A New Moon... the Happy Couple Settles In

by Dag123

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Craig and Julie find Married bliss! Happiness rules...! Life is Sweet! Craig makes plans to adopt Aimee and Lacy. Mrs. Wysong's wedding gift introduces them to the forbidden sexual practices'"secretly engaged in by a select wealthy Group on mysterious Tavenu Island. Intrigued..., Julie and Craig decide to go! They make plans to participate in'"what they are sure will be a Night to Remember!

Craig's reflections...

I think the first time it really hit me that I was now a married man was the night Julie and I returned from our Honeymoon.

Slipping into bed that night, I had such a pleasant, contented feeling—as I felt Julie's warm naked body melting softly against my own in the comforting darkness. There are no words to describe how I felt—just knowing she was now mine—that she belonged to me.

Julie was the Sweet Someone I had always yearned for—the sweet gentle girl of my dreams—that I had always believed was out there... , somewhere in my future.

Now... , my dream had come true... ! The most wonderful girl in the world was sharing my bed. My mind flooded with loving thoughts, I began breathing in the essence of her warm sexy womanly fragrance.

Julie nestled her soft body against me. Her sweet warm breasts felt so nice against my chest. She was so warm, so alive. I felt her gentle warm breath touch my face as she turned to face me in the pitch-black darkness.

A line from an old song kept going through my head that night as I drifted off into a peaceful sleep. "At last... , my Love has come along... my lonely nights are over..."

Julie awakened early the next morning after their return home with such a feeling of love and affection.

I feel like I should pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming, she said to herself. It's so wonderful being married.

She couldn't resist the temptation to say to herself—she wanted to shout it out for the world to hear—but settled for saying it in a low tone of voice.

"I am Mrs. Craig Lane."

A feeling of happiness welled up inside her at just hearing her own words.

I can't wait for Craig and the girls to get up this morning. Not only do I have two wonderful daughters, I now have a wonderful husband too.

With breakfast well underway, Julie went in to awaken her girls.

"Come on... , you two sleepheads. Get up, or you'll be late for school. I'm making us pancakes and bacon for breakfast."

"Did Craig get up yet?" Aimee wanted to know.

"No," Julie said. "He's still sleeping."

"Mommy, can we go in and wake him up?" Aimee asked, hopefully.

"Alright," Julie said, wondering how Craig was going to react when two little girls arrived at his bedside determined to get him out of bed.

A few minutes later, a sleepy Craig came into the kitchen, carrying Lacy on one arm with Aimee hanging on to his other arm pretending to pull him along.

"He still looks sleepy," Julie, teased, "Are you sure he's really awake?"

"Yes. He wants pancakes and bacon too." Lacy said, putting in his breakfast order for him. "Like us..."

Looking at the three of them, Julie felt such happiness. She felt almost overcome with that special type of love a mother feels when she has her family around her.

This morning marks the beginning of our lives together," she thought. We're so lucky.

Stepping over to a very happy lady in her bright orange apron, Craig kissed Julie softly bringing a soft murmur of approval from her.

"Good morning, wife of mine!" he whispered in her ear. "When did you get up... ? I didn't even hear you."

"You were sleeping so soundly, I didn't want to disturb you until I had breakfast almost ready," Julie said.

"Hurry and eat girls. It's almost time for me to drive you to school," Julie said, dishing out the food.

"Is Craig our daddy now?" Lacy asked, right out of the blue.

"Do you want him to be your daddy?" Julie said, smiling at her youngest daughter.

"Yes... ," Lacy said.

"How about you, Aimee... Do you want Craig to be your daddy?" Julie asked.

"I don't think she can talk just now, she seems to have her mouth full," Craig said, laughing at Aimee who was engrossed in attacking her bacon and pancakes with a vengence.

"I can too talk... ," Aimee said, defiantly quickly swallowing her food.

"Okay, Do I get to be your daddy too, Aimee?" Craig said, smiling at her little show of assertiveness.

"Uh Huh... ," Aimee said. "Does that mean we get to call you Daddy all the time, Just like a real Daddy... ?" she wanted to know.

Julie watched his facial expression soften. She could see the love he felt for her two little girls. Soon enough they will be his daughters as well, she thought happily.

"Yes." Craig said simply. "I would really like it—if you and Lacy would call me Daddy."

Aimee turned her devastatingly special little girl smile in his direction.

"Then, is it okay if I tell my friends at school that you're my daddy?" Aimee asked.

"You bet... !" Craig said, looking over at Julie, who was obviously pleased.

"Maybe Daddy will drive you girls to school today. Would you like that?" Julie asked.

"Yes... !" they both chorused. "Would you Daddy?" Aimee said, trying out his new title of Daddy.

"I sure will," Craig said. "It'll be right on my way."

As Julie kissed him goodbye, she said, with a lilting little laugh.

"Call me later—Oh, and by the way... , excuse me, kind Sir," she said with a mischievous glint in her brown eyes. "Do I get to call you Daddy too," she teased.

Craig laughed. Leaning over he whispered in her ear. "As long as you're not wearing any panties, I'll answer to anything you want to call me," he teased.

"How about I come home an hour early?" he said, giving her a lecherous grin.

"Okay... ," Julie giggled, and then whispered, "I'll be sure to be without my panties by the time you get home."

"Okay, daughters of mine," he said. "Grab your school things. We don't want you to be late for school."

Then with a last lingering look at Julie, he winked at her and said, with a little laugh.

"Daddy don't want to get in trouble with your teachers on his first day. "

Julie watched the three of them getting into Craig's car. A moment later, they were gone.

Smiling to herself, Julie thought, Craig's first day as a Father. He looked so happy!

A State of Married Bliss...

For Craig and Julie, happiness had come. It filled each of their golden days. Even their friend, Mrs. Wysong said, upon seeing the love between them.

"I've never seen two people more in love than the two of you. You almost make an old lady like me think about trying it again.," she had said, only half teasing.

So the days drifted by languidly, for Julie and Craig. As for Aimee and Lacy, Craig found a special delight in spending time with them. Helping Aimee with her homework; helping Lacy to color within the lines of the pictures in her picture books.

Within days, upon their return from their Honeymoon, Julie, and Craig's friend, Judge Sheffield started the legal work that would allow Craig to adopt Aimee and Lacy. A few months later, the adoption became legal.

Aimee and Lacy Detwiller officially became Aimee and Lacy Lane. Julie watched with tears in her soft brown eyes as Craig hugged his two new daughters. We are now officially the Lane family, she thought happily.

After they had settled into their life together, Julie and Craig decided it was time they opened Mrs. Wysong's wedding gift—the ornate box she had given them on their Wedding Day.

To their surprise, it contained a book that gave them information on exotic Tavenu Island off the Malaysian Coast. What it also contained, was two DVD's.

When Craig put the first one on, he and Julie were shocked. It was a DVD of a young vivacious Claire and Mr. Wysong. With them was a very attractive Asian couple.

"WOW... !" Craig said, looking at the beautiful blue eyed, blonde woman on the screen. "Claire was unbelievably stunning."

"So is the Asian wife," Julie said. "Don't you think?"

As they watched the two good looking couples began to be intimate with each other—both Julie and Craig admitted to themselves and each other—watching the DVD turned them on.

After they had watched the erotic activity on the DVD, Julie had asked Craig if he would ever want to do something like that. He had kissed her softly.

"Julie, there is a decision you're going to have to make... , before I can give you an answer to that question. Let me say this, "The only way I would ever consider it, is if you were okay with it."

"Why don't I think about it for a while?" she had gently said.

"Of course," he had said.

Julie thinks it over... makes a decision.

A month later, Julie after careful consideration had made her decision. When she had first married Craig—for several months—she had at first felt he was almost too good to be true.

As the days drifting blissfully bye— turned into weeks, she realized he was just what he appeared to be. A decent wonderful man—A loving husband and now a devoted father to Aimee and Lacy.

After living with him, getting to know his intimate thoughts, she sensed that for him, joining this BedtimePlayRoom Encounter Group was something he would enjoy immensely.

Julie was comforted that Craig refused to push the matter until she had time to think about it. She realized, He is letting me make my own decision.

So one Saturday night, after a torrid session of making love—the two of them lying there exhausted from that delightful activity—Julie whispered into his ear.

"Honey... , I have a special surprise for you. Shall I tell you now? "

"Sure," he said. "I love surprises."

"Craig, darling, I've made my decision about what we discussed. You asked me to think about it and I have.

"Honey, if you still want too, I'm willing to go along and participate in it with you. I know the Bedtime Play Room Group is something you have always wanted to join. So... , I want us to join.

Craig was surprised and stunned!

"Julie, Sweetheart... , are you sure?"

"Yes. Think of it as a belated special wedding gift to you from a wife who loves you very much," she said.

Within the week, an overjoyed Craig and a secretly hesitant Julie had made their travel arrangements.

When told they were going to visit Tavenu Island, Claire Wysong had insisted that Aimee and Lacy come stay with her while their parents were away on holiday.

Tavenu Island...

They flew out on Tuesday. Three days later, they had arrived. The next day they were transported by speedboat over to the lush green Island of Tavenu.

Julie, who had never traveled out of the US, could never have imagined a place as beautiful and exquisite as Tavenu Island even existed. Her senses reeling—she struggled to take it all in.

The day they arrived was a bright sunny day. The beautiful sea was quiet. With the tropical sun, shining on it—it looked like blue glass.

From the time Craig and Julie went ashore, the tropical beauty of the Island captivated them! This luxurious tropical playground for the very rich was both enchanting and devastatingly beautiful. They quickly became immersed in the carefree spirit of the island culture.

They sensed it was the perfect hideaway for this different first time erotic adventure. The warmth of the tropical sun helped them to be relaxed.

Carefree and happy, they set out to explore this magical island. Even though aware of the coming erotic storm of forbidden adventure that would later that evening engulf them in its passionate embrace, they nevertheless enjoyed the day.

"Oh, look, Darling!" Julie said, pointing at a tropical beach filled with happy Couples who were laughing and talking, swimming and sunning themselves.

Off in the distance she could see huge rain trees and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Craig pointed out, a little further on, a spectacular waterfall, fed by a famous volcano lake.

"Oh, Craig," Julie said, "It's like we've landed in paradise. Isn't this exciting!" she said.

"Yes... ," he answered. "In fact... , everything about this place and especially what we will be doing later this evening is wildly exciting to me."

Julie kissed his cheek affectionately. "I promise to be the expediter of all your erotic dreams tonight, when we meet the other couple. I can't help but wonder what they will be like," she said.

After a little while of looking at stalls of island art like carved bowls, masks, pottery, driftwood and painted pictures the two adventurers in love, realized they were tired.

The totally clean air, the pureness of the sea breeze was inducement enough for the excited couple to slip back to their room for a quick nap.

The Tropical Sun sinks low...

When they awakened, the evening sun was sinking low—almost below the distant horizon. Julie felt a slight chill. She instinctively knew the chill wasn't from a temperature drop.

I'm about to give Craig his ultimate fantasy gift, she thought, once again trying to reassure herself that she was doing the right thing.

Once night fell, they dressed, and then made their way over to the large expansive dining room. It was filled with happy couples of all nationalities. The cacophony of languages intrigued Julie! There's so many people here, she thought.

A quick glance around told Julie that most of the couples were Asian, with a sprinkling of Caucasians scattered about the huge dining area.

Perhaps it was then it hit her—in only a couple of hours, three at the most, she would undergo her erotic initiation into the BedtimePlayRoom. She felt excited—even as she brushed away a touch of apprehension. In other ways, she felt calm and serene. She had quietly accepted, was even looking forward to, what she knew would soon be happening.

After a light supper of delightful tasty seafood, they quietly made their way back to their room.

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