For The Love Of Money

by Emanon_Pen

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Emanon_Pen

BDSM Sex Story: A husband makes the ultimate wrong decision about financial investment without first consulting his wife.

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Monday Evening - The Meeting

"James, have you explained everything to your wife?" asked Mitch. He sat behind his 200 year old antique mahogany and leather desk which sat on a custom made hand knotted 16x20 foot Persian rug waiting for an answer.

"Well, I tried to explain to her what I did, but I don't think she really understands or she does, but she isn't giving me any feedback. She's not on top of the financial world," replied James.

"Fuck you James," growled Beverly, "I understand exactly what you did. You took our life savings, all ten thousand dollars of it and gave it to Mitchell to invest in whatever financial instrument he felt would appreciate. And now, thirty-six days later you drag me to his ostentatious four story penthouse for some sort of meeting about our life savings." Beverly Costello sat stick straight looking back-and-forth from her husband to his employer wondering about what has happened to their hard earned savings.

All six foot six inches and two-hundred twenty-five pounds of Mitch arose from the matching leather chair, walked around to the front of the desk, and leaned his backside against the edge while he kept his stare on the woman who was as stressed as a journeyman stock trader who just lost several hundreds of thousands dollars of his client's money. Mitch understood her fear of things financial, like the stock market, buying and selling options, precious metals, and corporate and tax-free bonds. He started trading as a teenager in penny stocks learning as he went along. He supplanted his early trading by reading all he could about investment strategies. He graduated high school in the top two percent of his class, attended college and graduate school getting his BA and MBA in finance and marketing from Princeton University and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania respectively. Mitch traded for a number of years on Wall Street, made an obscene amount of money as an arbitrageur, and in a few years started his own private investment firm. The minimum investment required by Mitch to become one of his clients - ten million dollars.

The couple sitting opposite him was one of the infinitesimally small numbers of small initial investment dollar investors, but more importantly, James Costello was a newly hired employee of his investment firm. James' status as an employee opened the door for Mitch to accept him as an investor. There was one additional item that Mitch had seen that pushed him to accept James' request. Usually Mitch would hem and haw, make excuses, or require a long time of employment before allowing an employee to invest, but Mitch had seen James's wife's picture on his desk. The picture showed a tall, lithe, blond haired, blue eyed, long legged, small breasted beauty standing next to the man that was now employed as an entry-level employee. Mitch was taken with her beauty and decided the easiest way to get between her legs was to make them an offer neither of them could refuse. Once James asked if he could as an employee give Mitch a small amount of money to invest, Mitch's opportunity knocked and he took action.

"Beverly, may I call you Beverly?" he inquired, but didn't wait for an answer. "Your husband gave me your life savings to invest and hopefully make grow into a respectable, no, substantial amount of money. To earn enough money, that both of you could retire and never have to work again the rest of your life. If you had allowed him the time to explain to you the T's and C's of our agreement..."

Beverly interrupted him, "T's and C's?"

Mitch stifled his laughter. He wondered if she had more than a high school education, but he knew she had a degree in fine arts from a respectable mid-western university. He responded, "Terms and conditions." He continued, "I told your husband that if I lost the money, I would replace all ten thousand dollars of it and give you any interest you lost from the money market investment you guys invested in. And, if you had a profit, it was all yours. I mean one hundred percent of it as I am not taking any form of monetary commission. And, come to think of it, James is an employee, now isn't he." Beverly looked from Mitch to her husband and back to Mitch without saying a word. Mitch could see the look of incredulous shock on her face and that her hands were maintaining a death grip on the arms of the French provincial antique chair she was sitting in. He also noted the small engagement ring she was wearing next to her thin gold wedding band. He assumed they did not come from wealth and why they were in New York City could only be James' wish to become a stock broker and play in the big league.

James finally was able to get a word in edgewise, "So, Mitch, you asked us here for a reason and I'm assuming that you have some news for us about how you made out with our money. So, how'd we do?"

"Excuse me James, but there are some conditions that we haven't discussed with your wife and I think it would be beneficial to all concerned that we do."

James replied, "I don't think so. I know what you are alluding to and I accepted the terms, so, how'd we do?"

Mitch returned to his chair, sat down, and opened a manila folder that contained a single piece of paper. He noticed that Beverly did not say word about the 'alluding to' comment James had uttered moments earlier. He looked at the paper and then up to the couple sitting opposite him. "James, Beverly, I am happy to tell you that your ten thousand dollars has grown in thirty-six days to three hundred and sixty thousand dollars."

James Costello just smiled at Mitch proving to Mitch that he knew that Mitch would not fail to make the small investment grow by a whopping thirty-six hundred percent. Beverly Costello sat with her mouth agape not believing that Mitch had made that much money from such a small investment. They looked at one another, moved closer, and hugged each other knowing that all things considered they were on the road to being wealthy. Together they said, "Thank you, Mitch. Thank you very much."

Mitch said 'You're welcome, but you know that the money isn't yours, yet ... You can leave with your ten thousand dollars or you can agree to the final terms and conditions."

"Final terms and conditions???" asked James with a questioning look on his thin threadlike face.

"Yes, and they're quite simple. Now that you're initial investment has grown by thirty-six hundred percent, you have absolutely no chance to see it go down-the-drain, you have to agree that from this day forward that I will have my way with Beverly anytime and anyplace I want. Beverly, that James is what I was alluding to."

"What the fuck!!!" yelled Beverly. Her breathing now very noticeable as her chest rose and fell with her increasing anger.

"It is very simple. Both of you will in a few months be millionaires because of me. And because I've taken the time to make you millionaires, I will collect my commission. Like I iterated previously, I am not taking a monetary commission, but a sexual commission."

"Fuck you, Mitch!!!" again from the mouth of Beverly Costello; such a beautiful woman spewing such ugly venom at the man who just made her life a lot easier.

"Beverly, please," sighed James. "We'll be set for life and if I know Mitch, when we have enough money and he's not investing for us, he'll stop taking his commission. You know sweetie, we'll be able to stop working and raise our children when we decide to have them."

The daggers emanating from Beverly Costello's eyes were enough to tell her husband that he was wrong in his thinking. "If you want the money so much, why don't you have sex with him? In fact, why don't you get on your fuckin' knees and suck his cock, now!!!"

Mitch laughed when he heard her tell her husband to suck his cock, but could see her dominant possibilities exposing themselves ... What Beverly didn't know was in a matter of months both of them would be begging him to allow them to suck his cock. But first, he had to take Beverly and make her see that he was the man to be fucking her. He didn't say anything when both of them looked at him. Mitch just waved his hands as if to say he's sorry for laughing out loud at Beverly's comment.

"Please, Beverly. Why can't you see what it will mean for us? Mitch guarantees that in twelve months we'll be worth a minimum of four million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars. We can retire and based upon the investments we'll be able to travel or do anything that we want. Mitch told me that when we say we have enough he'll make the final investment to give us a tax free income for the rest of our lives. Don't look at me like that, Bev. I had an idea from the way he looked at the picture I have of you on my desk, that he would like to have a tryst with you. Please, just do what he wants for the both of us."

"I can't believe you, James!!! You willing to let his man, your boss, have sex with me so we, no you, can be wealthy. What if I say no to your proposal and agreement with him?"

James looked from his wife to Mitch; who sat like the Cheshire cat with a shit-eating grin on his face, and seemed to be at a loss for words. It was painfully obvious that he didn't think it would ruin his marriage or he wouldn't be sitting in Mitch's penthouse apartment with his wife knowing he agreed to let his boss have her for taking their small investment and making it grow. "Bev, how many times have we fantasized about me watching you with another man? How many times have you told me about what it would feel like being with another..."

Beverly Costello jumped to her five foot ten inch height, turned, and with an open hand slapped her husband across the face. James reeled in his seat having never seen his wife so mad. Mitch just sat in his leather chair behind his desk taking in the marital bliss gone asunder and not saying a word to either of them. To Mitch, it was also painfully obvious that Beverly Costello had no idea her husband was offering her to him for making them millionaires. James took a minute to recover and with a large red mark on his left cheek reminded his wife, "Bev, think about the money."

Beverly replied, "The money!!! Fuck the money, you're asking me to whore myself out to your boss!!! What else have you offered him in return for making us millionaires??? Don't answer that question, James. I can see by the lump in your pants you've all ready started in without me."

Beverly Costello looked at Mitch resigned to the fact that her husband was willing to allow his boss to have sexual relations with her knowing that he, no she was paying for his services rendered. They had on several occasions in the heat of passion fantasized about bringing another man into their marital bed. Standing there, she could remember how sexually excited James got as they possessed each other reveling in the fantasy that he was someone else. The fantasy always dealt with a man that was taller, more muscular, and had an endowment larger and thicker than James. Beverly couldn't believe her husband thought she'd say yes to his offering her to Mitchell. She realized she had a choice. She unwillingly nodded her acceptance of Mitch's last terms and conditions as she watched her husband sitting in front of her with an obvious erection.

Mitch looked at her and said in a voice that was cold and dominant, "Beverly, please turn around and from this moment forward I don't want to hear a word pass through your lips. You are to accept what is going to happen in total silence. Well, if you moan, I'm not going to tell you to stop."

Beverly looked at her husband to see if he would back out, but she saw him just looking down at the floor so she did as she was commanded to do. Upon her turning around to face Mitch, James Costello looked up and watched not saying a word or showing any overt emotion. Mitch stood up and for a second time that night walked to the front of his desk. He glanced at James and without saying another word placed his right hand under the hem of Beverly's skirt and raised his hand so the palm was pressed against her most private of areas. Mitch proceeded to gently rub her cloth covered pussy. Beverly tried with all her might to stifle any reaction to the sexual stimulation, but that was a futile effort. As she felt the palm of Mitch's hand massage her labia which gently caressed her clitoris, she began to respond by imperceptibly opening her legs and gently moving her hips against the motion of his hand.

James stood up and said, "Mitch, I'm going to the movie studio downstairs to watch one of your movies. Call me when you're done."

"No, you're not, James. You just sit there and watch. You made the deal. Now think about how much you're going to enjoy the present and future money while I enjoy your beautiful wife." James Costello didn't respond with any words, but only with a sigh of acceptance which was enough for Mitch to continue the conquest of James' attractive wife.

With James sitting in his chair trying not to cry or show any emotion, Mitch moved closer to Beverly, put his left arm around her shoulders, and pulled her into him so he could place his lips on hers. Their lips met as his arms surrounded her and pulled her tight to his body. He pressed himself against her and that is when she realized that Mitch had something her James didn't. Mitch was hung and she could feel it pressing against her with an urgency born of his potential conquest of her and the satisfaction of his horniness. She couldn't believe how turned on she was getting considering three minutes ago she slapped her husband across the face and considered walking out. Beverly responded to his kiss by opening her mouth and allowing him to caress her tongue with his. Mitch kept a tight but not overpowering grip on Beverly, who was turning out to be a very sexually responsive woman. His cock continued to harden in his pants and Beverley made no attempt to pull away from his advances. After a good five minutes of deep French kissing, Mitch broke the kiss and stared into the deep blue eyes of the woman in his arms.

Mitch was taken with the feel of her svelte body against his. He couldn't wait to expose her nakedness to him so he could make love to her. He wanted to take her to bed and make long passionate love to her, but he knew that he couldn't. Beverly Costello had to be nothing more than a slut to him; a beautiful female that had three holes for him to use when and where he wanted. He couldn't fall in love with her. He decided that the best course of action was to take her from behind. Bend her over the desk, pull up her dress, pull down her panties, and enter her from behind. Give her no chance to see, caress, or fondle his manhood. She had to learn from the beginning that her loving husband had given his boss full rights to use her bodily orifices any way he wanted all for making them wealthy.

Beverly Costello stood to his right and in front of her husband and she turned her head for a moment to see her husband had his hand on his crotch. He was getting aroused and openly playing with himself. She couldn't, no didn't want to believe that her husband would accept his boss' use of her as a sex toy in payment for monitoring their investments. She believed in the sacredness of holy matrimony and the union of two people for the creation of life. She loved the physical act of the sexual union, but in her mind it was for procreation not purely pleasure. She felt Mitch move to her left and gently press her into his mahogany desk. Beverly didn't resist and allowed him to get behind her. When he was positioned behind her, she felt his strength as he pushed her forward so she was bent over the desk. She tried to keep her arms straight, but the pressure he brought to bear on her back forced her to lie face down on the desk.

"Good girl, now don't fight me, Beverly. Just let it happen. Remember, do not utter anything. Not a single word. Mitch is going to fuck you now." he stated. Beverly felt him lift the hem of her dress and push the thin panty between her legs to one side. Mitch kept his left hand on her upper back as he used his right hand to open the zipper of his pants. He reached in and extracted his erect penis. Neither Beverly nor James could see the size of the cock that he exposed. Mitch took the tip of his cock and placed it at the opening of Beverly's body. He could feel her wetness, but he could also sense the fear that was coursing through her body. He began to rub just the head of his circumcised cock between the lips of her pussy. He used it to spread the pre-cum that had gathered at the tip in combination with the juice that was beginning to flow out of Beverly's vaginal orifice.

Mitch felt Beverly's body, but more importantly her pussy, begin to relax and open to him. He lodged the head of his now hardened steel erect cock at her opening and thrust into her. Beverly Costello stifled her need to cry out loud by holding her breath for as long as she could. The cock that had just entered her body was the biggest she had ever taken. Mitch used the thrust to prove his dominance over her did not let up as he slid the entire length of his manhood into her. Beverly Costello tried to rise up, but Mitch's strategically placed left hand kept her head and shoulders on the desktop. He pressed into her and knew that he'd soon have to start thrusting, but he wanted to be sure that she knew he was in control.

"Please, Mitch ... I can't take it ... Please, Mitch ... Pull out a bit so I can catch my breath," cried Beverly. James Costello sat amazed that he didn't even see his boss expose his cock and enter his wife.

"What did I tell you, Beverly about talking or saying anything? Do you think, I care, Beverly? I am in you and your pussy is going to do what all good pussies do. You're going to use that hole and its soft interior to caress my cock as I slide it in and out of you. You're going to moan with pleasure as I fuck you in front of you husband. You're going stand bent over my desk, legs spread, offering me your cunt as I use it to masturbate my cock. And when I'm ready, I'm going to shoot my hot baby-making love juice deep inside you."

James Costello cried out, "Please Mitch, I thought you'd be using a condom. Don't ejaculate into my wife's unprotected body. That wasn't part of the deal!!!"

Mitch, while embedded into James's wife, turned and spat out at him, "Listen asshole, I just made you a major amount of money with more to come and you're just going to sit there and take the fuckin' consequences. I'm not going to let some latex balloon stifle the feeling of shooting a load into the sweet body of your beautiful wife."

Beverly heard what had transpired between her husband and his boss. She realized that her husband had demeaned himself to Mitch by allowing him to set the unusual terms and conditions of the investment. She realized that her husband was willing to do anything to become wealthy and now that she knew, she'd make him pay dearly from this moment forward. Beverly Costello relaxed and moved her backside ever so slightly in the hope that Mitch would read the signal as an okay to begin fucking her in earnest. Beverly Costello was going to give him the best fucking she could considering the position she was in and her husband would just have to suffer watching her get something James Costello could never give her. She did not feel Mitch respond to her, so she moaned loud enough her husband wouldn't be able to deny he hadn't heard her, "Fuck me!!! I want to feel that big cock sliding in and out of me!!! I want my husband to know that I've accepted his and ultimately your terms!!!"

Mitch did sense her body's relaxation. He took his left hand off her back and used both of his hands to grab her hips as he slid about half of his length out of her body. "Here comes, slut," he stated with a matter-of-fact tone as he slammed back into her.

"Oh, my God!!!" cried Beverly. "I've never had anything so big and thick up inside me ... Give it to me, Mitch ... Use me; I'm open to you ... I'll do whatever you want, whenever you want!!! Just, fuck me hard, now!!!"

Mitch didn't need another invitation nor was he going to make a scene about her talking to him when he told her not to. Not caring about anything but his impending orgasm, he began to thrust into Beverly Costello's body with such force the top half of her body slid back and forth across the top of his desk. He fucked her hard. He'd pull out so her labia minor would close behind the corona so the head of his cock was just inside the entrance to her body and with a mighty shove he'd muscle himself back in, balls deep, pressing his cloth covered crotch against her cloth covered ass. As he fucked her, he wondered what it would be like to be on top of her in the missionary position. Her legs akimbo wrapped around his waist with her ankles crossed behind his back thus opening her precious holes to him. He thought about looking down and seeing her beautiful porcelain colored face, thin nose, perfectly shaped lips, eyes closed, blonde hair splayed across the pillow, sweat forming on her forehead as she moaned and writhed against his plunging cock. To him, Beverly Costello was perfect, tall, lithe, narrow hipped, long-legged, and small breasted. Thinking about what could be caused Mitch to drive into her body harder. He felt her respond by pressing against him when he kept his cock buried deep inside her and he knew he'd never lose control of her. He had to be careful he didn't fall in love with her.

Beverly stayed bent over for the next twelve minutes and allowed the man who was her husband's boss, their investment advisor, and now her, no their Master; fuck her. She realized as Mitch thrust himself in and out of her that she was nothing more than a slut, a hole in which he could slip his cock into, and a place to masturbate without having to use his hand. To James, she was a means to an end. For her, she was going to make her husband rue the day he would offer her as a sexual toy to become wealthy. She decided to give her husband the show he wanted and give Mitch the opening he needed to have her anytime, anyplace without any conditions. She would give Mitch the sexual pleasure he wanted or demanded of her. She'd masturbate publically if he asked. She'd have sex for the first time with another woman if he told her to. Most of all, she wouldn't express it verbally to him, she'd eat a yard of his shit to get to his asshole. And, her husband would suffer the consequences, whatever they may be, period.

"Ah!!! Fuck me, I'm going to orgasm, now and again!!!" she cried. "You're so fuckin' big. Bigger than my husband. Shoot your load, Mitch ... Give it to me ... God!!!

"How can I make you understand that I don't want you to say anything, but you're so tight and so fuckin' hot!!! Oh, yeah!!! I knew once you had me inside you, you'd want more. Tell me, what you're goin' to do for me, whore..."

"Yes, I'm you're whore ... Make me your slut ... Fuck me, Mitch!!! Give me what I realize James could never give me!!! Orgasms just from having a cock in me!!! God, you're huge!!! Cum in me!!! Yes, I want your cum inside me ... I want to feel it drip out of me as I walk away with my loser of a husband. He'll be rich with money, but I'll be a slut for your huge cock and rich with money. He'll never have me the way you're going to have me!!!"

Mitch was thrusting in and out and when he felt it. The telltale sign that his balls were going to give up some of the spermatozoa they had produced. He could feel the tingle in the space between his scrotum and his asshole as well as the pending contraction of his anal sphincters. He knew his orgasm was just a few strokes away. Mitch tightened his grip on Beverly's hips and with a powerful thrust embedded himself deep into her body. He felt his balls tighten up against the base of his cock, his shaft and head thickened, and the first rope of his cum sped down the his urethra, and into the slick walled womb that belonged to the woman who lay face down on his desktop.

"Take it!!! Take my cum!!! You're mine now, bitch!!!" Mitch felt every spurt of cum leave through the tip of his cock. His kept his body still and he emptied himself into her. When he was done he leaned against her keeping his semi-erect cock inside her hot body. Mitch stayed in her for another two minutes before he pulled out and without really cleaning himself, tucked his cock back into his pants. He stepped back from her, leaned over took her by her shoulders, and helped her stand up. Beverly Costello leaned against him for a moment so she could catch her breath and recover from the fucking she'd just experienced.

Mitch felt her gain control of her body and moved away from her. He didn't want to give her the opportunity to express any sort of lovey dovey thoughts about what just happened. He returned to his seat, sat down, and waited. He looked at James Costello and could see the streaks left by his tears as well as the wet spot that covered the front of his pants. Beverly saw the same thing as she sat down next to her husband. Neither of them said anything to each other or to Mitch. Mitch knew he'd won and said, "Ok. Now that we've finalized the terms and conditions, James, I'll see you at work in the morning. Beverly, I'll be in touch either directly or through your husband. I believe you can see yourselves out the same way you came in. Good night."

James and Beverly Costello stood and retreated out of the office without saying good-bye or thank you. James and Beverly Costello were on the road to wealth beyond their imagination. Beverly Costello was paying, no enjoying, fucking someone to gain a means-to-an-end. James Costello never thought he'd see much less enjoy seeing his wife being fucked by another man, but the semen hardening in his jockey shorts told him differently. He wondered how Mitch would treat him when he arrived at work in the morning.

Tuesday - The Next Morning at Work

James Costello all five feet seven inches of him arrived for work precisely at 7:30AM an hour-and-a-half earlier than he was supposed to be there. His wife, Beverly, did not say two words to him from the moment they left Mitch's penthouse through his leaving for work this morning. For the first time in their two-and-a-half year marriage, they weren't talking to one another. Yes, they've had spats, misunderstandings, but nothing like the silence imposed by Beverly upon him after the course of events from last night. He wanted to have sex with her in the worst way and although she was lying in bed next to him, she wouldn't let him touch her. He wanted to talk to her about it, but he realized her ignoring him, her silence, and her not responding to his attempts at explaining himself was not going to resolve whatever was running through her head. He sat at his desk staring off into space wondering if he did the right thing. Would Mitch say something to embarrass him in front of his colleagues? Would Mitch make remarks about his wife openly? The surprising thing to James was the fact that as he remembered last evening's activities and wondered about what would happen when Mitch arrived, he had sprouted an erection. James Costello was learning a few things about himself as much as he learned things about his wife last night.

As the small crew of people entered floor that his office was on, James began to concentrate on his days activities. He wasn't allowed to trade, because he hadn't passed the tests necessary to get his stock broker's license. Temporarily, he was working in the Stock Certificate Department making sure that all the accounts had the correct stock certificates associated with them. He was responsible for contacting the trading houses to be sure the certificates were received in a timely manner and stored correctly. He knew that this was really an entry level position, but he trusted Mitch when he told him that if he worked and studied hard he'd be trading within a year.

"Good morning, James," stated Mitch as he stood in the doorway to James's small office. James hadn't even heard him when he arrived to say hello. He looked up and as he was about to reply, Mitch continued, "I have someone you need to meet this morning. I want you upstairs in my office at precisely 10:15 this morning. Not a minute earlier or one second later. Understood, James?"

James just looked at Mitch with his eyes wide open and mouth slightly agape. He replied, "We need to talk about last night, Mitch."

"No we don't, James. You made your bed and you're going to lie in it boy. From this moment on James, you address me as Mr. Markstein or Sir. We are no longer on a first name basis. Just be in my office precisely at 10:15. Again, James, do you understand?" Mitchell Mathew Markstein had just laid the gauntlet down to his employee and knew there was no turning back.

James replied, "Yes, Sir, Mr. Markstein. I'll be in your office precisely at 10:15AM."

Tilly Thomason's husband, Alvin, worked for Mitch's father for more years than she could remember and then Mitch for the past seven years. She was in Mitch's office for what would be the last time considering her husband had passed away eighteen months earlier from a massive coronary. Alvin Thomason performed special duties for Mitch, his dad, and because of it, Mitch treated them very well. So well, that she had nothing to worry about financially going forward as she had more than enough money invested to keep her in-the-pink for the rest-of-her-life. Today, in his office, per his request, Tilly Thomason, age 83, was going to say good-bye in person to Mitch. She knew he'd keep an eye on her investments, but this would be the last time they would be together in the flesh.

Mitch's office was on the top floor of a seventy-five story office building on the east side of lower Manhattan. Markstein Brokers Limited occupied the top five floors of the building. His office over looked the entrance to New York's harbor and he could see both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty from behind his desk. What he liked most was that no other office building blocked his view or could anyone see into his office from any of the surrounding buildings. His office was in a beautiful building, on the highest floor, and afforded him total privacy. The intercom on his desk buzzed and his secretary announced that Mrs. Thomason was waiting. Mitch didn't respond, but instead, stood and walked to the heavy double doors of his office. He opened them, smiled, and invited Tilly into his office.

Tilly entered and when Mitch had closed the door she approached him and placed her arms around his waist, turned her head up, and offered her lips to him for what she knew was going to be one of the last kisses she would every enjoy with her lover. Mitch leaned down, gently kissed her proffered lips, and broke the embrace to guide her to the couch that sat in front of the floor to ceiling windows. She allowed him to guide her and have her sit in the middle of the couch.

"It is so nice to see you Tilly. I hope everything is going well considering the untimely demise of your loving husband," inquired Mitch.

She smiled and replied, 'How could anything be going badly, considering how wonderful you've been with my finances. I must say that I'm surprised you asked me to come to the city for our last meeting. I mean this is your office and I'm just surprised that since Alvin is no longer with us you'd ask me to come here instead of meeting at our usual place."

"I asked you here for a specific reason and I think you'll understand better when a James Costello arrives in about three minutes. Would you like something to drink? Coffee? Tea? A soft drink? An alcoholic beverage?"

"Oh, no thanks, Mitch. I'm just happy to be here considering the last time we were together was some seventeen months ago. You look wonderful and I'll assume you're still very active."

Mitch smiled and his eyes twinkled at her implied sexual innuendo, but before he could respond his secretary announced the arrival of James. Mitch returned to his desk and punched the button to electronically open the door to his office. He turned and watched James Costello enter his inner sanctum wearing a look of total fear on his face. Mitchell Markstein arms straight, palms down, leaned against his desk waiting for the door of his office to close so he could push the button that would lock the doors, illuminate a red light-emitting-diode on his secretary's desk, and let her know that under no circumstances was he to be disturbed. James Costello stood just inside the office doors waiting for what would come next.

"James, I'd like to introduce you to Mrs. Tilly Thomason. She is a dear friend of mine and her recently deceased husband Alvin worked for my father before coming to work for me", stated Mitch.

James walked over to where she was sitting and proffered his hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Thomason."

Tilly Thomason stood, took his hand gripping it firmly, and realized he had a limp wristed handshake. She stood a mere five feet three inches, weighed about 90 pounds dripping wet, and her body was in pretty good shape for a eighty-three year old woman. She was casually dressed in an a-line skirt that came to about two inches above her knee; a basic white blouse over which she wore a cashmere v-neck sweater, a double strand of pearls graced her neck, and she wore a pair of black calfskin heels. Her hair was a rich whitish gray worn in a British bob style. She wore a minimum of makeup because her skin was soft and supple for a woman of her age. She looked into James's eyes, smiled, released his hand, and sat back down on the couch. James noticed that she did not sit with her legs together slanted to either side, but had them spread so her skirt fell between her thighs exposing more of her shapely legs to him. She made herself comfortable and replied, "Nice to meet you James. Have you been working here long?"

James couldn't believe how she was sitting in front of him and tried to put it out of his mind. He replied, "I joined the company three months ago. I'm working in the Stock Certificate Department now, but I'm hoping to pass the tests required by law so I can begin trading."

Mitch interrupted their conversation, "James, I don't think Mrs. Thomason is really interested in hearing an explanation of your office duties. I invited her here so we could see if you will react the same way today as you did last night."

"Excuse, me, Mr. Markstein, but last night was something between us..." was all he could get out of his mouth when he heard Tilly begin to laugh quietly at first and then out loud.

Tilly leaned back into the leather couch and stated to the room, "Come now James, you don't think that I'm naive now do you?"

"No, Mrs. Thomason, I'm not saying anything like that about you, but I made a deal with Mr. Markstein and I thought it was a private deal. Something just between the two of us."

"My, oh, my, dear boy, but you've been hoodwinked. The deal you made also included your wife and don't try to deny it, boy. You see, when you walked in the door and addressed Mitch as Mr. Markstein I knew immediately that he had found a replacement for my dear departed Alvin. I thought he'd have found someone sooner, but I can tell just from our handshake he's found a winner in you, dear boy."

James Costello stood in front of Mrs. Thomason in a total state of panic. What she had just told him couldn't be the truth. Mitch Markstein was fucking her and her husband worked for him at the same time. He wondered what special duties her husband performed. As he continued to wonder about what he had gotten himself into, Mitch walked over to where he was standing, put his arm around his shoulder, and guided him to a chair situated caddy corner to the couch.

"Sit James and watch", ordered Mitch.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Markstein" replied James not knowing what was going to happen next.

Mitch moved to where Tilly was sitting and stood in front of her. He didn't need to say anything to her. James was astounded to see her reach into her purse to remove a plastic case. She screwed off the top, removed her dentures, and placed them into the case. She then leaned forward, unzipped Mitch's pants, fished out his cock, and began giving him a blow job. As she held the head of his cock in her mouth, she turned ever so slightly so she could see the reaction on James's face. To her and Mitch, the look on James Costello's face was just like the MasterCard commercials say, priceless. As Tilly began to fellate Mitch she took to releasing his belt, opening the waistband clasp, and then with a flourish pulling them down. She knew from previous experiences that he would not be wearing any underwear. James could see for his first time the actual size of Mitchell's cock and his reaction was just what Tilly and Mitch expected. As Tilly's mouth slid up and down the shaft of Mitch's cock, her right hand began to gently massage his balls, while her left hand grasped his right buttock so she could control movement of her lover's hips. James Costello couldn't stop himself from beginning to rub his cock through his pants.

"Just as I thought you'd do. James, you will not play with yourself!!!" commanded Mitch.

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