A Brutal Cuckold
Chapter 1: A brutal awakening

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Incest, InLaws, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Violent,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: A brutal awakening - a man wants his gorgeous wife to cuckold him but gets a lot more then he bargained for.

I had finally done it, I had finally got my wife Julie to find a lover and cuckold me. She started looking on the internet at cuckold websites and forums. Julie is 28 and I am 31 Julie's in a size 14 dress and has 36c breasts she has nice curves and has a tight arse and pussy. On Wednesday night she told me that she had found someone to meet up with. Julie told me that we were going to a Caravan park for a weekend away and she would be meeting up with him on the Saturday evening, alone at the clubhouse. But she said there were some conditions attached.

1. I was to wear a women's thong, bra, and dress.

2. I was to be tied to the bed spread eagled face down.

3. I was to be gagged and blindfolded.

I was shocked. Julie had had a threesome before but had never showed any signs of being into this sort of thing. I asked her why she wanted this and she told me that it was her way of dealing with her having sex with another man. I was a bit scared of this as although I had wanted this for so long that I think I would have done almost anything for this. She also explained to me that she wanted to be totally dominant and that this was the way it would be. Julie told me that on the Saturday she would leave me at the caravan while she went to meet him at the clubhouse. She would be a couple of hours. Then she would come back before him to get ready for him. After she had got me ready she would let him come in. They were going to have sex in the bed right next to me. I was a bit gutted about this and said as much to Julie. She explained that at least I would be able to hear and smell what was going on as well as feel the movement of them as they had sex. She said it wouldn't always be this way but as a first time this is how she wanted to do it. I agreed to it but still was disappointed that I wouldn't get to see anything. Thursday arrived and she went out shopping with a friend. I had a look on the net and booked a caravan at the park in Wales that she had said it was to be it as a bit of a drive away but Julie had said that it was near to where her man was and far enough away so that our friends wouldn't know about it. I also looked at a few of my cuckolding sites and ended up Cumming 2 or 3 times in anticipation of what was to come. When Julie returned home she had a few bags of things. Her friend stayed for a coffee and left. Julie took the bags upstairs. I was itching to see what she had bought to meet him in I was feeling excited, jealous, nervous and many other strange feelings. She called me up to her and I went up the stairs trying not to rush as I was starting to get hard just imagining her in her outfit. Julie opened one of the bags and there was a dress in it it looked really sexy. It was a halter neck mini dress in black, not what she would normally wear on a night out. She put it on the bed and another bag and pulled out a bra and thong set in black. There wasn't much to either of them, I thought she would look really sexy in them. Julie then told me that I was going to wear them on Saturday night for her and her lover. She said she had got an outfit for herself but I wouldn't see it until she got ready to meet him. This was getting scarier what had I let myself in for. I trusted her though and at the end of all this it would worth it.

On Friday we set off for south Wales to the park. We were both fairly quiet on the way down, I guess that we were both nervous at what was to come. At last we arrived and found our caravan. It wasn't far from the club house so I went for a wander over while she sorted the luggage out. In the club house my mind did overtime seeing her everywhere and what she might get up to. When I was back at the caravan Julie had jumped in the shower so I stripped and went in as I was so horny. I got in the shower and put my arms around her. I started to kiss her and feel her but she stopped me and told me not until after she had been with her lover. She grabbed my hard cock and started to wank it, speaking with her mouth next to my ear she said just picture me with my lover, picture his cock in my mouth, that's when I spurted my load. She rinsed my cum off her, got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her. She said with a cheeky smile, I'm going to enjoy tomorrow night.

Saturday came and she had a shower and started getting ready. She came out of the bedroom and looked absolutely stunning. Julie wore a tight figure hugging white dress with high heels and tights. Her makeup was only put on lightly and it made her even prettier than I had ever seen before. It was time for her to go and meet him I got up to kiss her and tried to cop a feel, I realised that they were stockings and not tights and she had a very skimpy thong. Now I started to feel jealous as well as turned on. She left. I watched her walk on up the path her arse swaying as she walked. I went into the bedroom and opened the last bag that I hadn't seen inside. There was some bondage cuffs and straps a ball gag and a blindfold. The dress and thong and bra were laying on the bed. I felt stupid standing there looking at them and felt even more daft putting them on. If I didn't she would cancel everything and I didn't want that so I got the bondage straps and attached the cuffs and tied one strap to each leg of the bed like I was asked and went round shutting all the curtains. I was struggling not to play with myself. I felt I was going to go out of my mind not knowing what was going on, I kept imagining a faceless man groping her on the dance floor or sat having a drink with his hand rubbing her inner thigh. Had she fucked him yet? Were they at it right now it was almost too much. The night seemed to last for ever but then I heard her heels on the path and my heart started racing. The door opened and she came in she was quite tipsy but not drunk. Julie came up to me as I was stood near the door and kissed me, I could taste the whiskey on her lips she also smelled of aftershave, quit a musky one. She stopped kissing me and told me to go into the bedroom and get the clothes she had picked for me and put them on. She followed me in and stood watching me put the thong on then the bra and then the dress. It felt strange as I'd never done this before but it also felt kinky. Then Julie told me to lie face down on the bed and she started to fasten my wrists in the cuffs then my ankles. I couldn't move much but I could adjust my body a little. She moved to the end of the bed where my head was (my head was where the feet should be) and lifted her dress just high enough to show me her stocking tops then a bit higher to reveal that her thong had disappeared her pussy was all wet I could see it glistening and what looked like some white stuff on her pubes and inner thigh. I almost came there and then. Next she put the ball gag in my mouth and tightened the strap, my cock felt uncomfortably hard and I thought I was going to explode. As she was tightening the strap her pussy came close to my nose and I could smell her. There was a strong whiff of semen, her slit rubbed on my nose it felt very wet and pungent. She had never smelled like that before. She stepped back and put the blindfold on the room and beautiful view disappeared. She got on the bed next to me and told me that she that they had gone out for a cigarette. They had gone behind the pool area where there where some shrubs and a couple of trees, he grabbed her and started passionately kissing her, his fingers went straight to her pussy and started feeling and pushing his fingers inside her. He bent down and grabbed her thong hooking his fingers in the sides he pulled them off. Julie said she then got his cock out and it was big, it wasn't the length although that was enough he was really thick. Then she said that she went down on him but could only just get her lips around his head. She sucked and wanked his cock he pulled her backup and kissed her she said that caused her to cum as after a bj with me she never used to kiss me. She carried on wanking his huge cock, she was wanking it against her pussy. I was shocked to hear this as she had said that she wouldn't go bareback with him. Julie wanked his cock until he pumped out a great amount of spunk on her, pussy and thighs. She then pulled her dress down and kissed him passionately and came here. I was in shock at what she just told me when there was a knock at the door. Julie kissed the back of my neck and got up and left the room. I heard her go to the door at the other end of the caravan, and then heard the door open and voices. I could hear a man say something then laughing and what sounded like a gentle slap. More talking and footsteps coming toward me. I feel a weight get on the bed and then Julies voice next to my ear this is my new lover and he is gonna fuck me but first so you know who is in charge of our sex lives my lover is going to rape you and then he's going to fuck me senseless. At that point I started to panic but I couldn't do anything. I wriggled about as much as I could which wasn't much. The man said I think I'm gonna enjoy this, and then I felt another heavier weight on the bed toward my feet. I felt Julie's hands grab my face in 2 hands; she kissed my forehead and my nose, I was still panicking a bit but Julie's kisses were calming me a little. I heard a squirting sound like someone squeezing a shampoo bottle. Then I felt the weight shift between my legs. I wriggled a bit harder but I was strapped down well. I felt hands grip the side of the dress and my stomach churned, my dress rode up leaving my arse bare. A hand grabbed the back of the thong and yanked it so hard I felt it tear slightly causing pain where the sides had cut into my hips, then another yank and the thong ripped down the sides. Then his weight was on me, it knocked the wind out of me and then I felt his cock push against my bum cheek, I tried to move but couldn't. He guided his cock which was wet and slimy towards my arse and then as he found my hole he rammed hard, I felt a searing pain as his cock drove deep inside me. I couldn't believe the amount of pain it caused; he then pulled almost all the way out and thrust harder again, more searing pain and his cock drove deeper still. I couldn't take anymore but again he thrust his hips forward, the sheer force of which nearly snapped the ankle straps. Shock and a kind of numbness set in like it wasn't real, his cock felt like it was ripping me up inside. He thrust several more times before thrusting faster and faster, each thrust knocking the wind out of me. I felt him start to tense, his body then gripping my hips he slammed into me and ground his pelvis into my bum cheeks. I felt a hot warm spurt and then another. It then dawned on my somewhat not quite there state of mind that he was cuming and I could feel the spurt hitting the top of my bowel that he wasn't wearing a condom. Even though I was till in pain it had lessened to a point that it was bearable. I was shocked to realise I still had a hard on, Julie let go of my face and I felt her caressing him and me. The mans cock had gone semi soft but still felt huge. She moved in between our legs and started feeling around the base of his shaft and my swollen and battered arse. I then felt his cock flop out of my arse with a sloppy plopping sound. God I was sore and I felt dirty and used but I still had an erection ready to burst. Julie's lover got off me and I felt his cock dribble some left over cum onto my left cheek. Julie must have lain down next to me again and her lover said he was going to take a shower. He got off the bed and left the room. Julie then told me that she had cum about 4 times watching her lover rape me. She whispered that she loved me and that now I knew who the sexual boss was. She said that she was going to take the gag off but I was to remain quiet and then she would give me a treat. She took the gag off I felt like I could breathe again. My arse and stomach felt like they where on fire. I heard her lover turning off the shower. And coming back to the room, she then told me she wanted to turn me over onto my back and not to struggle or her lover would restrain me. She unfastened my legs first then my hands rolled me over god my arse hurt. Once on my back she tied me down again. Her lover told her to suck him until he was hard,, she must have been doing as she was told as I could hear a slurping sound. Julie then knelt almost sitting on my face, the musky aroma was still there but she smelt of her cum and his smell was still there. He must have taken her from behind as her thighs tensed and a bit of her cum dropped on to my face. The smell was over powering, a mix of latex and her cum as she lowered herself onto my mouth with his cock touching my mouth. He then slowly pushed his huge cock in, she gasped as it slipped in. the blindfold had moved up a little allowing me to see his cock sliding in he had only got about a third of it in and it was really stretching her pussy, she started to moan as he slid in deeper, quivering with the start of an orgasm. He than seemed to have broken the last of her resistance and slid all the way in that triggered a huge orgasm, god this was so hot. I came as she touched my cock spurting loads of cum on my own belly. He started to grind his cock into her pussy and I could see more as the blindfold moved further up. His cock was huge and it was now plundering my wife's pussy. He kept pumping his cock in to he pussy so deep that he must be right at the neck of her womb. I saw her quiver as my tongue snaked out to lick her clit. She tasted so different with his cock buried up to the hilt and her pussy was absolutely soaked he heaved one more thrust and tensed his arse cheeks as he came. He kept his cock buried as deep as it would go she was cuming at every twitch of his cock up. I could see his balls twitching as he emptied his load. They stayed like that for about five mins until his softened cock slopped out bringing a small flood of her cum that splattered on my face, it was that musty and cloying my nostrils. Julie then ground her cunt all swollen and sloppy onto my mouth. Julie lifted herself off the bed and straightened up my blind fold as she got off he also left the room. I heard them talking in quiet tones he said that he was keeping her thong as a souvenir then the door opened. I heard them kissing and making their goodbyes the door shuts and Julie came into the bedroom. She took my blindfold off and gave me a sexy smile, everything was a bit blurry as I looked around she then undid the cuffs at my wrists and then my feet. I rolled over on to my side; my arse was throbbing with a dull ache. There was some blood and cum on the bed sheet where I had been lying. Julie lay down next to me and cuddled me in the spoons position and said how much she loved me and that it was the best sex she had ever had.

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