Jennifer's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, DomSub,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They have known each other online for a little while now and it is about time that they met in person to see if the fire is real or imagined.

I have been talking to Jennifer through emails, instant messages, and on the phone for the last several months and it was now time for us to finally meet in person. We had discovered each other in a chat room quite some time ago during a discussion about a woman's natural tendancy to be submissive to a man, and somehow we ended up going to a private room to further our own discussion on the subject. She was currently in a marriage with a man that she felt no physical, emotional, or intellectual attraction to, and was really just looking for someone to make an online connection with. She was not looking to actually meet someone, but plans have a way of changing.

Jennifer was the kind of woman that believed that her purpose in life was to please her man, in any way that he required, whenever he required it. The problem in her marriage was that her husband never seemed to know just what it was that he wanted. He tended to just "go with the flow" and this left Jennifer very frustrated. She was not used to or comfortable with having to be the one to make the decisions about what was going to happen in the bedroom, and as a result has been very sexually frustrated for years now. Things were about to change.

I arrived in her hometown and got myself checked into a hotel on the other side of town from where she lived. No need for the possibility of someone seeing her car parked outside of a hotel and word getting back to her husband. I got to my room and put my things away, then sat down on the bed to call her up.

"Hello?", she answered.

"Hello, my sweet little submissive", I replied.

"I was hoping that would be you calling. Are you in town yet?", she asked, expectantly.

"Yes, I am. I just got checked into the room and was calling to tell you the room number and to see how long it will take for you to get here", I said. I was very eager to get my hands on this hot woman and have my wicked way with her.

"I can be there in about 30 minutes. Do you have any instructions for me?" she asked, breathlessly.

"Yes, I do. I want you to arrive here wearing a dress that comes at least to your knees, a pair of white thigh highs, and a pair of high heel pumps. Nothing else. No bra. No panties.", I said.

"Yes, sir. I will do my best to be dressed as you require", she said quickly.

"No. You WILL be dressed as I described. You will not TRY to be dressed as I have directed", I informed her.

"Yes, sir. I will be there as soon as possible. I can't wait!", and then we hung up.

I took a quick shower while I waited for her to arrive, then slipped on a clean pair of bluejeans and a shirt. I left my boxers off and didn't bother with shoes or socks, since those would come off shortly, anyway. As I finished brushing my hair, there was a knock at the door.

When I opened the door, there stood Jennifer and she appeared to be dressed like I told her, so I invited her in. When I got the door closed, I took her in my arms and gave her a nice, deep kiss and my hands quickly lowered the zipper on her dress, causing the dress to fall to the floor around her feet. I stood back to take a good look at her fully exposed body and was very disappointed to see that she was wearing both panties and a bra.

I looked at her with questioning in my eyes and asked why she had disobeyed me.

"I was leaving the house, but my husband objected to me going out in a dress. I had to go back in and change into some pants and a shirt so that I could leave without causing a problem. It took me a while to get out of those in the car so that I could get this dress on. I had hoped that you would understand and not hold this against me", she said as she looked down at the floor.

"You were able to change your clothes in the car, so you should have also just removed the bra and panties while you were at it. There is no excuse for showing up like this other than you already trying to test me. I can see now that you will have to be punished for your transgretions. Remove the bra and panties, then lay yourself across my lap. You require a spanking", I said, then sat down on the bed to wait for her.

She nervously reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, then dropped it to the floor with her dress. She then slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them to the floor, as well. She kept looking down at the floor and shuffled her feet as she hesitantly made her way over to me.

She stopped when she was standing directly in front of me, with her head bowed down and her eyes on the floor, and she spoke with a hesitant, breaking voice.

"I'm really sorry I didn't take them off before I came up here. I knew I should have, but I was too embarrassed to take them off in such a public place. Can you please not spank me? I promise to be better from now on", and she almost looked like she thought this ploy might work.

"Of course you will do better in the future, my sweet little submissive, because you WILL be getting this spanking right now. You will also be subject to getting even more spankings if you do not start doing everything that you are told to, as you are told to do it." With that I reached up, grabbed her around the waist, and layed her face down across my lap.

"Put your hands above your head and count out each swat. If you fail to count any swats, we will start over from the beginning. Do you understand me?" I asked her, forcing a slight menacing tone into my voice.

"Yes, sir. I understand. How many swats are you going to give me?" She asked.

"Twice as many as I was going to give you just a minute ago. You do not ask how many you are going to get. All you need to do is stretch out, accept them, and count them out as I give them to you." I lightly caressed her right ass cheeck with my hand and could feel her trembling. I had no way of knowing if that was fear, apprehension, or even excitement that her trembling signified, but I figured I would find that out soon enough.

SMACK! My hand came down quickly against her bare skin.

"Ouch. One. Thank you, sir" she said.

I caressed her rapidly reddening ass check for a moment longer, then brought my hand down again quickly on her left ass cheeck with a very loud smack.

"Ow! Two. Thank you, sir" she said.

I had not told her to thank me for each swat, but I was enjoying having her do so.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"OWwwwww!!!Three, four, five. Thank you, sir." She gasped out through apparently clenched teeth.

I spent a few more moments caressing each of her ass cheecks to work some of the sting out of them, and to just get a nice feel of her cute little ass as I prepared to deliver more blows to her reddening ass.

I raised my hand up high and hesitated for several seconds, which stretched out her anticipation of the next swat. I could feel her fidgeting on my lap, so I brought my hand down as hard as I could onto her ass cheek.

"Ouch! Damn, that hurt! Six. Thank you, sir" she gasped, her breathing getting noticeably harder.

I raised my hand up high again, and again just held it there letting her tension build for even longer than the last swat before bringing my hand down just as hard as the last one.


"Unnnggh! S-seven. Th-thank y-you, sir!" she stammered out as her body shuddered and my lap began to feel wet.

"Did you just cum?" I asked her

"Yes, sir, I did. I'm sorry that I came without permission. I just couldn't help myself. Please forgive me?" she asked.

"well, I don't think that spanking you will be much of a deterrent at this point so go ahead and get up off my lap, then kneel down here in front of me", I instructed her.

"Yes, sir" she said, then slid off my lap and knelt on the floor in front of me.

"You kept your bra and panties on intentionally so that I would have to spank you, didn't you?" I asked her, already suspecting the answer.

"Yes, sir, I did. I really wanted you to spank me for a couple of reasons, and couldn't just ask you to do it with no explination. First of all I really like being spanked as part of sexual play, but most importantly I wanted to be sure that you firmly and quickly established dominance over me" she said, with her eyes cast towards the floor.

"Do not try to manipulate me again, little girl, or the punishment will be something that you most definitely will not enjoy." I quickly undid, then dropped my pants, walked up to where Jennifer was kneeling on the floor, lifted her head up, and slid my cock into her mouth.

"You are going to show me just how submissive you are, little girl. I want you to suck my cock as well as you know how, and make me cum as quickly as possible. We have a lot to accomplish today and I want us to get started on it. By the time you leave here this evening, either we will find that we are not very well suited for each other or you will belong to me in all ways." With that I placed my hands on either side of her head and slowly started fucking my cock in and out of her mouth. Once we had a good rhythm establish, I moved my hands and she brought one of her hands up to slide along my shaft as it went in and out of her mouth. She licked and sucked all along the length of my cock, and swirled her tongue around the head on every few strokes. As she sucked on my cock, like a child with a lolipop, she started to hum happily which let me know that she was truly enjoying her work.

Her eyes stayed focused on my cock as she swallowed it down on each stroke and much too quickly to suit me, I felt that familiar tingle which let me know that I was not going to be able to hold off for much longer.

"I'm going to cum in just a few more strokes, Jennifer. I want you to hold it in your mouth. Do not swallow it until I tell you to". She moaned to signify that she heard and understand, and I began to erupt into her eager mouth. Spurt after spurt shot into her mouth, and a small trickly began to run down from the corner of her mouth. I withdrew my spent cock from her mouth, and she scooped the escaping semen back up and into her mouth, then closed her mouth to keep it all trapped inside. She sat back on her heels and looked up, inquisitively, into my eyes.

"Just keep that in your mouth until I tell you otherwise", I told her as I reached down to help her stand up. "You are going to lay back on this bed here and I am going to see how good your pussy tastes. You are not to swallow my cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?"

She enthusiastically nodded her head up and down to let me know that she understood and she smiled as broadly as her closed mouth would allow her to.

I pushed her backwards and she fell onto her back on the bed. I quickly grabbed a few of the ties I had stashed before she arrived and tied her hands abover her to the headboard and her feel to the footboard, opening her up wide and preventing her from moving. I then slid a blindfold over her eyes so that she could not see what I was doing.

Her breathing rate increased with her increased nervousness, since tying her up and blindfolding her were not in the original plan, but she did not appear to be too uncomfortable with the new circumstances that she found herself in.

I pulled a flogger out of the drawer and lightly trailed it down her body, lightly grazing her cheek, neck, shoulders, and along the outer swell of her breast before dragging it slowly across her nipple. I extended my reach to include drawing the flogger across her other nipple and started my trail on down her body. I went very slowly dragging the flogger across her stomach and made my way down her left thigh, almost to the knee, then went back up her leg and down the other about as far. I went back up her right leg, then allowed the flogger to slide down over her pussy. I pulled the flogger back and began to lightly flick it against her pussy for several strokes until her hips began to move in relative time to my strokes. When she started to move, I tossed the flogger off to the side and slid my face in close to her pussy, breathing deeply of her scent.

I made a lewd showing of sniffing her deeply, and I could see her skin flushing deeper red with embarrassment or excitement, or maybe a combination of both. I don't know. She was spread out and tied up, and was completely in my power. That was a big turn on for me, and I was almost positive that it was just as a big of a turn on for her.

I lightly and slowly licked her up one side and down the other on the outside of her pussy, giving her just enough contact to know that I was so very close, yet so very far away from where she really wanted me to be, and I kept up the teasing contact for a good many minutes until she was squirming and moaning out her frustration.

When my tongue made contact with her clit, she inhaled so strongly and deeply that I was certain that she was going to choke herself on the mouthful of cum that she was holding, but she didn't. She started breathing faster and faster through her nose, and began to thrash against her restraints in an effort to either get loose or increase the contact of my tongue to her clit. I couldn't tell which. It didn't actually matter, anyway. She was my prisoner and would remain so until I decided to release her.

I kept up my oral assault on her nether region, making sure to cover every inch both inside and out, and her thrashing about only got more and more insistant. I could feel her excitement increasing and knew that it wouldn't be long until she was creaming all over my face, so I stopped completely before she was able to achieve release. She moaned in frustration.

I lifted up and removed her blindfold to see that her eyes had changed to those of a woman half-crazed by lust.

"Open your mouth. I want to see if you followed my directions", I said.

She opened her mouth and I could still see that the majority of my cum was still sitting there on her tongue. I was impressed! I thought for sure that she would have swallowed it in order to make breathing easier, but she surprised me!

"Go ahead and swallow it, baby", I finally told her. She gulped several times, then breathed in and out heavily for a couple of minutes.

"That was hot. Thank you. I needed something like that. I needed someone like you! Can we do more today", she asked.

"Yes, baby. We have only just gotten started today. There is still SO much more left for us to get to before we are done for the day", I said, as I moved to replace her blindfold.

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