Ben And The Bitch

by Jakelyon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Drunk/Drugged, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ben's sister and her freinds get Ben to help them get even with a bitchy girl at school. Ben as usual lets his ever hard swelling cock lead the way.

Julie was a real bitch. About that there was no doubt. Jen, Ann, and Sue were talking in the locker room about who they would like to fuck, when Julie interrupted, "a real lady would never talk about sex."

"Oh! I suppose that you don't get off when your boyfriend fucks you," Ann replied.

"Scott does not abuse my body in that manner," Julie responded.

"So what you are saying is that you just finger fuck yourself, is that it?" Sue asked.

"I do no such thing," Julie haughtily replied.

The girls could tell from the flush on her face that she did indeed let her fingers do the walking. "That girl is such an uppity bitch, I wish we could think of a way to bring her down to earth, Sue said."

"Well I can think of a way," Said Jen, "and all we need is Ben's help."

Jen knew that Ben was in the same chemistry class with Julie, and that all that was needed was a little push to get Julie's interest. Several days later the girls had everything arranged. They were in the locker room again, talking where Julie could hear, but not see them.

"I can't believe how long your brother's cock is," said Jen. "He fucked me so long that I thought I would cum forever."

"I tried to suck him off, but he was too big to fit in my mouth," added Ann. "He starts off normal sized, but every time he spurts he just keeps getting bigger. I couldn't even fit him into my cunt at the end."

As the girls hoped their comments about Ben caused Julie to look at him in a whole new way. She began to talk with Ben in class, and when Ben asked her out on Friday she accepted. The met Friday night and after dinner Ben asked if they could go back to her house as her parents were not home. Julie accepted without hesitation. They quickly got hot and heavy on the couch, and Julie was rubbing the front of Ben's pants causing his cock to swell. Ben was playing it cool though and was just kissing her.

"Is something wrong? Julie asked as she realized that Ben was not feeling her up.

"No, everything is fine. Why do you ask? Ben responded coyly.

"Don't you want to touch my tits, or finger my cunt? Julie asked.

"Oh, I thought that you didn't get into that kind of thing, Ben answered.

In answer Julie bent over and unzipped Ben's pants and released his turgid cock. She lowered her mouth over its head, and began to suck Ben off. Ben reached forward and began to pinch her stiff nipples though the fabric of her shirt. Julie moaned, "That's it pinch my nipples more"

She continued to suck Ben off, and soon Ben began to come. Julie slurped down his load, and then looked at Ben's cock in amazement as it began to swell bigger. She stood up and began to undress pulling her blouse off, and removing her bra. Her tits were perfect. The hard, pink nipples were pointed and fully erect. As she removed her pants and underwear Ben could see her bush shinning with cunt juice. She lay back on the couch, and said, "Come fuck me quick, I need to come".

Ben quickly obliged, and mounted her, his fat cock sliding to the hilt in her dripping wet cunt. Julie began to thrash and moan as Ben fucked her. After a few dozen thrusts Ben rammed his cock home and shot his load deep into her twat. Julie thrust her hips back at him at every stroke, and Ben could tell that she was close to climax. When she felt Ben swelling even further she moaned, "God that feels good, how big do you get?

Ben answered, just wait and see, as he began to fuck her harder. Julie reached up and found her erect nipples and began to pull the swollen pink nubs. She bucked her hips against Ben as her orgasm started, yelling, "Fuck me harder, harder!"

Ben was happy to comply, and he rammed his pecker to the hilt in her wet cunt finally blowing his nuts off for the third time as she finished cumming. Julie's cunt released Ben's cock and she rolled over and told him to fuck her doggy style. Ben shoved his swelling cock into her overheated pussy and continued to fuck her. Julie was yelling and thrusting her cunt back at his cock as he fucked her. Ben reached forward and pinched her nipples as he fucked her. This took Julie over the edge again and she climaxed loudly, and Ben could feel her nipples swell between his fingers.

The girls could not believe what a good tape they were making of Julie proving she was a horny slut. They were in the den with a good view of the couch where all of the action was going on. The scene was so hot that Jen was masturbating as she watched. She had her hand down her pants and was fondling her erect clit. "I hope that Julie can't handle all of his cock. I need some of that pecker rammed in my hot cunt tonight," Jen said as she watched Ben continued to ravish Julie from behind. Ann and Sue were also squirming in wet panties as they watch Julie get fucked.

Julie was cumming over and over as Ben continued to fuck her. He rammed his cock deep and blew his fifth load deep into her cunt. Her erect nipples were hugely engorged and swollen bright red as he pulled and plucked them. She climaxed yet again as she felt his sticky come inside of her. As she climaxed Ben could feel her go limp, and realized that she had fainted. He pulled his swelling cock out of her well fuck hole and began to jack off, needing to bring his monster cock to climax.

Jen quickly yelled don't waste your hard meat on your hand, I need to be fucked right now. She quickly bent over the back of the couch and spread her legs wide to reveal her dripping, wet gash to Ben. He wasted no time grabbing her by the hips and ramming all ten inches of his cock deep into her cunt. Jen humped enthusiastically back, sliding her wet pussy to meet his thrusting cock.

While Ben was getting off in Jen's cunt Sue and Ann went over to check out the passed out Julie. They kept the camera rolling and filmed her pink gash, with Ben's cum dripping from it. They knew that this film would ensure that Julie would not piss them off any more.

Ben was nearing climax again, and as he drove deep into Jen's cunt she reached orgasm, flinging her head up and down and yelling "Don't stop fucking me, keep fucking me, " as Ben pile drove her cunt with his cock.

Ben thrust deeply into Jen as he blew his nuts off, and she took him to the hilt. She could not take him as he continued to grow however, and she told him to pull out before he split her in two. His massive cock was at least 15 inches when he pulled it out. Ann told him to come and jack off in Julie face, and they turned her over so they could film her getting a cum facial.

Ben pumped his massive cock, and rubbed his heavy balls as he looked at Julie's great tits and well-fucked cunt. He could feel his orgasm beginning, and he moved closer to her as he began to ejaculate. His huge load of cum splattered all over Julie's hair and hard pink nipples. It ran down her firm breasts, and clung to the erect nipples. Ben and the girls left her on the couch for her parents to find, and quickly left.

Julie did not mention what her parents had done when they found their "virgin daughter" on the couch soaked with cum, and her well-fucked pussy in clear evidence, and it only seemed to increase her dislike of the girls. She was still being a total bitch to Ann, Sue and Jen. She was spreading rumors that they were sluts, and lesbians.

The girls, Sue, Jen and Ann, decided that Julie needed another dose of reality to make sure that she kept her mouth shut. Julie had stayed away from Ben since his reaming of her cunt, and if she missed his big, hard cock she did not show it. She had taken up with a new boyfriend, a big hunk named Scott. Scott was pure though and the rumor was that he did not believe in pre-martial sex, and Julie was getting a little frustrated.

There was a party that weekend that the girls thought they might be able to show Julie's true colors. Sure enough Scott and Julie showed up. There were rooms upstairs that some of the kids were using to fuck, and Julie headed Scott upstairs after a few drinks loosened her up. The girls made sure that the open bedroom was the one that had Ben in the closet with a video camera running. He was going to capture the action on film so the girls could show that Julie was not as pure as she tried to come off.

Julie had a bottle of wine in one hand and she pushed Scott into the bedroom and back onto the bed. She was getting pretty drunk, and Sue thought she had a horny look in her eye.

Julie and Scott started making out, and she was rubbing her hand all over his crotch. Ben could see his cock tent out the front of his pants. Scott's hands moved up to grope at Julie's tits, rubbing her nipples through the fabric of the tight top she was wearing.

"Ohhh, that feels good Scott. I want you to fuck me tonight. I need your cock inside me," Julie moaned at him.

"You know how I feel about intercourse. I'll use my hand on you and I want you to jack me off, but no screwing. I want to wait until we are married. That one time was something we should not have done."

Julie unzipped Scott's pants and freed his hard cock. Ben did the same thing in the closet. He was slowly jerking off as he watched Scott pull up Julie's shirt and unhook her bra spilling her firm tits out. His mouth went to her pink nipples and he sucked them into hard points.

Julie moaned loudly as he did so and said in a slightly slurred voice, "God, please fuck me tonight. I need your cock shoved in my pussy. I need to feel a hard pecker slamming to balls in my wet twat."

Scott's cock began to spurt as she was talking dirty to him, and his spurts of cum coated Julie's hand. She bent down with her mouth and licked him cum off of her fist, and licked the head of his cock clean. She asked him again, "Let me suck you nice and hard so you can fuck my wet pussy. I need a cock, and I want you to fuck me hard."

Scott having gotten his rocks off was now playing prude again. "I think you are drunk and I don't care for how crudely you are speaking. I think we should be apart. I know you will be glad we did not go any further in the morning." Then he got up and headed out the door.

"Scott wait, I need you to fuck me," Julie said in a slurred voice after him.

Scott's answer was the closing of the bedroom door. Julie picked up the wine bottle and took a long swig from it emptying the rest of the contents. She started talking to herself, "Fuck Scott, I can get any guy I want. All the guys like to look at my tits. Anyone would be happy to fuck me."

As she was talking she was rubbing and plucking at her stiff nipples. Then her hand moved down and slipped inside her low cut jeans. She must have quickly found her clit because she let out a long, low groan of pleasure as she worked her fingers up and down her wet slit.

Ben could not believe that he was getting this all on tape. He jacked himself to climax watching Julie pull her thick, pink nipples, and he spewed his load all over the floor of the closet. He could feel his cock harden and swell as he ejaculated, and he thought about jumping out of the closet and giving her the fucking that she was begging for.

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