Chapter 1: Lab accident

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Rape, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Tear Jerker, BDSM, FemaleDom, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Cream Pie, Violent, Transformation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: Lab accident - A lab accident transforms Cynthia Halverston into a sexual dynamo who is forced by her very body to become the sexual plaything for every man she encounters. Responding to pressures she does not understand, she throws herself at every man she encounters, giving him the sexual desires locked deep in his soul. Can she find a cure before her ability to distinguish between what she wants and what those around her want is totally destroyed? Or will she forever be all things to all people?

Cynthia Halverston carefully measured the last reagent to be added to the solution. "Please let this mixture work," she thought to herself. The 26 year old grad student had been working on this project for over a year and was beginning to despair that her theory was actually correct. She had gotten the idea from a fellow student over in biology, Dave Reston.

He had been studying a new species of mouse that had recently been discovered in the Amazon. He commented to her in passing that the males of the species had the unusual ability to precipitate heat in the females, rather than wait for the normal cycle of estrus. It wasn't something that they did consciously, but under certain environmental conditions, they secreted a hormone that caused the female to become fertile.

He seemed oblivious to the ramifications of this find. If the hormone could be synthesized and made compatible with human physiology, it would make the perfect fertility drug. Current methods of fertility enhancement led to a predominance of multiple births, sometimes to the detriment of the children themselves. While her advisor had scoffed at the need for a new fertility drug for a society that was eschewing parenthood, he had allowed her to adopt the project as her doctoral research project.

The hormone was incredibly easy to synthesize. That she had accomplished in a few weeks. It was the compatibility issues that were the thorn. Every attempt to inject the hormone into human cells led to a rapid degeneration of the cell membranes and cell death in a matter of days. Obviously this would not do. Her last test, mixing a touch of potassium chlorinate into the hormone had been a desperate grasp at straws. The chemical was normally poisonous, but its action as a poison was to harden cell membranes so much as to make them impermeable to everything, including nutrients.

The effect was promising. The poison killed the cells in the same way it normally did, but over a much longer time period. That seemed to indicate she was on the right track. She just needed to use less of the potassium chlorinate. Cynthia had the reagent measured out just right now. She added it to the filtration array and set the automated system to filter out any incidental impurities and mix the reagents under moderate temperatures. Looking at her watch, she saw that she still had time to make her date with Rob.

Freed from worrying about her experiment for a while, she could turn to her tension over Rob. Rob Fresnik had been dating Cynthia for almost a year now. All this time, he had respected her wishes to not cross the line in their relationship. Her family, while not religious, had firmly taught her that sex was for marriage. It surprised even her that she had managed to avoid sex through out her undergraduate and masters programs. College was not a hotbed of sexual conservatism, after all. It helped that she threw herself into her studies, rendering her unavailable for dates on a regular basis. Rob, her longest steady date ever, was beginning to pressure her into sex. Nothing physical, but hints that their continued relationship would soon depend on her acquiescing.

She used the chemical spill shower stall to change into the outfit she brought for her date. While she was still a virgin, she had no qualms about showing off her body, in a subtle way. Over a pair of lace panties and bra, she slipped into a deep purple dress. The dress had no arms and a neckline that dropped to between her firm breasts, revealing enough cleavage to promise, but not enough for easy access. Down to just above her knees, she could, if she chose, flash provocatively without revealing anything. One last look at herself in her reflection on the glass door of the stall, she pronounced herself a hot tease and headed out for what might be a night on the town.

What she did not notice as she walked by the filtration system, percolating away, was a small crack in the glassware, allowing a nearly invisible stream of vapor to escape. Being odorless, she did not notice it as she inhaled the partially mixed chemicals deep into her lungs. From there, the compound was absorbed by her blood and delivered throughout her body, especially to her brain. The effects there continued through the course of the night. Certain cells withered and died. Others became more active, firing at unnaturally high rates. The effects were to be unfortunate for Cynthia.

Rob was waiting outside the science building, ready to escort Cynthia to his car. "Cynthia, you look magnificent tonight."

"Thank you Rob. You're not looking too bad yourself. And where is my handsome prince taking me tonight?"

"I thought we would have dinner at The Olive Garden and then take in movie. 'The Accidental Tourist' is playing at the metro."

"Another winning plan by the master of dating." Cynthia and Rob both laughed.

They talked about trivial things on the drive to the restaurant. The popular Italian eatery had its usual 30 minute wait. Thankfully this was not the weekend where waits could extend to a full hour or more. While they waited, Rob asked, "How's that research of yours going?"

"Frustrating, but there is a window of hope. I just can't get the synthetic hormone to interact safely with human cells. My latest attempt involves trying to combine two substances, the hormone and a chemical, that have opposite toxic effects in the hope that they counteract each other toxically, but leave the main effect of the hormone intact. That's what's running right now in the lab."

While she was talking, Cynthia noticed the aromas from the restaurant were stronger than they usually were. Her mouth was watering in anticipation accompanied by her stomach's steady growl. She was also noticing just how hot Rob was tonight. His nearness brought on a giddiness in her loins. She realized that she wanted him. "Good lord. How did I get so horny? If this keeps up, I'll try to ravish him tonight. He certainly won't mind that. He's been trying to organize a mutual ravishing session for months."

Cynthia's dinner was the best she had eaten in a long time. The flavors and aromas had her awash in sensual pleasure. Rob noticed how little she was talking during dinner. "She must have skipped lunch again. She's always getting lost in her work." His thoughts were reinforced when Cynthia asked for dessert. Normally, the generous portions at Olive Garden took dessert off the menu. "She certainly seems to be enjoying her food more than normal. I wonder what's up?"

Once the meal was finished, they headed for the Cineplex, getting there with 10 minutes to spare. Cynthia surprised Rob again by asking for popcorn. "Popcorn after all that dinner?" He shrugged his shoulders and indulged her.

Cynthia should have been concerned as well, but the tantalizing aroma of freshly popped and buttered popcorn overwhelmed her senses. She just had to have some. During the movie, which she did not watch with much interest, she savored the incredible taste of the butter and popcorn, slowly chewing each handful. She also was finding Rob's attractiveness growing. It was as if he was becoming everything she wanted in a man as the minutes passed. She was actually becoming aroused by being next to him. And that cologne he was wearing! It was fabulous.

After the movie Rob offered to take her for a night cap, but she declined, asking to go home. Disappointed, he turned towards her apartment. He wasn't surprised though. She had seemed so distracted tonight. He had wanted to make a move towards sex, but thought better of it. He didn't want her to say yes because she was distracted, but because she wanted it.

At the apartment, he walked her to the door. "I had a good time. I hope you did as well."

Cynthia, overwhelmed by lust, startled him, "Who said the night was done? Would you like to come inside?"

"Are you sure that's what you want, Cynthia?"

"Oh yes. I've wanted you inside all night. Please, take me inside."

In the back of her mind, Cynthia knew something was not quite right. She never thought she would be so forward. But she wanted this more than she could explain. Rob was so hot and she was desperately hot for him. She just knew that if they didn't screw tonight, she would regret it. She was already highly aroused with pussy dripping and nipples erect. More than that, her whole body was craving his touch. She wanted to bury her face in him and inhale his manly essence, making it a part of her.

The two stepped inside the apartment and Rob closed the door behind them. As he turned back, Cynthia was reaching up to hug him tightly to herself. She breathed deeply, moaning in pleasure as she did. Rob reached around her and held her close to him. He could feel her stiff nipples poking through the fabric of her bra and dress. His cock, having started to grow erect when she invited him in, was finishing the job, straining against his pants.

He kissed her and she responded aggressively, her tongue almost warring against his. She could smell more of him with each second that passed. With their mouths locked together she tasted him as well. To Cynthia, he tasted even better than the pasta and popcorn from earlier. The kiss broke long enough for the two to catch their breath and then she was back at him, greedily ravishing Rob's mouth.

While Cynthia pressed as close as possible, Rob lifted her slightly and moved towards the sofa, sitting the two of them down. As Cynthia's rear end touched the sofa, she became aware of the tremendous need deep inside her body. She needed not just his mouth, but all of him. The clothes were in the way, she realized. "I must get us out of these clothes," she thought vehemently to herself. Pulling away from the kiss, she reached for Robs shirt, fumbling with the buttons in her haste. Once his shirt was opened up, she ran her hands through the hair on his chest, thinking how wonderful his body felt. She leaned forward and took a long, slow lick of his chest, shuddering at the magnificent taste of his sweat.

Rob, amazed at the transformation that had come over his normally demure girlfriend, finished taking his shirt off. While she nuzzled and fondled his chest and nipples, he slipped her dress down from her shoulders, exposing her beautiful breasts, displayed like trophies in the lace of her bra. He massaged them through the lace, evoking cries of, "Oh Yes," from her. She lifted one hand to her back and tore the clasp holding the bra in place, letting it fall into his hands, which dropped it quickly.

He pulled her away from his chest, causing a whimper of frustration from her, until he leaned into her chest and began to return the oral caresses to her breasts. She sighed in pleasure, running her hands through his hair and across his back. As his tongue moved around her nipples, teasing them with unfinished closeness, she would thrust her chest towards him, trying to entice him to pay attention to her sensitive nubbins. He toyed with her, forcing them to get even harder before he swiped at them with his tongue and lips.

When he finally took her nipples into his mouth, she cried out inarticulately with pleasure. Rob could smell the familiar aroma of a dripping cunt, desperate for attention. Keeping his mouth busy with her breasts, he slipped a hand down her torso, reaching into the partially disrobed dress. He could feel lace over her pussy, soaked through. He pressed against her through the panties, sparking cries of, "Yes! Yes! Take me Rob, take me!" Her hips pushed against his hand, seeking more stimulation than he was willing to give right them.

He pulled his hand up and brought it to her groaning mouth. She sucked on the fingers greedily, desperate to taste him and herself mixed together. While she licked one hand, he slipped the other down and reached inside her panties. She was slick, her pussy lips engorged and reaching out as if to capture any stray cock that might happen along. He penetrated her with one finger, then two, to be rewarded with her hips bucking against his hand, literally fucking it.

Cynthia became aware of another aroma in the air. "Precum," she thought to herself. "I must have it." Her hands left his hair and back, moving lower and in front to strip those pants off that were denying her access to his glorious prick. Rob instinctively lifted his butt a little allowing her to pull his pants and briefs down around his legs in one hard jerk. He winced as his erect member was briefly caught in the elastic which painfully pulled it back. Once it was free, her hands caressed the 9 inch cock, marveling at how perfect it felt. Her hands slicked with the precum that was leaking out, alternately coming up to her mouth so she could ingest the savory fluid.

With his cock released, the aroma of his arousal filled the air, mixing with hers. She found the smell heady and intoxicating. She knew she had to have him, all of him. Pushing him back on the couch, she knelt beside him and brought her lips to his penis. She licked the cock from base to tip with slow long strokes, like she was licking a lollipop. Rob cried out in ecstasy at her ministrations. He knew that he would cum soon if she kept this up and he wanted to fuck her tonight. Her pulled her off after a few minutes, smiling at her whimpering.

He pulled her onto the couch and bent between her legs, tonguing her pussy. Her cries increased as he lapped at the juices that were covering her crotch, from ass crack to clit. An experienced cunt licker, he took Cynthia to the edge of orgasm and back more than once, her cries of pleasurable frustration music to his ears. For her part, Cynthia was desperate for release. But even more, she wanted all of him in all of her. She didn't know how to do it, but she needed it with the urgency of desert induced thirst.

In a brief moment between near climaxes, she cried out, "Fuck me Rob! I need you in me. Fuck me hard, please. I'm begging you Rob, fuck me now!"

Rob could wait no longer himself. He wanted her and he thrust his cock deep into her pussy, causing both to cry out in savage pleasure. There was no gentle loving making here. Both grabbed at each other, thrusting against one another with abandon. Rob didn't understand the change in Cynthia, but we was not going to complain. Over and over he impaled her, pulling almost all the way out and pounding all the way back in.

Cynthia went over the top first, screaming out her orgasm (they never heard the pounding on the ceiling from the upstairs neighbor). As her pussy clenched his cock over and over, the added stimulation sent Rob over the edge. With one last thrust, he buried himself inside her and shot his cum into her. As his hot spunk poured into her, Cynthia's climax restarted, drawing another scream from her. She clasped him close, not wanting to let him go, wanting his touch to last forever.

As his cock lost its stiffness, shrinking back to its un-aroused size, he leaned back, pulling out of her. She cried in frustration, wanting more of him. She bent forward, taking him into her mouth again, desperately sucking the mixture of his cum, her fluids and their combined sweat from his member. He moaned, partly in pleasure and partly in pain at the attention being given his overly sensitive member. Finally, unable to get any more from him, Cynthia laid back, basking in his mere presence. Exhausted, she fell asleep.

Rob was unsure what to do. He did not recall being invited to stay the night and he had to go to work in the morning. He opted to carry her to her bed, finish undressing her and pull the covers over her. He wrote a note for her when she woke up "I really enjoyed last night. I hope we can do it again. Please call me." Then he got dressed and left her alone, locking the door behind him. To himself, Rob admitted, "I don't want to be here if she wakes up with post sex regret. She behaved so differently tonight. I'm not complaining, but I don't want to suffer the consequences if she feels like she betrayed herself."

While she slept, the chemicals she unknowingly inhaled earlier continued their relentless assault on her brain cells. The damage was very localized. The cells in a certain portion of her frontal lobe continued to wither and die, weakening the function of that part of her brain. In a part of her glomeruli and amygdala, more and more cells became hyperactive, attenuating the bodily functions that were controlled from them. These super active brain cells began to synchronize, making their controlled function more specific. Cynthia was being changed from the inside out by a relentless chemical assault that she had no idea, as of yet, was going on.

When Cynthia woke at 10:00, she was assaulted by the stench of dried sex and sweat. Struggling to identify the source, her memories of the night before came flooding back. "Oh My God! What was I thinking? Did I really drag Rob into my apartment and ravish him?" she silently asked herself. Feeling between her legs, her hand came back with a mixture of drying cum and her own juices. "It wasn't some erotic dream. What in the name of all that is holy came over me last night."

Trying to think, she could not recall her thoughts, just the incredible horniness she had felt and the overwhelming need to fuck Rob. She remembered that Rob had intended to be a perfect gentleman and walk her to the door and leave. She had practically dragged him in and threw herself at him. She did have to smile at the look on his face, a mixture of shock and desire that warred for supremacy. He was a willing participant for sure, but she had initiated the whole sexual escapade.

Looking at the clock, she realized that she had never set the alarm (of course not, she had fallen asleep on the sofa). She had to check on the experiment, see if the latest formulation had worked or not. Jumping in the shower, she washed the dried remains of the previous evening off. Putting a minimal amount of make up on, she dressed casual and headed out to the science building.

As she crossed the campus she could not help but notice how sexy the guys she passed were. Her eyes wandered over their crotches and asses, admiring the way the walked, wondering which ones were erect, who had fucked recently, if any of them found her desirable. About halfway there, she realized the directions of her thoughts were taking. "Cynthia," she thought to herself, "what has gotten into you? This is not normal. Get a hold of yourself."

She entered the chemistry wing of the building, reaching the door to her lab. As she was preparing to swipe her key card, her heart caught in her throat. Through the glass, she could see Philmore, the lab's pet rat. He was lying on his side, his tongue hanging loose, obviously dead. Running her eyes back and forth, she saw her filtration set up, picking up a hint of precipitate on one of the tubes. Taking no chances, Cynthia hit the contamination alarm, simultaneously sealing the lab and initiating a ventilation purge. An alarm began to sound.

Her advisor, Dr. Kevin Grange, was on the scene within a minute. "Cynthia! What's happened?"

"Dr. Grange. I was about to enter the lab when I noticed that Philmore was dead. Then I spotted precipitate on my equipment. I think my filtration equipment developed a leak over night. I was using potassium chlorinate. I felt it best to treat it as a potential contamination."

"Is there any chance of human contamination?"

"I don't believe so doctor. The lab log shows no one entered after I left last night. I saw no leak when I set it up, so it is likely contained within the lab."

"Good. We don't need that kind of trouble or the scrutiny it would bring. I want you to have your blood checked just in case. A low level exposure could still leave you with serious complications. Potassium chlorinate is nothing to take chances with. Will this set your work back much?"

"Just a day or so, sir. I'll have to reformulate my latest batch and refilter. I'll have someone in the biology department draw some blood and run a mass spectrometer on it. Any concentrations large enough to be harmful will show up."

As she was speaking, she found herself noticing just how sexy the 56 year old scientist was. He had the broad shoulders of an athlete and the piercing eyes of a genius. She wondered how energetic he was in bed and whether he was open to sexual exploration. "God Cynthia!" she thought to herself, "get your mind out of the gutter. Not only is he married, he's your advisor and old enough to be your father. Is this the normal effect of a wild night of sex?"

The ventilation purge finished in less than five minutes, letting Cynthia inside. She went to Philmore's cage and looked at his body. Something did not look right (beyond his being dead), but she could not put her finger on it. She decided that she needed to have a necropsy performed to determine the exact cause of death. Knowing just what escaped from the filtration system would also be useful. Donning sterile gloves, she moved the rat's body into a biohazard bag. She would take it to biology when she went to have her blood tested.

Changing sterile gloves, she scraped the precipitate into a collection dish for analysis. She could see the small hole as she was scraping. It was not surprising that it had gone unnoticed, as small as it was. In fact, she could not see the hole itself, just a small discoloration around it. She marked both the bag and the disk, put the disk in a locked cabinet and proceeded to dispose of the entire filtration assembly. "Can't take a chance of another leak in any of the other parts," she thought to herself. "I certainly don't want to contaminate the lab a second time."

She left instructions for one of the lab techs to set up a new filtration system and took the biohazard bag upstairs to the biology department. As luck would have it, Dave was there, and she went right to him with her requests.

"Hi Dave. I have a couple of favors to ask."

"Oh, hello Cynthia. Is this concerning the contamination alarm earlier?"

"Yes. My experiment developed a leak overnight and possibly flooded the lab with potassium chlorinate. Our pet, Philmore, died. Can you do a necropsy on him and determine the cause of death?"

"I would have thought that that would be obvious. There was a poison leak, he was poisoned."

"You would think, but something feels wrong. Potassium chlorinate deaths should take longer. He was dead within hours."

Looking in the bag, Reston saw the body, intact and in rigor. "I see what you mean. It's a good thing he did die so soon, you might have walked into the poison yourself. I'll have Gwen start it right away. She needs another couple to meet her degree requirements." Gwen Stimpson was working on a masters in veterinary science with an emphasis on environmental crime. The degree required performing 12 necropsies, at least three of which were under unknown or suspicious circumstances. She would leap at the chance for a 'strange death.'

"Thanks. For my second favor. There is an outside chance that I may have had a low level of exposure. Dr. Grange wants blood tests done to rule out any problems. It's possible the leak started before I had left, though I doubt it. I'm thinking mass spectrometer?"

"For that, I will decline to pass the buck. Step right over here and I'll draw a sample." Dave, while not a med student, had worked as an assistant in a blood bank for several years and was quite adept at drawing blood. With a practiced hand, he raised a vein in her arm and drew a small sample vial of blood.

Cynthia felt shivers run through her when he touched her arm. "Oh God. His touch is so erotic. I wonder if he's still dating Debbie? I'd love to get his hands, among other parts, running over the rest of me." As the needle stuck her, she felt a pulsing through her body, much like a wave of arousal. She could actually feel her nipples hardening. She felt moist between her legs. A low moan escaped her lips.

"You okay, Cynthia?"

Coming to her senses, "Yeah. Sorry. Long night."

Her strange thought life continued. "I wonder how that rubber tube would feel wrapped around my wrists? Good grief! Where did that thought come from?" Cynthia had run into the odd bondage site on the web before and felt nothing but disgust for the activity. That she would have such a thought pass through her head was appalling.

"There. One blood sample on its way to analysis. We'll do a mass spec and have the clinic do a full medical scan on it. We'll tell them it's part of a control for an experiment and charge the cost to the department."

"Thanks Dave. You let me know the results as soon as possible?"

"Sure thing. Take care now."

When she got back down to the chemistry department, the lab tech was setting up the new filtration system. Knowing that the calibration would take him most of the day, she puttered around with some of the initial preparations for the new run. Beyond a certain point, she could not progress. The last steps required the filtration system to be working.

Putting the prepared chemicals in her hood, she retrieved the scrapings and began an analysis of them. She started with a mass spec. Carefully preparing the sample for the machine, she took it upstairs to the shared lab and put it into the queue. The sign said an estimated time of 1 day, so she figured she should bag the day and go home. No experiment to run, no results for a day, sounds like a day, or half day, off.

Stopping by the office, she let the secretary know she was heading home. Looking up expectantly, June asked, "Don't you live a couple of blocks from the Sigma Delta Phi house?"

"Yes, three blocks to be exact."

"The fraternity volunteered in an experiment of Dr. Grossman's last month. Several of them forgot to sign the privacy releases. We need them by day after tomorrow. Can you run them over to the house and get some signatures?"

"Sure. I've been there a couple of times. Rob is part of the frat. I can get the signatures and bring them back tomorrow."

"Thank a lot Cynthia. Campus mail is too slow and I'm not going to be able to get out of the office it seems."

Cynthia grabbed the envelope and headed out towards her apartment. She would pass the frat house on the way, pop in and get the needed signatures and then had back home. She only dreaded one thing. She would likely see Rob there and had no idea what to say to him. She had obviously enjoyed herself last night, but not intentionally. How could she explain that she did not want to repeat the experience, that she had not really wanted it to happen at all.

Wrapped up in her active thoughts, she did not notice her unconscious thought life on the way back. Every guy she passed seemed like the greatest gift to woman kind, until the next guy came by. Her imagination went into high gear, conjuring pictures of her and men engaging in wild sex. Each guy seemed to evoke a different mental encounter. One guy would provoke thoughts of oral sex, her taking him deep into her mouth and reveling in the taste of his cum. Another would start her thinking about being taken doggie style. Yet a third might move her thoughts to hard anal sex, with the only lube being her own pussy juices.

By the time she realized what she was thinking, she stood in the middle of the university plaza, conscious of having walked back and forth across it, following one guy and then another, for almost a half hour. "What in the hell is going on?" she thought to herself. "I've been following, checking out and fantasizing about every guy I've passed. I really need to get home" She was also aware that she was becoming aroused. She could feel moistness between her legs and knew it was not the heat. "I'm definitely horny. Concentrate, Cynthia, concentrate."

Focusing her thoughts on what she needed to do, she plowed a path across the plaza towards the frat house. As she closed to within 100 feet, she felt a little trepidation. She could not place it, but something was telling her to keep going, don't go in. "I have to. These forms have to be signed. Otherwise, the entire experiment will have to be redone."

Taking a deep breath, she walked up the sidewalk and into the frat house. The lower level of the Sigma Delta house was in a constant state of open house, where the public could walk in or out at will. It was supposed to promote community trust and awareness. As she crossed the threshold Cynthia was acutely aware of the presence of virile young male bodies, bodies she felt attracted to. Standing in the front hall, her senses reeling a bit, she half closed her eyes and moaned under her breath. This was a nice place. Why didn't she come here more often?

"Hi Cynthia. Do you need to see Rod?" asked one young man, a pledge she thought.

"Uh ... No, I brought some forms over for some signatures. Several of the volunteers last month forgot to ... uh ... sign them."

"Are you all right? You look ... strange."

She started to say, "Nothings wrong that your cock down my throat won't fix." Catching herself, she merely said, "No, I'm fine. Can you get these signed by tonight. I need to pick them up on the way in tomorrow."

"Sure. I'll track everyone down and get them to sign. See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, tomorrow."

Handing the envelope to the pledge, she turned to leave, and didn't. She stood rooted to the spot. "I can't leave. I need to leave, something weird is going on. But I haven't met everyone. I can feel them calling me. My God! I want to fuck every one of them. I need to get out of here. It was a mistake to come here." Her thoughts warred, leaving her standing in the entrance way, still close to a dozen or more young men.

"Cynthia!" Rob's call startled her out of her thoughts. "I wanted a chance to talk. About last night. Can we talk?"

Part of her wanted to ask that he take her home. Part of her wanted to jump his bones right there. In the totally even tug of war, she stood staring at him, not responding.

"Are you okay? Here, come over and sit down. You don't look okay."

He led her into the main living room. As she moved deeper into the house, the part that wanted to leave weakened. She leaned up against Rob, rubbing his shoulders and chest, moaning all the while. Rob looked at her curiously. "It's happening again," he thought, "she's coming onto me out of the blue. It's like she's on something. I need to get her home. If I find out who did this to her, they're dead meat!"

"Cynthia, you wait here, don't go anywhere. I'm going to get my shoes and we'll go to your apartment." Rob knew he couldn't walk far in the slippers he wore around the house. He literally ran up the stairs to get his shoes. He wasn't gone for more that two minutes, but that was too long.

As soon as Rob left, Cynthia keyed on another pair of brothers, playing a video game. She walked over to them, her mind picturing herself sandwiched between them, impaled in both her cunt and ass. "Hi guys," she greeted in a sluty voice. "Do you want to party?" In the back of her mind, a slowly weakening voice was screaming "Help! This is not me! Rob! Get me out of here!" No one heard it.

The two guys, Steve and Mark, looked up and saw a woman, nipples poking through her shirt, smelling of imminent sex. There was no doubt what kind of party she wanted. "Sure!" "Our room or yours?"

"Your room is so much closer. I don't know if I can wait."

Taking her by the hand, the two led her upstairs, into the closer of their two rooms. As the door closed, Rob came out of his room, raced down stairs and saw that his girlfriend was gone. Assuming she had wandered off, he left in a panic to look for her before she did something she regretted. He would later kick himself for not thinking of the other alternative.

In Mark's room, Cynthia was wrapped around Steve, devouring his mouth for all she was worth. Mark had pulled her pants down, letting her deftly step out of them. He began to caress her legs and ass, drawing moans from her. He could see that her panties were already soaked, her aroma filling the air. As Mark caressed her ass, she thrust herself against his hands, silently demanding more.

Steve, locked in a passionate open mouth kiss, was reaching under her shirt, fondling her breasts through the bra she had on. Her moans and cries encouraged him and he increased the pressure. When she asked "Please, pinch them, I need you to pinch them." He thought to himself, "Oh! The girl of my dreams." He pulled the bra down, exposing her tits to his hands and grasping her nipples, pinched hard. He thought she was going to have an orgasm right then and there, the way she reacted.

"Harder, pinch them harder, make them hurt."

Steve could not believe his luck. A girl wanders in, wants to party with him and his best bud and she likes exactly what he loves, tit torture. He pinched harder, being rewarded with cries of pleasure and pain mixed together. He pushed her away enough to pull her shirt over her head and off, out of the way at last. With her bra already out of the way, he bent his head to her breasts and began to nibble on them, biting with enough force to feel his teeth through them, leaving visible bite marks.

Mark was ecstatic to see her turn her head and ask, "My ass, will you play with my ass." The ass man knelt behind her and, pulling her cheeks apart, wet her bung hole with generous tongue action and spit. Once enough improvised lubricant was there, he poked at her with a finger. She thrust back, impaling the finger he had been gently probing with. "More, give me more." Mark obliged, sticking two fingers in, all the way up to the third knuckle. As he wiggled his fingers inside her, he could feel her clench against them.

"I've got to fuck this ass." He thought to himself, "She has just what I like, a tight responsive asshole, begging to get fucked."

He had hardly finished the thought when she cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my cunt!"

Cynthia truly wanted it. She had never been ass fucked before, but she knew she had to have this, along with a simultaneous pussy fucking. It was like she would die if these guys would not take her the way she needed. She was just glad that they seemed to like what she needed.

The guys, not one to disappoint a girl, stood her between then and plunged their steel hard cocks into her holes. She screamed in response, crying out, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" As they thrust in and out of her, she would clench against them, trying to hold them in. The two cocks soon found a rhythm, plunging in together, squishing Cynthia's writhing form between them. Her cries grew in volume as she neared her first orgasm.

When it hit, she shuddered, staying up only because there was nowhere to fall. The contractions in her ass and cunt drove both Mark and Steve to greater heights of pleasure. Steve lost it, cumming in her pussy with one final shove. Mark, more experienced, held out for a greater thrill and stayed hard, thrusting into her again and again. As Steve stepped back to recover, Mark reached around and fondled her pussy and clit, now slick with a mix of Steve's cum and her natural lube.

Fighting his climax for as long as possible, her brought Cynthia to a second orgasm whose contractions sent him over the edge, pulling a growl from him as he thrust one last time, spilling seed into her bowels. As he pulled out and fell back on the bed, he saw that the door was open and two other brothers were watching wide eyed and openmouthed.

Cynthia had fallen to her hands and knees, basking in the after glow of two orgasms. She slowly became aware of two more boys nearby. Turning, she licked her lips, feeling an intense desire to take these cocks into her mouth and suck them for all they were worth. She crawled over to them, saying, "Come on boys. I'm hungry. Do you have anything I might be able to suck on until cock-tails are served?"

Surprised, but not stupid, the two stepped in, opening the pants enough to release the cocks that had stiffened in response to the unintentional show. The pledge deferred to the senior, allowing him to go first. He stepped up and grasped the cum leaking girl's head, thrusting his cock into her mouth. He was rewarded by muffled sounds of ecstatic pleasure. "She loves it." he though, "she wants me to fuck her face hard and fast."

He obliged her, pounding into her mouth again and again. The only complaint she had was when he stopped to let her breathe, causing her to grab him and thrust his cock back into her mouth. She had one hand down between her legs, frigging herself. So turned on by this girl that wanted just what he liked to give, he didn't last long.

When Cynthia felt the first pulse in his prick, she pulled out until his tip was the only thing in her mouth. As he grunted and blew his load, she moaned in pleasure at the taste of his warm spunk rolling on her tongue, sliding down her throat as she swallowed and swallowed. As he slowed his output, she grasped his cock and milked every last drop she could. Only then did she pull him out with a 'pop' and "ahhhh," followed by smacking lips.

Turning towards the pledge, she eyed him hungrily, "Your turn." She took long slow licks of his cock, stopping just short of the head. She thrilled at the sight of the penis jerking back and forth with every stroke of her tongue. When precum began to ooze, she rubbed it across her face, leaving a trail of the slick fluid on her cheek. Again and again, she teased precum out so that she could smear more of her face with the wondrous fluid.

Unable to resist anymore, Cynthia took his member into her mouth, rolling her tongue across the head as it entered. Slowly she bobbed on his cock as he stood there transfixed in blissful pleasure. He was wishing he could find the courage to tell her to take his cum on her face when she said, "I need you all over me. Paint me with your cum, make a mess all over me." He could not believe his luck, his wildest fantasy being fulfilled. Just hearing her ask sent him over the edge. He pulled out, letting her hands guide his cock as it spewed five days of saved up cum all over her face, dripping down onto her chest. As he spurt all over her face, she came herself, crying out at the top of her voice. Again, she milked the cock in her hands for every last drop of cum, wiping it dry against her breasts.

By now, the entire frat knew that there was a wanton slut on the second floor satisfying fantasies for anyone who showed up. A line had formed. A few, seeing it was Rob's girlfriend, chose to stay back and not participate. Most though, wanted a piece of something that they believed only existed in copies of Penthouse Letters. As they lined up, Cynthia's desires took on a life of their own. She seemed incapable of being satisfied with only one person now. She reached out and dragged in three more guys, all with cocks over 10 inches, getting them to fill all three holes at once.

Sitting on one cock, she begged the second guy to plunge into her ass with his 12 inch monster. When he did, he found that while she was well lubed with earlier semen, it still was a chore to get in at first. Once he was in, he lived his dream of sodomizing a willing woman with his giant cock. The third guy needed no encouragement to force his way past her lips, thrusting all the way back in her throat and holding it. He marveled that she held him there, caressing his dick with her tongue and not gasping.

The guy fucking her ass was pounding her so hard that she was being lifted almost totally off the cock in her pussy, collapsing back on it with each backstroke. She used her hands to squeeze the balls of the guy lodged in her throat. The assault on her body lifted her over the edge for the fourth time, as another orgasm wracked her body. The shudders sent two of the guys into their own climaxes, filling her pussy with its second load and covering her face with a new coating of cum.

The guy in her ass, continued to pound into her brutally. He was on the verge of cumming when a voice called out, full of anger, "What the hell are you assholes doing! Get away from my girl you degenerates!" Rod was back, having intercepted a message about a hot slut at the frat house giving everyone whatever they wanted.

Most of the guys backed away, seeing furious rage in his eyes, not wanting to cross the university boxing champ. Steve, back in line for a second go, complained, "Get a grip Rob. We're not raping her. She came onto us."

Rob grabbed him by his shirt and rammed him into the wall hard enough to crack the plaster. "You freak! This is not her. Someone's slipped her something. Some dead mother fucker slipped my girlfriend a sexual mickey and you lowlifes took advantage of her. Get out! Get out of my sight!"

The room cleared like a tornado hit it. It seemed that everyone suddenly remembered some vital homework assignment that had to be done. When the first wave of anger hit the room, that wanton part of Cynthia withered and shank away, allowing the rational part to surface. Overwhelmed by the memories of what she had done, she collapsed to the floor in tears. When Rob reached out to comfort her, she pulled away, unable to face the boyfriend she had betrayed so badly.

"Cynthia. Please, it's not your fault. Someone did something to you. Let me help. We can get through this."

Between sobs, Cynthia, shaking her head, said, "But ... you don't understand ... they're right. I asked for all of this. I knew it was wrong, but I still came on to them, even begged them to fuck me. How can you even look at me after what I've done?"

"Because I know the real Cynthia. The real Cynthia would never do this. Someone has done something to you, slipped you some kind of drug that has destroyed your ability to say no. We'll figure it out and get through it. I just wish I had seen it last night. I feel like I took advantage of you."

"Don't. That's the one part of the last 24 hours I don't regret. It may not be the time I intended, but I've wanted you for months. I just needed to come to terms with my doubts."

"We need to get you out of here before whatever is in you starts working on you again."

He helped her get dressed, wrapped her in a blanket and led her to his car. Neither felt that showering at the frat house was a good idea. Too many horny guys. Rod was especially worried about the blood he thought he saw around her ass. The cock that was in her butt was massive. He had a hard time believing that it had fit in. The blood told him that perhaps it hadn't. He stayed at her apartment long enough to ensure that she got cleaned up okay, then he left, kissing her lightly on the cheek. Until they found out what had happened and fixed it, any sex with her would feel like rape.

From the time Rob had suggested that she had been drugged, a suspicion had been forming in her mind. The lab accident. Her sudden need to be fucked when around men. The hormone that provoked heat in rats out of season. Had she actually been contaminated? If the hormone was somehow locked inside her, she might be chemically forced to be a slut, for the lack of a better word. She certainly felt like one. What was confusing, assuming her theory was correct, was why she wanted such different types of sex with each guy. What was she missing?

Realizing she needed answers fast, she called Dave in biology. "Dave, This is Cynthia."

"Hi Cynthia. The tests aren't done yet."

"Uh ... is there any way to speed them up? I'm feeling a little unwell ... and I want to be absolutely sure it's not the accident."

"My God Cynthia! Have you been to the clinic?"

"No. I don't want to go there until I know for sure about the accident. If it is potassium chlorinate, they won't be able to do anything anyway. If it's just a cold, going to the clinic would be a waste."

"Okay, I see. I'll get a rush on it. Gwen is doing the necropsy now. She said to thank you for the mystery. I'll let her know that it might be more important that a simple test."

"Thanks. Oh, I sent a sample to mass spec as well. Could you see that it gets rushed as well? It's the precipitate on the filtration system. We might want to have a comparison."

"I'll see to it. You stay at home and I'll call you with the results as soon as they're in."

As she hung up the phone, she realized that she was exhausted. "No wonder," she thought, "I've just had two hours of hard core sex and cum four times. I certainly don't want to go out. All I need is to run into some guy and lose control again." She laid out on the couch, napping and waiting for Dave to tell her that her fears were unfounded.

As she dozed, more brain cells died and more cells were energized. By the time she would awaken, half the cells in that portion of her frontal lobe would be dead. The part of her that they controlled would permanently weakened and on its way to dying completely. Her glomeruli and amygdala were energizing and organizing more. The senses that this part controlled would reach an almost supernatural strength by the time she woke up, but for only one purpose. She would not be conscious of the insights she would gain, but those insights would shape and mold her in ways no one could anticipate.

The phone woke her up. She vaguely recalled some sort of dream, but could not place it. On the third ring, she answered. "Hello."

"Cynthia, this is Dave. You need to get to the hospital as soon as possible."

"Dave. Slow down. What did you find?" She saw on the clock that is was 10 PM When Dave rushes, he really rushes.

"Your rat. It died of exhaustion. As near as Gwen can tell, it masturbated itself against the cage until it died. A strange chemical compound was in its blood and brain. The compound contained potassium chlorinate! I found the same compound in your blood. What's more, the rat's brain had signs of damage. Part of its brain had withered and died, part of its frontal lobe. But part of its glomeruli and amygdala were still electrically charged, hours after it was dead. This chemical is in your blood and may be affecting your brain. We need to get a CT scan on you and we don't have one of those in the department."

"Dave, I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Good God, Cynthia, why the hell not?"

"It's hard to explain. But suffice it to say, my going out in public is a bad idea."

"What's going on? You need help and we can't give it if we don't know what the problem is."

Dave was the best platonic friend she had. If she could not trust him, there was no one she cold trust. "I ... I think I'm losing the ability to say no to sex. Every man I've been near since last night has sent my thought whirling into sexual fantasies. I ravished Rob last night. This afternoon, I came on to his entire frat, because I wanted to, even when I didn't want to. I couldn't seem to work up the will power to say no."

"Oh My God. So you think if you go out, to the hospital, for example, you'll be overwhelmed and lose control again."

"Yes. It seems that it only happens with men and only when I'm near them."

"Do the guys seem to lose control."

"Dave, guys always lose control when a sexy woman throws herself at them. But I don't think it was abnormal. Rob has wanted to go all the way for some time. Frat guys are sex freaks, for the most part."

"So, I would have a choice if you came onto me?"

"I suppose so. What are you planning?"

"Let's just call it a commando raid on the vet school. They have a CT scanner. It will do. I know a girl there who owes me a favor and can operate it. I'll pick you up in three hours."

"I'm not sure this is such a good idea."

"It's not, but it's the best idea we've got. I'm not letting you say no. You either come to get the scan, or you can suffer with an unwilling man nearby for hours on end."

"Dave, only a true friend could make such a threat. I'll be ready."

Hanging up, Cynthia was frightened. She was changing and it might not be possible to undo the damage. If she stayed the way she was or got worse, how would she live, wanting sex with every man she encountered even briefly, wanting it so bad that she threw herself at them, giving them their every desire. "Please God, don't let this be permanent," she prayed out loud.

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