The Collector: The Bikini

by Karl P. Dahl

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: How the collecting started, by meeting the ex at a public bath.

After each of us had taken a sip of whiskey, he spoke again. That sly smile was on his lips again when he said "By the way, don't you think we ought to know each other by name, now? Mine's Patrick, what's yours?"

"Robert", I simply answered.

"Right, Robert, I think the best start of my story would be if you went and took a look in my closet. It's the door to the left here. On the wall inside, you'll find one of the things you came here for, and some other stuff as well."

Slightly surprised, I took another sip and did what he said. I went to the closet door and opened it. I found the light switch easily enough, and when I turned the light on, I found myself looking into what first looked as a typical young male's wardrobe. Various jackets, sweaters and more or less baggy jeans hung to the right, and further in there were compartments for underwear and the like. But that wasn't what caught my interest; my eyes almost immediately went to the left hand wall. On it, a number of sets of women's clothing had been hung up neatly, as if on display. I couldn't see exactly how many, but gathered there were about ten or so hanging there. Closest to me was a blue bikini, then a training dress followed, and so on. Down at the back I could see a police uniform, apparently shaped for a female.

I found no words for what I saw. First, I thought I'd met some serious cross-dresser here (something I've never really understood the meaning of), but when I caught a glimpse of a black dress hanging further down, it all dawned on me. I went right to it, and it was Laura's dress hanging there, alright. Not only that, but her bra and stockings were hung up on the wall as well. In a sudden flash of memory, I saw the pile of clothing there on the club floor, with my wife naked as her name-day right in front of me. And then, the torn-apart panties, that he had never bothered to take. That's why no panties were present here.

Patrick's voice from behind got me out of my memories. "Found your dress yet?"

"Yeah," I replied dreamily.

"You can take it if you want"

So I did; I removed the pins holding the dress up and took it down. "You can keep the other stuff if you want. They're not as special" I said to him as I stepped out of the wardrobe.

When I had seated myself once more, Patrick continued. "I suppose you want to know my story now?"

I nodded a 'yes'. "I think I kind of got the idea: you have sex with women and steal their clothing while at it. But I'd like to know more about it, you're right about that. And specially why."

It was then, after a short pause that Patrick started his story.

"Let's take it from the beginning, shall we? You're right about those dresses inside there, I have taken them from women I have had sex with. More particular, I have stolen them while having sex and left them 'in a situation', so to speak. You've seen me in action, so you know I'm not bullshitting"

I once more nodded an affirmation.

"As for why, it's hard to say. I get a kick out of it, but only keep the clothes as a memory, not for any kind of fetishism or cross-dressing kind of stuff. Think of it as my private 'trophy wall'. Perhaps the best way to explain is to tell the story round the first pieces of clothing: the bikini"

As I inside my head pictured the blue bikini on the wall, Patrick continued. "It all began a few years ago, almost by chance. I like to think of it as a number of chance moments leading me into this 'hobby'. It was at the baths. I used to go there early mornings when I was working shifts to get some time to relax and simply cool down. Early mornings on weekdays, the baths are almost always empty, which means I can do what I like — nothing creepy, though — without anyone bothering. At this particular time, I was a bit depressed, since my girlfriend had broke up from me a few weeks earlier.

I didn't feel much for swimming that day, since I had taken maybe too many beers last night, so I went right to the jacuzzi, my favorite place. I was all alone, I had only seen one other man changing, but he probably was in the pool. I had just started to relax when I heard a familiar 'Well, hello there' from behind. I looked up and saw that it was my ex-girlfriend — Pauline, her name is — standing right by the edge of the jacuzzi. I was surprised to say the least, and felt a bit awkward seeing her again. We hadn't met since she had left my apartment shouting the other day.

That day, she was all smiles, though. 'I hadn't expected to see you here, ' she said 'Mind if I join you?' To be honest, I really didn't enjoy the idea first, but I wasn't in the mood to stop her; this was no time to break up wounds. Besides, she looked as stunning as ever in her blue bikini.

So she went down into the water, just a few steps from me. Which was kind of strange when we had the whole pool by ourselves. She apparently was in a very pleasant mood that morning, and started chit-chatting right away. I stayed silent mostly in the beginning, but soon she got me in higher spirits. We talked about pleasant common memories as if it was years since we broke up. That brought up pleasant thoughts, that were hard to put away. Particularly as I noted that she was moving closer to me as we spoke.

When she placed a hand on my thigh and said 'You know, sometimes at night, I miss you very much' into my ear, I knew that she was up to something. It was hard for my body not to react, specially when she breathed in my ear and bit my earlobe; something that always have got me going. Amongst the fumes, I turned my head and kissed her, and she answered by putting her tongue in my mouth and pacing her hands more steadily on my thigh."

Patrick swallowed before continuing, I too felt something sticky in my throat at that moment. "I probably was naive, but it certainly felt wonderful kissing her again. And I hadn't had sex since we had parted either, so you probably can imagine how my body reacted. I was rock hard within seconds, and Pauline couldn't help but notice as she moved her hand further up. She smiled her most devilish smile at me, but said nothing. Then she looked around to see if anyone else was near.

The pool lies quite secluded in its own room, and even better, you can see when people are coming as there are windows to the corridor leading to that room. We were still all alone when she placed her hand on my cock and said 'Well, Pat, are you up for it?'"

"I couldn't say anything, I just sat there, staring at her. Part of me (well, specially one part) wanted nothing else, but in a corner of my mind I felt hesitation. Was this really right? Right here? Now? I remember clearing my throat and beginning to state my hesitation, but all I could say was "Pauline..." before she released her hand from me. I could then only watch when her hands went under water, and she bent her legs just a little. A second later, she held her blue and wet bikini bottom in her hand. I was totally stunned when she gave it to me, saying "Hold these for me, will you?". I looked down through the water. It was blurry from the bubbles, but I could clearly see her pubic hair. Then, she straddled me!"

Patrick turned silent there for a while and took another sip of whiskey. I myself could say nothing at all. My head was full of pictures of imagining the scene with partly naked Pauline sitting in Patrick's lap in a public pool. The strange thing was, that I pictured Pauline with Laura's face, full of intense pleasure from being in that situation. And it didn't bother me! I thought I should be mad when my mind played me such a trick, but I wasn't, it only excited me more; something that showed in my jeans by now. Perhaps the fact that I actually had seen this guy fuck my wife helped, I don't know.

Patrick continued. "I don't think anything would have stopped her at that moment, and I certainly couldn't. With a quick pull, she moved my bathing trousers down to my knees, making my cock out in the water. Then, she steered it into her.

Can you imagine the pleasure I felt at that moment? I doubt it. Remember that I hadn't had sex since we broke up, and that she had left me. Soon, I wanted nothing more than close my eyes and just let it all flow, but something inside me made cast quick glances over my ex's shoulder. Which was lucky, because we had just started pumping more intensely, with water splashing over the edges of the pool on all sides, when I saw someone coming through the corridor! I hushed Pauline and made barely made her stop, as someone from bath personnel came in through the glass door, took a quick look at the two of us, and turned back again. I saw a strange look on her face as she looked at the two of us. She must have seen what we were up to, that couldn't be difficult. But we held still, so I guess she couldn't be certain.

As soon as she had left, Pauline started pumping feverishly once again, and I felt that I couldn't resist anymore. I had to see and those wonderful breasts once more! I grabbed the knot of her bikini top and pulled it up. Then I pulled it all off her, making her completely naked and releasing those two beautiful breasts for me. I somebody would have entered now, he or she wouldn't have doubted a second on what we ere doing. I caught a glimpse of distraction in Pauline's eyes as I stripped her, but she, too was too close to coming to be able to stop anything. I still held her bikini in one hand when the other went for a breast while I reached out to suck the other. That way, we soon reached our climax, I a few moments before she did. It was hard not to scream out loud, I tell you."

Another silence fell into the room at that moment. I had found it hard to concentrate on his words as I kept imagining the scene, still with Laura instead of Pauline fucking in the pool. But I wanted to hear it all, specially how Patrick came to do what he did. So I urged him to continue.

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