find me looking like that, I might get to like this thing you seem to think I have to do."

She was blonde, he noted now that he could tear his gaze from her rack. "You handled that admirably," she said in a voice that sounded like smoke and soft jazz.

"Thanks," David said. "But you didn't give me this dunking just to tell me that."

"I thought you might want to see what you helped do, just by a few kind words to a stranger," she rose and he groaned, a part of his anatomy that hadn't been used since his death standing up and taking notice.

"Whoa, I remember this," he said softly. "Lust, one of your mortal sins."

The blonde rolled her eyes and before his eyes changed to a three hundred pound housewife, but still wearing the same tiny bikini.

"You had to ruin a good thing, didn't you," David said, "Please," he said, before my eyes melt."

The blonde was back but now she was wearing a nurse's uniform and she walked into a hospital room. "Can they see me?" David asked.

"No, so keep it quiet."

"I do," Nicky said, smiling down at the petite redhead who lay in the hospital bed.

"So they do get back together. I thought they would." David walked out of the room, feeling a warmth he hadn't felt in a long while.

"Yes, they got back together and their son that she's carrying even now is going to do grand things for this world."

"What, is he going to develop a better tasting lubricant for those dry years?" David started walking down the hall only to find himself once more ending up in water. He put his feet down sending the water splashing out of his eyes with a shake of his head. "God, dammit all, what is your deal?"

"Just making sure you're listening, David." The blonde stood next to the pool and watched as he got to the side and heaved himself out of the pool

"I don't have much choice but to listen, now do I?" he asked, standing up and towering over the slender blonde.

"I'm glad you see it my way," she said. She reached behind her back and pulled out another ticket.

"What's this?" David growled, afraid to handle it with his wet hands. He pulled off the unneeded overcoat and draped it over a chair but there wasn't much he could do about the wet tee shirt and jeans, or his boots that made a squelching sound with every step he took.

"It's a ticket," she said, giving a little giggle that made her breasts jiggle and that caught David's eyes.

"I know it's a ticket," he said to her boobs, "but what's it for?"

God sighed. David was impossible. Slowly he changed until he was a sixty year old man whose beer belly hung like an awning over his dick. He burped, and David took a step back.

"I hate it when you do that," he growled.

"Well, I hate being thought of as nothing but a pair of boobs," he said, burping again while scratching at his rather bulging belly.

"Fine, just give me the assignment and send me on my way, preferably with some clean, dry clothes." He took the ticket out of the old man's hand, reading it. "Ick, a bus this time? Do you know what kind of people ride buses?"

"The kind that are going to be your assignment. Don't blow this one," he said before turning to walk away, at the last minute waving his hand and drying David's clothes. "Hurry up, you're going to miss the bus."

David glanced down at the ticket and then up. The pool was gone, the backyard with its grilling equipment an sand box were gone. He was standing next to a bus, people behind him pushing as he'd stopped dead to get his equilibrium back. He hurriedly got on the bus and sat down about half way back. Scanning the passengers that came on behind him, he waited to see if he could figure out what God expected of him this time.

She was a brunette with big baby blue eyes and a body that was made for sin. She even smelled sinful as she stepped onto the bus, her eyes roaming over the quickly filling seats. As she walked toward him, David smiled lazily, his brown eyes scoping out the entire package. Her hair was long, straight as a pin and left loose around her shoulders. She wore a tank top that looked at least one size too small, straining across her breasts, the logo for a beer company drawing the eyes there, as if that were necessary. Tight jeans looked almost painted on and she was wearing biker boots with a thick silver chain like an anklet around one of the boots.

She stopped when she got to his side. "Anyone sitting her?" Her voice was husky and sent a shiver down his spine and straight into his groin.

"You are," he said.

She gave him a halfway crooked smile as she slid into the leather seat and sat back. "Carlie Romberg," she said, holding out her hand.

He took it, holding it gently. "David Stewart." When she tried to take her hand back, he let it go slowly. "So Carlie Romberg, what are you doing on this bus?"

"Oh this and that," she answered noncommittally. "Probably more this than that."

"Me too," he said, chuckling. "I'm a big fan of this."

"Yeah but that can have its rare moments as well." She laughed huskily and he leaned closer. He could only hope that this beauty was his assignment. "So where are you heading?"

"Oh," she sat up in the seat as the bus started to move, "that way."

David thought of using the powers he'd been given to find out more about this lithe beauty but decided it would be more fun the simple old fashioned way. Talking did have it's good points and two of those were looking lush and braless sitting right next to him. "So who's waiting for you that way?" he asked.

"Mom and dad," she said. "Dad had a heart attack and mom can't handle his care on her own."

"That's so good of you," he said, "giving up your freedom to go and help our your folks."

She rolled her gorgeous blue eyes. "Not really. If I don't then they'll take me out of the will and dad, well he's worth a mint." She smiled, her teeth sparkling white. "So what about you, where are you heading?"

"I guess where this bus takes me." He hadn't even really glanced at the destination line of the ticket. But he knew they were headed west and the older couple up front were talking about slots and craps.

"Las Vegas it seems to be." David leaned his head back, his eyes closing. Could there be a worse place for a fallen angel to be than Vegas? He sent a mental note to the big guy, making sure that the sarcasm couldn't be misplaced.

"Are you okay?" she asked, turning in her seat to look at him. "You seem a little flushed." She laid her hand on his forehead, the other coming around to rest on his knee. It slid up a bit as he opened his eyes and looked into hers.

"Are you kidding?" he asked. With that he let his hand rest on hers, sliding it up further and further until she covered his groin. "Does that feel like I'm all right?"

Her hand traced the generous bulge and she purred silkily as she squeezed and slid her hand over his fly button jeans. He slid his coat off, placing it across his lap to hide her movements.

"It feels like you're pretty alright to me," she said breathlessly.

His hand slipped out, burying itself in her silky soft hair and drawing her face over to his. His mouth was hungry on hers, tasting the mint of her toothpaste even as he felt her fingers undoing the buttons on his jeans and pulling his cock out.

"What are you doing, minx?" he said against her lips.

She bent down, and he happened to glance across the small aisle to the seats across from him. Two guys in their mid twenties sat there, their eyes locked on what was happening in his seat. The first guy nodded, the second gasped out something that sounded like dude and sticking his thumb in the air.

Meanwhile, Carlie had her head in his lap and he felt the lapping of her small tongue as she licked her way from the base of his cock to the head. David barely managed to stifle the gasp of pleasure that fought to roll off of his tongue. Instead, he let his head rest against the back as she began to slurp her way around his cock. "Damn, baby, but that feels good."

His hand slid from the back of her neck to the ties that kept her tank top on her body. He plucked at them, freeing the shirt so that it fell to the seat beneath her. His hand went down, playing with the soft mounds of her tits, pinching and twisting her hard nipples. His hips began to jerk and he knew he wouldn't last much longer. He'd been without sex almost two hundred years.

"I'm going to come," he groaned.

She hummed her appreciation, taking his cock as far down her throat as she could. Just as the first spurts were going to erupt, he heard the commotion from the front. "Okay, ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention."

David sat up, staring at the young man dressed all in black, a tiny goatee on his face. "This bus has been rigged to explode. I want all of your valuables, including credit cards."

He pushed Carlie from his lap, the movement taking almost all the control he had. Then he stuffed his throbbing cock back into his pants, buttoning them even though it hurt like hell. "Stay here, and get dressed, baby," he said, giving her the shirt back. He couldn't help it, he kissed her one last time before getting up.

"Whoa, dude," the hijacker said. "Go sit down, now!"

"I can't do that," David said slowly. He prodded at the young man's mind, almost sickened by the abuse and brain washing that had been done to him. "This doesn't have to happen," he said. "I know it's what your father would have wanted, what he would have said that would make you a man. But that's not what this is. What you're doing is a crime and you will be caught."

"How do you know about my father?" the angry kid said. "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm here to save you from yourself and everything that your father has done. Please," David said softly, "let me help you."

The kid looked confused, unsure and David pressed his advantage. "What your father did to you, what he made you do, they weren't your fault, Mark."

Hearing his name seemed to freak the kid out. "How do you know me man? How the fuck do you know me?" He drew a 9 mm out of his jeans and started to wave it around. Stepping backward, he saw a woman cringing away from him and grabbed her by the hair. "Come any closer, dude, I don't care who you know, this bitch's brains will be on the side of the fucking bus!"

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