Family Surprises
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Father finds out about his daughter's sexual desires towards women and gets to watch, and sample, as his daughter and wife are being manipulated by a young perverted girl.

So our only daughter was finally in collage, god it's incredible to see how fast kids grow up. Especially Jenny seemed like just a few years ago she was just that skinny little girl in high school that played soccer on the school team. Now she grew into a beautiful, young, vibrant woman that turned heads with all the boys her age and even mine, yes I found some of my closest friends looking at my daughter with desire. At first it bothered me quite a bit but then I realized that even I looked at girls Jenny's age, not that I would ever do anything, just looked.

Our daughter Jenny was out at a party and both, my wife and I were worrying about her very much. This was a first collage party that she attended. I knew from my own experience that these parties could turn pretty wild, especially if there was alcohol involved.

The phone rang about 11:30 pm, and my wife answered. She spent a little bit of time on the phone and hung up. It was our daughter and she asked me to go and pick her up. She gave me directions and I was off to go get her.

When I got to the house where the party was, I immediately realized it would take me a while to find her. I saw cars all over the street, parked on the sides, blocking driveways. I drove four blocks down just to find a parking spot. I parked the car and quickly hiked up to the house.

Walking up to the front door I saw boys and girls standing outside the house in the front yard. Some of the couples I saw were making out, some were talking. I scanned them in search of my daughter. I saw Jenny's friend Alicia making out with a boy. His hand was down inside of her pants, deep inside her pants, her legs slightly spread and turned towards me, seemed like the boy had his hand right on top of her pussy. Alicia was my daughters age, and I felt obligated to stop this but didn't really want to embarrass her so I went up to the front door and entered inside promising myself to break it up on the way out.

I walked inside and found myself in a sea of people. Music was blasting to the point that I could not hear anything just a few feet away from me. The lights were dimly lit and all the kids around me were bouncing up and down dancing. I quickly realized that there was alcohol here and that everyone was pretty much drunk.

I looked around but did not see my daughter. I started making my way deeper into the house. As I was pushing my way in, I felt lots of young girls pressing against me. Their small breasts, their asses, were rubbing against me. I could not suppress the feeling of excitement. For the first time in my life I felt young 18 year old breasts.

One girl was so drunk; she started to grind on my leg with her crotch. She wore a short dress and as I soon found out no panties. Her eyes were closed, she held a drink in one hand, and the other she held high in the air and moved to the music. I wore shorts, and her crotch landed right above my knee, I could feel her pussy lips spreading under the pressure of her grind.

She was obviously drunk but so fine, delicate ... young. I reached out to push her away but she slightly turned and my hand slid right underneath her loosely open top and landed on her young breast. I was shocked that that happened and embarrassed. I could feel her hard nipple under my fingers, and I instinctively, without realizing it started pinching it.

"Oh Fuck Yeah ... Do me..." She yelled.

Her eyes were still closed and she pressed her pussy against my leg hard. I could feel her getting moist down there. My hand was still on her breast. I looked around to see if anyone noticed, but no one did, everyone was dancing and doing the same thing. My cock was extremely hard by now, and I couldn't bring myself to separate from this young girl.

My heart was pounding; I reached around her with my free hand and grabbed her dress from behind. I pulled it up exposing her ass. Again I scanned everyone around me, no one looked towards us.

I slid my hand down into the crack of her ass, my index finger tracing it down towards her asshole. She was much shorter than me, I bent down and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded by sliding her tongue inside my mouth. She did not stop my hand or my finger even when it reached her tiny hole. I rubbed her anus and felt her stir in my arms and moan.

She pressed her pussy harder against my leg. I was making out with this 18 year old and feeling her asshole under my finger. I broke away to get some air and look around again. Lights were still dim, all the other kids were still dancing and screaming and no one noticed what I was doing to her.

I looked down at her. She was definitely young, blond hair, pretty face, small breasts and milky skin. I held on to her and pushed my way towards a door I saw at the end of the room. When we reached the door, I opened it and looking if anyone was watching dragged her into the small closet.

The light was on so I quickly closed the door and locked it. The young girl without a warning dropped down to her knees, put her cup down and started fumbling at my zipper. I didn't have any so I pulled my shorts down to my knees. My hard cock bobbed up and down in the air in front of her young lips.

Without looking up, she grabbed my cock by the base of it and stuck the head into her mouth closing her eyes again. My god, I almost blew my load right there. This pretty 18 year old was giving me head. Her pink lips puffed out and wrapped around my shaft as she took me deeper into her moist mouth.

It felt warm and slick. I quickly reached her tonsils and she reversed the direction. My god this girl must have done this before I thought, as I felt the suction of her mouth on my hard cock.

For the next 5 minutes she gave me head inside that closet. I was reaching the point of no return and I didn't want to cum yet. I pulled her off my cock and pulling her up, turned her around. I knelt behind her and grabbing her hands put them above her head against the wall.

I pushed her dress up, above her hips. Her young shapely ass was right in front of me. I put some pressure on her lower back to make her arch, and spread her legs wide apart at the same time. Her ass spread apart showing me her pussy right underneath it, which was totally hairless, and nestled between her ass cheeks was her nice tight asshole.

I reached underneath her and with both hands grabbed her tits while putting my tongue on her pussy. She smelled so good, young and fresh. I ran my tongue the length of her opening as I heard her moan. I sucked in her small pussy lips into my mouth and played with them using my tongue inside my mouth. I let go and immediately stuck the full length of my tongue inside her pussy. I withdrew and stuck it in again as far as it would go. I did it again. I was tongue fucking this 18 year old from behind.

I was drunk with passion and in the state of high eroticism. I never had such a young girl before, and now she was mine, to do with as I pleased.

"Ahhhhh ... Ahhhhh ... Ahhhhh..." She was moaning loud to the rhythm of my tongue going in and out of her wet pussy.

Her pussy juices were flowing out of her, some into my mouth, some were running on the inside of her milky white thighs. I loved the way she tasted, fresh and womanly, unspoiled by childbirth or years of sex. I continued my treatment of her young pussy while she moaned like a young whore.

I stopped with my tongue extended inside of her tight pussy. There was a few seconds of pause, and afterwards I felt her move her hips. She started moving them up and down, gyrating, establishing her own rhythm and maintaining my extended tongue inside of her hot little pussy.

She was fucking my tongue now, like it was a hard cock stuck inside of her steamy count. She was pushing her hips and ass onto my face fucking my tongue, spreading her legs wider, moaning and loving what she was doing. I just hung on and let her do it while drinking her pussy juices flowing into my open mouth.

I was intoxicated with the aroma of her asshole rubbing onto my nose. I made a small move which brought my tongue out of her pussy and onto her asshole. I felt my tongue encounter a tiny little shriveled up hole so I pressed against it while rubbing my tongue in circles.

"Oh My God..." I heard her moan.

Without stopping I opened my eyes and looked up at her. The young girl was looking back at me from behind her spread open ass with shock on her face. No doubt this was the first time she felt a tongue on her asshole.

She did not change her position and with wrinkled forehead watched me as I ate her asshole. I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide. With my tongue I felt her tiny little asshole open just a fraction. I placed the tip of my extended tongue in the middle of it and pushed in. With the pressure applied, my tongue slowly slipped in about an inch.

"Oh My God ... What are you doing to me ... Ohhhhh ... Ohhhhh..."

I felt her asshole tighten up, so I withdrew my tongue and licked the rim of it. I looked up at her again. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open, looking down at me. I saw a look of shock, guilt and pleasure mixed into one.

I felt her asshole loosen up and again I slipped my tongue an inch into her young anal canal. Again I felt her asshole tighten up, but this time I felt a tiny movement in her hips. I withdrew my tongue out of her anus again, licking the rim of her tiny hole. I gave her a few seconds to relax and again invaded her ass with my tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhh..." I heard come out of her.

That was an unmistakable moan of pleasure. I looked up at her and saw her face facing the wall, her head slung down, her hands still on the wall supporting herself. She was giving into me; she was giving into my invasion of her tiny little asshole.

I took the opportunity and slowly started to tongue fuck her asshole. At first her anus would only open a bit, allowing me to slip about an inch of my tongue in, but after a continued tonguing, her anus loosened up to the point of allowing the whole length of my tongue to go in.

"Ohhhhh ... My God ... My Ass..." She moaned.

After a few minutes of this she was nice and loose, allowing me to freely tongue fuck her asshole. She even adjusted her stance to give me an optimum angle to access her ass. By that time I had a huge hard on, hanging between my legs. I wanted this girl so bad ... Without a warning I stood up and quickly guided my hard cock to the opening of her asshole.

This young girl was so relaxed; she didn't realize what was happening until she felt the tip of my cock slipping into her asshole. By that time it was too late. I watched as my cock sunk inside of her anus, expending it to accommodate the size.

"Auchhhhh ... Noooooo ... Take it out..." She yelled.

I grabbed both of her hips and with one strong move impaled her ass on my cock.

"Auchhhh ... Noooo ... That hurts..." She screamed.

I know the music was muffling her screams, but I grabbed her face and twisted it towards me. I kissed her so she couldn't scream. My cock was buried deep in her ass and I had her pressed against the wall. I held her in that position for several seconds, giving her time for her ass to get used to the size of my cock.

Her mouth was open as if to scream, but my tongue was exploring the inside of her mouth, making any scream attempts impossible. I started moving my cock in and out of her asshole very slowly. I felt her body tighten up again, but I didn't stop this time, I continued my slow invasion of her young ass.

Her ass felt so tight that I knew I wouldn't last long. I slowly increased the speed of my strokes and continued kissing her. After about a minute of hot anal sex with this beautiful teenage girl I was ready to cum. With one final thrust I buried my dick deep inside of her ass and shot load after load of cum into her. I let her head go and grabbed both of her tiny tits again crushing them and rolling her nipples under the fabric of her dress.

With me coming my cock expended to the biggest size yet, making her asshole stretch wide. To me it seemed like eternity before I was able to come down enough to look down at her. She was in the same position, bent over with her legs spread apart and hands on the wall.

She was breading hard, her head slumped low. I slowly slid my still hard cock out of her asshole. Looking down I saw her previously small anus stretched open, gaping wide with some of my cum dripping out of it.

I saw that as soon as she felt the cum run down on the inside of her thigh she squeezed her anal hole shut and then relax again. Again it opened but not as wide as before. More cum oozed out and again she clenched her anus. Her hole was shrinking enough to keep my cum inside of her.

Suddenly she turned around and without any warning wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her small tits crush against my chest. She laid her face down on it and simply said:

"Thank You."

I was shocked. I did not expect that. I expected her to cry or hit me, or even run out of the closet and scream "Rape", but not this. This young girl was embracing me warmly, and giving me gratitude for doing what I did to her.

I instinctively closed my arms around her and gave her a hug. We were standing there in a warm embrace for a minute.

"I always imagined what taking it up the ass would feel like ... and you made it happen for me," She looked up at me.

Her eyes were full of thanks and gratitude.

"It only hurt for a moment ... and then it felt so good..." She reached up on her tipsy toes and planted a wet kiss on my lips.

Of course I responded and I kissed her back. We stood there locked in each other arms, kissing for a few minutes. When we broke away, I could tell she wanted more. Her breathing was deep again, and she was looking at me with anticipation of doing it again.

"I have to find my daughter..." I said not knowing what else to say.

I opened the door and walked out. I walked towards the bedrooms and was quickly lost amongst the crowd of kids. At one point I looked back towards the closet and saw the girl walk out and stand in front of it. She was scanning the crowd, looking for me.

I quickened my pace and soon found myself in a different part of the house. This was the family room. It had a large pool table in the middle of it and on that table I saw several girls dancing while the mob of boys were standing around the table cheering and yelling. The girls on the table were lifting their shirts flashing the boys, letting them see their young breasts.

I suddenly saw Jenny; she was dancing on top of the table on the opposite end. I started pushing my way through. When I got a little closer I saw she was doing the same thing. She was moving to the rhythm of the music, wearing nothing but a short skirt and small tank top. Suddenly she grabbed her top and raised it up exposing her breasts.

I stood there shocked, it was the first time in many years that I saw my daughters breasts. Last time I saw her without a top on she was just a child, her breasts were not developed then, and it was appropriate back then. Now what I saw was a pair of large luscious fully developed breasts with large nipples that were standing out hard.

I stood there staring at my daughters breasts unable to look away. At 18 years old she was especially attractive with her full figure, large breasts, and smooth tanned skin. I was willing to bet a lot of boys were trying to get into her pants.

Jenny was swaying her hips to the sound of the music, her breasts bare. I was in shock of seeing her like that unable to move. Suddenly the other girls started raising their skirts showing the audience everything. I saw young pussies being exposed and soon, when they bent over, their asses.

I was afraid to look at Jenny, my own daughter, exposing herself like that. But there was something irresistible that made me look. By that time girls on the table rotated and Jenny was right in front of me, maybe three feet away.

As I looked at her, she raised her skirt and bent over spreading her legs. My mouth was so dry, but suddenly it started to water to the point that I had to swallow. Jenny's pussy opened up right in front of me and her asshole came into view. It was bald with nice dark lips that seemed to me like they were a little swollen. Did she have sex tonight? The boys around me started going wild.

No one knew that I was her father; I looked around and didn't recognize anyone. I was still in shock looking at my daughter's pussy when she turned around and faced me. Again she spread her legs lifted her skirt and showed everyone her gorgeous pussy.

She was gyrating her pussy in front of me when suddenly her eyes rested on mine. It was the tensest moment in my life. The recognition of me looking at her came to her right away, I saw it in her eyes. She did not change her position, her legs still spread and pussy visible, probably because she was frozen in shock of her father looking at her.

It was like a staring contest, but I couldn't stand it, I was the one to look away and my eyes instinctively rested on her pussy. I couldn't understand why she didn't close them, why she didn't cover herself. It was probably the alcohol.

I looked at her again and saw that she was still looking at me. Her face was red and I could tell she was breathing hard. She finally dropped her skirt down and supporting herself set down on the pool table.

"How long have you been here?" She asked in a low tone.

I didn't know what to say. Should I say that I was staring at her the whole time?

"Jenny I a ... I had no idea," I didn't know what I was saying.

"You know ... you could have told me you were there," She looked at me.

Yes, I could have told her, but instead I kept watching. Why, I don't know, maybe because I wanted to see her pussy. Maybe because I was turned on so much by my daughter, I wanted to watch.

I think she knew it, I think she recognized my weakness.

"Could you hand me my shoes."

I looked around and saw her sandals. I picked them up and handed them to her. She took them out of my hands and put one leg up on the table. Her skirt lifted and again I saw my daughter's pussy. She continued to strap the sandal on her foot. She switched legs and did the same thing to the other one.

I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy. She looked at me and saw what I was looking at. I saw a smile on her lips, but she still didn't put her leg down, almost as if she was letting me look at her. I thought her eyes went down to my crotch but I could have been mistaken.

"Dad, I think we should go."

And with that I took her home. We didn't say a word the whole time in the car. Each one of us thinking of what just happened.

It was the next weekend that I had another encounter with my daughter. My wife was out shopping and our son was out with his friends. Jenny was getting ready to go out with her friends and after taking a shower she was getting ready in her room. I was in the living room watching TV and after a while decided to change into some shorts.

I walked up to our bedroom and opened the door. I saw Jenny inside going through her mother's drawers. She was bent over, with her ass to the door wearing nothing but a see thru pair of thongs. I was surprised to see her there, but I was more surprised to see what she was wearing.

Again my eyes rested on my daughter's ass, the string of the thong panties disappearing between her two luscious ass cheeks. She must have sensed my presence because she turned her head and looked back behind her without changing her position which meant her ass was still facing me with my eyes fixed in the middle between her cheeks.

I was startled by her turning her head. It felt like I got caught by my mom looking at a porno magazine.

"Dad!!!! Don't look at me," She said straightening out.

She kept facing away from me as if she didn't want me to see her front.

"Jenny what are you doing here?" I asked.

I didn't walk away, maybe as I should have, I kept standing there watching my daughter. She looked away for a second and turned sideways to me. That of course let me see her tits through the see-thru bra that she wore.

"I'm looking for something and you wouldn't understand Dad," She turned her head towards me.

My eyes were still on her tits so I looked up into her eyes quickly.

"Why don't you try me, I'm your father."

She bit her upper lip, looking at me. She turned a little more towards me deciding if she should tell me.

"Dad, it's a girl thing. I'm looking for something that mom has."

She turned and faced me completely; her back towards the dresser hands on both sides of her hips, supporting herself on the top ledge. I was breathing hard and my heart was pounding inside my chest. My eyes were looking into hers and I was doing everything I could to keep them there.

Through my peripheral vision I saw that she was barely covered by her thong panties and I could almost distinguish her dark nipples. She adjusted her stance spreading her legs apart a little for support and leaning back. She was looking at me the whole time.

This was too much. I couldn't control my eyes any longer, seemed like they had a mind of their own and traveled down to her tits and then down to her pussy.

The bra barely covered her tits and the white see thru fabric let me see my daughter's dark, fully erect nipples. Her clit and pussy lips were visible under the small patch of see-through material that covered her pubic area.

"Jenny, I might be able to find whatever you're looking for," I mumbled.

My daughter was standing just a few feet away from me almost completely naked and I was looking at her. She seemed just a little troubled that I could see her tits and pussy. Maybe she thought that since I already seen her most private parts spread open few weeks ago this was nothing. I couldn't tell for sure, but she certainly wasn't covering herself.

"Well Dad ... this party that I'm going to tonight ... my boyfriend and I well ... I think we might have sex," she looked away.

God, I certainly wasn't ready for that. My eyes wandered back to her crotch.

"Dad, I was looking for a contraceptive," She said point blank.

Now I understood, she wanted to make sure she didn't get pregnant.

"OK Jenny, I can help you with that, you should have just asked me, I have plenty of rubbers."

The idea of my eighteen year old daughter having sex at a party wasn't exactly sitting with me well, but at least she was careful. I walked in looking down at her marvelous tits for a second, I couldn't help it my eyes just stared at her big tits and dark nipples. She was looking at me doing it and than looked away, but didn't cover herself. I got a couple of condoms from my nightstand and walked up to her extending my hand.

"Thanks dad, you won't tell mom, will you..." She looked up expectantly.

I didn't say anything and just looked at her. After a few seconds of silence she leaned back a little more spreading her legs just a bit more, almost casually, as if being half naked in front of me didn't bother her at all. I instinctively looked down at her pussy again, which I'm sure she noticed.

God, she was so young and looked so inviting but ... she was my daughter. I shook my head as if to ward off the thoughts. Her panties were barely covering her pubic area and her pussy, the fabric just big enough to hide her pussy lips behind it, leaving that area between the pussy lips and thighs bare for me to look at.

"No Jenny, it will be our little secret," I finally mumbled.

"Oh thanks dad."

She jumped down from the dresser and walked out of the room.

A few weeks later Jenny had her girlfriend Amanda from school spend the night. I stayed busy with the yard and my wife took the girls out shopping and to see a movie. Later that night after dinner we all sat down and watched a movie they rented at Blockbuster.

After the movie my wife and I went to bed. The kids stayed up and kept talking and watching TV. I felt pretty horny so in bed I reached over and grabbed my wife's ass, rubbing it with my hands and kissing her shoulders. That always gave an instant hard on and she usually responded by rolling over and giving me an access to her hot pussy.

This time she grabbed my hand and pushed it away.

"Not tonight Honey, I'm really tired," She said.

I laid on my back frustrated looking at the ceiling. My cock hard, my mind thinking about the time I saw Jenny naked, I instinctively started stroking myself under the covers. I was slowly jerking myself to orgasm when my wife angrily elbowed me.

"You know, I really want to get some sleep, go find some other place to do this."

She didn't even turn around. I couldn't believe she said that to me. I was embarrassed and hurt. I lay there for few more minutes, I could hear her steady breathing, a sign she was already asleep.

I couldn't fall asleep so I got up, and without putting my underwear on, I slipped on a pair of short loose shorts. I walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs. On the way there I heard the TV on.

Walking into the living room I saw Jenny and Amanda sitting next to each other. I didn't have a shirt on but what the hell, I didn't care. Something in their posture made me look a little closer. Their eyes were wide and they were breathing hard.

"Hey girls, is Jason asleep?" I asked looking at them.

Both of them were in their nightshirts but they had a blanket loosely draped over them.

"Yes Dad, he is," Jenny answered quickly.

I set down on the couch opposite of them. Jenny was sitting on her side facing TV and Amanda was directly behind her facing the same direction. They were sitting a little too close if you ask me.

Jenny was watching TV but Amanda looked at me. Our eyes met for a few seconds and then her eyes traveled down to my crotch. I was surprised to see that this young girl would be interested in her friend's father.

Amanda's hand came out from under the blanket and casually she readjusted her position to how my daughter was sitting, on the side with legs and knees up on the couch. She readjusted the blanket and as if by accident exposed her legs and hips.

I saw her bare thighs, hips and ass in front of me. Her night shirt completely up around her waist and nestled between her legs was her bald pussy. I quickly looked at her to see if she realized what she did. She was just watching TV, not paying attention to me.

Without saying a word, I looked down at her pussy. I marveled at the nice shiny skin around it, absorbed the sight of her pussy lips and so well developed for an 18 year old. Her ass was nice and round, with nice wide hips.

I looked at her and saw she was looking at me. She licked her young lips and looked at my crotch again, a small smile appearing on her face. I knew that I was already sporting a hard on and she could probably see the outline in my shorts.

I looked down to her pink pussy again, not being able to stop myself. Amanda slipped her hand under the blanket and faced my daughter. The blanket moved and I saw that she put her hand on Jenny's hip and moved closer to her. Her face came next to my daughter's ear and she whispered something to her. Jenny shook her head from side to side and I could almost hear a "NO" come out of her.

Amanda smiled tilting her head to the side and looked at me. I was captivated by her and how daring she was. I saw her hand move under the blanket towards the middle of Jenny's ass and I saw Jenny stiffen up. Amanda's hand started making slow movements under the blanket, and Jenny quickly looked at me.

She saw me looking at them, she saw me looking at the blanket where Amanda's hand was.

"Oh no ... please stop," She begged in a whisper.

She tilted her head more and looked at Amanda. She immediately noticed that Amanda's ass was naked and exposed to me. At that same moment Amanda grabbed Jenny's head with her free hand and kissed Jenny on the lips.

Oh my God I couldn't stand it. My daughter was kissing another girl, and I had a strong suspicion that Amanda was playing with my daughter's ass. My cock was so hard, I wanted to take it out and stroke it, but I kept watching without changing positions.

Amanda let Jenny go and my daughter quickly looked at me. Seeing me watch them without stopping what was happening, Jenny buried her face in the deep cushion of the couch.

"Oh my God ... Oh no..." My daughter mumbled.

Amanda had a mischievous smile on her face, and with her free hand grabbed the blanket draped over my daughter's thighs and ass. She looked at my daughters head buried deep in the pillows and back at me. She slowly began lifting the blanket covering my daughter. Jenny quickly looked back to me again and for the first time brought her hands from underneath the blanket.

I was shocked to see a pair of handcuffs around my daughter wrists. She tried to grab the blanket, to stop Amanda from lifting it but with no success.

"Amanda stop ... don't do this," Jenny whispered with genuine plea in her voice.

My daughter's feet became exposed and I saw another pair of handcuffs around her ankles. Jesus, Amanda had my daughter handcuffed like a slave. She kept raising the blanket a bit at a time, teasing me and my daughter. The whole time her hand was moving under the blanket, driving Jenny wild. Whatever she was doing made my daughter stick her ass out even more, with her feet and legs up on the couch; her ass was almost overhanging the edge of the couch. Amanda lifted the blanket more. I could already see the bottom of my daughter's thighs and ass cheek.

"Dad, please don't watch ... please turn your head ... please ... I'm begging you..." My daughter whispered looking at me.

I looked into her eyes, I saw the plea, but I also saw something else. I saw a spark of excitement in her eyes, a spark of forbidden pleasure. I looked at Amanda and saw a smirk on her face.

"Yeah DAD ... turn around, don't watch your daughter ... that's so sick," She was mocking my daughter and me.

This was so fucking hot. This teenage girl was doing something nasty to my daughter, I just didn't know what it was, there was no way I was going to turn around and not watch. The blanket was half way up Jenny's bottom ass cheek. I looked back at my daughter and saw in her eyes that she realized that I wasn't going to turn around; and she wasn't going to be able to stop this from happening.

"Oh God..." She buried her face in a pillow, acknowledging defeat.

Amanda saw the acknowledgement as well and taking it as an OK TO DO sign from my daughter, with one final move lifted the blanket completely off of Jenny, exposing her ass to me.

What I saw shocked me completely. Amanda was holding on to the base of an anal plug, driving it in and out of my daughter's asshole. The plug must have been at least 2" in girth at the widest point, stretching my daughter's asshole as Amanda drove it completely in and out.

I was so shocked to see that that I leaned forward to get a better look.

"Oh Noooooo..."

Jenny sensed that everything was now out in the open and was clawing with her handcuffed hands onto the back of the couch, as her ass was being stretched open. I watched Amanda's hands drive the big plug in and out of my daughter's ass. I was amazed that Jenny, who was only 18, could take such a big thing up her asshole. Amanda was looking at me smiling, enjoying the total degradation of my daughter.


Jenny looked back at me and saw me leaning forward only a couple of feet away from her ass. Her lips were dry and her face was red, she was breathing hard. She didn't look away any longer; she watched me watch her ass and then switched her gaze to Amanda. Amanda looked at her.

"Oh sweetie ... it's OK ... you know you like it..."

She leaned forward and kissed my daughter on the lips again. They were making out and I saw their tongues twist in and out of each other's mouths. They broke their kiss and Amanda concentrated on fucking Jenny's ass with that plug. Jenny looked back at me, our eyes met for a few seconds but then I had to look back to her beautiful young ass.

"Ohhhhh ... Amanda please put some lube on it," My daughter begged.

Amanda's mischievous smile appeared again. She pulled the plug completely out of my daughter's asshole as I watched it gape open. Never before have I seen a girl's asshole that big, it was gaping, dark, with some juice starting to ooze out of it. Amanda grabbed my daughter's neck and brought the plug up to Jenny's lips.

"Why don't you show your Daddy how you lubricate that thing."

Jenny couldn't say anything. She looked at me and shook her head from side to side but knew that resistance was futile. All her little secrets were out, she already showed me too much. Amanda did not force the plug into Jenny mouth. She let go of her neck and held the thing in front of her lips, wanting her to do it on her own. She wanted me to see how much of a perverted slut my daughter was.

I think Jenny realized there was no way out of this, she gave up her resistance a while ago. She opened her mouth and moved her head forward, the anal plug entering her mouth. She closed her lips around it to where only the base of it was sticking out of her mouth.

She looked at me at that moment, the tough of her father watching her do it driving her wild. Small dimples appeared on her cheeks as she sucked the plug that was fucking her ass.

"Oh yeah, good slut. Make it nice and wet so I can shove it back into your ass," Amanda was saying watching Jenny.

I was watching my daughter with fascination, like a young beautiful slut performing for me. Jenny seemed to be getting hotter, as if she was getting off on the fact that she had an audience.

Amanda pulled the plug from Jenny's mouth and brought it down to her ass. She rested the tip of it lightly at the entrance to her anal canal.

"Now, why don't you tell your daddy what you want me to do with that plug," Amanda teased her.

Jenny looked at me and than at Amanda.

"Ohhh ... Amanda please just do it."

"Noooo ... not until you tell your father how much you want it in your asshole ... come on bitch..."

Amanda brought her hand way up in the air and smacked Jenny ass with full force. It startled me and it brought tears to my daughter's eyes. Amanda's hand left a big red imprint of her palm on my daughter's ass.

Jenny's handcuffed hands grabbed on to the back of the couch but she didn't move away, she kept her ass right there sticking out.

"No please ... Ahhh ... just do it ... stick it in me..." Jenny was begging.

Amanda's hand again flew through the air and smacked my daughter's ass. Jenny rolled her eyes as it happened in pain and pleasure. I was beginning to suspect my daughter was enjoying the punishment. Again the hand hit her with force: slap, slap, and slap. Her whole ass was red and becoming raw. Jenny couldn't take it anymore.

"OK ... Ok ... stop it ... I'll do it ... that's enough ... oh god ... that's enough."

My daughter turned her head towards me and looked me in the eyes. She had tears running down her face but she wasn't crying.

"Daddy ... I really want Amanda to stick the anal plug in my ass and fuck me with it ... Oh God I want it so bad ... my fucking ass is waiting for it ... I love it so bad..."

With that my daughter looked down at my crotch. It surprised me because it was the first time she ever done it. Amanda was watching her and noticed right away where Jenny eyes rested. At the same time she pushed the plug in my daughter's ass with force burring it deep in her, stretching her asshole again.

"Ahhhh ... Ahhhhhh ... Ahhhhh ... Oh my god ... Oh my god," Jenny screamed.

Amanda slowly pulled the plug out, relentless, not giving Jenny any time to rest.

"Ohhhhh ... Shitttt..." Jenny was clawing at the couch.

I watched the widest part of the plug stretching my daughter's asshole out, her grip trying to hold on to the plug. When it let go Amanda shoved it back in again started lowly taking it out again. I watched in amazement as my daughters asshole grip made her skin and her asshole stretch out.

"Oh my God ... Ahhhh ... My Assss..." Jenny was moaning loud.

Again the plug got past her anal ring and again Amanda shoved it back in. My daughter's asshole was expanding and contracting. This was so fucking hot, I reached down and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. Amanda immediately saw me do that and increased the speed with which she fucked Jenny's ass.

I couldn't stand it, I straightened out my legs and rubbed my cock through my shorts in front of these girls. Jenny's ass was easily taking the plug in and out and she seemed to have gotten used to getting fucked there. She lifted her head and looked at me. She saw me watching her and rubbing my cock.

"Oh Jesus..."

Amanda picked up on it right away and stopped fucking Jenny. She stood up and pulled her night shirt off of her over her head. She stood there in the middle of our living room completely naked young eighteen year old brunette. Jenny looked at her with wide eyes not knowing what she was going to do.

Amanda grabbed both of her young breasts and squeezed her nipples. She was watching me and I couldn't take my eyes off of her body. She slowly walked up to me approaching from the side so my daughter could see what was happening.

"Ohhhh ... looks like your daddy needs some help Jenny," She said kneeling down next to me.

She looked back at my daughter.

"Oh you look so good with that plug in your ass Jenny, but wouldn't you like to see your daddy's cock, don't you want to know how hard it is from watching you be a slut?"

Jenny's wide eyes were fixed on Amanda and my crotch. Amanda's hand rested on my thigh right below my shorts.

"Do you want me to find out how hard your daddy's cock is?"

We were both looking at my daughter. For the longest moment she was motionless, that her head slowly moved up and down in a silent "YES". Amanda smiled and looking up at me moved her hand up under my shorts. Soon her hand found my rock hard cock and her young fingers wrapped around it.

"Oh my ... you are big," She exclaimed.

Looking at me surprised and exited, she started slowly stroking it making me roll my eyes. Amanda's hand was visibly going up and down my shaft under my shorts and Jenny could see it. Her whole posture has changed. She has forgotten about the plug in her ass and was watching me intensely.

"So Jenny do you want to see your Daddies big cock?" Amanda asked.

A wrinkle appeared on her forehead.

"Oh God ... No..." Jenny moaned.

"Oh I think you do. You want to see that big cock I'm holding in my hand. It's so fucking hot."

Amanda was stroking my cock the full length now, teasing my daughter, looking at her smiling.

"Come on Jenny; tell me you want to see your father's meat."

She slipped the other hand under my shorts and started playing with my balls. I think that put Jenny over the edge.

"Oh God ... Show it to me ... Oh Jesus, I want to see it," My daughter moaned.

Amanda smiled in triumph, let go of my cock and pulled my shorts down around my ankles. My hard cock bobbed up and down in front of both girls. Jenny's eyes got wider and her mouth dropped open.

"Oh My God..." My daughter moaned staring at my hard cock.

Amanda quickly grabbed onto it and started slowly stroking it again. She wasn't looking at Jenny anymore; her gaze was fixed on my cock. She licked her lips clearly wanting to taste it. These girls never saw a grown man's hard cock before in real life. Both girls were fascinated by it.

Amanda brought my cock up to her lips and kissed the tip of it, tasting my pre cum, while my daughter could only watch. She extended her tongue and licked the shaft. She looked at me, opened her mouth and took my whole cock head in her mouth. I felt the warm, soft, wet feeling around my cock and I let out a deep moan.

Amanda was now taking more and more of my shaft into her mouth. When I looked down at her she had about half of it down her throat. I looked at my daughter and found she was intensely staring at what Amanda was doing. My eyes moved over to my daughter's ass and the plug nestled in between her ass cheeks. After about a minute of Amanda blowing me, I couldn't hold off any longer. I moaned loud and tensed up, I was Cumming and both girls knew it. Amanda never took my cock out of her moth and swallowed my whole load.

Jenny watched the whole thing with wide eyes, as her young friend swallowed every last drop of my cum. I finally came down and Amanda pulled my cock out of her mouth. It was clean and slightly wet from Amanda's mouth. Again I saw that mischievous look on her face. She got up and walked slowly up to my daughter.

"So how did you like me blowing your daddy? Uhmmmm ... his cum tastes so good."

She sat back down behind my daughter. I saw Jenny watching her face, looking at her wet lips. Amanda smiled knowingly and grabbed the plug.

"Hello, did you miss me?" She said playfully pulling at her plug.

My daughter's eyes rolled in pleasure but she quickly looked back at Amanda's lips. Amanda smiled and moved closer to my daughters face.

"Yeah you want to taste it too ... yeahhhhhh ... you want to taste your daddies cum."

I watched my daughter as Amanda starting to fuck her ass again crushed her lips against Jenny's mouth. My daughter didn't move away, she kissed Amanda back sliding her tongue into her mouth. They were kissing, exploring, and tasting each other for a long moment. When they let go, Jenny looked at me and then at my still hard cock and I saw her lick her lips.

Amanda was driving the plug in and out of her and Jenny reached back with her handcuffed hands and spread her ass cheeks, than she looked back at me. Jenny was getting hotter and more turned on. Amanda was fucking her with full force now and Jenny was moaning loud. I couldn't stand it, I grabbed my cock and started stroking it, as I watched my daughter get violated by her school girlfriend.

"Oh God..." Jenny moaned after seeing me stroking my cock and looking at her poor ass getting fucked.

Her body shuddered and I could tell she was Cumming. Amanda slapped my daughter's ass with force.

"Cum you bitch ... cum..." she yelled as she rammed the anal plug in and out of my daughter's precious ass.

Amanda looked at me and smiled.

"Uhhhh ... you like watching your girl take it in the ass don't you ... Daddy..."

I saw Jenny look up still in the midst of her orgasm as if waiting for my answer. I knew I shouldn't have answered that but ... I looked down at Jenny's ass and Amanda took the plug completely out at that very moment. What I saw was my daughter's asshole completely stretched, gaping open.

"Oh fuck yeah..." I moaned looking at the big hole.

"I thought so ... I knew you were a perv..."

What, what did she say? I looked at Jenny and saw her eyes rolled to the back, her head slightly leaned back as she moaned.

"Ohhhh ... oh fuck ... oh yes ... my ass ... Jesus my fucking ass..."

She kept looking at me as if it was adding to her ecstasy of an orgasm. I noticed a small amount of cum oozing out of her hole. With one final act Amanda jerked the plug out of my daughter's ass with force. It made a loud popping noise as it came out. Jenny's asshole was enlarged and gaped at me as it stayed open without closing. I had that big urge to walk up to her and stick my cock in her ass but I fought it off. Amanda just looked on.

"What do you think about your daughter's ass now Daddy ... I bet you want to come here and stick you big cock in it ... yeah you do don't you."

I just looked on amazed that Jenny's ass was still gaping open. My daughter lay there calming down with her hands grasping on to the back of the couch as Amanda pulled her shirt on and grabbed what turned out to be a key from the nightstand. As if awaken from a dream, I quickly pulled my shorts up covering myself.

Jenny's asshole was slowly contracting and Amanda unlocked her handcuffs. Jenny stood up tenderly and I did too. I didn't know what to say to my daughter. I was just looking at her. Amanda unlocked the handcuffs around my daughter's ankles and Jenny slowly walked up to me looking into my eyes. With one big swing she slapped me on the face.

"How could you ... I'm your daughter..." She whispered and without putting any clothes on, naked as a baby, tenderly walked up the stairs.

I followed her with my gaze ashamed that I was still looking at her ass. I deserved that, I knew it, hell ... I deserved a lot more than just a slap on the face. I knew how wrong it was for me to ... to just stare at my daughter while her friend did these things to her. I wondered how long have the two of them been doing this? Amanda grabbed her stuff, the blanket and handcuffs.

"You know Mr. G ... don't worry about it, she'll be alright. She's done worst things than that and loved it. I'll talk to her." Worst things? My god what could be worse than this?

Amanda walked up to me and standing on her tipsy toes kissed me sexily on the lips. After that she went up to Jenny's room. I stayed around downstairs thinking about what happened, what I've done and eventually fell asleep on the couch.

It was about 3am when I woke up cold and stiff from being curled up on the couch. I went into the kitchen getting myself a glass of water and wondered how I was going to face my daughter tomorrow ... or actually today.

I walked up the stairs and before turning towards my bedroom I looked down the hallway. I noticed that the light in Jenny's room was on and the door was cracked a tiny bit. I hesitated and than quietly walked up to the door peeking inside.

Amanda was laying on Jenny's bed completely naked, with her legs spread open to the sides and my daughter Jenny was between them eating her out. Jenny was laying flat on her stomach with her own legs spread open, her pussy wet and visible to me from where I was peeking in.

My heart was pounding in my chest and my cock was already getting hard. Seeing my daughter eat another girl was incredibly hot. I often fantasized about my wife doing it with another woman but this ... my daughter right in front of me licking pussy ... it was hot beyond my imagination.

I slowly reached inside my shorts and started stroking my cock. I saw Amanda's head turn towards the door and I quickly ducked out of sight. I didn't want to be noticed, not even by Amanda. After a few seconds I peeked back inside.

Amanda's eyes were closed as she enjoyed the tongue treatment my daughter was giving her.

"Oh yes ... yes Jenny, you're the best, ohhhh ... lick my pussy."

Jenny didn't need any encouragement as she licked up and down Amanda's snatch. Amanda pulled herself up a bit spreading her leg closer to the door open more. I didn't mind as by doing that gave me a better view of her pussy and what my daughter was doing to it.

"Ahhh ... Oh Jenny, you're so good ... you love eating pussy don't you?"

"Oohhmm yeah..." I heard a low reply from Jenny.

I saw Jenny insert a finger into Amanda's wet pussy. She was now licking and finger fucking her at the same time.

"Oh god I've had a lot of girls but you are the best ... uhhhmmm," She moaned passionately as Jenny forced her tongue into her hole along side her finger.

I pulled down my shorts and was now stroking my cock peeking at the two of them. The thought that Amanda had more girls before my daughter was making me hot. A mischievous smile appeared on Amanda's face.

"Oh Jenny ... you're ... ohhhhhh ... you're even better than ... better than your mother when she licked me."

What??? Her MOTHER!!! Jenny's Mother? My wife??? I froze thinking that I heard it wrong, it couldn't be. I listened intently for more.

"Oh God ... am I? Here ... I know I can do a better job than my mom," Jenny moaned.

As if Amanda's words were some kind of encouragement, she lapped at her friend's pussy with passion. I was shocked, my wife licking Amanda? How could this happen? When did this happen? It was impossible! A thousand questions raced through my mind as my breath came in gasps.

"Ohh yes ... yes ... ohhhhh ... you definitely do it better than your mom..." She turned her head towards the door I was peeking through.

Did she see me? Did she know I was there watching them, listening to them? Amanda's eyes were closed so I didn't move, I couldn't move, I was in shock from what I heard.

"Oh god Amanda ... tell me again how my mother licked you ... please ... uhmmm," Jenny's voice came in raspy and in gasps.

Amanda smiled again.

"Uhhhh, you want to hear that again don't you. Does it excite you? Does the thought of your own mother licking pussy excite you?" Amanda was looking down at Jenny eating her.

Jenny was squirming, excited beyond control.

"Oh God yes ... I want to hear it, I want to hear how much of a slut she was ... Uhhhmmmm."

"Ohhh, like mother like daughter ... ahhhhh ... eat me good, eat me good and I'll tell you."

Jenny grabbed Amanda's thighs and lifted them exposing Amanda's ass. I saw my daughter's tongue dart down to Amanda's asshole and linger there for a few seconds gingerly licking her brown hole before she brought it back up to her pussy.

"Oh god yes ... oh my god I love that ... ok ... uhhh, I'll tell you. It was about a month ago, I was spending the night and you were already asleep. I couldn't sleep so I went down stairs ... ohhhh yes ... she came down, your mother came down wearing nothing but a night shirt, a very short night shirt ... ohhhhh."

Jenny was listening and eating her friend. I was listening at the door, my heart pounding in my chest as I was stroking my cock.

"She ... she sat down next to me on the couch, she smelled so good ... ahhhh. I was wearing nothing but my nightshirt and ... I just couldn't help myself ... I got up to change the station and bent over in front of her ... I let my shirt ride up and I showed your mother my pussy."

"Ohhh ... this pussy Amanda? This wonderful, sweet pussy?" Jenny moaned sucking Amanda's pussy lips into her mouth.

"Yessss ... ohhhh ... when I came back over to the couch I could tell she was exited, her face was flushed and she was breathing hard. I ... I stood in front of her and took my night shirt off. Jenny, your mother didn't move, she sat there staring at my naked body. I sat on her lap straddling her, pressing my tits into her I grabbed her hair and pulling her head back kissed her. Jenny, she stuck her tongue in my mouth and grabbed my ass as if she was waiting for this, as if she has done such a thing before."

"Oh god ... oh my mom ... you think she fucked another woman before?"

Jenny was panting and so was I. The picture of my wife sitting on the couch with Amanda on her lap kissing her was so hot!

"Oh I know she did ... she must have, the way she touched me ... the way she touched my ass ... She started to lick my tits and sucked my nipples into her moth. I just let her do it Jenny ... I ... I let her do it all. She pulled me down to the couch and spreading my legs she licked my pussy. Oh god Jenny, your mother didn't even kiss me, she didn't kiss any part of my body she just ... she just ate my pussy, like how you're doing it right now, as if ... as if that was all she wanted."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I fantasized about that for so long and hearing it from this hot, naked girl getting eaten by my own daughter was mind-blowing. I pumped my cock hard trying to be quite, watching and listening to them.

"Oh Amanda, you think my mom loves to eat pussy ... you think she would ever do it again?" Jenny stopped eating Amanda and looked up at her.

"You'd like to see that wouldn't you? You would, you want to see your mother eat pussy, just like you loved seeing your dad's cock and the way I sucked him," Amanda smiled emphasizing the last words.

Jenny put her tongue on Amanda's pussy and licked but kept her eyes on her friend.

"Oh god Amanda, my dad is different ... that shouldn't have happened," She said softly.

"But you did enjoy it, especially when he watched your ass get fucked," She was in turn watching my daughter.

A low moaned escaped Jenny when she heard those words.

"Maybe ... I don't know. Tell me about my mom ... please," She begged.

Maybe? I was on pins and needles listening to them.

"Your mother licked and sucked me to an orgasm that night. She sucked and drank my juices until there was nothing left ... like a slut. Is that what you want to hear?" Amanda said harshly.

"OH my god ... oh my god..." Jenny moaned.

She stuck her tongue inside Amanda's pussy hole and fucked her with it like it was a cock, her whole head bobbing back and forth. Amanda pushed her head back and moaned.

"Oh yes, oh god now you do it ... now drink my cum ... just like your mother did ... Ahhhhhh ... I'm coming."

Amanda's body was violently shuddering as she went through her orgasm. Jenny kept her mouth over Amanda's pussy hole drinking the juices and tongue fucking her friend as she went through an orgasm from what she heard and from what she was doing. I grunted and shot my load against Jenny's bedroom door. My grunts were drowned out by the noise of screams coming from both girls.

I was afraid that their cries of passion might wake my wife up, but her door did not open, she didn't wake up. I watched as Jenny crawled up to Amanda and laid beside her, their legs intertwining together as they laid staring at each other.

"Thanks for being with me tonight Amanda, I needed it so bad," Jenny whispered.

"You know you can eat my pussy anytime Jenny, just like we do it at school, just like when you eat me in the bathroom."

"I know..."

Both girls were smiling and kissing each other. God, they do it at school too, I thought, they are so wicked. I was leaning against the wall in the hallway and not hearing anything else being said, started to turn around to walk away.

"Jenny ... would you like to see your mother eat me sometime?" It was Amanda's whisper.

I froze in my tracks. My breathing became hard again.

"Yes..." Jenny answered after a long pause.

No way! I definitely wanted to hear this.

"Ok, we can do this, I know we can. Your mother's a sucker for pussy we just have to do it when I'm staying over and your dad is out of the house," Again she emphasized the last words as if they were meant for my ears.

Did she know I was standing there listening to them? With that promiscuous girl you just couldn't tell.

"And ... and we have to give her a lot of wine during dinner, after that, she's ours."

Holly crap, these two girls were planning to seduce my wife! My fantasy, my fantasy would come true! My heart was pounding to the point that my vision was blurred. I had to see this, somehow I had to see this.

I walked away already planning on how to get that accomplished.


After that night my daughter stopped talking to me, no matter what I tried she would not respond. My wife even asked about what happened but I just told her that we had a silly argument. This went on for about four weeks.

I started looking at my wife in a different light. For some reason she looked sexier and more sensual that I ever realized. She was 36, long dark hair past her shoulders with large breasts. Her hourglass figure was a constant source of attention with men whenever we went out and I was proud of her and the way she took care of herself.

Knowing that she went down on girls was making her a sex object in my eyes all the time. I wanted to be careful though, I didn't want her to feel as if I knew anything about her and Amanda, not yet.

One Saturday night when everyone was asleep I went down to the computer room. I fired up the computer and started surfing the internet. Soon I got into some porn sites and got interested in the content. The site had what looked like teenage girls in many different positions, posing, having sex, playing with each other reminding me so much of Jenny and Amanda.

I got a blanket, draped it over me and pulled my shorts down. I started jerking off under the blanket with my left hand and I used my right to scroll through the pages of teenage girls. I was soon totally turned on, my cock hard as a rock when I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. Startled I looked up to see Jenny looking at the screen.

"Oh Jesus, Jenny you scared me," I mumbled.

The screen had a young girl with a big fat black cock stuck in her pussy. I let go of my cock and slowly brought my hand up from under the blanket. At the same time I tried to close the window with the porn.

"No ... Dad don't ... I want to see this," Jenny said reaching out and grabbing my hand.

"Jenny maybe you shouldn't," I said surprised that she finally talked to me.

I noticed she was only wearing her short nightshirt that barely covered her ass.

"Shhhhhh ... please don't talk," She said putting her hand over my mouth.

She was looking into my eyes standing so close to me, my cock standing up straight hard as a rock under the blanket and my shorts around my ankles. Jenny took the mouse out of my hand and leaning over me started to check out the pictures of girls that I was looking at. I felt her nipples brushing against my arm underneath her shirt.

"Oh God ... look at them ... look what they're doing," She whispered.

She seemed totally captivated by the pictures. Suddenly without a warning she lifted the blanket that covered me and my erection and in one movement sat down on me, straddling my legs and covering me and her with the blanket. It was so fast I couldn't stop her.

I felt her pussy press against my cock that was standing up and I realized she wasn't wearing any panties. I felt my young daughter's pussy lips separate and envelope the thickness of my shaft. She felt it too, but it was too late, my cock sunk inside her wet pussy. As soon as that happened she stiffened up and froze in place as we became fused together in this position.

"Oh My God..." She whispered.

Her pussy felt hot and out of this world. My cock swelled up even more but I was afraid to make any moves. I slowly brought my hands up and placed them softly on her hips as if to lift her up. The problem was, I didn't. I sat there with my daughter impaled on top of my cock and did nothing.

"Oh my god Dad ... are you ... oh my..." She turned her head looking into my eyes in shock.

All I could do was to look at her soft pink innocent wet lips and another moan escaped her. She slowly lifted up with my cock inside of her. She was almost out. God, I couldn't let her, my body wanting her where she was. I put pressure on her hips impaling her on my cock again.

"Ahhhhhh ... oh no ... Daddy ... oh please..."

Again I was deep inside my daughter, the tip of my cock tickling her cervix. Her pussy was so tight, unlike any other I ever had, but yet I knew she wasn't a virgin.

"Oh Daddy, please let me go ... ahhhhh..."

Again she tried pushing herself up as if to get off, again I pushed her down just before my cock was completely out of her. I felt her pussy loosen up, lubricated by her own juices.

"Ohhhhhhh ... Daddy please ... we can't do this ... it was an accident..." of course she was referring to impaling herself on my cock.

She tried getting up but I pushed her down again. I noticed her face no longer showed shock, but rather pleasure ... red ... flushed ... mouth slightly open. With each thrust of my cock, her pussy juices flooded around my meat. She couldn't deny she was enjoying sliding up and down my hard pole.

"Daddy ... oh god daddy ... are you ... are you fucking me... ?"

She looked at me, her face red and her lips dry, her eyes expression of ecstasy. I looked back at her, at her wonderful full lips and eyes ... young ... fresh.

"Yes sugar ... I'm fucking you ... oh god you feel so good," I moaned.

She was willingly moving up and down my cock, no longer my prisoner. She was looking into my eyes as I was looking into hers. I let go of her hips and slid my hands under her shirt, cupping her young breasts. The blanket covering us slid down to the ground exposing our bodies, exposing my cock buried deep inside my daughter's cunt.

"Oh god baby, you're so..."

I didn't finish, my daughter put her fingertips to my lips stopping me.

"Shhhhh ... don't say anything ... please daddy ... just fuck me."

I was so happy that she was letting me do this to her, that she was letting me fuck her. I lifted her feet off the ground and placed them on my spread open knees. She lifted up a tiny bit as I grabbed her ass with my hands spreading her cheeks apart. I started thrusting my cock into her young count. Jenny brought her arm around my neck and hung on moaning softly, from time to time brushing her lips against mine.

"Ahhhhh ... uhmmmmm ... oh God Daddy fuck me..."

Her moans became louder and I knew she was about to cum. As she placed her lips on mine in a desperate attempt to stay quite, I fucked her young pussy faster and faster, like an animal in heat. My cock was wet with her juices, some of it running down the shaft and onto my balls which kept slapping her clit on each up stroke.

My little girl screamed into my mouth as she came time and time again impaled on my cock with her pussy swallowing my thick ten inches. I was so proud of her that she took it all, without any complaints, my little baby that was so grown up, so hot and so sexy. I couldn't hold it any longer, I came with full force, sending load after load of my cum into her waiting pussy.

My cock was pulsating inside of my daughter's pussy, buried deep, shooting my load deep inside her womb. It seemed like forever before her screams finally subsided. She sat there on top of my still hard cock with her head back and mouth open, breathing hard, sweaty, trying to come down.

I was afraid to move, realizing that I just fucked my own daughter. The feeling she brought me was incredible, I never came so hard in my life, and even now my cock would not get soft. It was sheeted inside my young daughter's tight pussy, wet, warm and ready for more action.

Jenny slowly looked down at where my cock was, her face red and sweaty. She brought her legs down to the floor, a little whimper escaping her lips, and leaned forward. Holding on to the computer desk she slowly stood up. It seemed like my wet, hard cock took forever to slide out of her and flop onto my belly.

She brought her night shirt down around her hips and looked back at me. I looked into her eyes with apprehension afraid what I was going to see there, but she stood there with the look of amazement and awe. I made no move to cover my still hard cock and I noticed that her eyes were glued to it.

"Dad, did you ... did you cum inside of me?" She asked unsure.

"Yeas pumpkin ... I did ... I couldn't hold it ... you felt so good, out of this world."

Her face showed that she liked what I said. She slowly bent down and took my cock in her hand gently stroking it up and down as she examined it.

"My god ... such a big cock," She was purring, staring at it.

"Ever since I saw that slut Amanda give you a blow job ... I couldn't get you out of my mind ... I couldn't get this out of my mind," She knelt between my spread open legs looking at my cock.

"Oh baby..." Was the only thing that I could say feeling her hand on my shaft.

"I tried staying away from you but I just can't ... I'm sorry Daddy," She looked up at me.

So that's why the silent treatment, that's why she wouldn't talk to me.

"Dad ... I want to give you a blow job ... can I please."

Who was I to refuse that.

"Of course baby ... you can," I looked into her pleading eyes as she took my cock into her innocent mouth.

Her pink lips gently wrapped around my cock were driving me crazy and keeping me hard at the same time. She would look up at me from time to time, probably to see if I was enjoying it, and kept taking me deeper into her mouth licking up her juices from when we fucked. With each stroke of her mouth around my cock she took me deeper and deeper. Her breath came in gasps as she worked my meat, saliva running down the shaft and she pumped it with her hand as if milking me, milking me so I would come inside her mouth.

"Oh god honey, I'm going to come," I warned her feeling myself reaching that point.

She smiled and licked my shaft.

"I hope so, I want to taste your come. Come inside of my mouth Daddy..."

With that she engulfed my cock with her mouth and sucked ... sucked twirling her tongue around the head of it. I tensed and unloaded a stream of cum watching her swallow. One stream, than another and then another. She was watching me the whole time as I was watching her throat working, swallowing my load.

Finally there was no more, I unloaded all I had inside her mouth but she continued to suck it taking it out and licking the shaft as if getting any cum she missed from it. She let go of me and stood up licking her lips. She leaned over putting her hands on the armrests of the chair and kissed my lips.

"Thanks Daddy, you were delicious. I loved swallowing your thick cum. I have to go to sleep now ... I have school tomorrow," She smiled.

"Sweet dreams..." She said softly over her shoulder as she walked away.

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