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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Zoophilia, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Water Sports, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: several short pieces for my fans to enjoy.


Moving Day

The embarrassment nearly made her faint. She fought it though, not wanting to miss even a second of what was happening to her.

Fran had fallen asleep on the couch. The moving people were at the house until after dark, and her bed was gone. Mom was supposed to be back to wake her before the men came back. She didn't and they did, and there she was sprawled on the couch with nothing but her panties and bra on. The bra was just a trainer, but she scarcely needed that. Their voices woke her.

They joked about her as they went to work. They said things like "There's a pretty little ornament," and "I guess we have to pack her with all the rest of the stuff," and "Man, if she wasn't so young she'd be fair game." The tone of their voices was playful and non-threatening. The 11-year-old got over her shock soon enough, and because it was too late to do anything else, she lay there enjoying the attention.

Fran even turned over so they could see her front the next time they came in. One of the guys swore because he liked what he saw so much. "I wonder if she feels as good as she looks," he said.

"Well, we're running out of furniture," the other man said. "I suppose we could load her on the truck just where she is and find out for ourselves."

Fran decided she liked the idea. When the men returned to the living room the next time her legs lay open so they could see the crotch of her panties. The reason they were moving was because some jerky teacher caught her and Ben Ripley in the girls' bathroom at school. Both of them had their pants down and were laying on the floor. Nothing else happened -- they hadn't had sex anyways -- but no one believed her. The solution was to move to another town and start over with a clean reputation. They didn't understand that Fran was going to do what she wanted to do, and her reputation would be the same in a new school. Maybe worse. Now the girl smiled mischievously at the adult males she found herself alone with.

Her mom always said, "Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today."


Licking Lisa

Lisa loved lollypops

She loved to lick their tops

at first she'd use her tongue

then suck with lips so young

Once it was good and wet

sticky, ready to set

she'd part her knees real wide

and slip the pop inside

the crease between her thighs

and hold it 'til it dries

Then when she stood upright

it went right out of sight

and when she walked away

it tickles all the day


Uncle Leo's Limo

"Hi, honey."

"Hi, Uncle Leo. You never picked me up in one like this before."

"I just got off a job. Thought you'd like to get picked up in a limo for once."

"Can I wave to my friends?"

"Sure, honey. It's called gloating. There you go. Now, put your seat belt on so we can go."

"Okay, but can we go kinda fast?"

"Why's that?"

"'Cause I gotta go really bad."

"Well, I'm already speeding as much as I dare. Try to hold it, sweetheart. Yeah, like that, baby. You sure know how to make your uncle smile."

"You're naughty."

"I know."

"I don't think it's gonna do any good. Oh! Ooooh, I'm sorry. I couldn't hold it any more."

"That's okay honey. I know how to clean it up. I'm just worried what your mom will say if she sees your wet shorts. Maybe you should take them off and hang them on the back of your seat. I'll open your window to dry them off."

"Okay. My undies are wet still, though,"

"Oh, yeah? Let me see. Yeah, they're pretty wet. Better take them off too. Hang them over my seat. That's a girl. With any luck they'll both be dry by the time we get to the park. You can put them on there. What's the matter?"

"I'm wet there too."

"Oh, dear. And I don't have a thing here to wipe you with. Let me see. You really did have to go didn't you. You're wet all the way to our knees. I'll try to spread it out so it will dry faster, okay?"

"Uh, huh."

"Here, slouch down a little. There. I can reach right down to your bum now. I think its working. Your mom probably wouldn't want you to take your shirt off so you were totally naked with your Uncle Leo right next to you, do you think?"

"I won't tell if you won't."

"Deal, baby. You sure know how to make your uncle smile."

"That's easy. There, how's that?"

"Oh, honey. You are just beautiful. Get a little closer, okay? That's it, baby. Now I can see you and rub you at the same time. I think you're pretty much dry now. I hope I didn't hurt you doing that."

"U-uh. It felt really nice."

"Should I stop?"


"Do you like it then?"

"Uh, huh."

"Can I rub you here some other time too?"

"Sure! Any time!"

"Mmm, you got me smiling again, baby. Oh, and I think you are getting wet down there again. Are you peeing again?"

"No, silly. That's just what happens when I feel really good down there. I do it myself sometimes."

"Oh, baby. Now who's being naughty."

"I don't care. Keep doing it, okay?"

"I can even smell it. You smell really good, honey. Feel really good too."

"Don't stop, okay?"

"Sure, honey. We're at the park, so I gotta turn in and stop. That's it. Do it yourself while I find a place to park. Will you let me do one thing before you get your clothes on, sweets? Will you let me taste you down there? I bet you taste delicious, baby, just delicious!"



The Legend of Sara McGee

Lubed and hot

ready to trot

Sara McGee played the field.

As a kid

with best friend Sid

played House and Doctor, by feel.

Sara the tart

broke the boy's hearts.

For Sara McGee they crooned.

They'd pay cash

to see her flash

her beaver, tits or get mooned.

Screwed at ten

hot even then

she developed very fast.

Like a fool

she wed in school

to play House for real at last.

It got old

and she too bold

just to lay about the house.

Keep it neat,

then beat her meat?

Sara cheated on her spouse!

Soon, no doubt,

hubby found out.

The divorce left her spinnin'.

Tired of men

she got a yen

to sleep around with women.

Girls, she'd find

would stand in line

to be Sara's next lover

Life was gay!

Lezzy she'd stay

laying content as ever.

New die cast

when lover asked

if Sara would sit her pet.

She said "Yes,

as friends we're best.

I'll sit your dog free of debt."

Around home

she let it roam

and noticed something she'd missed.

A male dog,

cock like a log,

Sara just could not resist.

She got down.

He came around,

mounting Sara like a beast.

He stabbed deep

making her weep

humping hours without rest.

When she came

she came and came,

the dog's assault relentless!

Then she knew

though doubts, no few,

no day would go dog-cockless.

Owner came

and pet reclaimed

leaving Sara's heart broken.

Sara cried

inside she died

a deep desire awoken.

Sara looked,

totally hooked,

to find a pet for her need.

With no luck

and had to pluck

alley strays to do the deed.

Word got out,

rumors about

Sara McGee's perversion.

Town folk cry

"Sara must die!"

for sins to vile to mention.

So at last

she left so fast

they scarcely knew she was gone.

Settled now

in a new town

living for months so alone.

Day by day

she found her way

living by hook, crook or bet.

Then she knew.

To start life new

Serve as the neighborhood vet!


The Day Mary Stood Still

The family reunion picnic was a traditionally huge affair. Held in a small town park, where the laws against public drinking were routinely ignored, a large percent of the adults were intoxicated by lunch, It was not hard to understand how a small 8-year-old might be forgotten amid the revelry.

Mary was that 8-year-old. A pretty, curly-haired blonde, she was constantly on the move. There was just so much to see and do, little Mary ran here and there through the crowd that scarcely noticed her passage. Much too busy to heed nature's call, young Mary realized she was going number-one even as she scampered between tables and chairs.

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