For The Love Of Money

by Emanon_Pen

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Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A husband makes the ultimate wrong decision about financial investment without first consulting his wife.

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Monday Evening - The Meeting

"James, have you explained everything to your wife?" asked Mitch. He sat behind his 200 year old antique mahogany and leather desk which sat on a custom made hand knotted 16x20 foot Persian rug waiting for an answer.

"Well, I tried to explain to her what I did, but I don't think she really understands or she does, but she isn't giving me any feedback. She's not on top of the financial world," replied James.

"Fuck you James," growled Beverly, "I understand exactly what you did. You took our life savings, all ten thousand dollars of it and gave it to Mitchell to invest in whatever financial instrument he felt would appreciate. And now, thirty-six days later you drag me to his ostentatious four story penthouse for some sort of meeting about our life savings." Beverly Costello sat stick straight looking back-and-forth from her husband to his employer wondering about what has happened to their hard earned savings.

All six foot six inches and two-hundred twenty-five pounds of Mitch arose from the matching leather chair, walked around to the front of the desk, and leaned his backside against the edge while he kept his stare on the woman who was as stressed as a journeyman stock trader who just lost several hundreds of thousands dollars of his client's money. Mitch understood her fear of things financial, like the stock market, buying and selling options, precious metals, and corporate and tax-free bonds. He started trading as a teenager in penny stocks learning as he went along. He supplanted his early trading by reading all he could about investment strategies. He graduated high school in the top two percent of his class, attended college and graduate school getting his BA and MBA in finance and marketing from Princeton University and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania respectively. Mitch traded for a number of years on Wall Street, made an obscene amount of money as an arbitrageur, and in a few years started his own private investment firm. The minimum investment required by Mitch to become one of his clients - ten million dollars.

The couple sitting opposite him was one of the infinitesimally small numbers of small initial investment dollar investors, but more importantly, James Costello was a newly hired employee of his investment firm. James' status as an employee opened the door for Mitch to accept him as an investor. There was one additional item that Mitch had seen that pushed him to accept James' request. Usually Mitch would hem and haw, make excuses, or require a long time of employment before allowing an employee to invest, but Mitch had seen James's wife's picture on his desk. The picture showed a tall, lithe, blond haired, blue eyed, long legged, small breasted beauty standing next to the man that was now employed as an entry-level employee. Mitch was taken with her beauty and decided the easiest way to get between her legs was to make them an offer neither of them could refuse. Once James asked if he could as an employee give Mitch a small amount of money to invest, Mitch's opportunity knocked and he took action.

"Beverly, may I call you Beverly?" he inquired, but didn't wait for an answer. "Your husband gave me your life savings to invest and hopefully make grow into a respectable, no, substantial amount of money. To earn enough money, that both of you could retire and never have to work again the rest of your life. If you had allowed him the time to explain to you the T's and C's of our agreement..."

Beverly interrupted him, "T's and C's?"

Mitch stifled his laughter. He wondered if she had more than a high school education, but he knew she had a degree in fine arts from a respectable mid-western university. He responded, "Terms and conditions." He continued, "I told your husband that if I lost the money, I would replace all ten thousand dollars of it and give you any interest you lost from the money market investment you guys invested in. And, if you had a profit, it was all yours. I mean one hundred percent of it as I am not taking any form of monetary commission. And, come to think of it, James is an employee, now isn't he." Beverly looked from Mitch to her husband and back to Mitch without saying a word. Mitch could see the look of incredulous shock on her face and that her hands were maintaining a death grip on the arms of the French provincial antique chair she was sitting in. He also noted the small engagement ring she was wearing next to her thin gold wedding band. He assumed they did not come from wealth and why they were in New York City could only be James' wish to become a stock broker and play in the big league.

James finally was able to get a word in edgewise, "So, Mitch, you asked us here for a reason and I'm assuming that you have some news for us about how you made out with our money. So, how'd we do?"

"Excuse me James, but there are some conditions that we haven't discussed with your wife and I think it would be beneficial to all concerned that we do."

James replied, "I don't think so. I know what you are alluding to and I accepted the terms, so, how'd we do?"

Mitch returned to his chair, sat down, and opened a manila folder that contained a single piece of paper. He noticed that Beverly did not say word about the 'alluding to' comment James had uttered moments earlier. He looked at the paper and then up to the couple sitting opposite him. "James, Beverly, I am happy to tell you that your ten thousand dollars has grown in thirty-six days to three hundred and sixty thousand dollars."

James Costello just smiled at Mitch proving to Mitch that he knew that Mitch would not fail to make the small investment grow by a whopping thirty-six hundred percent. Beverly Costello sat with her mouth agape not believing that Mitch had made that much money from such a small investment. They looked at one another, moved closer, and hugged each other knowing that all things considered they were on the road to being wealthy. Together they said, "Thank you, Mitch. Thank you very much."

Mitch said 'You're welcome, but you know that the money isn't yours, yet ... You can leave with your ten thousand dollars or you can agree to the final terms and conditions."

"Final terms and conditions???" asked James with a questioning look on his thin threadlike face.

"Yes, and they're quite simple. Now that you're initial investment has grown by thirty-six hundred percent, you have absolutely no chance to see it go down-the-drain, you have to agree that from this day forward that I will have my way with Beverly anytime and anyplace I want. Beverly, that James is what I was alluding to."

"What the fuck!!!" yelled Beverly. Her breathing now very noticeable as her chest rose and fell with her increasing anger.

"It is very simple. Both of you will in a few months be millionaires because of me. And because I've taken the time to make you millionaires, I will collect my commission. Like I iterated previously, I am not taking a monetary commission, but a sexual commission."

"Fuck you, Mitch!!!" again from the mouth of Beverly Costello; such a beautiful woman spewing such ugly venom at the man who just made her life a lot easier.

"Beverly, please," sighed James. "We'll be set for life and if I know Mitch, when we have enough money and he's not investing for us, he'll stop taking his commission. You know sweetie, we'll be able to stop working and raise our children when we decide to have them."

The daggers emanating from Beverly Costello's eyes were enough to tell her husband that he was wrong in his thinking. "If you want the money so much, why don't you have sex with him? In fact, why don't you get on your fuckin' knees and suck his cock, now!!!"

Mitch laughed when he heard her tell her husband to suck his cock, but could see her dominant possibilities exposing themselves ... What Beverly didn't know was in a matter of months both of them would be begging him to allow them to suck his cock. But first, he had to take Beverly and make her see that he was the man to be fucking her. He didn't say anything when both of them looked at him. Mitch just waved his hands as if to say he's sorry for laughing out loud at Beverly's comment.

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