Alice Does Italy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Robot, Humor, Superhero, Violent,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the SECOND story in the series. Doug and Alice found Rome and Alice becomes an avatar of Venus. Doug and Alice found a sex cult in order to advance their plan to civilize the world thousands of years ahead of time.

Alice was driving, and I (Doug} was lolling back and enjoying the scenery. She did all of the driving, since robots never got tired. Her fusion power cell drew energy from somewhere, but I had forgotten where. We were driving along the French coast headed into Italy. I had originally wanted to travel through the Alps, but Alice called up a map of the proposed route. This was enough to convince me that I didn't want to have the kinds of troubles that Hannibal had when he crossed the Alps with his elephants during the Punic War. Sure, it was possible, but it just wasn't worth the effort.

We were tooling along about 10 MPH in a smooth section of "roadway" which was really nothing more than coastal plain. The two horses were doing well pulling the enclosed wagon we were now living in; the spare team was hitched to the back of the wagon. Their turn would come after lunch. Alice's telescopic vision was able to pick out obstructions in our path long before we reached them. If there was no easy way around, Alice could use her great strength to move any boulder or tree out of the way. In a pinch, she could also carry the horses and the wagon across any ditch we had so far encountered. Nothing had yet stood in our way, and we weren't expecting anything to.

Nothing inanimate, that is. There were those damned lions, again. No wonder they had gone extinct, they were too stupid to learn to stay out of harm's way. A very large pride had been following us for the last few miles, though the pride was significantly smaller now that it was an hour or so ago. They were drawn by the horses. The lions had done a good job of clearing out most of the big game along the coast, and they took the horses to be a gift from the gods. Every once in a while, Alice had to shoot one or more to make them back off for even a short time. So far, Alice had mounted 7 lion heads on the sides of our wagon and had 7 skins stacked on the roof.

Alice had suggested that the lion heads would make a suitable impression on any natives we met, and the skins would make good trade material, so we had stopped each time while she collected them whenever she killed one. It looked like she was going to have to kill at least one more in the next few minutes; the lions were getting cranked up to attack, again. I suggested, "Alice, why don't you just kill them all this time? They are getting to be a damned nuisance, and it looks to me like you are going to have to kill them all eventually, anyway."

Alice answered, "OK, if that's what you want me to do. There is a chance that one could hurt a horse, and there's no reason to allow that. Please get both rifles and extra cylinders; you may even have to reload if any more lions show up."

I entered the enclosed part of the wagon and picked up the weapons and such that Alice had asked for. I sat back down on the passenger's side of the seat and said, "I also brought a pistol, just in case I might need to shoot a lion that was trying to sneak up on our blind side."

"That's a good idea. I'll stop on top of that little hill that's coming up a couple of hundred yards ahead. Let's follow our previous routine. I'll go up on the roof where I can shoot in all directions. You stay here and watch out for the horses in the traces. I'll call out if I need help from you for the shooting chores."

Alice pulled the wagon to a halt at the crest of the hill and jumped to the top of the wagon box, taking the two rifles with her. The rifles were some of the finest made at our former home of Wolfton, a cave complex in southern France. They were .40 caliber versions of the Dragoon Colt pistol used by the US Army around 1860. They used black powder and our special version of a misch metal cap which was much safer than a traditional mercury fulminate cap. The only differences between the rifles and the conventional pistol that I was holding was that the rifle had a long barrel with a wooden forestock and a shoulder stock. Otherwise, all parts were interchangeable between the rifle and the pistol. We were using black powder because we had not yet needed to "invent" smokeless powder or nitroglycerin, but it looked like we would have to in the next few years.

We had hardly gotten ready for it when the lions made a charge at the horses. BANG! BANG! I knew that there were now two less lions in the world. Alice didn't miss! Oh, sure, it's possible, but very unlikely. She was covering the rear and two sides, so it was up to me to cover the front. I was nowhere near as good a shot as Alice, but I could hold my own at close range. It was a good thing too, because a lion was charging at the horses in front. I let her get a little closer and squeezed off a shot. I sort of missed; I hit her in the flank and broke her pelvis, but I had to use a second shot to kill her. I just don't have the computer control of my body the way Alice does.

Our guns are 6-shot, single action revolvers with interchangeable cylinders, so that they can be reloaded outside of the gun. We carry extra cylinders and I can change one in about 15 seconds, but Alice is faster.

Another lion is sneaking up on my left. I had plenty of time to aim and she was not running, so I got her with the first shot. Alice shouted, "THREE MORE COMING! I THINK THAT IS ALL OF THEM!" BANG! BANG! BANG! Well, I was happy to say that was the end of the excitement for now. Alice and I have been here in the Stone Age for 27 years, so I am 43 years old, though I still look 22 years old, like I did when I first arrived. That was why we had to leave Wolfton—Alice and I are immortal and don't age, so we had to leave people we had known for a long time so that our immortality wouldn't be found out. Anyway, my point is that I am no longer the adrenaline junkie I was when we first arrived; I much prefer the peaceful life, one day I may even get to live it.

We stopped on that hill top while Alice beheaded and skinned the lions. We left the bodies for the scavengers, since I couldn't stomach lion meat. Oh, Alice retrieved the bullets; we would recast and reuse them. Alice nailed the new heads to the sides of the wagon and put the skins on top. She would start the cleaning and tanning process when we stopped for the night. Alice doesn't sleep, though I do.

A few miles farther on, we saw a camp of nomads. There were seven huts in the camp and a lot of children. We decided that this would be a good place to stop; this might even be a good place to trade some of the lion skins. The ETs who had sent me here had played some games with my mind, so that I could speak any language as soon as I heard some of it; Alice was the same way. We rode into camp and I lit up a cigarette. Those same ETs had worked on my lungs so that cigarettes could not harm me, but I was able to use the smoke I emitted as proof that I was favored by the gods. (How many people do you know who naturally have smoke coming out of their head?) The smoke and the wagon with the tamed horses, when added to the lion heads, proved how much we were favored by the gods and that it would be well to stay on our good side.

The head man, Big Eater, welcomed us and gratefully received the fire starter that I presented to him as a friendship gift, along with the supply of replacement cigarette lighter flints. The fire starter was a tinder box I invented, using a lighter flint. I gave away the tinder box and sold the replacement flints; how's that for a unique marketing ploy? In exchange, they treated us to a big feast where I saw the reason for the chief's name. He ate enough for three men, but was quite skinny; I asked Alice to check him over for a tape worm or some such. She has a kind of X-ray vision that lets her do that sort of thing.

Alice reported that the chief did, indeed, have a parasite that was depriving him of nourishment, but she could cook up something to kill and remove it. I told her to go ahead while I talked the chief into cooperating. While we were about it, we cured the camp of its other ills. Man, a robot who knows all there is to know about medicine can do wonders when given the chance!

We wound up spending a week with our new friends. I also taught them how to use the atlatl spear thrower to replace their stabbing spears. Not only would this make it easier for them to hunt, but it would help protect them from lions, wolves, and other predators. I told them that we were headed into Italy, and they should look us up if and when they came that way.

By the time we left the nomads' camp, our horses were fat and sassy. Alice had her work cut out for her as she kept them from trying to run too fast when we first resumed our journey. Our new friends had given us their preferred route into Italy and warned us of some troublesome people we might meet on the way. This information was particularly appreciated, because I didn't want to fight any more than we had to. Sure, we had guns and hand grenades, but I hated to use them against people; I much preferred to avoid fighting whenever possible.

Sometimes, it just wasn't possible. A few days after leaving the nomads' camp, we came upon another group of nomads on the move. I used the cigarette smoke and fire starter box to show that we wanted to be friends. It didn't take long to overcome their fear with all of the novelty we showed them. They invited us to join them on their trek, so we did. We made a real hit with the women when Alice showed them how to make travois to ease carrying all their worldly goods. And we made a lot of points with the children by letting them ride on the wagon roof for a little way. Of course, the men were very proud of their new skill with the atlatl.

All of this good will paid off the day after we joined the nomads. Sometime in the morning, we were wending our way through some steep hills when we were attacked by rocks thrown from some cliffs. By this time, the horses were well enough trained that it really wasn't necessary to drive them if you just want them to follow the most convenient path at a moderate speed. Therefore, Alice and I, both, were able to use our guns to defend ourselves. Fortunately, we had already taken the time to demonstrate what we could do with the guns, so our people were not frightened when we started shooting.

Alice did the most good, but I managed to shoot a few of the rock throwers, and we drove them off before they had a chance to do much serious damage. A couple of the women had sprained ankles from trying to dodge rocks, and one child had a broken leg. As soon as the short battle was over, Alice tended to the injuries. We resumed the journey with the three injured people riding on top of the wagon. We were hailed as heroes and told that our presence had saved them from some serious trouble. Usually, a group of travelers who lost such a battle could expect that the men would be killed and the women and children would be taken as slaves.

Alice and I decided to stay with these nomads and escort them through the rough country before leaving them. They appreciated our help and seemed genuinely sorry to see us go when we parted. We cut south along the coast. We were simply looking for a route which was smooth enough for the wagon, even if it was farther to travel. The Mediterranean Sea was a beautiful sight, even when it was disturbed by a storm, or maybe that was when it was the most beautiful. Oh, well, I liked it anytime and wished that I didn't get so damned seasick so easily. I used to make a joke about preferring showers over tub baths because I was less likely to get seasick! Alice told me that I should have said something sooner, as she had a surefire seasick preventative; I kicked myself for my stupidity in not asking for help!

Eventually, after weeks of travel, we came to a large river, so we stopped for a while to decide what to do. I wanted to explore the country, so we constructed a raft. Actually, of course, Alice did most of the real work, a lot of it while I slept. Everybody needs a robot! The raft was large enough to hold our wagon and four horses, as well as some extra food for me and the animals. "We," namely Alice, poled us up stream while I mostly did the steering. The current was weak, so there were no problems making headway, but it did require constant attention except when we tied up or anchored midstream.

Everything went fine for the first 9 miles or so, but then we saw smoke and heard shouting. Alice pushed us faster and we soon came in sight of a village built at the side of the river. This appeared to be a prosperous village that lived off the bounty of the river. However, it was under attack! I steered us to a wharf and Alice jumped to the top of the wagon with a rifle in hand. Making maximum use of her wonderfully constructed body, she shouted so loud that I was nearly deafened, "STOP FIGHTING RIGHT NOW!" She also fired a shot into the air.

The noise was so unexpected that everybody obeyed and turned to stare at Alice. Somebody within the village shouted a few words, and the attackers ran away as fast as their legs could carry them. A few minutes later, some people showed up at our wharf and prostrated themselves near the raft. I walked over to talk to them while Alice kept me covered with her rifle. Just in case, I was carrying my pistol.

It didn't take long to find out that the locals thought that Alice was the goddess of the river come to save them from marauders. As soon as I heard this, I lit a cigarette and blew out clouds of smoke. Everybody was duly impressed. I agreed that this female apparition atop the wagon was, indeed, an avatar of Aquaria, the goddess of the Tibler River. I was told that the town was named Ruma. Shit! I think that we had found the town that eventually became Rome! To be on the safe side, I said that my name was Romeo.

We talked for a while before they invited us to visit their town. I think that they were worried that we had come to take over, but were reassured that we were just visiting. Of course, we could easily visit for hundreds of years, but they didn't know that. Aquaria, nee Alice, was escorted with considerable pomp, to a structure on top of a hill overlooking the river. I was allowed to come along. This structure was amazingly elaborate, it even had an apartment attached which was reserved for Aquaria, should she ever deign to visit Ruma. It seemed that we were in the temple dedicated to Aquaria.

The series of coincidences that had occurred that day gave us a big leg up in gaining influence in the town, and I intended to take full advantage of the situation. From a health point of view, Rome was not in the best possible place, but we could fix most of that. Rome was situated to control the peninsula of Italy, so it was worth saving. Hooray for my curiosity and wanting to explore.

I needed to find out as much as I could about the cult of Aquaria, since it was not a part of recorded history. I found an acolyte and asked some discrete questions under the guise of testing the girl's knowledge. She gave me a very good rundown on the local pantheon and the joyous fact that Aquaria was at the top of the local heap. We had it made if we didn't blow it!

That night, there was a great feast celebrating the way that Aquaria had saved Ruma. My position was established at that feast when Aquaria insisted that Romeo, her consort, be seated at a place of honor beside her. Furthermore, Aquaria was too busy taking care of godly concerns, so the day to day trivia of managing Ruma was delegated to me. Of course, this meant that I was going to have to attend a lot of banquets and various parties, but I thought that I could manage to handle it!

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