Spring Break

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Orgy, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - Five friends go to Disney World on a Spring Break Road trip and they put the "magic" in the Magic Kingdom.

The only thing better than having a friend "with benefits" is having two friends "with benefits."

When I was in college we used to go to Orlando every year for spring break. It was only about two hours away and my folks were members of a timeshare club, so we often stayed in a nice condo for free and got tickets to Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World for cheap.

My junior year I was kind of seeing Melinda, a girl I had met my freshman year. She was a year ahead of me and if not for our different schedules, we probably would have had a much more serious relationship. As it was, her classes were in the morning and then she worked during the day. Most of my classes were in the afternoon and then I worked evenings and weekends. We did manage to find times for romantic trysts, but these were never as often as we'd have liked, and saw other people as well.

I also kept in touch with Leah, a friend I had known since middle school. Although she went to school in North Carolina, we emailed back and forth a lot and visited each other a couple of times. It was on one of those trips that we hooked up, and although neither of us wanted a long-distance relationship, we remained friends and sometimes lovers.

That spring break, six of us were planning to go to Orlando. My folks let me use some of their timeshare points on a two bedroom condo at Disney's Old Key West Resort. The brochure said it slept eight, so I knew there would be enough privacy for everyone to get their groove on.

In addition to Melinda and I, Leah was flying down with her boyfriend, and two of my other friends were also going with us. I met Katie in one of my classes and Carl was her high school sweetheart. Melinda and I had gone on a couple of double dates with them and I knew Leah and Darren would get along with everyone.

Two days before the trip, Melinda and I had found some time to be together and were watching TV when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Melinda picked it up. "Yes, he's right here. Are you okay? ... He did what?!?! ... That's terrible ... What a bastard ... No ... No ... No! ... That's crazy, you're coming down anyway ... I've been looking forward to meeting you for too long ... Pack your bags and get down here ... No ... That won't be a problem ... Here let me let you talk to him."

She covered the mouthpiece on the phone and whispered to me. "Leah and Darren just broke up. She's trying to back out. Make her come on the trip."

I took the receiver and began some long-distance boyfriend therapy. Leah said she didn't want to be a fifth wheel, but she was also just feeling sorry for herself, and after some poking and prodding admitted she didn't want to be by herself for the next few days, especially since we had been planning this trip for several months. After about 20 minutes of me trying to convince her to come down and letting us find a spring break fling for her, Melinda took over again and engaged her in some good, old-fashioned male-bashing. It seemed to brighten her up because an hour later, Leah was laughing and ready to come visit for spring break. Melinda made Leah promise to be on the plane on Sunday and hung up.

Melinda curled up next to me on the couch.

"Thanks," I said.

"For what?"

I brushed the strawberry blonde hair out of her eyes. "For getting Leah to come down even without her boyfriend."

"She needs a friend right now and you're one of the best friends she has."

"You didn't have to, and I appreciate that." I paused for a long second. "I just don't want things getting weird on us..."

"Well, mister, we'll see about that," she smiled mischievously, and ran her hand up my thigh. I hadn't noticed before, but somehow her blouse had become unbuttoned and her big, round breasts were spilling out for me to see. She kissed me and then bit my lip. "And if you play your cards right, you may get that fantasy you have to come true... "

The sex for the next couple of days was especially hot.

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