A Change Of Plans

by Rockster98

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, DomSub, Rough, Humiliation, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An older neighbor accompanies a couple on a brief vacation. An inadvertent turn into the wrong side of town results in an unpleasant evening, but also to major changes to their small town lifestyles.

Tim Fields peered through the windshield as he guided the old Taurus down the freeway of the unfamiliar city. The highway was poorly lit and they were looking for the exit to the motel they were to stay in this weekend. Tim's wife Tami was in the passenger set and Helen Anderson occupied the rear seat. Helen was an older woman, a neighbor of the Fields that the couple had offered to drop off at a relative's house while on their weekend getaway. The plan was to check in and then drop Helen off before heading out for the evening.

The 35 year old Tim worked at the local bank in the small town where the three lived. He had thinning black hair, and was about 5'9", usually topping the scale at somewhere near 220 pounds. His sedentary job was a large part of his physical condition, which was only compounded by his limited capacity for exercise as he had put on weight. His leisure activity consisted of watching ESPN from the comfort of a couch, or perhaps mowing the yard. For some reason his interest in sports persuaded his wife that he was athletic in some hard to fathom way.

Tami was not a knock out, but was pretty in an average sort of way. She was 33, a quiet 5'4" blonde with a fine figure. Her full breasts and hips filled out her blue mid-thigh sun dress she wore this evening. White high heeled sandals capped set off her dress.

Helen was a very chunky 56 year old 5'2" widow. She presented a very formal and reserved appearance at all times, but had a friendly relationship with Tami. Her hair was always bound in a tight grey bun and she always seemed to wear a white blouse, and black below-the-knee skirt.

Tami was quite prim and proper, and felt the need to present demonstrate her refinement — particularly in the company of the older Helen. She was also quite naïve about a number of things, among them the diversity of people living in a large city, and perhaps most notably about sex. As a matter of fact the couple had a quite staid and boring sex life, much less adventurous than the average American couple; however, neither of the two had enough experience to know so.

"There it is — turn right at the end of the ramp," Tami said, pointing to a sign for Simpson Avenue, while continuing to chatter with Helen. As Tim approached the end of the ramp, a pickup truck suddenly cut him off from the right lane, forcing him to take a hard left. The old car leaned through the turn with the right front wheel hitting the far curb. "Pay attention Tim - that was close. Slow down!" Tami shouted as the car rebounded and he regained control.

"I'll find some place to spin around," said Tim. The car passed back under the freeway, and he quickly scanned the dark street for an intersection when the right front tire began to rumble. Tim could feel the steering wheel shudder. "Just a flat, no big problem," he reassured the two women.

"There on the left, you can turn there," Tami said pointing at the poorly lit street. Tim took the quick left and pulled to the curb about a block off Simpson.

At that same, a group of three young black women and two old men left a liquor store a few blocks up the street. They were a motley crew, somewhat of a "gang" in that the women were all neighbors who did not fit in elsewhere and had gravitated to each other. They had just bought the usual Southern Comfort and beer to take back to the small abandoned apartment they claimed as the venue for their nightly party.

Latisha Bell was a tall and powerfully built young woman of 19 years, and was the acknowledged ring leader of the group. Neither Latisha nor her friends Tawana Jones and Tisha Quarles were by any means good looking. The three women were the same age and had similar builds — between 5'9" and 5'11", with broad shoulders and large arms, full chests, wide hips and thick thighs.

Toby Bell and Antwaun Jones, the two old men, were tall scrawny 68 year olds and life long friends. Each was a little over six feet, but neither weighed more than 160 pounds.

They were constant fixtures with the girls, who were happy to have them tag along as both could provide more than his share of laughs to liven up their parties.

None had jobs, nor did they have any intent of seeking work. The three women were as tough as most of the men in their neighborhood, and often much more vicious when crossed. They generally supported themselves with various petty larcenies and schemes that did not require serious planning or forethought. However, their financial activities sometimes extended to muggings in the right circumstances.

Tami and Helen were standing on the curb watching Tim put the hubcap on the spare when they became aware of several shapes materializing out of the dark. The gang was just as surprised to encounter the stranded motorists parked at the entrance to the alley leading to the abandoned building.

"Tim!" both women exclaimed simultaneously. With a quick look at the group, he immediately jumped up and pulled the two women behind them.

"What 'chu doing around here!" Latisha exclaimed walking up to the three with her girlfriends behind her.

"We had a flat and are getting on our way. Not that it's any of your business," growled Tim, trying to cover his unease with false bluster.

"It our business - you have to pay to park here," Latisha said, as the group murmured in agreement.

"You god damn kids just get lost before you get in trouble," replied Tim.

As he tried to herd the women back in the car, the black women sat themselves on the hood, facing forward away from the passenger cabin.

"Get your fucking asses off my car!" Tim bellowed, as he stormed up to confront the three. An unimpressed Latisha flashed a knife at him saying "What 'chu gonna do about it?" and he skidded to an astonished halt. "Go get them bitches," she said to Tisha and Tawana. They quickly produced knives and sauntered up to the two oblivious women. "Get your asses up here!" Tisha demanded, waving the knife at the two. Terrified, Tami and Helen scurried up behind Tim, quaking while looking at the unsmiling black faces around them. He wasn't feeling much better himself.

"We was just going to ask for a little cash, but you go and act like a bad ass honky," Latisha yelled at him. "Well now you gonna come along to some better light so we can see what other stuff you got. You do what we say or you and them bitches get cut. Got it?"

Tim nodded his head without a word. None of the three had ever experienced a threat of physical violence in their small-town lives, and none were going to stand up to this menacing woman. "Let's go to the crib," Latisha commanded to the gang, as Tawana and Tisha shoved the three down the alley, flashing their knives to provide encouragement.

The group came to a boarded-up building at the end of the alley. Toby and Antwaun were first to enter, unlocking the door and turning on the overhead lights — bare bulbs in old ceramic sockets. The gang filed in led by the couple and their neighbor.

A grungy queen size bed sat against one wall. The other furnishings were two old couches, a large beat up coffee table, a couple of folding chairs and a few over turned wooden crates that served as small tables. The old men set the liquor on the crates.

"Let's have what you got — wallets, purses, and all the jewelry!" Latisha demanded. Tisha and Tawana soon had collected everything, including the two women's wedding rings and earrings. "Let's have them clothes too - shirts, pants, and skirts. We don't want you runnin' off without paying." Latisha barked.

"Why don't you just let us go now, you've got what you want," Tim said with patently false bluster.

Latisha looked him up and down, then landed a tremendous punch to the side of the head, shouting "You don't talk that shit to me you little white wimp!" Startled, Tim could only hold the side of his head and stare at her while he regained his balance — to the cackles of the old men. "You all do what I say and do it now!" Latisha shouted waving her knife at the three.

A pile of clothing was soon at the feet of the terrified vacationers — blue sundress, shirt and pants, white blouse and black skirt. Tami stood trembling in a thin light blue bra which emphasized the heft of her tits, and matching tight panties that exposed the small crevice between her thighs. Her belly bulged slightly over the waistband of her panties. The white sandals on her feet gave her a "come fuck me look". Tim looked ludicrous in a pair of white boxers and black socks, his pale gut overhanging the waistband. To her utter shame, the gang laughed and jeered at Helen's fat, wrinkled and pasty body covered only by her old fashioned bra and granny panties.

"You two bitches sit over there," Latisha gestured, pointing to the couch. "You in that chair," she said to Tim pointing at one of the folding chairs. The three quickly complied, looking at their hosts with fearful faces.

"You don't get to party you big mouth punk. Let's relax and get on with it girlfriends," Latisha announced breathing heavily. "I needs a drink." She tossed beers to the two black girls, who were on one couch with Helen and them joined them. Toby and Antwaun grabbed the Southern Comfort and made themselves comfortable on the other couch on either side of Tami.

Tisha rolled a couple of blunts, lit them up and passed them around. Each of the white women was forced to take their hits in turn, coughing harshly to the laughter of the gang — particularly when it came to Helen. "That old bitch like to toke!" laughed Tawana. Meanwhile the gang sat talking about what they would do with their loot, now and then stopping to ask one of the white women if they were hiding anything.

Latisha noted that Toby and Antwaun had never taken their eyes off Tami from the moment she dropped her dress. Looking at the two old geezers, she quickly hatched an evil plan.

"I think you gonna have to pay rent your rent for parking down there," she said with a glare at Tim.

"What the hell is it you want from us," he shot back jumping out of the chair, "you've already taken everything we have."

"I don't know bout that," she smirked. Looking back at Toby and Antwaun, she suddenly blurted out, "When the last time you boys had any pussy?" shocking the two white women. Helen drew herself up into an even tighter ball. The old men looked at each other before Toby replied, "I don't know 'bout five or six years."

Tami shouted "Please get us out of here Tim!" as she leapt off the couch and ran to hide behind him.

Tim was afraid of where this was going and tried to reason with the girl, "You're going to be in enough trouble as it is — why don't you let us be on our way and we'll forget about this and not report you." He grabbed Tami's hand and tried to lead her to the door calling "Let's go Helen." Tisha and Tawana immediately leapt up and shoved both back into the middle of the room. "You ain't goin' nowhere punk," Tisha growled.

"You boys ever had any white pussy?" Latisha asked with an evil smile at Tim and to the horror of the two women. "Nope, never seen any in real life," Antwaun answered with a sly grin as Toby nodded his head in agreement.

"You're not fucking touching anyone," Tim threatened, trying to build up his courage. "Don't worry punk," Latisha replied with a laugh, "we know you a bad ass and all. You kick the asses of these two old dudes and you can all leave. Me and my girlfriends won't lift a hand."

Thinking this sounded like a great idea, the slightly drunk black men stood up and moved to either side of Tim. Tim did not present a very imposing figure, given that he was several inches shorter than the two and his pale gut hung over the front of his shorts. The fact that the two scrawny men looked near seventy at least provided some encouragement. He raised his fists, quickly turning back and forth to guard against the two. Tami moved as far way from the old men as possible.

Toby and Antwaun took turns feinting in from each side. At their age neither man was particularly agile; however, neither was the out of shape Tim. He threw a wild ineffectual punch each time one feinted missing every time. This continued for about five minutes, by which time Tim was sweating heavily and his punches were noticeably sluggish. Antwaun lunged in, grabbing Tim in a headlock with a grip that shocked the rapidly tiring man. Seeing his opportunity Toby pounced on him from behind Tim and ripped his boxers down to his knees. With a crazed glance at Tami, he jammed his hand up between Tim's legs and clamped onto his small sack. Tami shrieked and held her hands to her cheeks, too terrified to help her husband in any way.

"Aaaah! ... Aaaah!" Tim bellowed, "oh god damn let go of me! ... Aaaah!" His body convulsed as he tried to bend over, but was held up by Antwaun. Antwaun shouted, "Give it to him again!" and Toby clamped his balls again. "Ah! Shit ... please stop," Tim cried out pitifully. Now really worked up Toby again clamped down and Tim was reduced to a whimpering wreck, jerking in Antwaun's iron grip on his head. Antwaun let go of the subdued Tim and said to Latisha, "Toss me that knife."

Waving it in front of Tim's face, the old man growled, "OK white boy, you gonna do like we tells you or maybe we cut your dick off, and then mark up them women. Understand?" Hunched over with Toby maintaining a firm grip on his sack, Tim looked up at the old man and nodded, his face contorted with pain. In the back of his mind he could hear the girls rolling with laughter on the blankets.

"Ease up a bit Toby," Antwaun said to his friend, "so's this punk can talk to us." Toby lightened his grip but still kept Tim's balls in the palm of his hand. "Now boy I think you want us to fuck you wife, right? You want us to give her some good black cock." Antwaun said with a wide white smile. Not believing what the old man meant, Tim simply stared up at him, his eyes clouded with pain. Antwaun waved the knife in front of Tim's face and nodded to Toby who gave Tim's balls a hard wrench. "Oooowww!" Tim wailed in a high pitch groan.

"Now you pay attention to me boy, I done asked you a question," Antwaun demanded. "Now you ask us or it is only going to get worse," he said, smiling over at the sniveling Tami.

"OK," the utterly defeated Tim moaned, "fuck my wife, I can't stop you."

"Ask us real nice, just like I was telling you" Antwaun replied, still grinning at Tami. "Please fuck my wife," Tim gasped when Toby slightly tightened his grip, "Give her some good black cock."

"OK boy, don't mind if we do." Antwaun replied looking back at the girls who whooped and encouraged the old men on. Toby released his grip on Tim and gave him a shove toward Latisha who threw the stumbling man onto the couch next to her. As he rolled into a sitting position, Tim's penis and testicles were exposed to the girls. Toby's abuse of his sack had caused his already small cock to retreat well into his body, barely visible between his gut and small ball sack. "Damn that boy got a dick like a baby," Tisha shouted to laughter all around, "How you even get that in your pussy?" she shouted at the mortified Tami.

Tami made a desperate attempt for the door, but was easily rounded up by Toby and Antwaun. They drug her over immediately in front of the couches, each holding one of her arms. "You one fine lookin' white bitch, baby," Toby said pulling her face to his and giving her a forceful kiss. Not wanting to be left out Antwaun pulled her face back over toward him kissed her similarly. Soon the old men were pulling her face back and forth while each tongued her mouth deeply, all to the encouragement of the girls.

Tim lay on the couch waiting for the agonizing pain between his legs to subside, watching the humiliation of his wife through pain clouded eyes. Soon each old man had started kneading one of Tami's tits as they continued to kiss her. Tami, petrified by fear, was letting the old black men have their way with her.

Tami teetered on her sandals as she was pulled back and forth by the men, trembling in the middle of the room in her lingerie while the men molested her. The over-excited men grinned widely, staring bug-eyed at the white woman, kissing and fondling her with even more vigor. Once during a break between kisses, she wailed, "Oh my god, please stop — this isn't right," looking around at the gang but finding no sympathy.

In reply Toby pulled her bra down to her stomach, her D-cup tits swinging free and bouncing off her chest. She had pale white flawless skin, and her breasts were capped with small dark pink aureole and longish nipples that jutted rigidly from contact with the open air and the earlier pawing of the old men. "Damn them some nice white tits your little wife have," Toby shouted to Tim with a triumphant smile. "Let's see if she blonde all over."

Antwaun jerked Tami's panties down to her thighs, exposing her sparse light blonde bush that did little to cover her small pink pussy lips. "Damn look at that!" cried Toby staring dumbfounded down at the woman's crotch. "Look at the bitch's shit!" shouted Antwaun to the girls, as Tami hung her blushing face in shame. The same thought immediately flashed through each old man's mind - this woman was hotter than any they ever had their hands on in their lives — and she was white. Their cocks surged in their shorts.

"Look like them old boys starting to have fun," Latisha said, pointing at the front of the old men's pants to the laughter of her girlfriends. The over-excited Antwaun quickly stripped the bra and panties from Tami's body. Both men were now running their hands all over her pale skin, which almost glowed in the bright light given off by the bare bulbs. They were still kissing her and kneading her tits and nipples, but also feeling up her soft belly and plump ass. Tim could see their long black fingers delving in and out of her bush as they explored her pink slit.

Releasing his grip on Tami, Antwaun quickly tore off his shirt and dropped his shorts — the old man had no underwear. The horrified woman stared at the size of the enormous black prick sticking out from his wiry body - eight inches long and almost three inches thick. It thrust out of a thick patch of curly hair, formerly dark black but now speckled with grey. The rest of his tall frame was completely hairless.

Antwaun regained his hold on the nude woman, allowing Toby to get his clothes off. He was soon standing equally naked, practically ripping off his clothes to reveal a thin black cock — however one that jutted out almost nine inches from his wiry frame. His pubic hair was similarly speckled with grey, but he also had a thick grey mat of hair on his chest. Neither man thought twice about standing nude in front of the girls with their erect pricks on display — not when they had the chance of a lifetime in their hands.

"Hey boy," said Toby, "does yo' wife like her titties sucked?"

Tim was speechless until Latisha yanked his head up by the hair and hissed, "Answer them boys polite punk, they done whipped you pussy ass and now you best be good before it get a lot worse."

"She likes her tits sucked," Tim replied, unable to look anyone in the eye. At that Toby bent his head down and began an exaggerated slurping at Tami's nipples while Antwaun roared with laughter.

"You ever suck cock baby?" Toby asked Tami, leering into her face.

"P ... p ... please stop. Please don't do this to me," Tami stammered.

Pulling her head around toward him Toby asked "You like my black cock bitch?" fixing her with a threatening glare when the appalled woman failed to respond. "I asked you a question bitch!" he barked giving her a sharp slap on her pale ass.

"I ... I like it," Tami stammered.

"You like what?" he demanded, pulling her face further around.

"I like your b ... black c ... c ... cock," she stuttered.

"You know what to do now baby," Toby said, "time to be a good little bitch." He pushed her to her knees so that his thin prick waved right in front of her face. "What 'chu wanna do now baby — suck my dick?" he sneered.

"I want to s ... s ... suck your dick," Tami again stammered.

Toby rubbed his erection roughly against her lips until she was forced to take it in her mouth. "Use that tongue baby — I wants to feel it working on my dick," he gasped.

Satisfied with her efforts, Toby took a grip on her hair, pulling it up from both sides of her face to give Tim an unobstructed view of her mouth as it encircled the head of his prick. Then he put his other hand on his hip and slowly pumped the head of his cock in and out of her wide spread red lips while looking down at her blonde hair and pretty face.

"Hey white boy," Toby taunted, "yo' wife a real good cocksucker. She sucking my dick like it's her mama's titty. And she gonna get a mouth full of milk soon."

The girls taunted Tim the entire time, critiquing his wife's performance in intimate detail and making fun of his undersized genitalia.

Tami did her best to comply with the old black man's vile demands, too terrified to resist. Soon he was pumping his black ass as he fucked his cock head in and out of her steadily slurping mouth. Then without warned his scrawny butt flexed and he squirted five solid streams of thick semen into her mouth. He held her head onto his cock demanding, "Swallow it all bitch, don't 'chu think about pulling your mouth off - that's the milk you been wanting," as she gagged but obediently kept her lips tight on his cock head.

Toby finally pulled his now limp prick out of Tami's mouth with a loud plop and she dropped back on her calves with a mixture of defeat and abject humiliation on her face. She glanced at Helen and quickly looked away when she saw the look of horror on the older woman's face.

Toby walked over in front of Tim and waved his still drooling cock in the man's face. "I'm gonna be fucking your wife later boy," Toby jeered at him, "and you gets to watch me make her my little bitch."

Now Antwaun sprang into action. He pulled the unresisting woman up by the arm and walked her to the edge of the bed, pushing her down on her back with her legs hanging over the side and splayed open. Looming over her, he asked with a glare, "You ready to fuck now baby? You want this black cock up your pussy?" When she didn't answer he gave her nipple a hard tweak.

"Eeee! Yes ... I'm ready to f ... f ... fuck, put your black cock up my p ... p ... pussy," Tami stuttered looking fearfully in his face. She was terrified both by the black man's hard manner, as well as the enormous penis that was jutting out toward the vee of her legs.

Taunting Tim, Antwaun asked, "She a good fuck punk? Does yo' wife like a hard cock up her pussy?"

After another tug on his hair, Tim hesitantly replied "Yes — she's a good fuck - she likes a hard cock up her pussy."

"Will she like wiggle and dance that blonde pussy?"

Another tug and he mumbled, "She'll wiggle and dance her blonde pussy for you."

Toby climbed on the bed and knee walked up toward her head, his slimy penis dangling right over her face. "Someone stop them," Tami wailed as the man pulled her arms up over her head, "their penises are too big!" The girls roared with laughter at this and Tisha shouted "That white bitch nevah seen no black cock before!" Antwaun crouched between her legs, getting a close up view of her blonde tuft and bright pink lips.

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