Fantasi: My Non-existent Neighbor


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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Alone, single, and without sex does things to a girl's imagination. I've always watched my neighbors, seeing if someone's yummy. And so I thought about what kind of neighbor I'd like.

Alone, single, and without sex does things to a girl's imagination. I've watched my neighbors, looking for someone close to my age, someone attractive, someone I could see myself in bed with, but so far no one's caught my eye. But of course, the brain is our bodies most powerful organ, right? And so I thought about what kind of neighbor I'd like.

I'm getting the mail and one of my neighbors is getting the mail as well. He's nice looking, nearing six feet, brown hair and matching eyes, a nice smile, a dimple in his left cheek, and he's dressed in a T-shirt and shorts and flip-flops so I can see that he has a body that he actually takes care of. We do the whole polite smile and hello thing, then one of us realizes that we have the wrong mail and ask the other if they know which mail box it belongs to, then lo and behold, it belongs to the other! So, we get talking, a friendly conversation in front of the mailboxes about stuff. He sees my Ms. Magazine and I see his Entertainment magazine and so we just go on yapping about the magazines.

He's like, "Oh, are you interested in women's issues?"

And I'm like, "Yes, a little. I'm not one of those scary women's libbers though, you know, the ones that don't shave their armpits and legs and burn bras because they see it as a form of oppression implemented by me."

And he laughs and says, "That's good to hear."

And we yap, yap, yap, yap, till we finally realize that we're still talking by the mail boxes. During the conversation, I mentioned that I wanted to see a certain movie that was out on DVD and Pay per View and he's like, "Oh, I just rented that movie actually (what a coincidence) and I was thinking of watching it. You want to join?"

I kind of stare at him because no one's ever asked me over like that. "I don't mean to be creepy or anything, I just thought, you know, you might want to watch it... and, maybe share a big bowl of popcorn?" ((Yes, I know this sounds horribly mushy and probably unrealistic but I'm a freaking romantic))

With my heart racing, I say, "Sure, that sounds great, just let me put my mail away."

He says, "Which house are you in?"

I start walking and he follows me and I say stupidly as we reach my house, "This one." I go in and put the mail in, lock up, and off to his place a couple of houses down and across the street from mine.

His house is structurally the same as mine, but more masculinity decorated. I follow him into the kitchen and we keep on talking as he gets out the popcorn. He asks me if I drink and I tell him, "No." He says if his guest doesn't drink then he won't and he takes out a couple of 20oz of Diet Pepsi and puts the popcorn in the microwave. We chat a little more as we wait for the popcorn to pop, getting to know a little bit more about each other. When the foods done, we head back into his amazing living room and I plop down on the couch while he puts in the movie and we start watching it.

(Fast forward some) There were some risqué parts in the movie and I can't help but react a little since I'd been (a) celibate for a while and (b) I'm just like that. I'm shifting a little, trying to make myself a little more comfortable while trying not to stimulate myself even more. I steal a glance over at my neighbor and I notice that he's in a similar predicament as I'm in. There's an obvious tent in his shorts which he's trying to hide with a pillow. I'm licking my lips, entranced by the tent, when he catches me looking. He blushes and I blush and look away, very embarrassed.

I apologize professedly as he does and we both jump up to our feet, upsetting the bowl of popcorn and sending the popcorn all over the place, which makes us both apologize even more. In the confusion he topples over, I reach out to try and help him only ending up falling with him. We both end up on the floor, head to head, chest to chest, hip to hip, with legs entangled. Very awkward. I can definitely feel his erection, which to his utter embarrassment, is getting harder against my belly. We have a moment, you know, one of those moments when both parties realize not only the opportunity but they realize that the opportunity is inevitable.

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