Johnny Comes Home

by Duke of Ramus

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A concubine comes home from a hard day at the office and what happens, the sponsor wants a good work out. A glimpse at life in the colonies.

A Piece of my Imagination

Johnny Porter looked around his office just to ensure that everything was neat and tidy, a habit he'd picked up as a cadet and one he didn't feel like relinquishing even on a new planet. Satisfied that everything was as it should be he grabbed his combat smock and headed for the door and home, smiling as he passed the sign on his door -- as he did every time he saw it.

Captain J. Porter
Commanding Officer
Demeter Militia

It sounded good but the whole planet only had one militia unit and that unit had just about had two hundred mostly untrained people allocated to it. He'd lost the argument over the title because Alex, as head of the colony, wanted to set an example to the whole planet and, as he'd said privately, avoid the sort of problems that the behaviour in the front half of the Aurora, their colony ship, had hinted at.

The newly appointed Lieutenant Jeannine Miles smiled up at him from her desk in the outer office. "Had enough then?" she asked, only half teasing.

"Dead right, and don't you stay here after I'm gone," he said to the young girl who'd become his Adjutant, a position the former school girl wouldn't have even dreamed of before the threat of the Sa'arm and the turmoil of extraction.

One thing that the arrival of the Sa'arm and the extraction of humans from Earth had done, especially when masked by all the augmentation that the Darjee had made available, was allow kids like the two of them who were only sixteen years old, to fill real world jobs. Jobs that they were doing as well as men with twenty or thirty years seniority on them through a combination of initial training and AI support.

Now, thanks to the insistence of Alex Flowers, just about everyone in the Celeus township looked and felt like they'd been working out for the last twenty odd years. This was the image their bodies presented to the naked eye. Augmentation and nanites had given even the drones bodies that they would have been proud of back on Earth.

As Johnny marched through the tunnels connecting the various pods he thought about the way attitudes had changed in the four weeks they'd been dirt side. Changed from the whining and bitching that had been so common when they'd been extracted to the point where they were all pulling towards a common goal. Survival.

As he clambered up the steep stairway into his home he couldn't wait until terraforming was complete and they could drop the outer bubbles and walk the planets surface.

Mandy Simpson stepped out of the bathroom and looked her new body over in the full length mirror that had been provided in the bedroom. The simple fact that she'd walked from the shower to the bedroom naked gave some indication to those who knew her of the change she'd undergone since extraction. Prior to extraction Mandy had been the proverbial dormouse, grey, fragile, always hiding from those she considered better than she was. Now, she was two metres and a hundred kilos of hardened muscle with the added curves a woman should be proud of. Her body, for all its muscle, would have had a supermodel green with envy and the change it had bought about in her attitude couldn't be measured.

Mandy, to her surprise, was actually glad that Alex had managed to get her to agree with his ideas concerning physical size, both for herself and for the drones that made up her family. Now as she ran her hands over her firm stomach and up under her protruding breasts she luxuriated in the feeling that she would no longer be the butt of any ones jokes.

That in its turn brought back the memory of how she'd treated Bethany, which caused a tinge of guilt to colour her mood. She was glad that the whole thing had been sorted out before they'd made planetfall, especially when she thought of Madison and how she'd joined her family as a consequence.

Mandy let her hand tease her nipples as she realised that she was feeling horny and, for the first time in a month, she actually had time to do something about it. Keeping the sensual feeling going she diverted a little of her attention and called the AI and was pleased to find that Johnny was home and had just finished his own shower.

Pushing the door open she let out a yell, "Johnny, get your cute butt in here, now."

From down the corridor she heard an answering call of, "Coming," which tickled her as that had become her aim.

She sat back on her bed as she heard the rapid movement of someone in the corridor and when Johnny, still naked and slightly damp, stood in the doorway she took a moment to admire the only male in her household.

The former cadet had always been fit but with the addition of the body mass from augmentation he was a true Adonis, hard, sculptured and deeply tanned. A potential sex God if ever there was one and, Mandy thought, mine to do with as I please.

"Kneel, slave." she said, never taking her eyes from his.

A look that could be called adoration crossed his face as, without a word, he sank to his knees.

Mandy parted her thighs slightly and beckoned Johnny towards her, saying at the same time, "Come here and worship you hunk."

Johnny dropped onto all fours and, like a big cat approaching its prey, undulated across the room, his eyes never straying from the light down covering his target. He slipped his body between the muscular thighs of his mistress, the sensation of flesh on flesh exciting both of them. Johnny allowed his tongue to slip out and, using the very tip, started to tease the hot flesh before him.

His progress, whilst sensual was also slow, ever so slow. Tease, pause, retreat, tease, advance, pause, tease until, with no warning Mandy grabbed him by the hair and dragged his head to her pussy and pushed him in, moaning as she did so.

"Oh God, yes, there, uhmmm, that's it..."

Johnny played his mistress like a musical instrument, doing all he could to prolong her pleasure.

With a shuddering gasp she pushed him away. "Get on the floor," she panted, "On your back, now!" she emphasised.

Johnny half rolled and slid until he was flat on the floor, his feet pointing towards the door he'd entered so recently.

Mandy dropped off the bed, her knees either side of the studs head and lowered her now thoroughly excited pussy back to his mouth. Her head dropped forward and her eyes snapped open as she saw his erection, and erection she'd had enlarged but had not used so far. Mandy had kept her virginity because she didn't feel that she was ready to go the whole way, which may have been a disappointment to those who wanted the human race to breed but it had been her choice. That didn't mean that she wasn't excited at the vision of throbbing manhood before her.

She flexed and then rotated her hips, her eyes never leaving the hardon as it pulsed and throbbed in time with her actions.

She dropped hard, her body locking as she went through her first orgasm. Johnny beneath her struggled to breath but kept licking to enhance the pleasure of the girl above him.

Relaxing, Mandy placed her hands on his chest and pushed up a little, giving him room to breath again.

"That was, ohh so good." she murmured, then spying the throbbing cock before her she was tempted to swap ends but only a little. A deep breath and Mandy made a decision.

"Dianna, get your body in here." she bellowed, knowing that the AI would pass on the order if Dianna was out of hearing range.

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