Sexual Service To Second Wife Of Boss

by Ramprabhu

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Desc: True Sex Story: A true incident in my life when i fucked on many occasions the second wife of my employer. Whenever i had to go to his house in connection with my work she invited me to fuck her.

This incident happened in 1988/1989. Then I was employed as a clerk by a Chettiar who was owning provision stores and godowns. I was looking after his grain godowns and I was to take care of all activities there including receiving cash for the items sold and depositing the cash in bank. For petty expenses like paying cart charges et cetera I will keep a small amount with me. When major payments are to be made he himself will pay the cash or issue cheques from his bank account. Daily in the night (if he does not come to the godown) I will lock the godown and go to his house to give the key to him.

Though I used to go to his house quite often I would remain there for minimum time only. He had two wives. Both wives were sisters. The elder sister did not get any children and so he had married her younger sister as his second wife. She had given him two boys and one daughter, and they were studying in school. The elder wife's name was Govindamma and younger wife's name was Venkitamma. I will address them as "Periamma" (Tamil word for Elder or Senior Madam) and Chinnamma (Tamil word for Little or Junior Madam) out of respect for them.

The senior Govindamma ( I will refer as G ) was about 40 - 45 years old and she was a very big bodied woman. When she walks it will be like a small mountain moving. She was so fatty that her buttocks looked like two big pumpkins. She was dark and her face was pock-marked. She had very uneven teeth and when she speaks sometimes spittle will be sprayed. (While speaking with her, out of courtesy for her, with some difficulty I will refrain from wiping my face sprayed with her spittle). She was not very literate and was ignorant. But she was very soft natured and will speak kindly and courteously with everyone. Whenever I go to his house if she sees me she will enquire about my welfare and she will normally ask me to have coffee or fruit - juice. If I happen to go during hot afternoons she will give me cool buttermilk or sherbet to drink. Altogether she was a very nice woman and I will make it a point to see her and offer my greetings to her whenever I go to his house.

But her sister (I will refer as V ) was quite opposite. She was about 40 years and she was lean, dark and very ill tempered. She had a bony dark face, very hard set and without any smile. She will talk very rudely and often she will command me to do some errands though I was not at all supposed to do such works. But she was educated, shrewd and knew well about Chettiar's business matters. It was well known that she was keeping Chettiar under her thumb and she wielded absolute control over him. We used to joke that that she was the real Mr. Chettiar and our boss was only her dummy. I had to necessarily contact her many times in connection with godown matters like cash payments et cetera. Knowing her nature and power and fearing she may speak badly about me to Chettiar, I will do whatever she commands but I normally would avoid meeting her as far as possible. In my movements with her I will always feel very much disturbed by her abrasive and irritating manners though I cannot make an outward show of my resentment to her for obvious reasons.

One day some load of oil tins were received in the godown but Chettiar had not given me the money for settlement. The vendor wanted immediate payment and so I telephoned Chettiar. He said the cheque was kept ready in his house. He told me to go to his house, get the cheque and settle to the vendor.

Then I went to his house. First I met G and after some polite talk with her I told her the purpose of my visit. Then she called for V and when V came from the rear portion of the house, G told her "this boy wants some money for the godown and Uncle (Chettiar) has asked him to take it from the house — see what it is". Then G went upstairs. I explained my requirement to V. V told me "Chettiar has not told me anything and he has also not given any cheque to me — but if he has kept the cheque ready then it should be on his table only — so you go and see in his office room".

So I entered his office room and found nothing on the table. V had followed me inside the room and standing close to me and she was watching my search on the table... V then told me "open the drawer and see inside also". Then I opened his table drawer to see inside. I found the cheque book in the drawer and took it outside. Chettiar had written the cheque for settlement to the oil vendor and also signed it. I showed it to V and said I will take it. She asked me to show the oil delivery invoice and I showed it to her. She compared the invoice and cheque and after satisfying herself that the payment was correct she asked me to take the cheque. While doing so she had moved very close to me and she was standing just one or two inches from me.

I placed the cheque book on the table and tore the particular cheque foil from the book. At that time she moved even closer and she suddenly touched my crotch with her hand. I got a jolt and moved back with some fear and misgiving. She grinned at me and I was now quite confused. She again touched and grabbed my cock with her hand and lightly squeezed it. With her unexpected touch my cock became raised and it started pressing against my pant cloth. I did not know what to do and with some confusion I looked at her. As I was always afraid of her temper her act now totally unsettled me and I could not believe it. I fearfully looked at the door to ensure that G or nobody was seeing it. She giggled and said "akka (Tamil word for elder sister) has gone upstairs to sleep — so don't fear". She caressed my cock even more and I became excited and afraid at the same time and looked at her with more confusion.

Looking at my fear and confusion she softly asked "why — don't you like my touch?". I could not reply and just stood mute. She was now rubbing my cock vigorously and it had bulged to bursting point and I had very much difficulty in controlling my erection and my emotions.

I said with some tremor in my voice "Madam — I will now go". She tittered and said "how — will you go outside like this when your stick is standing huge and rocking?". I could not say anything and looked at her with utter confusion. She told me in soft voice "I know what you do in the godown — there you daily fuck the ladies kept for cleaning grains — is it not?". I looked at her with trepidation. What she told was correct. There were three women in the godown for cleaning the grains and I was fucking them, of course with their full consent. But we were keeping it a secret and I had no idea how it came to the knowledge of V. So in a weak voice I said "madam — I am sorry — I do not do any such thing — somebody has said to you wrongly about me".

She grinned and said "don't lie — I know everything about what you do in the godown". I again weakly said "no madam — you have got wrong information about me". She tittered and said "I know all things because sometimes I call those women to come here and do some work in the house — I have enquired with them about your behavior and they have told me in every detail about what you do with them — so don't deny uselessly."

I was now quite afraid because she was a powerful lady. One word from her to Chettiar will end my job. I am from a poor family and the income I was earning as godown keeper was very much essential to our family. So I looked at her fearfully and again said "it is not correct madam — I do not do anything wrong — I request you to please believe me and not think badly about me".

She giggled and said "I know everything — but don't fear — I will not tell it to anybody — those ladies told nice stories about how you fuck them — so I just wanted to check myself whether you are real good man — now I find you have very nice Pudukku (Tamil word for penis) — so how about giving me a taste of it?".

I was totally shocked and looked in extreme confusion at her. I had not expected such words from her and I stood rooted there catching my breath. I looked at the door to confirm nobody was watching this. She saw my looking at the door and said "don't fear — we are alone and none will trouble us".

All this time she had kept on rubbing my cock and I could not bear it any longer. My erection was tremendous and I feared my cock will pierce through my pant zip. I very badly wanted to ease the pressure but her rubbing kept on increasing it. At the same time my fear for her was also too much and I could not do anything. So in a weak voice I said "madam — please allow me to go — I should not remain here longer — if elder madam or somebody sees us it will be a danger".

She tittered and said "who is there to see us? - don't worry about akka — she has gone to sleep and will not come down now — even if she comes and sees us what she will do? - she will keep quiet because she is my sister — she will not tell this to Chettiar — so come and do it to me".

I could not say anything and stood mute because my fear of her was still there. She sensed my uneasiness and teasingly said "what? — it seems your Pudukku prefers only the pundai (Tamil word for cunt) of those ugly women in godown and not me — do you find I am inferior to them?". I really was perplexed and said "no madam — you are very superior to them — but you are also wife of Chettiar — my boss — so I am afraid". She tittered and said "come — relax and have no fear — let us not waste time".

All along she had been rubbing my cock and it had raised to full height and was pushing against my pant. In spite of my fear for her I was also getting quite excited and my cock wanted to burst through my cloth. My breathing also became shallow and with confused thoughts I stared at her and remained mute.

She sensed my hesitation and she pressed herself even closer to me and winked. Automatically I embraced her and caught her buttocks and squeezed them. She smiled and said "now you are doing it fine". She grabbed my cock and started to squeeze it and vigorously rubbed it to increase my feeling. I caught and madly squeezed her buttocks. She was only wearing a sari and beneath that she did not have petticoat or underwear. Her buttocks were bony and felt hard because she was not having much flesh in her buttocks but they were hot and I got a thrill squeezing them. She winked at me and said "why only kundi (Tamil word for buttocks) — what about my mulai (Tamil word for tits) - don't you want them?". With her left hand she took away her sari covering her chest and her boobs were now jutting beneath her blouse. Her boobs were also small and a little sagging. She unbuttoned her blouse. As she did not wear bodice or bra under her blouse, her tits became free. They were also black and her nipples were out of shape like crushed black grapes. I caught both her tits and roughly squeezed them.

In the meantime she had opened my pant zip and inserting her hand inside she tried to pull my cock out. Because I was wearing tight fitting underwear she could not pull out my cock and it also gave me pain. I stepped away from her and undid my pant and underwear. Now I was nude below waist. My cock stood rigid and rocked. Water had started oozing from it and my cock was very moist. She saw it and said "nice pudukku — the godown women have told correctly about you". I felt a little shy but in an instant she pushed me and I sat in the chair behind the table. She knelt and placed her mouth on my cock and busily sucked it. I had not expected it and tried to get up but she forced me to sit and kept on sucking and licking my cock. She also nicely rubbed my shaft while sucking the cockhead. I felt I was in a paradise and closing my eyes I leaned a little back so that my cock would jut out more for her sucking. I placed my hand on her head and ruffled her hair with tenderness. She mouth fucked me vigorously and soon I came to release my water as I could not hold it anymore. I also feared whether I can shoot my semen inside her mouth. So I said "little madam — please remove your mouth — my water is coming — let me squirt it outside". She grabbed my hips and pulling herself still closer she buried my cock deeply in her mouth and sucked even more. I could not hold any further and spurted inside her mouth with a little moan. I had a deeply satisfying ejaculation and she drank all my juice and we remained like that till I went fully limp inside her hot mouth.

Later she got up and smilingly said "now how do you feel — whether I am better or those old cunts in godown are better?". I grinned and said "little madam — you are really superb — previously I always feared you but now I love you very dearly".

She laughed and said "okay — you should now leave — correct your dress, take the cheque and go". She corrected her blouse and sari and stood away from me. I was eager to have a look at her nude body so with a little smile I said "I showed my cock to you — I want to see you — show your kundi (buttocks) and pundai (cunt) to me". She looked at me with a little frown and tersely said "you should know how to behave — when I say go then you should go". I did not like her tone and felt very bad about it. But I got back into my senses and left from there.

Later when I reached the godown, I hotly asked the three ladies there "why you people have told to Little Madam that I fuck you people". First they denied it but I hotly told them "Little Madam is very well aware of it - she questioned me today about it and I had to admit it — it is all due to your mistake — why you people did not keep quiet?". Then they became a little afraid and confessed to me "whenever we go to do any work for her in the house she would question us about how Chettiar and you treated us - she was asking very particularly about you — you know her nature - we are more afraid of her than Chettiar - when she deeply questioned us, we could not deny it and admitted you are fucking us — please pardon us — we did not mean any harm to you". They were afraid for my safety and expressed concern as to whether I will lose my job now. I kept quiet and did not tell them about what happened.

Thereafter on numerous occasions I went to Chettiar's house but each time I will politely speak with both ladies. I was careful not to take any sort of liberty with Little Madam and she was also maintaining her hard exterior to me. Further also there were no occasions for us to be alone.

After a few weeks one day I had to go to Chettiar's house when he was away from Chennai. The children had gone to school. I needed a few records related to commercial tax and I asked Senior Madam for it. As usual she told to her sister to see about it. V then took me to the office room. Because he was not there that room was locked and she opened it with a key. We both entered it. The records were kept locked in a cupboard and V gave me the key to open it. I searched the files inside and took those wanted by me. V was standing behind me. Suddenly in between my legs she inserted her hand and rubbed my testicles and cock. I turned my neck and looked at her. She smiled and said softly "today we will celebrate". I looked at the door and said "madam — the senior madam is just outside in the hall". She giggled and said "so what — should I call her also for joining in our play?". I was perplexed and stood agape. She said "come — take out your Pudukku". I weakly said "but the room door is open". She giggled and said "how long you are going to worry about my akka — don't fear her". I gulped and stood mute.

She then asked me to turn and I did so. I was holding a few files in my hand. She took them and threw them to the table top. They landed with a thud and fearfully I looked at the door. She tittered and pulled me to her. I then grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them very hard. She grinned and unfastened my belt and my pant fell down. She then untied the string of my underwear and it also fell down exposing my cock. She was wearing only a sari and I lifted it above her hip and grabbed and squeezed her naked buttocks very hard.

By now my cock was raging and a drop of water fell from it. She pushed me to the floor and I lied on the floor. She pulled away my pant and underwear. My shaft was standing erect and dancing. She simply lifted her sari above her hip and I got a view of her cunt. She was black and her cunt was very big. Her cuntlips were loose and covered with dark bushy hair. Her clitoris was very pronounced like a big brown nut and she rubbed it a few times with her finger. It became more rigid and the sight excited me. Then she uncovered her chest and unbuttoned her blouse to make her tits free.

The door to the office room was in front portion of hall and chairs and sofa were put in rear portion of the hall, where I thought G was sitting. Lying on the floor of the office room and with its door open I was fully exposed to the hall. I feared that if G were to come to the front of the hall she would see us. I also felt if I remain a longer time in the office room she may come inside to see why I was still there. I did not want G to know about me and V. So I said "little madam — the door is open — I will go and close it". I was about to get up when she said "remain quiet — do you want to advertise what we do by closing the door?". I did not know what to say and remained lying on the floor with my pole standing erect and pulsating like a tree in strong wind.

V stood over me with her legs on both sides of me and sat on me taking my cock inside her cunt. My cock went easily and fully inside her cunt. Her cunt muscles gripped my shaft tightly and she started to move up and down increasing the pressure on my shaft. I enjoyed it and I grabbed her tits and pressed them madly. She liked it and smiled at me. I caught her nipples and crushed them with great force and she increased her pumping speed. Her cunt muscles were exerting tight pressure on my shaft and I felt a hot rubbing sensation which was divine.

(In those days I had one very bad habit. In my line of work I had to talk roughly many times using foul language with the cart pullers or loading and unloading coolies coming to godown. They were illiterate, short tempered and did not know good manners. Many times I will even scold in foul language the three cleaning women to get faster work from them. It was never done with any ill will. But the working atmosphere was such that using polite language was mistaken for show of fear and weakness. At that time I was regularly fucking those ladies in the godown who were illiterate and very rough natured. While fucking I will moan and make loud noises in ecstasy. I will scold them with very nasty words to goad them for putting more speed in fucking. I felt it increased my enjoyment and also induced the ladies to show more vigor while fucking. Of course they did not mind me using such foul language. The more I scolded them, the more they laughed and they will also use more filthy words and it was all very enjoyable. Hence that habit had formed in me. (After I got regular employment I dropped this habit, and now while fucking I never use foul words because my wife does not like it).

In my excitement I started to moan and blabber. Because she was wife of my boss, out of respect and fear for her, I first said some nice words, praising her dearly for the pleasure she was giving me. Soon my excitement increased and I started urging her to show more speed and out of habit I slipped into using foul words. I said "headless women — with your rotten cunt why are you rubbing my cock in a dull fashion? — give me a very hot fuck". (I said in Tamil "Mundai Ennadi unnoda avisa pundayai vaichukkittu enn pudukkai summa thadavikkittu irukkae — pottu kuththudi nalla soodu parakka)".

As soon as I uttered these words I realized my mistake and looked at her with fear. Even my penis became a little limp due to my anxiety. However she tittered and said "shit eating beggar — do you want more heat? — I will give you such a heat that your penis will get roasted very well". (In Tamil she said "Pee thinni paradesi — innum soodu vaenuma? — podara podula unnoda pudukku nalla vendhu pogum paaruda)".

Her these words gave me comfort and I grinned at her. She planted both her hand on my shoulders and enthusiastically fucked me and I reached maximum tightness in my loins. I wanted to shoot but was afraid about it. I had not worn condom. She was about 35 — 40 years age and so she was in danger zone. So I said in a soft voice "little madam —kindly get up from me — my water is coming". She tittered and banged herself on me fully burying my shaft inside her cunt and I could not control any longer and shot out my semen in mighty jets into her cunt. She fell on me taking all my water inside her and I closed my eyes in pure ecstasy. I grabbed her buttocks and kneading them like dough, I closed my eyes and blabbered sweet nothings into her ears.

I think we remained like that for a few minutes. Later I became fully limp and she got up from me. I opened my eyes and I saw someone moving away from the door. I became immediately concerned and in a fearful voice I said "I am afraid senior madam came and saw us — she just left from the door". But V only giggled. She corrected her dress and went outside.

I remained there for sometime and later got up and corrected my dress. I then took the files from the table and after locking the cupboard I came out of the office room. I did not find G or V in the hall and assumed they had gone to the rear portion of the house. I stood hesitatingly for sometime but they did not come to the hall. I had to leave that place after telling them and also returning the cupboard key to them. So I called to them and G came to the hall. She intensely looked at me and I averted my eyes. I returned the key with thanks and bidding farewell I left that place.

I was quite sure that G had seen our act. I did not know what she will do and I feared about meeting her when I again go to Chettiar's house. She was a very good lady and I had great respect for her. She was also very nice to me always. So I was afraid now about what she will think of me after seeing my act. I had fucked her sister, the wife of my boss in his own house and both G and V were his wives too. I felt now I have lost her goodwill and only prayed she will keep quiet and not say about my conduct to Chettiar.

I will go to his house usually on the nights only when he does not come to close the godown. Then I will lock the godown and give keys to him or any person in the house. During my visits in the night, I may not see G or even if I see her I will just give her the key and immediately leave. It is only when I happen to go during daytimes, I will chat with her and such occasions were not many. So after this incident, I went several times in the night but I carefully avoided meeting or speaking with G.

Some days later one trader gave me a lump sum for a settlement. The invoice was not in godown. I telephoned Chettiar to know whether to issue receipt and deposit the cash in bank account or I should keep the cash with me for him to take in the evening. Chettiar could not immediately confirm whether the settlement was in order. He told the trader to take receipt later and told me to take advice from V as the invoice was in his house. I telephoned and she said in a soft coquettish voice "you come here — I will show you all" and tittered. I felt a stirring in my cock and at the same time I was afraid of G. So I said "Senior Madam may not like me to come there when Chettiar is not in the house — so please see the invoice and tell me". She simply said "you do what I say — I will not waste my time talking on telephone" and ended the talk.

So I went to his house and much to my dismay I found G opening the door. I was feeling guilty when I saw her and with trepidation and in a faltering voice I told my purpose. Her look did not convey me anything but this time she did not offer me coffee which she always will do. It indicated she did not like what I did and I had fallen from her favor. She merely asked me to come inside and called V to come and attend me. Then she went and sat in hall sofa and started stitching some garment.

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