Ashley's Dog Encounter

by ghandi

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Zoophilia, Bestiality, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After unexpectedly being dry-humped by a dog in her parents' kennel, Ashley can't get an idea out of her mind.

Ashley was unhappy. Why is she unhappy, you ask? Because, for the last—well, since she could recall—she had been working in her parents' dog kennel. Today she had had just about enough. In fact, she had had enough for some time now, and yet still she was here working, cleaning unmentionables, and generally feeling bad for herself. She mused about how unfair it was she had to be here while most of her friends were hanging out. They didn't even bother asking her if she wanted to hang out after school anymore. They knew she couldn't come. Four hours, every single day, in this dump. Ashley sighed dramatically. Hell.

On the bright side her dad would be leaving soon. They 'closed' two hours early on Fridays. Of course just because they were closed didn't mean she could leave yet. She still had chores to do. But Ashley's dad usually locked up and headed home to do paperwork in those last two hours, meaning she could raid his alcohol stash.

As these thoughts unfolded, Ashley finished washing a small collie. She almost laughed to herself. How could she be so glum while washing a dog? She loved the dogs she took care of here. But she didn't love them so much she wanted to spend four hours a day cleaning up after them.

Just then Ashley heard her dad behind her. "Belle's lookin' good, Ash," he said.

She looked up at him from her crouched position beside the collie and gave him a half-smile. "She looked good before the wash, dad. You're leaving?" she asked. He was holding his worn leather briefcase and had his jacket slung over his shoulder.

"Sure am. You know the drill. I'll lock the doors. Make sure you relock them on you're way out and everything's off. And call before you leave for home," he reminded.

"Do I really have to call? What's going to happen?" They had argued about this before, but her parents were firm in their dedication to make her waste her time on stupid useless precautions.

He gave her a meaningful look, then turned around and began heading out the door, calling behind him, "See you around seven. Love ya."

"Bye", Ashley sighed.

Ashley rushed to return the collie to her cage. Soon as she was secure, she washed her hands and headed to her dad's desk in the front. She blew back a wisp of blonde hair which had been in the eye and plopped into his cushy chair. In the bottom drawer of the desk she found a half-full bottle of bourbon. Typically her dad went through a bottle once every two weeks. If she skimmed a few drinks out of it when it was around half he didn't seem to notice. She had been sneaking drinks since she was fourteen, but more frequently now that he let her end alone on Fridays, since she could drive home herself.

Smiling greedily she took a swing, enjoyed the warming sensation as it fell down her throat, and leaned back on the chair, relaxing. The first time she had tried it she had gagged, but not it was old hat. After a moment her thoughts wondered to her crush at school, Mike Vadolsky. She loved his short blonde hair and good-looking face. She shared a bunch of classes with him, but he had never said more than a few words to her, despite her efforts to make him notice her. 'Hey, I'm not bad looking. What am I doing wrong?' Ashley thought. She was right, she wasn't bad looking. Her strait blonde hair hung just to her shoulders. Her cute face was spotted with a few dozen freckles and set with grey-blue eyes. Her breasts, while not particularly large, were well formed and supple.

As she thought of him, Ashley took a few more sips for the bourbon and unbuttoned her pants. Slowly, she slipped a hand into her pants, under the panties, and started playing with herself—not in search of release, but out of boredom. She pictured herself with him and began to get herself a little worked up. Her face flushed and she became moist. She slowly slipped one finger, then two, into her slit, and gradually moved them in and out while massaging her clit with her thumb. It felt nice, but it wasn't building to anything.

After a while of enjoying herself idly she realized some time had past and she should get back to work or she'd be late. She took a few more small swigs and put away the bottle exactly where it had been. Going down the list of chores her dad had left her she inwardly sighed, disliking the tedious work. Slightly inebriated, she got up from the comfortable chair a bit off-balance. It didn't take much to make her tipsy. Despite her status, she fed and watered the two dozen dogs in the smaller cages without incident, then tended to the animals that require more particular care, all the while enjoying the vague numbness.

The last thing on the list was to scrub the mildew in the one large cage. Every few weeks some mildew would spring up on the cement floors behinds and around the water bowls in each of the large cages. It wasn't healthy for the dogs to be around it, so inevitably she was the one to clean it. By now the alcohol was beginning to wearing off, but nevertheless Ashley was still affect enough to not be too angry at the chore.

Ashley ran a bucket of hot soapy water and grabbed a brush and gloves, then went into the cage, latching the gate behind her. Three large dogs live together in this one. She knew each by name; they had cared for them a half dozen times in the past when their owners, the Marches, went on vacation. Every year they spent two months traveling out of country—the rich bastards—leaving their dogs in their care. The three were big dogs, but friendly. Two of them were Irish Wolfhounds, and the other a Mastiff. All of them male.

Soon as she entered, the three dogs got up and walked over to her tails wagging. She pet the three for a minute. "Sorry guys, I'll pet you more later," she smiled at them.

As Ashley turned away from them, the one stuck his nose into her crotch from behind and began sniffing. Goosed, she turned around, "Hey! Knock it off." She then turned back to her business. But every time she did, one of them stuck their muzzle into her again. At first she spun around a few more times, but then began to expect it, and swatted them away without turning. "What's up with you guys?" she said. They hadn't acted this way before.

One of the Wolfhounds whined in response and tilted his head at her curiously. Ashley shook her head and laughed, then got to her hand and knees and began scrubbing the mildewed area with the bristly brush. As she worked the dogs continues shoving their noses between her legs. A few times she stopped her work and pushed them away, but finally she sighed and let them go on sniffing. She was wearing sturdy jeans and it's not like they were doing any harm, but despite her rationalization, her face flushed bright red.

She continued scrubbing. When she was about half way done, she yelped as one of the dogs jumped onto her back, wrapping his paws around her waist. "Hey!" she shouted, angrily. She pushed him away, hard. He was dislodged, but not easily. "Max. Stop. Go away." She pointed to the corner of the pen, but he didn't move, he just licked her face. Her face felt so hot. And this simple task was taking forever. She returned to her work hastily.

Then it happened again. Another of the dogs, Benjie, the other wolfhound, mounted her, his claws scratching her soft skin through her shirt. This time she rolled to her side and pushed him off, then got to her feet. "Geeze, you guys are frisky tonight," she said. Having worked in the Kennel most of her life she was not ignorant of canine mating practices. She was still flushed and she felt a little sweaty. Adrenaline was rushing through her veins. She looked down at the mildew spot. About of quarter of it remained to be cleaned. She daringly decided to just get it done quick, and if they jumped on her again to just ignore them and get it done. She'd be here all night if she kept stopping.

And so again she got to her hands and knees and started scrubbing a little faster than before. It wasn't long before Jonsie, the big mastiff, leaped onto her. He was the heaviest of the three and his sudden weight almost made pushed her forward onto her face. Ashley grunted but kept scrubbing, determined to be done as quickly as she could. Then he started humping. Ashley froze, face blushing bright red. She looked back at him over her shoulder and said, "Hey, who do you think I am? I'm no bitch." She felt his prick poking her in the seat of her pants every second stroke. She looked down between her legs and watched as every other stroke his red, swollen penis pushed between her legs just below her crotch.

"Oh my god..." she said, mostly to herself, in disbelief. Her heart was thumping in her chest. Hoping furiously that no one would walk in just this moment, she returned to her work. She could only scrub in between humps because when he did she had to use both hands to keep her steady.

After what seemed like forever to Ashley, she finished scrubbing. She looked down below herself, between her legs again. Jonsie was humping at a pretty frantic pace now and she watched his prick, mesmerized. She lowered her front half more to get a better view. Just as she did he started to cum. The first blast hit her full in the face, making a line from her chin down to her hair resting on the floor. Before she could right herself, the next surge came, only making it to her eye, forehead, and hair. She barely closed her eyes in time.

"Eew!" she shrieked. Frantically she tried to buck him off, but he almost weighed more than she did and was holding on in doggy-bliss. By the time she got him off and onto her feet he had finished. "Omigodd omigodd omigodd" she squealed, wiping once at the canine cum on her face. Some got on her hand and she stopped, looking around for a towel.

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