Best Friends

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2007 by TheMoose63

Sex Story: This is a story of two couples, one white and the other black. Shane and Rick met through Kate while they were in college and were married then when Rick went to work for Robert they introduced him to Kate and they became an inseparable foursome but only friends until something changed and then it became sexual.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Orgy   White Couple   Black Couple   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   .

They were the Three Musketeers plus one, the Fearsome Foursome, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and maybe even more! The two couples were the best of friends and had known each other for almost ten years. Rick and Shane Vega were 33 and 32 respectively; both college graduates and even though they had been married since their senior year in college they were still madly in love. Robert and Kate Diggs were 35 and 32 respectively; also college graduates and also very deeply in love. Shane and Kate had been college roommates and members in the same sorority and, in fact, Kate had introduced Rick to Shane during their senior year in college. Rick and Shane were married after a mere six months of dating and when he graduated with a degree in business administration and marketing he was hired by Robert Diggs, President and CEO of Diggs Electronics, an up and coming, privately held, company that developed and manufactured high tech security devices for the Department of Homeland Security.

Three months after starting in his position as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Diggs, Rick and Shane invited Robert over to their house for an informal afternoon BBQ and that's when he was introduced to their friend Kate the rest, as they say in the movies, was history. The couples were instantly compatible and over the years they went everywhere together and were seldom seen apart and most people who didn't know better thought they had all grown up together... the only noticeable difference between the two couples was that the Vega's were white while the Diggs were black.

Two years after he was hired Rick worked out a long term agreement with Robert that stipulated that if he were to sign two of the prestigious (read dollars here) government contracts he would become a minority (30 percent) owner in Diggs. After five years of hard work Diggs Electronics was awarded not one, not two, but three government contract and that made the two couples rich beyond their wildest dreams and the good life wasn't far off. That fall they took a 'couples only' cruise to Alaska and the next summer Shane and Kate had their first plastic surgeries. Shane had some minor lipo-suction on her thighs and butt and the doctors lifted her brows a bit and bobbed her nose. Kate, always the more conservative one, had her breasts augmented to a 34C cup. In the fall both couples bought matching silver Mercedes S-600's and then went on a three week cruise to the Caribbean.

In all of the years the foursome had known each other, in all the time they had spent together there had never been anything even slightly inappropriate happen between them, much less something sexual... there was never a kiss that was anything but just friendly, never a sly wink between the women as they paraded around in their bikinis, never a tease between any of them, nothing sexual ever happened - they were simply the best of friends. However that relationship was fated to change — and change dramatically.

The first small crack in the couple's sexual armor happened while Rick and Robert were on a business trip to Washington, D.C., to make a presentation to the Director of Homeland Security and the girls were left home to their own devices. The day after their husbands flew out to Washington a phone rang at Kate's house and when she answered it was Shane on the other end.

"Hey girl," Shane said, "I was thinking about getting together on Saturday?"

Kate cocked her head, curious as to what her friend might be up to. "Sure Shane, what's the occasion... another shopping spree?"

"Oh God no, Christ I'm all shopped out... I was just thinking that with the guys in Washington for the weekend maybe we could spend a little quality girl time together, kind of like the old days in college if you get my drift. Besides, I have something that I want to show you."

Kate immediately knew what her friend meant, an old fashioned jerk off session like they had when they roomed at the sorority house. Still sexual taboos required that a subject like that not be mentioned in polite company so she just ignored it. "Show me? Did you buy something really, really expensive while Rick was gone?" Kate quizzed her.

"Well... kind of but nothing that you could possibly guess... even in a million years." Shane sheepishly replied.

"So then I guess that you're not going to tell me what it is?"

"Nope, you'll just have to wait until Saturday.

"Alright, what time do you want me there?"

Shane thought about it then looked at the wall clock in her kitchen, and realizing the stupidity of that... she said, "How about around two? Come on over and we can lay in the sun for a bit then clean up and... oh I don't know, fool around before dinner."

Sure fool around. "Sounds great, I'll bring a nice bottle of that special Merlot that you like."

"Great, I'll see you then!"

It was just after two on Saturday afternoon when Kate pulled up to Shane's house, parked and walked in through the unlocked kitchen door. "Hey Shane... I'm here!" She called out as she walked across the kitchen and out towards the den.

Shane heard Kate calling her and she walked in through the sliding glass doors from the patio wearing nothing but a skimpy two piece bikini that barely covered her breasts and vagina and right behind her was a very cute and very small dog. It wasn't much taller than eight or nine inches and couldn't have weight more than a pound. "Hi sweetie!" Shane yelled as she hugged her girlfriend, "go ahead and use my bedroom and get changed into your suit and we can work on our tans!"

Kate held out one arm and looked down at her light ebony skin and started laughing. "Yea, right... like I need more of a tan... and what the hell is that thing?" She asked pointing to the dog.

Shane chuckled, "Well you can watch me try and tan and look as beautiful as you do, and 'that' my love, is my surprise. It's a Yorkie and I've named her Muffy."

"Muffy? What the fuck kind of a name is a Muffy?"

"Oh you'll find out later, now come on and get changed and let's go outside."

After Kate changed they spread their towels and lay in the sun for a while and just talked girl talk then they both slipped into the bubbly spa and let the jets of warm water soothe their bodies. The whole time they were outside Muffy ran around sniffing and playing with the two women. A half an hour later they got out of the spa and dried off and went into the house to clean up for dinner. They were inside the master bedroom and both had slipped out of their swim suits without either being shy about being naked in front of each other and as Kate turned on the water they both slipped into the huge customs built shower stall and began to wash up. After toweling off both of them slipped into their panties and bras and stood at the double sinks fixing their hair and chatting easily.

Kate looked over at her best friend then cocked her head to one side. "Shane, can I ask you something?"

"Uh huh, sure."

Kate hesitated for a moment. "Well I was thinking about something..."

"Like?" Although Shane was pretty sure what was on Kate's mind she asked anyway.

"Like... well do you remember when we were in college and we used to lie on our beds and masturbate together?"

Shane turned and looked at her best friend. She stopped running the hairbrush through her hair and had a curious look on her face. Very slowly she answered. "Yea, but that was a long time ago, and we weren't married then and getting laid on a regularly basis so why bring it up now?"

"Oh God this is so embarrassing but I just have to know something... something personal, like... how is your love life? I mean maybe I shouldn't be asking but I just have to know, do you and Robert still make love as much as you did when you were first married? I mean I understand that during a marriage the love making slows down at some point in time but... well... are you still satisfied with Robert?"

Kate though about the question and it's implications for a long time then she replied. "Well you're right about the sex slowing down but Robert and I still manage to make love a couple of times a week... and the rest of the time I make do myself... how about you?"

"Oh the same I guess but I really want to have sex more than one a week! Christ I wake up some mornings and could make love all day long but Rick always seems to have some excuse and it generally revolves around his work." She thought about what Kate had said. "What do you mean, you make do yourself... you're not having an affair are you?"

Kate walked over to her best friend and hugged her then took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. "No silly, I'm not having an affair! I make do by masturbating when Robert is at work, that how I keep my sanity. And now that I know you have the same problem as I do let's sit down and have a good old fashioned 'girls' session like we used to have when we were in college.

Kate and Shane walked around the bed then sat together on the floor, their backs up against the bed, their knees bent up and their feet spread apart and positioned so that they could both see themselves in the mirrored doors of the closet. They both sat there looking at themselves and for a few minutes neither of them did anything then Kate started. She began to rub her nipples through her bra with one hand while her other hand slipped inside her panties and she stroked herself. Not to be out done, Shane followed suit, rubbing her pussy with her right hand while her left hand went underneath her bra and she played with her nipples.

Breathing heavily and in gasps Kate turned to Shane and asked. "Shane, do you remember that white guy I brought back to our room during the last semester of college?" Her fingers stopped rubbing her pussy and she slipped out of her bra and panties then started rubbing herself again.

Shane looked at the reflection of her naked friends' fingers slipping just inside her ebony labia and she was so turned on that she took off her panties and bra too and masturbated while watching both of them in the mirrored doors. "Yea, I sure do." she panted, her fingers now buried in her own pussy, "God, how could I forget him... you both thought I was asleep but I was really just pretending and while you undressed I was playing with my clit and when he shoved his hard white cock into your beautiful black pussy it made me cum on the spot."

Kate's fingers were flying now, rubbing furiously across the top of her pussy while her other hand was pulling and pinching on her nipples. "Ohhh yes, oh God yes he was so... so... so fucking good. Even Robert can't get as deep inside me as that boy did." She watched in the mirror as Shane's fingers slid in and out of her pussy then she came. "Ohhhhh yesssssssssssss!!!!" She called as she climaxed, her hips lifting up to meet her fingers, her legs tightening on her hand.

After they finished cuming they lay back against the bed breathing deeply and enjoying the euphoria of their mutual orgasms. Shane opened her eyes and in the mirror noticed her puppy sneaking around the side of the bed and started to say something to Kate but decided to keep quiet and see what happened. Kate, eyes closed, had relaxed her legs and rested her head against the mattress and was slowly pulling on a nipple when she felt something cold licking her labia. Surprised at the intrusion she looked down and saw that it was Muffy, Shane's dog that was licking her pussy. At first she was shocked that a dog would be attracted to her dampness but the more Muffy licked on her the better it felt and she just sat there enjoying the dogs tongue until she felt another orgasm approaching. Wanting the dog to lick her deeper she spread her legs as far apart as she could and then reached down and spread her labia with two fingers and let the dog have better access. "Oh yes. Oh fuck yes, eat my pussy! Oh My Godddddd Shane!!!!!!!!!" She screamed as another orgasm overtook her then she shoved the dog away and closed her legs tightly and enjoyed the electric sensation of another orgasm. When she finally calmed down she looked at Shane, "Jesus girl how did you ever teach a dog to do that?"

Muffy, not rebuffed at being pushed away from Kate's pussy, moved over and began licking on Shane's pussy. Shane smiled and opened her legs farther and patted the dogs head as it licked her. "Well I actually didn't teach her, it comes naturally. I was told that Yorkies have been trained to root in the forest for mushrooms or something like that so they are used to having their nose buried into something wet and fragrant and one night when I was playing with my pussy she jumped up on the bed and pushed my hand away and began licking me and I loved it. Anyway that's why I call her Muffy, cuz she likes rooting around and eating my muff!"

The dog licked furiously at Shane's pussy and as Kate watched Shane's reactions she knew she was close to coming so she reached over and began to tease Shane's nipple and that threw Shane over the edge.

"Ohhhhh fuck meeeeeeee!!!! Oh God yyyeeessssssssssssss!!!!!!!" Shane screamed as she came.

After they both calmed down they laughed at the absurdity of having a nine inch dog for a lover and then stood up and walked into the bathroom and cleaned themselves then went into the kitchen and started dinner. Later that night, at the table and after a couple of glasses of wine Kate looked across at her best friend and asked her, "Shane, have you ever thought about making love to Robert?"

Shane almost dropped her wine glass. "Jesus Kate what kind of a question is that? I mean Robert is a wonderful man and sexy as hell but he is your husband and I have no intentions of having an affair with anyone's husband!"

"Oh I know that silly, that wasn't what I meant."

"Alright then, what did you mean?"

Kate didn't say a word for a long time then she slowly explained herself. "Well sometimes when Robert and I are making love I close my eyes and have this vision that it's Rick that's making love to me." She held up her hand just as Shane was about to say something. "Wait! Just wait a minute and let me finish. Look Shane I'm talking a fantasy here, not reality, but I was wondering if you have ever had similar thoughts, that's all I was asking."

"Alright that's a fair question. Actually, yes I have! The first time I saw Robert in a swim suit and realized how big he was... I mean down there... I wondered what he would feel inside me, stretching my pussy, pounding that thing deep inside me until I had orgasm after orgasm. I've even imagined that it was his cock in my throat when I was sucking off Rick. Sorry girlfriend."

"No, it's really alright," Kate said, "I was just wondering what would happen if we ever had the chance to swap husbands and now I think I know."

Shane looked across the table at her best friend. "Kate, I would make love to Robert and certainly wouldn't mind if you did the same to Rick but only if you were right there in the room and everything was alright with you. I would never cheat and go behind your back."

Kate sighed and almost sadly said, "Oh I know honey, I know. Well it's a moot point anyway because our husbands are way too straight laced to ever let anything like that happen." And with that false conclusion the conversation ended but their sexual standards concerning their marriages had changed forever.

At almost the same time the girls were sitting in the bedroom masturbating Rick and Robert had just left their meeting with Homeland Security and we're back at their hotel sitting at the bar in the lounge. "Hot damned," Rick said turning to Robert, "Buddy I think we've got ourselves another contract."

Robert took a sip of his beer then clapped Rick on the shoulder. "I think so my man, I think so too."

Several beers later and with no food in their stomachs both men were slightly tipsy. Rick was sipping on his sixth beer and ogling the ass of the sexy bar maid and as he did Robert smiled then nudged his best friend with his elbow. "I think my friend that you should put your eyes back into your head, after all what would Shane think if she saw you doing that?"

"Well," Rick replied slightly drunk, "She would think that I was having deviant sexual thoughts about that woman and then she would hit me with her elbow, like you did to get my attention, then when we were back in our room she would beat the crap out of me then we would make slow passionate love. At least that's my fantasy."

"And a good fantasy it is."

Rick turned and looked at Robert. "So what's your fantasy pal?"

Robert thought for a minute then said, "I'm not sure that I should tell you."

Now Rick was curious. "Why is that? I mean you don't have some bizarre sexual fantasy about men or animals... do you?"

Robert laughed a deep laugh. "No... not about men or animals but about someone very close to you."

Rick stopped laughing in mid-sentence. "Shane? You have fantasies about Shane?"

Robert remained quiet, thinking that his friend sounded angry. "Look Rick I'm sorry if I offended you but I have to tell you that your wife is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen."

"I'm not offended, not at all. Fact of the matter is I've had the same thoughts about Kate. When I first met her in college it was Kate that I was attracted to not Shane but then something changed and I ended up dating Shane and within a few months... well you already know that we were married shortly thereafter. Anyway one night just before our graduation the three of us drove out to the coast and found a deserted beach and decided to have an impromptu beach party. A couple of hours later and after way too much beer we all went skinny dipping. Wading in the surf and seeing Kate naked gave me a hell of a hard on and the next morning I jacking off thinking about her. Sorry Robert."

Robert smiled at the thought of the two women naked on the beach. "Well you certainly have an advantage over me."

Confused Rick asked, "An advantage, what do you mean?"

"Well you've seen my wife naked but I've never seen Shane in anything less than a bikini. That doesn't seem very fair to me."

Rick thought about it and took a deep breath. "I guess you're right about that." He reached behind him and pulled out his wallet, opened it, and took out a 2x3 inch picture from inside and handed it to his best friend. "Here you go Robert, this makes us even."

Robert took the picture and looked down at the smiling face of his best friend's wife, completely naked. Although the picture was small he could easily see her milky white breasts with their light brown areolas and hard nipples and the light brown hair between her legs barely covering her labia. "God damn I would love to get a piece of that ass! Oops, sorry."

Rick smiled at the comment. "Well I hope that you don't think that I'm too kinky," Rick leaned in and whispered, "but I would love to watch you shove your black cock into her pussy... in fact I'm getting hard just thinking about it."

Robert sat back and looked at his best friend. "A nice fantasy my friend but I don't think our wives are going to let anything like that happen, at least not in our lifetimes."

They both laughed at the absurdity of their fantasies and that's the way the conversation ended but as they left the bar neither of them quit thinking about the other man's wife. Later that night, in the privacy of his room, Robert lay naked on top of the sheets and slowly stoked his cock and stared at the picture of Shane and imagined himself fucking her white pussy... then he came.

Two weeks passed and the subject of sex never surfaced again, at least not between Robert and Rick, and not between Shane and Kate but Robert did share Rick's fantasy with Kate and slowly an idea was born.

It was a warm summer Friday evening and Robert and Kate had agreed come over to Rick and Shane's for dinner. Both men had come directly from work so they were still wearing their business suits while the girls were dressed more casually, Shane in a light blue blouse and darker blue skirt while Kate had chosen a pair of black slacks and white pull-over sweater. Regardless of the way they were dressed both women looked spectacular!

Robert and Rick sat in the den and had a before dinner cocktail and discussed what had happened at work that afternoon while the girls chatted in the kitchen while getting dinner ready to serve. At one point Kate led Shane over into the corner of the kitchen and whispered something in her ear. At first Shane looked shocked then she smiled and nodded to her friend. A short time later they adjourned to the formal dining room and ate a dinner consisting of prime rib, red potatoes, French cut green beans and a garden salad. During the diner they also managed to consume two bottles of the Merlot that Robert had brought as a gift. After dinner they retired to the living room and Shane turned on some soft music and the four of them sat around and talked about their plans for the future, then inexplicitly something changed. One minute they were just simply discussing their futures then the next thing anyone knew Shane had taken Muffy into her bedroom, returned and lowered the lights then she turned and asked Robert to dance.

Robert first looked over at Kate and when she didn't seem offended he looked to Rick who simply smiled at him so he stood up and took Shane's hand and pulled her into his arms and they began a slow dance. Rick smiled to himself thinking back to his conversation with Robert in Washington, D.C., while Kate looked over her shoulder and watched for any negative reaction from Rick. When she didn't see anything in his demeanor that would dissuade her she got up and moved across the room and sat down beside Rick on the couch. As Robert and Shane danced both Kate and Rick noticed how close they were holding each other and how Robert's hand seemed to be massaging Shane's ass.

Kate turned and asked Rick. "They make a nice looking couple don't you think?"

Rick looked at Kate not sure if she was angry then smiling he asked, "You aren't getting jealous are you Kate?"

She smiled back. "Not at all. In fact..." she hesitated a moment, "It's been a fantasy of mine to see Robert and Shane making love, Shane and I even discussed it a couple of weeks ago... what about you Rick... how would you feel about that?"

Rick pulled Kate into his arms and kissed her forehead then pushed her back and looked into her eyes. "Really? Robert and I did too and may God help me but I would practically kill to watch them making love!"

And with those two confessions it somehow became alright. "Good Rick, then let me help them get started." Kate kissed Rick on the cheek then stood up and walked over to her friend and standing right behind her she leaned in and began massaging Shane's shoulders. Shane was momentarily startled and she stopped dancing, then she smiled at Kate and ran her fingers down over Robert's chest and across the fly of his trousers and she asked, "So Robert, you actually discussed making love to me with my husband?"

Robert was so embarrassed that if he could have disappeared into the woodwork he would have but instead he just nodded his head... yes.

Kate was still massaging Shane's shoulders then she stopped and bent down and kissed the nape of her neck and reached under her arms and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Shane stood still while Kate unbuttoned her blouse and stared into Robert's eyes. Button by button Kate continued until the blouse finally fell open and Shane's while lacy bra was plainly visible to Robert.

"Oh my God," Robert whispered as his eyes widened and he reached out and for the first time touched her breast.

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