Dawn: A Tale Of Submission
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Slow,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Long time dominate man finally meets his ideal slave girl.

As I sat quietly in the motel room awaiting the arrival of a woman I never met that would leave here as my slave, my mind was racing. It was a large comfortable room considering that the hotel was very different from the larger five star locations I was used to. I was here to take possession of a slave girl.

It had the better part of two years since I let the last one, Latisha go. Latisha's mother had passed away and she was to take in her siblings and raise them. She wept terribly as she told me this. She did not want to leave but felt our lifestyle would not be good for the younger children to be exposed to. I reluctantly agreed and sent her on her way with enough money. I thought of Latisha often and hoped she was okay. I missed her a great deal. Oddly enough, when I first met her, she was working very hard at being a domme.

Given our nation's history, very few black women are submissive. She had been an excellent slave girl and a very rare gem. Her being black made her rarer still. Nonetheless, Latisha's submissiveness was real and heartfelt. And though I missed her so very much, I had forbidden her to contact me, telling her to make a total break from her old life. Some times A master can become as fond of a slave girl as she can to a kind master.

And now it was time for a new slave. I knew almost nothing about her. What the hell was I thinking? Men such as myself rarely took on slaves without knowing them but I was making an exception this one time. To be completely honest, I was perhaps a wee bit desperate. I had been without a slave far too long by my own reckoning. Perhaps I'm too damned picky. Picky? Here I sat thinking myself picky and taking on a slave sight unseen. Her former master, William had three such slaves and had given the third one to me. He had told me that she was the latest addition to his chain and things had not been working out as well as he had hoped. He told me that she was prone to extreme jealousy. I quietly envied and admired his having three girls that waited on and served his every wish while I had none at this time. This was rather silly of me. I had owned slaves before but it had been a while and never more than one at a time.

"You'd being doing me an enormous favor." he had told me. "She disrupts my life and continually annoys Bridgette and Carla. Take her off my hands and I'll repay the favor one day." Annie, my new slave to be, apparently did not play well with the others.

William told me that she was thirty-nine years old. That surprised me as I knew he liked his girls younger. He also told me that the girl was short and a bit on the plump side and that; she had blue eyes and black hair. I asked him to tell me more about the problems he'd been having with her. He did not elaborate but I am a patient man. I would ask the girl when she arrived. As I sat there wondering what kind of trouble I had just acquired, there came from the door a soft knock. I waited a brief moment before speaking. "Come! It's not locked." I said. I watched silently as the door opened and she entered closing there door behind her. She set down a small purse on the table by the door.

Annie stood there at the door looking at me though she kept her head down. She was what I'd consider well above average in looks. In fact, I thought she was quite beautiful. I guessed her height at less than five feet but the stiletto heels she was wearing made that difficult to tell. I judged her a few pounds over what many would consider desirable. Although, she had the slightest bit of a belly, she looked nice to me. The black dress she wore clung to her body, revealing every curve. The neckline plunged very low leaving the tops of her breasts showing along with a very alluring cleavage and it was short enough for me to see the lace tops of her stockings. I could plainly see her nipples pushing out against the fabric of the dress. I guessed her breast size at possibly 36C. Perhaps a little smaller but as short as she was, that could still be considered rather large. Her hair was thick, yet silky and extremely long, stopping a bit below the hem of the short dress she wore. It was braided neatly and it was black. So black, that it seemed to have blue highlights. I knew that her eyes were blue as William had given me a full description but, the way she held her head, I could not yet see them. She looked to be terrified by me. As if she might bolt, back out the door if I even spoke. I beckoned her forward to me. She dawdled for only a moment and then slowly walked closer stopping about ten feet from me.

"My former master tells me that I am your property now. She spoke so softly I could just hear her. I found it odd that she didn't seem terribly upset about having been given away.

She spoke again, "I have come to submit myself to you. You are to be my new master." She then moved closer until she was but a couple of feet from me and started to kneel before me.

"Stop!" I said sharply. She froze, and then stood again, looking confused. "First, I have a couple of questions for you. Then you may submit yourself to me." I stood before her and reached to her chin lifting it a little. "Look me in the eye Annie. You wish to become mine? Do you really understand what it means to be a slave? Do you truly wish to belong to me, to serve me in all ways, to be my slave?"

Her eyes were a very light shade of blue that I've never seen before. "Yes Master. I wish it with all my heart. I know what is to be a slave Master. I love being a slave. I only wish to serve you in any and every way"

"Why girl? You do not even know me." Her eyes were even bluer than I first thought. I can only describe them as a ghostly blue. They were quite a contrast to the blackest hair I ever recall seeing.

"My former master, William told me that you are a good man and a fair master. He said I would be happy serving you." Carla and Bridgette told me a lot about you Master. I know Master William told you about our situation. I was his third girl and was largely disregarded by him. I wanted to serve him but, Carla and Bridgette were always there in the way. Master, it is extremely difficult for a slave to serve and please her master when she is third on the chain. I know he cares for them a lot and I felt like there was no love or caring for me.

I also know that this is no excuse for the way I behaved." I nodded and she continued. "Master" she said "It is my deepest wish to serve a good master. Being a slave makes me feel good about myself and in a world that frowns on such things, that makes women like me rare. It is sometimes hard to explain. In my heart of hearts I long to serve. To do anything I can to please my man and make him happy. To please him any way I can and to be pleasing in all things." She smiled shyly at me "I want to serve you, Master. I want to be yours." I nodded again. "Do you have any questions before we begin?" Annie shook her head and started to kneel again.

"No, not yet" I ordered her.

"But Master." She said quietly. "Why not Master? Have I displeased you?"

"Be patient little one. There is one other thing." I told the nervous girl standing before me.

"Yes Master?" I could see that patience was not her strong suit "Before I put my collar around your neck and make you my slave girl, I must see what I am getting. What kind of a man would take possession of a slave without making sure he's not receiving damaged goods?" I looked deeply into her eyes once again. "Strip!" I commanded her. "Remove all of you clothing. Do it now! Do not ask questions!" I saw her blush a little and spotted what might be the slightest start of a smile tug at her lips.

"Yes Master." Annie whispered. She slipped the dress off of her shoulders and eased it to her waste. The bra she wore underneath did not cover her breasts but, merely supported them. The areola and nipples were in plain sight. They were the color of caramel and the nipples stuck out nearly half an inch. I found them especially appealing. The bra, if one could call it that, hooked in the front. She removed it and dropped it in a chair next to where she was standing.

Her breath caught then, for sitting on the chair was a large black leather paddle and next to it, a matching flogger. I snatched the bra from atop the flogger and tossed it at her. "Put it on the bed girl! You need to pay more attention to your actions and be more aware of you surroundings." You're not getting off to a good start.

"No Master." She mumbled. She picked up the bra and put it on the closest of the two double beds in the room. I sat down and watched as she continued. Annie then slid the dress down over her hips and let it drop to the floor. I noticed that she had no panties... and no hair. Her pussy was plainly visible and I could even make out her hooded clitoris sticking out a little. The lips as far as I could tell were quite dark compared to her natural skin tone and appeared to be a bit swollen as if she was sexually excited... It looked so smooth that I wondered if there had ever been any hair at all between her legs. Her curvy body was exquisite to look upon. It carried its thirty-nine years better than a woman at least ten years younger. She shook out the dress, folded it and placed it on the bed next to the bra.

"Turn around." I told her speaking quietly yet firmly. "Slowly!" As she turned slowly and gracefully, I got the feeling that perhaps she might be showing off a bit. She was exceptionally attractive and knew she was. Being nearly naked in front of a strange man did not seem to bother her at all. Her skin was lightly tanned and smooth. William had said she was chubby but, while she did seem a little heavier than she ought to, she had a very definite waste-line and looked damn good to me. The belly was not all that noticeable. She faced me again and bent over to remove her shoes. Annie smiled sensuously, running her hands slowly down her legs, to her feet.

"Display!" I barked the command loudly. It appeared as if her body responded even before her brain heard and processed my order. She immediately stood straight, her feet at shoulders width. The hands shot up her fingers were interlaced behind her neck. Her elbows pushed back and her breasts were thrust out. Her head was turned to her right, the face raised high yet, the eyes looking to the floor. The more I looked at her, the more beautiful she seemed to become. William is a fool, I thought, for letting this little beauty go. I knew Bridgette and Carla, and to me, they were quite ordinary compared to the girl that stood before me. I said "Tell me slave, why did William truly give you away? You're just as lovely as the other two, if not more. Why you and not one of them?" The question was clearly unexpected. Annie turned her face to look at me. She started to speak, hesitated a moment, started to speak again but, said nothing. She tried to meet my eyes but, could not.

I decided it was time to be very firm with her "Answer the question slut!" I snapped at her. I'm normally not vulgar but, at times, it can be a great attention getter. At the word slut, I could just hear a tiny whimper in her throat and a look of longing flashed in her eyes. Then I realized that such talk excited her. I mentally filed that away for future use. I reached onto the other chair and picked up the flogger and placed it on the arm of my chair. She watched me, her face showing a mixture of apprehension and anticipation. "Must I wait all night for an answer?" I growled at her.

"N-n-no Master... I'm sorry M-m-master." She spoke softly. "The truth is M-master is that they are much younger than I am. They are both in their early 20's while I am almost 40. Master William seems to prefer his slaves young. And... and..." Her voice changed a bit then, sounding a little bitter and resentful and something else... the tiniest hint of a southern accent. "... and they both have them big ol' fake titties."

In a flash, I was on my feet, flogger in hand glaring down at her. I shouted into her face "What the hell did you just say?!" I was furious to say the least. She leaned back and cringed but, I noticed that she remained in the display position.

"F-f-forgive me master!" she begged. "I'm s-sorry if I said s-s-something wrong." I looked at her. "Wrong?" I shouted again. "Wrong... you can't be serious. How dare you speak to me like that, using language like that? Just who in the hell do you think you are?"

I finally broke though. Annie dropped the display position, and went to her hands and knees at my feet. "Forgive me Master, I'm sorry Master. Forgive me Master, I'm sorry Master" she whimpered softly. The hesitant stuttering was gone. "Please, please forgive me."

"You will never use the word tit or any variation of that word again!" I said calmly. My temper has always been quick but, rarely lasts for more than a few seconds. "Nor the word cunt. I dislike that one as well. And... while we are on the subject of language, there are other things you need to learn. There are other words you may not use. You will refer to yourself always in the third person. In other words, you may not use the words I, me, my or mine. Those words are no longer in your vocabulary. The words I and me denote identity. A slave has none, other than what is permitted by her master. The words my and mine denote ownership. A slave owns nothing! Are we clear on that?" She lifted her head just high enough to glance at me.

"Yes Master. As you wish, Master." she said returning her gaze to the floor.

"It was also the way you said it. I do not slave to show that kind of attitude for any reason. Do you understand that as well?"

"Yes Master. Annie understands and adores your firmness."

"Resume display slave!" said I. Annie leapt back to her feet and stood as she was before awaiting the examination she knew she was about to receive. I started to walk around her slowly. I caught the sent of vanilla body spray on her and leaned in closer to savor her smell. She sensed my closeness and her breathing quickened noticeably. I grasped her long braid and moved it over her shoulder so that it draped itself over her left breast. This gave me an unobstructed view of her back and her nice round ass. I leaned in close again and ran my hand slowly down her back along the spine.

A soft barely audible moan escaped past her lips. She was breathing even faster. I then run my fingertips over an ass cheek very gently. "Oh Master." She whispered. I stepped back and with a quick swing brought the flogger down on her ass. The loud sound of the flogger meeting bare flesh echoed off the mostly bare walls. Annie let out a little squeal and managed to say "Oh Master... please! I truly am sorry I offended you." I assaulted her round bottom three more times in rapid succession. Her ass was starting to turn a light shade of pink. Tears began to run down Annie's cheeks. "Please, please... I am so very sorry Master. Please master, "punish me if you feel the need but, I still beg your collar. I want to belong to you Master."

"You don't understand Annie. This has nothing to do with you offending me." I told her firmly. She gave me an uncomprehending look and started to say something but, wisely remained silent. There was indeed hope for Annie. "Punishment will come later slave and you will be punished, you can count on that. This has to do with you becoming my slave... nothing more. I am about to place a collar around you neck." I gave her ass ten more hard strokes with the flogger. The pink on her backside was turning into a really nice light red. The girl was now weeping softly. "You would like to know why I'm beating you, wouldn't you." I hissed at Annie though clenched teeth.

"Yes Master. Please tell your slave why." She said through her tears, holding back sobs. I grasped her by the braid and led the lovely little slut to the chair I'd been sitting in. Forcing her to bend a bit forward. "Grab a hold of the arm-rests girl!" She did as she was commanded. I stepped around behind her; taking is the view of her lovely ass getting redder from the beating that she'd received. Without warning, I laid the flogger to her twenty more times rapidly and very hard. She wept openly now her small body raked by sobs.

"The answer to your question slut is simple. I did it for sole purpose of establishing my authority over you. You have to know that I will beat you if it needs to be done. And, that is but a very small sample of what I can and will do to keep you in line. Now... you are ready to be collared and to be my little slave girl." "Now finish undressing and assume the position" I said pointing to a spot on the floor in front of the chair.

"Yes Master." Came the soft response.

I moved over the other bed reached into my over-night bag and took out a wooden box. I set it aside and walked to the refrigerator and looked inside. I smiled. It may not have been a top-flight hotel but, it did have a mini-bar of sorts and did stock some ice-cold beer... my brand even. I took one out, twisted off the cap and took a long drink. I stepped into the small bathroom and washed my hands and splashed a little water on my face then toweled off. A thought occurred to me then. I looked out the door to see my new girl, completely naked now kneeling in front of the chair. "Annie, get your ass in here now!"

As I waited, I picked up my beer, took another long pull on it and set it down just as Annie entered the bathroom. I quickly reached out grabbed hold of her braid and pulled her close to me. Tilting her head back to look at her face closely. Her little body was held firmly against mine as I inspected her to see how much make-up she had on. She leaned into me a little and I saw arms move up slowly to put them around me. I imperceptibly shook my head and her arms reluctantly dropped to her sides. There was very little make-up on her face. Just lipstick and a little eyeliner. "Wash your face slave! When I want you naked and I mean naked... nothing at all. You got that slut!"

"Yes, Master" she told me. The fear and apprehension were gone from eyes replaced with what looked like desire and longing. I shoved her to the sink, picked up my beer and left the bathroom I went to the chair, stopping to pick up the box I had left on the bed and sat down to wait for her return. Moments later she came back into the room and knelt before no more than a foot and a half or so from me. Her position was perfect. She had apparently been taught how to do things properly. Her head was held high and her eyes cast down. Annie appeared to be looking at my booted feet. Her small body perfectly upright, her shoulders back and breasts thrust out as if purposely showing them off. She sat gingerly back on her heels and had spread her thighs far apart. Her hands were resting upon her thighs, palms up.

"Okay" I started out. "First of all, I am not like many Masters. When we are speaking, you will look directly at me." Annie started to speak but, I silenced her with a gesture. She was looking at me as I continued "You will speak freely within certain limitations that you will be taught. I demand total honesty. A lie of omission is still a lie. One lie... just one, and you will be uncollared and returned to William as you are now! If he wishes to simply throw you out, it won't be my concern. What he does with you will be his business alone." I paused for a moment and looked at her as if seeing her for the first time.

"What are you, girl?" Annie looked at me, momentarily confused then understanding came into her eyes and she answered.

"I am only a slave girl. A little slut to be used by her master in any way he chooses." I nodded, then she spoke again. "Master, you told me that I... your slave was to speak freely. May your little slut speak now Master?"

I looked at her. "Continue" I said.

"Master, this girl wishes you to know that she will serve you in every way you demand of her. Annie wants to be yours in all ways Master. Master, even though this girl hardly knows you Master, she knows already that she loves you."

"Love, at this point in our relationship is irrelevant slave." I spoke in a firm voice. "That may come later. Right now, all I require is obedience and total submission. When I command you, you obey immediately, without hesitation, without reservation... Is that understood?"

In a soft yet film voice she answered. "Yes Master. As you wish Master. This one is yours to command Master." She smiled seductively.

I opened the box I held and removed a collar. It was made of steel. Enameled in black and etched in gold. The etching gave the collar the elusion of being made of braided black rope. There was also some very small writing on it. I held it out to show her. She looked at it and there was a slight gasp as she admired the beauty of it. "Read it." I said

She looked at it squinting a little showing her need for glasses or contacts. "It says, Master 'This slave belongs to her Master"

I smiled at her. "And you noticed that there is no name on it? Do you know why that is Annie?"

"Yes Master, this girl knows." She said "The collar has no name because a slave has no name but, the one given to her by her master. Is this slave's name to be changed, my Master?" She had just broken the first person speech rule, and then realized it. But, in this one case, I found it rather charming. "I'm sorry Master... Annie wasn't thinking... Forgive your slave Master." I ignored it for the time being.

"Yes, my little slut... This is a new time in your slavery. The dawning of a new day for you. Therefore, your name is now Dawn to signify that new day. You will answer to no other name. Do you understand that, Dawn?"

"Yes Master, Dawn understands." She appeared resigned to the change, though not very much disappointed. After all, it truly was the dawning of a new day... a new time for her.

I reached into my pocket and pull out a small key. I used it to unlock the collar and open it. It swung open, hinged in the front. The hinge was so well made that when the collar was closed it was all but invisible. I stood and moved behind her. "Lift your hair slut." I commanded. Dawn grasped her braid and held it over her head. I reached around her neck and paused a moment. "Once I lock this collar, there will be no turning back Dawn. Tell me if you understand this fully."

"Master, Dawn already belongs to you body and spirit. Please Master, lock it and make me yours fully." The collar closed with a loud 'click'. Her body seemed to shudder and I heard a very soft moan in her throat. "Master, I am yours." She whispered. "Please Master, command me... use me."

I grinned at her wickedly. "You must be patient. You won't understand but, you are not fully mine just yet. You will be soon though, very soon. I walked to my bag again and took out a hairbrush. I returned to the lovely naked wench kneeling on the floor. I dropped the brush on the floor just between her knees.

"Take out the braid. I want to see your hair naturally. Quickly girl!" She took out the small black rubber band that held her braid. With nimble fingers the braid vanished in a few seconds. Dawn took up the brush and brushed out her beautiful thick hair carefully and quickly. When she finished it, the hair nearly covered her entire back ending with a little puddle of hair about her small feet. The sight of the girl like this affected me greatly. Like this, she was as sexy and an alluring sight as I had seen in a long time.

I pointed to the empty bed. "Over there Dawn. Assume the position on the foot of the bed." She rose and walked to where she and did as she was told, climbing onto the bed and arranged her hair so was as it was before. I watch every move she made and when she had settled on the bed I looked her over yet again. That's when I noticed something between her legs. She was obviously very wet. I even saw some of her essence dripping onto the sheets. Even the inside of her thighs were very damp.

I reached in and collected a few drops on my fingers. She gasped sharply... then moaned out loud... Her body convulsed as if she were about to cum. "Oh Master, yesssss! Use your dirty little slut! Take me Master! My heart is yours Master. My mind is yours. Take my body Master. Make me fully yours. I shoved my wet fingers right in front of her eyes.

"What is this?" I said trying to sound angry though I was inwardly very pleased. "Can you explain this to me?" She looked at my wet fingers and said.

"I'm so very sorry Master. It's just that I've become very horn... Forgive this girl Master. Master, your slut has become very sexually aroused."

I nodded still trying to appear to be upset. "And, when did this happen? How did this happen?"

She tried to grin sheepishly. "Well Master. The when?... It was the same instant Dawn heard the collar lock about her neck. As for how Master? Well, partly from the beating you gave your girl. Dawn is not a hardcore painslut but, most of the time a little pain is a big time turn-on for you hot little slut. It is also that the thought of be truly owned by a man such as yourself has been a fantasy of this girl's for many years." I smiled at her. She had the perfectly true heart of a slave beating within her. I thought to myself again that William was indeed a fool to give me this delightful tiny creature. I thrust hand back between her legs and shoved two fingers into her dripping pussy.

She was so wet they slipped right in with no trouble. Her reaction, while expected was faster and much more intense than I thought it would be. Her small hands whipped out grabbing my arm and hand, pulling them tight against her. Her hips thrust forward violently. She leaned forward resting her head on my shoulder. "Oh... oh, Master! Yes! I'm your slut... your filthy little whore. Take me now... use me now Master. Make me cum Master! Please Master, I need to cum!" With that, she suddenly went ridged and screamed! Her cum literally gushed out of her all over my hand.

"Master!" She whimpered as she caught her breath. "Oh Master... Master... I love you Master!" She apparently like to talk during sex. I have known moaners and screamers and even a few that remained almost totally silent while involved in sexual activities. I always liked talkers and was again pleased with my new girl. Her hips started driving against me again. I recovered from my momentary shock and jerked my hand free of her. Never had I seen a woman, let alone a slave girl reach an orgasm so fast. And very rarely with such intensity. Her own hands had replaced mine and she was masturbating furiously. Her blue eyes were just half-open and she seemed to be lost in some private little world of sexual ecstasy. I grabbed a hand full of Dawn's hair and pulled sharply. She came off the bed and ended up on her feet, her face just inches from mine. That brought her back to the here and now. Dawn looked at me puzzled for a moment. Then realization flashed across her face. She dropped to her knees placing her hands softly around my ankles and started to kiss my boots.

"Oh Master." She wept "Your slave lost control... she could not help it. It has been such a very long time for me. Please Master; please forgive this slut of yours. Dawn is not truly sure what really happened. She only knows she has displeased her master and it breaks her heart that she has done so." She knelt down further put her forehead to the floor. "Beat your slut Master. Dawn has displeased and upset her master. She needs to be beaten. Please Master; your slave begs to be punished. Master... This brings so much pain to my heart. Master, Dawn just now received your collar. She has let you down. Please Master, I beg you... Punish me... please."

I stood there, thinking. My thoughts were somewhat confused. Naturally, I was angry with her loss of control yet, I was also extremely pleased that she was so very responsive to my touch. I looked down at her. "Be silent!" I snapped. Yes, she did deserve to be punished. But, that would wait for a while. First I would wait until my temper cooled down a bit. I also remembered that the anticipation of punishment could, at times affect a slave more than the act itself. Also, her continued use of first person personal pronouns was a bother but, she would learn. I walked back to the chair I occupied before. Deciding what to do.

"Slave!" I said. "I need to relax and think for a while. I'm going to take a bath. Start your duties... come and remove my boots." She hustled over and knelt then pulled off my boots and my socks as if she's been doing it all her life. I stood and began to unbutton my shirt. Dawn was on her feet in an instant.

"Master! I should be doing that for you. Please Master; permit this girl to serve as she is meant to. Please don't let Dawn fail you again so soon." I could see the shame in her eyes. She did feel as though she had failed. I shrugged and let my hands dropped to my sides. She rapidly unbuttoned the shirt, stepped around behind me and slid it off of my shoulders. She then folded it and placed in on the bed next to her clothing. The girl returned to me and reached out to undo the belt on my jeans. Her small fingers were trembling. After the belt, she began to unbutton the fly and was beginning to push my jeans down over my hips. I heard a small sharp intake of breath as she realized that I had not bothered to put on underwear this day.

As she knelt again to ease the jean down to my ankles so I could step out of them, my semi-erect cock was only an inch or two from her face. As I stepped out of the jeans, I could fell her warm breath on me and my member began to stiffen more. Dawn set the then folded jeans aside and looked up at me. "Master?" she said coyly. "Master please. Your slave begs permission to touch you." I was curious to see what she would do and simply nodded. Her right hand came up and cradled my balls and started to caress them. The left one gently encircled my shaft and stroked it lovingly. "Master." She cooed at me. "Your little slave girl is a wanton whore. She wants to... no, she begs to be used by her new master. I need to have this..." She gave my cock a little squeeze. "... inside me. Pleeeease Master?"

"You must learn to be patient girl." I spoke like a father scolding an ill-behaved child. "Do you not think of anything but sex? Were you so neglected so much by William? Did you not have any kind of sexual enjoyment while you were with him?" I paused a moment, thinking. There were a lot of questions racing through my mind "Never mind slave, we will talk about that later"

"May your slave beg one more favor then, please Master?" She was stroking my cock a little faster. I looked down seeing that I was fully erect... in fact, it was as hard as I could remember it being in a while. I was very aroused and trying hard to maintain control over my own mounting impatience.

"What?" I asked her.

"Your slave humbly begs her master's permission to kiss it. Please Master, Dawn wishes it with all that she is. Your slut begs her master to allow his slave girl to kiss his manhood." Upon hearing this, I had to confess to myself that my own impatience was winning out and self-control was fighting a losing battle. I nodded once again. She smiled sweetly, took a firmer grip on my shaft and brought my cock to her mouth. She placed a soft wet kiss at the very tip of the head. Dawn's mouth opened a little wider and I could feel her tongue caressing the underside of my shaft. She kissed the top of the head, paused a moment. Then her hands went around to my ass cheeks and with a quick pull, my cock was fully in her mouth, her nose pressed against my belly. I had rarely seen myself so completely inside a woman's mouth before. Dawn backed off then and after catching her breath took me all the way in again.

Enough of this, I thought. I used my knee to shove her back none too gently. I bent down under her arms and pulled up. My slave came up off the floor to the point that our eyes were level. She was much lighter than I had estimated. Her tiny feet dangled freely beneath her. I took a step forward and threw her towards the bed. The startled girl sailed through the air arms and legs flailing, her hair streaming behind her. She landed bounced once and tried to sit up. I was on her before she could get her hands down to prop herself up. I grabbed her hands, interlaced my fingers with hers and pinned them to the mattress over her head. I worked her legs apart and lay on top of her, my cock pressed firmly against her still wet pussy. "Yeeesss Master!" She fairly shouted. Use your whore, Master! Do her, do her. Master. Dawn begs you... Fuck her... Master, fuck her 'til she begs for mercy... Pleeeeease! Her hips were moving under me trying to maneuver herself to let my cock slide inside her. She was becoming wetter by the second.

"Be silent!" I growled at her. "Lay completely still!" She stopped moving and looked into my eyes. She looked hurt, as if my words had broken her heart. Tears were flowing from her eyes. "You simply must learn to be patient. As your Master, you will find that I am strict... sometimes even harsh but, I will also always be fair. Beyond that, honestly, I do not demand a lot of my slaves." I moved my body down some so my hard cock was no longer touching her. "Now, I think you need to do a little explaining. I cannot recall ever knowing a slave with what I can only call a hyperactive sex drive like yours. You act as if you need sex as much as you need air to breath."

"I do, Master" she said in a subdued voice.

I looked into her eyes again, nodded and said. "Tell me all of it. Make me understand."

She hesitated and said. "Master, you told me before that I should speak freely."

I nodded. "You will learn the limits of that as time passes girl. Quit stalling and tell me." She smiled up me with a mixture of adoration and perhaps some uneasiness.

"Well Master, then Dawn will give you the sexual history of your slave. As you know Master, Dawn has been owned before. Yours is the fifth collar she has worn. And, before that your slave was married for a time to my high school sweetheart. That, Master, was mostly a pure vanilla relationship. Daniel, Dawn's ex-husband, was the first man she had ever been with. Dawn gave herself to him on my eighteenth birthday. It was incredible Master. Dawn had never known that sex was so utterly fantastic. She could never get enough. My friends used to tease me that Dawn should have been born a man. Master, Dawn was insatiable. Poor Daniel couldn't keep up. A neighbor woman who been a friend taught me what she called the fine art of masturbation. That was a great help for a while. But, I still wanted more.

Sex was on my mind all day and all night. We settled into a somewhat routine life until my ex and I after trying for more than two years were unable to conceive a child. We went though the usual steps and ended up at a clinic where we learned that though some genetic twist of fate that Daniel's body was not able to produce sperm. Everything fell apart after that. Daniel became distant, lost interest in sex. It had been more than a year since the last time he so much as touched me. Then, he started blaming his problems all on me and became abusive. He would strip me 'til I was naked, bend me over a chair and beat my backside with his belt until I had welts and sometimes blisters... I learned something new about myself that frightened me. When he would first start to beat me, the first few times he struck me it felt so perfectly wonderful that I would be on the verge of an orgasm. It actually felt good and turned me on even more. But, as he went on, he would beat me harder and harder, the pleasure became intense pain. And though I learn to love a small bit of pain, it rapidly became too much for me." She paused and looked at me. "Master?"

"Go on, continue Dawn." I said as I released her hands and propped myself up on my elbows to listen. Her hands went to my upper arms, rubbing them softly. "He continued to abuse me. Dawn is very surprised that there are no scars from the beatings I received. He made me remain naked all the time except when I had to go shopping".

"Then Master, one day he left Dawn. She came home from shopping and everything of his was gone. Your slave was devastated Master. She even came to believe that it might really have been her fault. Again, the neighbor woman came to her rescue. Dawn told her everything. Even about what the first part of the beatings did to me. She smiled at me and told me that Dawn had discovered her slave heart. Your slave decided that taking all into consideration that she did not want to be hurt again. So, Dawn mostly stayed at home and did not date at all. Oh Master, that was hard. My need for sex did not go way. In fact, I think it got stronger. For the next few years Master, Dawn kept to herself. Stayed home every night and read. Master, your girl was masturbating a dozen or more times a day. But, in all the reading Dawn learned about BDSM and D/s. Master, Dawn knew that this is where she belongs. My first Master... His name was Gregory, collared this one even though he had a slave girl already. For some reason Master, Dawn was always second or third girl on the chain. This is her only time being first. It's this slave's first time being just one slave to a master."

I had noticed she continued with the first person pronouns however, she was still in her first hours of slavery to me and I guessed that none of her former masters required that of her. Not bad but, I would speak to her about this later. I wanted to hear her story uninterrupted. I was pleased and impressed that she was able to talk freely about this with little or no apparent embarrassment. She continued...

"During all that time Master, Dawn's desire and need for sex grew even more. She read all she could find about the lifestyle. Read stories, watched videos. It got to the point Dawn was masturbating and every opportunity she had. She wanted, no needed to have a man... a master to use her in all the ways she dreamed about. Sometimes she was okay but sometimes not. I was collared to Master William for a little over six months. The last two, he never touched Dawn. That's why she is as she is now. I did have some..." She paused, then blushed bright red and went on. "... Well Master, I did have one kind of sexual release. Bridgette would take mercy on this girl and come to my bed if Master was out. Bridgette loves Master William but, told me privately that she is a lesbian at heart and loved being with women more than men. She taught this girl many things and it was all wonderful. Oh... the things that slave girl did to me and what she taught me to do. I learn to love women almost as well as men. But, Master, There are things a man can do that another woman just cannot. Bridgette was not the first. Other chain sisters I had would do things with me but, none were as exciting as she was. That is about all there is Master." She looked at me and smiled softly. "This is why your little slut is such a wanton, insatiable whore."

I returned the smile and lowered my face to hers and kissed her. Our lips met and opened a bit. I was glad to learn that her idea of passionate kissing did not include jamming her tongue down my throat to play tonsil hockey. Her tongue slipped in 'til it met mine and lingered. Our kiss deepened, the tongues touching and caressing one another. While the kiss continued I shifted my body over hers.

"The time has come Dawn." I told her as I broke the kiss.

"Time Master? Time for what?" She asked, looking apprehensive. With one hard sudden thrust of my hips, my cock plunged completely into her. Her eyes flew wide open. Her legs whipped about my hips and her arms around my neck. She was incredibly tight, a lot tighter than I could have guessed and I am only bit larger than average in 'that' department. "Oh Master! Oh... oh... oh... Yes Master!!" She cried out. She was kissing me again. Dozens of little kisses all over my face, neck and shoulders. Her hips grinding against mine rapidly. I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping and squeezing the shaft of my iron hard cock.

I whispered to her. "And now, my sweet little slave girl, you are fully mine." Upon hearing me say that, she held me tighter.

"Master... I am yours Master. Fully yours. All yours! Master, please Master... fuck your little slut. Use me Master... Fuck me Master!" Her voice changed, filled with unbridled passion as I pulled out a bit and jammed back into her, using a slow rhythm. She was breathing rapidly, almost panting. "Ooooh Maaasteeeeer! It's soooo good Master! More Master! Please Master... harder! Faster!" She clung to me as if her very life depended on it. Her voice changed again getting louder and intense "Oh Master... I'm sorry. I'm cumming Master. I can't stop it! Oh Maassssteeeeer!!!" she screamed as she came at that exact moment. She came as before, gushing out, drenching both of us. At this point, I given in to the moment. I kept driving in and out of her, pulling back 'til I was about three-quarters out and then ramming back into her hot, soaking pussy. "Yes, yes, yes..." She murmured. Oh my sweet kind Master. Your slut is so very happy... Oh!" She came again. "Yeeeees!!! Yes Master... Oh Master! It won't stop. I can't stop cumming Master. Oh my Master. It's tooooo goooood. It won't stop master! The flow of her juices had slowed but, not stopped. She was right. "Master! She screamed out. Oh Master, fuck your slave. Fuck her until she begs for mercy Master. Oh my God, Master! Oh! Oh! Master? Master? Your little whore is going to cum again.

I looked down at her. "I thought you hadn't stopped" I asked with a trace of sarcasm.

"I haven't Master" She panted sounding a little frightened but still sexually excited. "This has never happened to girl Master. I'm still cumming but, at the same time I can feel it coming on." I stopped myself and lay still. She groaned softly. "No Master!!... Master, please don't stop fucking me Master! It feels oh so good Master!" I started again slowly then, her body went totally rigid. She buried her face in my shoulder and screamed loudly This time she didn't simply gush... Her nectar sprayed out soaking us both. She held me so tightly, I thought that she might injure herself. After a few seconds, she relaxed and lay back. Her arms and legs went limp. I looked at her face. She simply smiled up at me looking as content as anyone I had ever seen. "Master?" She whispered. "What happened Master?" She smiled weakly. "It was like nothing Dawn ever felt before Master. Will it be like that every time Master? This girl thanks you with all her heart for collaring this unworthy slut." I eased myself up and her arms and legs shot around me. "Master!" She said alarmed. Please... Please not yet. It feels sooo veeery good to have you inside this girl. Master has not had his release yet."

"Little one..." I chuckled. "... the bed is now soaked and no longer really comfortable. I think it is time for the bath I mentioned before." She groaned her disappointment as I rolled off her and to the edge of the bed and sat up. Dawn instantly leapt off the bed and headed for the bathroom. "Please allow your girl to draw the bath for you Master." She disappeared into the bathroom and I could hear the water start to run.

She reappeared after a minute. "Master? She asked softly. "May your slave humbly offer a suggestion? Would it not be better to shower first then you can lay back and relax in water that is free of dirt and soap?" I smiled inwardly and replied. "Very good Dawn. It's nice to see a slave that can think ahead." Another test passed I thought to myself. She went back in and I heard the shower come on. After a moment, she came out again, came to where I was sitting and held her hands out to me. "Come Master, your slave wishes to bath and clean her wonderful master." I took them and she pulled me to my feet. She was stronger than a person her size ought to be. Yet another pleasant surprise. I looked down at her and smiled" She looked back up at me and smiled at me as well. "Four feet, nine and a half Master... in case you were wondering."

I laughed. "As a matter of fact I was doing just that. You are a mind-reader too?" She giggled at that.

"Why Master, every good slave girl should know what her master thinks... and wants. Should she not?" She smiled sweetly at me. There was a touch of mischievousness in that smile. She led me to the shower and I stepped in. Still another small pleasant surprise, the temperature of the water was just as I like it. "Master, may this girl join you in the shower to bathe you?" I nodded and Dawn stepped in behind me. She had tied her hair all up atop her head. No pins, clips or anything. I had often wondered how women do that. In my younger days when my hair was very long, I never mastered that little trick. She started at the top, opening the small "motel room" shampoo bottle and went to work on my head. Her height made it a difficult task so, I bend my knees and stooped a bit to help her out. Dawn washed and rinsed my hair and grabbing a washcloth and soap started at my neck and did a very thorough job of bathing her new master. Naturally, I was not a bit surprised that she discarded the cloth and used only her hands when it came time to wash the area around my groin. My semi-erect cock sprang to attention after only a few strokes of her soapy hands. Dawn leaned in closer, kissing my chest as her hands worked on me. "Dawn is so very happy Master. I love touching you... holding you." She knelt before me and rinsed off my groin. "Master, your little slave girl begs to pleasure you. You have already given this girl more pleasure then she could have hoped for... Please Master?" I smiled and nodded down at her.

Dawn slipped my cock into her mouth and sucked softly on it while her tongue was running over its length within her mouth. She slid it out and licked all around the head. "Master" She cooed "This would have been so much nicer just before the shower. Then I could have tasted you with my juices still on you. Dawn would really like that Master." My cock quickly slipped into her mouth again and she began sucking hard as the shaft appeared and disappeared rapidly. I was astonished as my urge to cum was upon me before I even realized it. She was apparently very good at giving head. It was far better than anything I had experienced before. I could not hold back any longer. I grasped her head, groaned and shot into her mouth. Dawn began to swallow as fast as she could. She moaned softy and happily milking and squeezing me to get every little drop. She then looked up into my eyes. "Thank you Master. Your little slave is the happiest woman in the world right now." She kissed and caressed my softening cock. After a few minutes, she rinsed me down all over again to ensure herself that she'd gotten all the soap off me then turned the shower off. She stood, got out of the tub and turned, offering her hands to help me out. I then allow her to assist me. Dawn grabbed a towel off the rack and dried me thoroughly. She hung it up and said "Your slave begs permission to shower and clean herself up properly so she will fresh and clean to sleep with her new master tonight."

"You may but, a question first." I told her. "I would imagine it takes you a very long time to dry all that hair, little one."

"It does take a little while Master, but I'm lucky. For reasons I do not understand, It take less time than many women with hair shorter than mine. I promise it'll be faster than you can believe."

I turned and left the bathroom went to the bed, pulled an old worn terry-cloth bathrobe on, and sat on the unused bed. Dawn came out just long enough to pick up the tiny purse she had brought with her and return the bathroom. I heard the shower go on again and Dawn was humming softly. I picked up a book that some one left on the nightstand and was quickly absorbed in an epic story about a great war in the late 23rd century. I'm not sure how long I had been reading when I caught movement from the corner of my eye. Dawn had reemerged from the bathroom looking great; she was quite stunning in her nudity. The collar around her neck seemed to enhance her beauty even more. Her hair appeared to be almost completely dry. She walked to the side of the bed, then knelt by the side of the bed. "Master?" she said softly. "You slave begs to join her master on the bed."

I smiled and spoke "Join me here." I patted the bed next to me. Dawn slowly and gracefully crawled up next to me. I was convinced it was her attempt to be sexy. It worked well enough as her slow movement made her very desirable. She gently worked her head under my arm and laid it on my chest. Meanwhile her finger began working the knot to the belt of my robe.

That only took a few short seconds and she slowly pulled the robe open. Reaching down to my thickening shaft, she stopped just short "Master? May I please?"

I grunted my assent and she gently whapped her fingers around and started stroking it slowly. She moved her small body up kissed me seductively on the check and slowly whispered in my ear. "Dawn craves more Master. May she pleasure you again?" Her manipulation of my cock and her warm breath in my ear brought me to full attention as it were. She began to kiss her way down my body, working her way down toward my groin. I knew what she wanted. Or what might have thought she wanted. I knew better even though she did not.

I sat up, shrugged the robe off my shoulders and grabbed Dawn by her shoulders. I shoved her back hard and roughly threw her legs apart so she lay spread eagle before me. She looked up at me wondering what she might have done to upset me. She need not have worried.

"No slave! It is my turn. I want to taste you and pleasure you to show more of what I like. I like my slaves wanton and ready at any moment. Now, do not think of it as me pleasuring you. Believe me, making a slut cum over and over again brings me more pleasure than you'll even be able to understand. I bent down bringing my face within inches of my goal.

"Master" she whispered "Is it not a slaves duty to please her master? To take care of all his intimate needs without regard to her own?" She seemed to be genuinely concerned. "Please, do not let me fail you Master!" She lay perfectly still, not daring to move at all.

I looked directly into her eyes. "No my little one. Your duty is to please me as I see fit, not as you see fit. It's more than physically pleasing a man. What you don't understand is that, making a woman, slave or not cum brings me great pleasure. I love the look on her face and in her eyes at the moment she peaks. You will learn this in time. So get used to the idea of having many, many orgasms. I will not explain any further than that."

I reached with my right hand down between her legs and caressed the lips of her very wet pussy. I heard a sharp intake of breath from her. With my left hand I gently pushed back the clitoral hood, bent down close and flicked my tongue over the clit a few times.

"Oh Master" came in a soft moan from her. "Do with me as you will Master... Anything... anything at all. I am yours." Her hands reached down and firmly grasped my head. Holding it down as she moaned again and was talking breathlessly. "Oh yes Master. Don't stop Master... not ever. Your slut begs you my Master. Use me anyway you like." Her hips began thrusting and moving all about. I sucked her clit fully into my mouth and gently bit down on it. "Oh my God, Master!" she shouted "Yes, yes, yes! Oh Master, please hurt me. Just a little Master. Make it hurt just a little bit!" I bit down harder and she began to tremble violently. "Master! Master? Your slut is cumming Master"

I backed off her clit. "No Dawn! Not yet! Do not cum!"

"What? Please, no Master! It is too late to stop it!" she was pleading with me. "I can not stop it now... please allow this little whore to cum Master. PLEASE!"

"No! Obey me! If you have an orgasm now, it'll be your last one with me, ever." She froze instantly. Not moving at all. She looked as though the very act of preventing her impending orgasm was in itself very painful.

"Master... please! You can't get me so close and then say no, Master. It's doesn't seem fair to me."

"There is nothing fair about slavery my little one. Nor should there be. The master commands, the slave obeys... no matter what!

After what seemed to be an eternity, Dawn regained her composure for a brief moment then started to cry inconsolably She threw her arms about my neck, pressed her face to my chest "Please Master, do not release me. Please, I beg you Master, don't send me away. Whatever Dawn has done, she will do whatever it takes to make up for it."

"Again Dawn, you have failed to understand my meaning."

"Again, I have failed you Master" She cried even harder.

"No dawn... you failed simply to understand. That is not the same as failing what I expect." I spoke softy. "Listen carefully. My stopping you from cumming had nothing to do with you doing something wrong. It is nothing more than a way for me to exercise control. Remember, you are now my slave. A master must control his slave. And you did obey me. So, in fact you did very well."

At this time I began to worry about Dawn's self-esteem. Many women in this lifestyle, too many, suffer from serious self-esteem issues. I sincerely hoped that wasn't the case with Dawn. Her concern of failing to please me and her fear of me not wanting her was something her and would have to talk about very soon.

Her crying slowed and she looked at me trying to smile. "Really Master? Are you saying that you are pleased with me?" I nodded and told her that I was in fact rather proud of her. She lay back down and spread her legs. Her sadness and apparent fear seemed to be quickly forgotten.

"Then if Master is still in the mood, his slut begs to be used." She grinned up at me mischievously. Her right hand went down and spread the wet lips as wide as she could and with the same hand also pushed the hood back fully exposing her clit. "See how wet it is Master? See how it begs to be used? Hurt me again Master. Please... Your slave begs you to use her. She wishes to lose control again. To cum over and over again until she can't cum anymore."

It was plain to see that the more she said, the more aroused she was becoming. Something occurred to me. In my nearly fifty years, I've never been with a woman with a hyper sex drive as this girl seemed to have and I jokingly thought that with her, and that sex drive, this girl just might screw me into an early grave. Ah, but what a way to go!

I bent over again, buried my face in her sweet treasure. I sucked her clit back into my mouth a bit down again, harder than before. Her body went rigid for a moment. She once again grabbed my head with her hands trying to pull it against her.

All at once, inspiration struck me. I stopped what I was doing, looked down at her and grinned evilly. I put my finger to my lips to silence Dawn and got up. I straightened up the bed we used earlier putting the thick comforter back on it to cover the wet spot which was most of the bed. She watched my every move looking disappointed but, resigning herself to try to be patient. I pointed to the remade bed and snapped my fingers. "Quickly and remain silent." She jumped to do my bidding laying on the center of the other bed. She smiled with anticipation not sure what was going to happen next but was hoping she was going to like it. Bringing my over-night bag to the bed, I brought out four nylon restraints.

Within moments Dawn was strapped spread eagle on the bed. I made sure she was completely helpless. I then placed a pillow under her head and another under her ass. I smiled as another thought occurred to me. I reached into the bag again, rummaged around and came out with a thick, black silk blindfold. I tied the blindfold snugly around her head.

"Master?" She asked, just a touch of fear in her voice.

"Be silent! Do not speak again or utter any sound without my permission. Do you understand... fully?'

She nodded but, said nothing.

Back into bag I went, this bringing out a pair ornate golden nipple clamps and a paddle. This paddle was different from the others I had. It was very small. Only two inches wide and less that a foot long.

I was ready. The question was, was she ready.

I took up the nipple claps. They were joined by a rather short golden chain. I attached one to Dawn's left nipple. "You may speak now but, quietly. No raising your voice for any reason... Do you understand?"

"Yes Master. The clamp hurts Master." She spoke barely more than a whisper. "Please Master... It really does hurt. But Master, It feels good too."

I clapped her other nipple and tugged lightly on the chain.

"Ow! Master please don't do that!"

"If it hurts so much, why are you so wet?" I asked stroking her sopping pussy.

"Master... Master... Master." she whispered over and over again. I stopped stroking her. I picked up the small paddle. She was becoming wetter and her clit seemed to swell to twice it's size, sticking out prominently. I brought the paddle in close and started to rub her swollen clit with it. She raised her hips up to gain more pressure on herself. She was still saying 'Master' over and over. I lifted my hand bending my arm only at the elbow. I swung down sharply striking her right on her clit.

"Master!" she yelped "Too much Master, too much. Master it hurts too much... please stop!"

I raised my arm and struck again.

"Your slut can't take it Master! This is too much Master! Please Master, stop!" She struggled against her bonds but, I noticed that she also lifted her hips as high as she though she was wanting, waiting for me to strike again.

I smacked her five more times in rapid succession.

"Please Master... No more, no more!" she whimpered. "Dawn can not take any more of this." I stopped and waited in silence. I picked up the chain connecting the clamps on her nipples and tugged.

"Master?" she spoke softly "that hurt before but, now it really feels wonderful. Please Master, tug harder." I did so and she grunted with pleasure. She spoke again "Why did you stop the other Master? Your slave begs for more."

I said "Did you not say you couldn't take anymore?"

"That is true Master but, now I can't take it that you stopped. Please Master... more. No matter what I say Master, please do not stop."

I grinned wickedly "As you wish girl." I pulled on the chain again lifting it toward her face. "Open your mouth Dawn." She complied and I slipped the chain into her mouth. "Bite down on this, hold it and do not let go." Holding the chain in her mouth put quite strain on the clamps attached to her nipples. She began jerking her head about put even more strain on it. Her soft passionate moans filled the room. And then she spoke. "Master, you should beat your unworthy slut. Beat Dawn Master. Show her that she is truly owned by you!" All this said though the chain clenched in her teeth.

I began again, swatting her pussy and clitoris. I started rather slowly, about one swat every five seconds. She grunted with each stroke, begging me to stop and yet every time she'd raise her hips to offer herself to be beaten more. She would then beg me to continue beating her. "Master," she would say "Beat your slave Master... Beat your slut."

I told her "Dawn, I beat you not to punish you but, because I'm your master and I can do with you as I please. I own you... You belong to me!" She really seemed to enjoy what I was saying. I began to beat her pussy faster, up to nearly 30 swats a minute. I continued talking to her as I went on striking her reddening honey pot.

She began writhing and panting Lifting her ass up higher off the pillow I put beneath it. She whispered loudly between strokes. "Beat... your... slave... Master... Dawn... loves... her... Master!" She then was somehow able to lift nearly her whole body up off the mattress. "Master! Your... slut... is... going... to... cu... OH... MY... GOD!!!!" She held her body up and came. It wasn't the gushing orgasms she had earlier but a small steady stream dripping out of her. I still went on with her beating and she was still cumming. I started thinking to myself that she must be multi-orgasmic. After a little over a minute, I stopped.

A moment later she eased herself back down on the bed. She spoke in a dreamy voice "Oh Master... that has to be a whole record as the longest lasting orgasm in history.

I grunted "And here I thought you were having multiple orgasms."

"Maybe Master. It felt like just one long wonderful one."

I set the paddle down and removed the blindfold. She looked at me, smiled sweetly and looked down between her legs.

"Master, look how red I am. It feels like on fire Master. I may cum again. Once again an idea struck me. I reached into my bag and brought out a miniature flogger, a match to my mini-paddle. It had two dozen tiny leather strands, smaller than shoelaces. Dawn's eyes opened wide. "Master, what are you going to do with that? Master, please. I somehow fear that more than the paddle."

I gently caressed her with the tips of all the strands. Then I began to drag the soft leather up and down along her slit including the clitoris.

"Oh Master!" She was panting again. "Master, Dawn thinks she's going to cum again..." The words had just left her lips when she grunted. She stiffened and this time her entire body came completely off the bed. "Oh Master!" she hissed. She came. It was by far her most intense orgasm of the night. Her cum sprayed out, some of it flying beyond the end of the bed. She screamed and then collapsed. She seemed to be unconscious. I became quite concerned about her. I checked her pulse and felt it beat hard and fast.

Her eyes fluttered open. "Master? Are you here Master?" Seeing me, she grinned. "Dawn thinks she may have fainted, Master."

"You had me worried for a brief moment little one." I told her. I got up and walked around the bed, untying her. The moment she was free, she leaped off the bed and threw herself at me wrapping her arms and legs about me. We fell back onto the bed somehow landing on what must have been the only dry spot remaining. She straddled me grasping my face in her hands kissing me many times.

Her hips grinding against me, her sopping pussy rubbing on my cock. She grimaced in obvious pain and said "It hurts Master... It hurts but, I cannot stop. It actually hurts too good. Does that make sense? She was silent for a moment then looked me directly in the eyes. "Master... Your new slave girl has something very important to tell you." A brief pause "You have given this girl the sweetest, most sexually intense night of her life. No man, no master has fulfilled my deepest dreams as you have Master. Your slut must tell you that she will do anything for you, anything!" She kissed me lightly on the lips again and went on. "This slave girl means that Master. Anything you heart desires. Your wish is not only my command but, my wish as well. She will would kneel chained and naked before you anywhere... even in public Master. Dawn wants to declare and boast of her slavery to the whole world." She kissed me again, a long deeply passionate kiss. She reached down between us, grabbed my throbbing cock, raised her hips, and then impaled herself upon it. "Please Master... let me love you like this." She was rocking herself, taking me in fully. She would then pull back until only the head was still inside and thrust forward 'til I was once again filling her completely. "All that I am master, is yours. All of me." She moaned. "Use your slut... Do with her whatever you want." A deep moan came from that sounded like a growl. "Master, I..." She was suddenly thrusting her hips violently. "Master! Dawn is cumming again!" And so she did. The gushing fluid that came out was a little less that before but, there was still a lot.

I grasped her hips and began pounding myself up into her. She came again... and then again. I felt the pressure within me. "Dawn, your master is about to cum as well girl."

"Please Master... not yet. Dawn wants to suck you again. Dawn wishes to taste your cum and mine mixed together. Please Master, cum in my mouth."

It was too late for that. "Maybe next time my little slut! But not now."

I grunted as my load shot into her. I'm sure she felt it and came yet another time.

"Oh Master... Oh yes Master. I am now more yours than anyone knows." She whispered softly and kissed me more passionately than before. "Dawn is truly yours Master."

We lay still for a little while. Dawn got up then and ran to the bathroom. A few short seconds later she returned towel in had. She offered her hands to me and pulled me to my feet once again surprising me with her strength. She dried us both off and led me to the dry bed helped me to lay down. As she did, I removed the nipples clamps. Her hands went up and caressed the nipples. She moaned, froze for a few seconds then looked at me with wonder on her face. "Master, I just came again... only a little but I did cum again. Master, your slave had never cum like that before with stimulation just on her nipples. It was soooo good. She then grabbed a pillow and lay down at the foot of the bed curling herself like a cat into a little ball.

"Dawn, what the hell are you doing? I asked.

"Master, a slave's place is at the foot of her master's bed, ready to do his bidding."

"Not tonight!" I patted the bad next to me. She then beamed her happiness to me. She crawled next to me and settled in curled up to my side.

"Master, Dawn is the happiest slave in the world tonight." She spoke softly and in only a few moments fell asleep. I dozed off shortly there after thinking I was rather lucky to acquired this gem of a slave.

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