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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is about a guy waiting in line in one store when he notices a beautiful business woman standing in line behind him. When she ends up behind in line again in the second store he visits, he gets the balls to say something to her. He could never imagine what happened next.

I glanced at my watch and ran a hand through my hair. Crap fucking line, I thought, what the hell was that woman doing up there?

"Come on, come on," I heard a soft voice say. I glanced behind me and saw an attractive blonde dressed in a sleek black power suit. Her hair was up in one of those complicated knot buns that I had no idea how they made stay but were fun as hell to undo. She wore glasses, perched on a perfect nose, but they did nothing to hide the dazzle of her blue eyes. I quickly looked back to the front so she wouldn't catch me staring and just in time, the line moved up and it was smooth sailing from then on.

I checked out and checked off another one of my errands that I had to do instead of eating. My last run, which as soon as I could complete would leave me a fast and furious fifteen minutes to eat my food, was to the drug store. I managed to get what I needed, mouthwash and a couple of packs of gum, and was once again stuck in line. I eyed the racks of chips and wondered how filling they'd be when I caught a flash of honey blonde and the glint of glass. It was the blonde again, right behind me.

"I've never been stalked before," I said before my brain processed the entire thought and mapped out any consequences, like being slapped or publicly humiliated.

Instead, the blonde gave me one of those dazzling smiles that you see on toothpaste commercials. "Well, I've never stalked anyone before," she said. She arched a perfect eye brow. "So I guess we're even, aren't we?"

"I guess," I said. I couldn't stop staring at her. And my eyes were doing their own thing by doing a quick up-down-up while she wasn't looking. She wasn't too tall and she wasn't too short, she was a perfect five-seven, five-eight, and looked drop-dead gorgeous in her suit. The jacket dipped low and I could see the crisp immaculate white of her blouse, and framed in the V of the collar was a perfect crease of cleavage. I guessed she was a 38B, maybe pushing into the C region. My eyes went on and processed everything and by the time I hit those feet, looking perfect on shiny leather stiletto heels that were about three inches high, I had to stuff a hand in my pocket to try and discretely adjust my growing cock. It didn't help when I saw what was in her hands. Condoms, two boxes of Trojans, the pleasure mesh and one of the her pleasure ones. And a bottle of KY lube. Along with an innocent packet of stockings. My head steamed.

"See anything you like?" she asked with a hint of smile.

"I... um," I managed, tongue-tied.

"I'm Kate," she said. She juggled the two boxes of condoms, the bottle of lube, and the packet of stockings expertly in one perfectly manicured hand. She held out her other hand and I took it stupidly.

"I'm Robert," I said. Her hand was soft but her grasp was strong. Kate's hand lingered in mine for a bit and when she drew her hand away, she brushed her fingers along my palm, scraping ever-so-lightly with her nails.

"On your lunch hour?" she asked.

"What's left of it," I told her.

She gave me another one of those smiles. "Well, I live nearby," Kate said. "I have a penthouse a couple blocks down. Would you like to come up for a bite to eat?"

My brain processed the offer: beautiful blonde who I just met who was definitely into sex and seemingly single inviting me to her penthouse no less to have a bite to eat. She could be a true stalker/psycho killer/nymphomaniac. The promise of possible sex... hmmm...

"Sure," I said.

"Perfect," Kate said. She looked over my shoulder. "Your turn," she said. I hastily paid for my stuff and she did the same. Outside, she linked her arm around mine, laying her hand lightly on my sleeve. I could smell her perfume, soft, sweet, but powerful enough to get into your head in that good way. It wasn't making hiding my erection any easier as we crossed the street. "So, Robert." I loved the way she said my name. "What do you do?"

"Er, I'm an assistant director in a software company," I told her.

"Mmmm, brainy and handsome," she purred. We neared a posh looking apartment building and the doorman smiled when he saw us.

"Good afternoon, Miss Blackstone," the doorman said, "Home early?"

Kate gave a melodic laugh. "No, I'm just here to have lunch," she said.

"Ah, a home cooked meal to fuel one through the day," the man said. "Enjoy your lunch, Miss Blackstone, you, too, sir!" He tipped his hat and held open the door for us.

Inside, the air conditioning ran thick and cool over us and it was a relief, cooling my heated skin but it didn't do much to diminish the erection I was so desperately hiding in my pants.

Kate led me to the elevators and up to the penthouses, silent and smiling all the way. There was something about the way she looked at me as we rode up in the elevator, something the way her eyes glinted behind her stylish glasses. Something I couldn't put my finger on.

When the doors dinged open, she stepped inside. "Welcome to my humble abode," she said.

Humble, I thought, yeah right. White painted walls with scarlet carpets, stylish expensive new-age kind of furniture, chrome and black marble and stark white and bold colored paintings. Definitely not humble.

She dropped her purse on the red sofa and shrugged out of her business jacket to reveal a very nice and slightly sheer blouse underneath. I could definitely see the curves of her breasts through the material but she couldn't be wearing a bra underneath, could she? I mean, the way that it all looked, with the hint of nipple, it had to be more of something like a tank top or something, right? But who was I to say? I was just a man, who was I to question the wonders of female silky clothing bits? I hoped I'd get to find out.

"So, Robert, what do you like to eat?" she asked, walking into the kitchen. Her heels clicked nicely on the classy black and white tiled floor. "Are you the sandwich type of man?" Kate purred as she opened up the fridge, bending at the waist to peer at the food items on lower shelves. I couldn't help but admire her ass, her black skirt stretched tight over it. "Or," Kate said, glancing over her shoulder, "Do you prefer something more appetizing?"

I swallowed, my brain not thinking much about food as I wandered over to sit at the breakfast bar. "Um, whatever you're having," I said, shrugging out of my jacket and draping it over my lap, hiding the erection that didn't want to be hidden anymore.

"Well," Kate said, straightening. She smoothed one hand over the curve of her hip. "I was going to have some left over food, I hope that you don't mind."

"No, no that's fine," I said.

"I have some chicken and asparagus simmered in wine, oysters in champagne sauce, or a nice vegetable soup that we can eat with some of this perfect Italian bread that I bought this morning," she said. "Which would you like?"

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