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Desc: Sex Story: He was on the way home and she had a surprise for him.

Sitting at a table, drinking with her co-workers, Doreen pondered again the happenings of the last week and what had caused them. For over two years now Stan had been after her to add some spice to their sex life. She had refused outright, not that she didn't think that their sex life needed help, but at the time, she wouldn't even talk about what he wanted to do, let alone do it. First, he wanted to try swinging; next it was a threesome with another woman, and when she had laughed at that he'd said ok, then how about with another man. Lately, he had been suggesting that she have sex with another man while he watched. She couldn't seem to convey to him the idea that she was not some fucking slut willing to fuck just anybody just to satisfy his need for a spiced up sex life. However, that was then - this is now.

The change had started six months ago when she had started back to work following her daughter's starting to go to school a full day. About her third week on the job she was asked if she would like to stop with some co-workers for a drink after work and she had. It started as a once a week thing, then a couple of times a week and finally, almost every night. They sat and talked about the job, told jokes, danced to the jukebox and had a good time. By the end of the third month Doreen was accepted as one of the group - not that she had not been accepted before, but now she was one of 'them'. Before, the off color jokes were not told when she was around, the men did not flirt with her, and there was none of the good natured 'toucy-feely' on the dance floor. She smiled at that - in the last two months she'd had more cocks pressed against her than she'd ever had in her during the last eight years, and that was sad when you considered that Stan was the only man she had ever been with.

Stan's constant harping during the same period had finally gotten to her and she began wondering if she could make love with another man. The more time she spent with the guys from work the more she wondered. She wondered what it would be like with Vern? Would he be rough or gentle? Or how about Tom? Would cock size matter? His seemed pretty large if what it felt like when he poked her on the dance floor was any indication. And then there was Dave - from the way he acted she was pretty sure he wanted her, but could she? Could she actually do it? Several of the men she worked with appealed to her and she was sure they would all be willing, after all, she had seen them leave the bar in the company of some of her female coworkers and they always returned looking red and flushed. Did they go across the street to the motel or just out to the parking lot to the back seat of a car?

Last week had been the turning point in her life. Stan was out of town on business and her daughter was spending a week with Doreen's in-laws so she had no need to hurry home. She had resolved that if Tom, Vern, or Dave made a move on her she would go along just to see if she could do it. In the back of her mind she knew it was going to happen - all the men she worked with had hit on her at least once, several had felt her up when they were dancing, she had even kissed a few. Up until now she had always laughed and said, "Stop that! I'm a married woman," but they still kept trying. It had become a running joke, "Hey Doreen. You ready to walk on the wild side yet?"

Monday night it had happened. Vern had been dancing with her and he had placed his hand on her ass and whispered in her ear, "When are you going to take pity on me Doreen?"

She had looked him in the eye and had replied, "My husband is out of town so I guess tonight would be as good a time as any."

Vern had not hesitated - he took her by the hand and led her out to the parking lot. When they reached his car he asked her, "Are you sure about this?" and she had answered by dropping her hand to his zipper. When she started to pull it down he had smiled and opened the car door and helped her into the back seat.

They had necked like teenagers for about five minutes, hands groping and fingers exploring. Doreen was both curious and excited - excited by the foreplay and the wicked thoughts she was having, curious about the mechanics of making love in the back seat of a car - something she had never done before. Vern pushed her back and worked her panties off her and his fingers worked their way into her pussy. He began massaging her clit and in moments she was hunching against his hand and that was his signal to remove his fingers and push his cock against her pussy lips. He started pushing and Doreen had pushed back and then Vern's cock was inside her.

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