A New Breed

by Shadow Kiss

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Shadow Kiss

Incest Sex Story: A woman takes her dog as a lover and ends up give birth to a very unique breed.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Furry   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Bestiality   Pregnancy   .


Anna sighed as she looked at her naked image in the mirror. She had gained weight since Eric dumped her. She hated having her depression displayed so dramatically. She knew what Eric would think if he could see her now: She's lost without me. I knew she would never get over me.

Anna released another deep sigh and put on her bathrobe. At least she didn't have to look at herself all the time. Her hair was still wet from the shower but she didn't bother with a towel. She wanted to get away from the mirror as soon as possible. She went downstairs and sat in the parlor to watch TV. Daryl her Rotweiler came bounding around the corner, gleeful to see his mistress.

Anna smiled as he approached. No matter how rotten she felt Daryl was always around to perk her up. She patted the seat next to her on the couch and Daryl eagerly jumped onto it. Anna pet, scratched, and cuddled her dog for a long while. Eventually they both settled down and Anna watched some shows. As the hours passed Anna slowly drifted off to sleep.

Anna awoke to a strange sensation. Something warm and wet was gliding along her pussy slit. At first Anna thought she was dreaming but the sensation was getting stronger. When she opened her eyes she saw Daryl's snout buried in her snatch. His tongue was lapping at her cunt like it was precious nectar.

Anna couldn't believe her eyes. Daryl had never done anything like this before. She'd never even considered the idea that a dog might want to lick a woman's pussy. Daryl continued his ministrations and Anna couldn't help but become aroused. Her cunt began to produce fluid, which seemed to encourage Daryl. His tongue slid into Anna's love canal, which produced a shudder from the woman.

The dog's tongue probed deep, touching Anna's cervix and gliding along her clit. Anna's body convulsed as she approached orgasm. Daryl's doggy tongue was driving her to new heights of ecstasy. He finally drove his tongue deep and tickled her cervix with the tip. Anna exploded into orgasm. She squealed, as her body became a vibrating mass of pleasure.

When she finally came down Daryl removed his tongue and gave a soft whine. Anna looked at him quizzically wondering what was wrong. She looked down and spotted the problem. Daryl's penis had grown erect. His red swollen member glistened and pulsated. Anna realized what he wanted.

Anna was torn. She wanted to repay Daryl for the mind- numbing pleasure she'd just received but she didn't know if she could bring herself to fuck a dog. She looked into Daryl's eyes and saw the need written plainly in them. Anna got down on all fours and turned around to present herself to Daryl. She hiked up her robe to completely expose herself.

At first Daryl seemed confused. He sniffed around her pussy and asshole trying to make sense of the unusual anatomy. Anna waited patiently determined to give her new lover a chance to sort things out on his own. Finally Daryl climbed onto her back and wrapped his forepaws around her waist. The material of the robe kept his claws from scratching as Daryl searched for the proper entrance.

His cock slid around her butt cheeks and inner thighs in an attempt to locate its target. Finally Daryl placed his tip at the entrance of Anna's pussy and thrust forward. Anna gasped as Daryl's cock slid all the way to her cervix and beyond. His cock head was actually inside her womb. No human had ever filled her so deeply.

Daryl unceremoniously began pumping his dog cock inside Anna's pussy. Anna moaned as her body shook from the assault. Her breasts swung back and forth and she had a hard time maintaining her balance. Daryl panted as he put all his effort into fucking his human bitch.

Finally he thrust deep into her. Streams of dog cum sprayed forth filling Anna's womb. Her climax was triggered by the sensation and she let out a guttural moan. She pushed her hips back trying to bury his cock even deeper. Suddenly Anna felt a new sensation as Daryl's cock began to swell inside her. Before Anna could react his knot entered her pussy and tied them together.

Anna's pussy stretched painfully around Daryl's swollen member. The Rotweiler made himself comfortable by turning around and standing on all fours. Despite the pain Anna still felt erotically charged. The blatant obscenity of being tied to a dog filled her with kinky mirth. The pain subsided and Anna built to another orgasm. She came twice before Daryl's cock shrank down and released her.

Daryl wandered into a corner and began licking himself clean. Anna sat on the couch. She was still exasperated by what had taken place. She looked down at her at her swollen cunt lips and watched as a string of white liquid drooled from her pussy. She looked over at Daryl who was licking his prick clean. If he had grasped that the sex act they'd just committed was unnatural then he certainly wasn't showing it.

Why did I do that? Anna thought to herself. I've never thought about having sex with Daryl before. I've never even thought about fucking a dog before. How could I do that?

Anna felt depraved and perverted. She'd enjoyed the sex but she knew that bestiality was wrong. Wasn't it? She could still smell the sex hanging in the air. Anna had to get out of the room to clear her head. She went upstairs to her bedroom and closed the door behind her just in case Daryl decided to follow her.

Away from the dog Anna could finally think straight. Obviously she had been lonely after Eric broke up with her. She'd been craving sex, but why would she debase herself by fucking her dog? The strange thing was that Anna didn't feel debased. She felt elated. The sex she'd had with Daryl was the best of her life. In fact she was considering doing it again.

Was it really so wrong to fuck Daryl? She wasn't hurting anyone. It had been good for her and Daryl certainly didn't seem phased by it. Maybe this was just what she needed; a sexual relationship with no emotional baggage. Just as she finished her thought Anna heard a whine at the door. Daryl was outside begging to be let in.

Anna smiled to herself and opened the door for her new lover. Daryl traipsed inside the room. His tail wagged and a look of joy in his eye. Anna removed her robe and stretched out seductively on the bed. Daryl's cock slipped from its sheath and grew as he scented his mistress's readiness. He jumped up on the bed beside Anna.

Anna got on all fours and raised her ass. Daryl mounted her once more and searched for her opening. His cock slid inside her with ease. As Daryl pounded away at his prize bitch Anna prepared to experience another string of orgasms. She looked beneath her and watched Daryl's red prick piston inside her. This was definitely something she was going to keep up.

After that fateful day Anna and Daryl became the equivalent of lovers. They fucked almost every day and Anna was almost always the initiator. She took to wearing skirts without panties to give Daryl free access to her pussy. He became quite adept at licking her to orgasm. Anna was on her hands and knees so much that she was developing calluses. She'd tried to get Daryl to fuck her in missionary position a few times, but he'd been so confused that she gave up on the idea.

Anna was in a state of bliss. She had finally found a mate who was compassionate, loving and completely loyal. He never judged her appearance or criticized her decisions. The fact that he was a dog was incidental. What mattered to Anna was his absolute devotion to her.

Everything seemed to be perfect until Anna missed her period. At first she thought that her cycle was simply off. After all it was impossible for her to be pregnant by a dog. Another month passed and Anna became worried. She bought a home pregnancy test. The results were positive.

Anna reeled from the news. Never in her wildest imaginings did she think she could get pregnant by Daryl. It was supposed to be impossible. Yet here was the proof right inside her womb. Daryl's baby was growing inside her. What was she going to do? Should she get an abortion?

As soon as the thought entered her mind she knew she couldn't do that. Killing her own child was too repugnant. But was the baby in her womb really a child or was it a puppy? Was it only one or would it be a litter? The more she contemplated the more Anna despaired. No matter what happened she was going to end up a pariah.

People would revile her for giving birth to a half- canine thing. Her child would be treated like a freakish monster. Anna wrapped her arms around her stomach and cried. Just then Daryl poked his head into the room. Sensing Anna's distress he came up to her and licked her face. Anna smiled and hugged her dog lover.

"No matter what happens you'll always love me won't you Daryl? I love you too. I'm going to have our baby and we're going to raise it together. I don't care what it is or how hard it gets. As long as we have each other we can do anything."

After that Anna seemed to develop a new zest for life. She went shopping for maternity clothes. She converted her bedroom into a nursery and read books on both human and canine pregnancies. She also fucked Daryl with increasing regularity. The poor animal could barely keep up with Anna's urges as she fucked him two or three times a day.

Anna's pregnancy progressed more rapidly than a normal human pregnancy but much more slowly than a dog's. She started to show at three month's. By four her belly was rapidly expanding. At five months she looked like a woman in her third trimester. It was near the end of her sixth month that Anna went into labor.

Anna was well prepared. She'd made provisions in case she came to term as early as a dog. Anna had made a birthing den in the corner of her room. It consisted of several blankets and a pile of pillows. There was a pot of water to clean herself and the baby, a water bottle to prevent dehydration, a first aid kit including scissors and ties for the umbilical cord, and if anything went wrong the cordless phone was right there with 911 on speed dial.

Anna's contractions grew closer together and she could feel the baby squirming to get out. Daryl paced outside the bedroom. He was unaware of the specifics but instinct told him something important and dangerous was going on. He also knew that he was powerless to help if his mate should take a turn for the worse. The contractions were coming right on top of each other now. Anna took a deep breath and pushed.

She could feel the head crowning and she gave another push. The head emerged and a weak yowl escaped the infant's mouth. The pain was excruciating. Anna thought she might pass out but she was determined to bring this baby to term. A few more pushes and the baby was free from its mother's body. Anna quickly tied of the cord and cut it. Then she leaned back and pushed out the afterbirth.

Anna was completely exhausted. She felt like closing her eyes and sleeping, but she forced herself to remain awake. She cleaned off her newborn and examined him closely. To her amazement he was neither a dog nor a human, but a combination of both. The baby had the head of a dog complete, the torso and arms of a human, and the legs and tail of a dog. He was covered in a thin layer of fur that was the same shade of auburn as her own. His tiny fingers had claws and pads were the fingerprints would normally be.

Other women would have been horrified to give birth to such a monster. Instead Anna was delighted. She kissed her baby gently on the head and placed his mouth near her nipple. The tiny infant reactively took it into his mouth and began to suckle. Anna lay back and held her newborn to her breast. She smiled serenely as she drifted off to sleep.

The dynamic of the household changed after that. Anna made Gavin, her baby, a priority. She rarely had sex with Daryl anymore and only when the Rotweiler cajoled her for a long time. Daryl was beginning to resent the little interloper who took up so much of his mate's time. He was decidedly against keeping Gavin around longer than was necessary to raise him. Anna was oblivious to the dog's feelings and doted on her son constantly.

She never let him out of her sight unless absolutely necessary. She was always playing with him or breastfeeding him although his rapid maturity meant that it wasn't required. She even slept with Gavin cradled in her arms. The first and only time she had put him in a crib he'd made a fuss so Anna did away with it. She felt that Gavin deserved as much love and attention as she could give.

This attitude also led Anna to perceive Gavin as much more innocent than he actually was. In fact all of Anna's coddling was turning him into a spoiled brat. He never went without and knew exactly how to manipulate his mother. The best example of this was illustrated by what happened to Daryl.

It was two years after Gavin's birth. By this age most puppies would have been long gone from their homes. Daryl's instincts were to either drive Gavin out or force him to submit to his alpha male father. Of course Daryl's canine inclinations were abhorrent to Anna. Any time Daryl would try to discipline his son she would end up scolding the Rotweiler. This lead to Daryl becoming sullen and angry.

It all came to a head one day when Anna was feeding Gavin lunch. He was now in a high chair eating solid foods but at least one meal a day still came from Anna's breasts. Gavin was being spoon-fed when Daryl entered the kitchen looking for some attention. He jumped up on Anna in a desperate plea for recognition. Gavin was mad about having his meal interrupted. He picked up his bowl and tossed it at Daryl's head.

Daryl exploded in rage. He growled menacingly at Gavin and started at him as if he were going to bite. Anna grabbed Daryl by the scruff of the neck and through him out of the house. From then on whenever Daryl was near Gavin would yelp for his mother as if the animal were attacking him. Anna fell for the rouse every time. Eventually she decided that it was best that Daryl leave. She took Daryl to a pound and left the poor dog that had once been the love of her life.

What Anna didn't realize about Gavin was that he was maturing much more rapidly than a human infant. By the time he was two he had the equivalent intellect of a six-year-old. Physically he was smaller than human, but if Anna had taken into consideration that dog's were smaller than humans she might have noticed that he was halfway to adult size. This fatal error left Anna unaware of the fact that at age four Gavin was entering puberty.

She was still treating him like an innocent child, yet his was beginning to have very adult urges. Anna still slept with Gavin in her bed. She dismissed his erections as reflex actions and his amorous groping as affection. Gavin was keenly aware that his mother had no idea what he was thinking. The crafty hybrid was planning to take full advantage of this fact.

It was late one night as Anna slept next to Gavin. He examined the woman with keen interest. He sniffed the air around her body. Although he was unaware of the concept, his instincts told him that Anna was in estrus. Gavin's cock slipped out of its sheath and grew exponentially. He gripped it in his hand-paw and gave it a few pumps. Now he was ready to claim his prize.

Gavin poked his head under the covers and sniffed his mother's crotch. The musky aroma was intoxicating. He delicately took hold of her panties and slowly pulled them off. He held them to his snout and inhaled deeply. His tail wagged involuntarily. Gavin next pushed up Anna's nightgown to expose her sex. He buried his nose in her bush and took several whiffs before he licked her slit tentatively. Anna moaned and her eyes fluttered but she didn't wake.

Emboldened Gavin began to lick his mother's pussy with enthusiasm. His long dog tongue penetrated deep into her folds and tickled her clit. Anna was now half asleep and in her dazed state imagined Daryl was tonguing her. "Oh such a good boy," she murmured robotically.

This thrilled Gavin who became more enthusiastic and gripped his mother's ass cheeks in his clawed hands in order to bury his snout inside her snatch. The feeling of hands on her flesh alerted Anna to the fact that something was wrong. Her eyes flew open and she looked down to see her son's canine head buried in her crotch. "Gavin! What are you doing? Stop that," Anna demanded in the firmest tone she had ever used with him.

Gavin gave a small whine but continued with the cunnilingus. Anna grabbed her son by the ears and physically removed him from her cunt. Gavin was stunned. His mother had never manhandled him like that before. Without warning a deep growl emanated from the hybrid's throat. He could smell the sudden waves of fear emitted by his mother and became even more turned on.

Anna was shocked by Gavin's display of anger. She had never really considered the dog-boy to be anything more then a harmless infant. Now she was suddenly confronted by the possibility that her son might do her serious harm. Her hesitation was all the opportunity Gavin needed. Without ceremony he parted Anna's legs and placed his rigid cock at the entrance to her pussy.

Instinct guided him as Gavin sank his shaft to the hilt inside the woman who had given birth to him. He made a strange noise, something between a moan and a growl, as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the novel sensation. Anna's heart pounded and her mind reeled. Somehow she believed that this wasn't real. This had to be some bizarre nightmare.

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