The Raise

by Nikki Mounds

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nicole is most efficient secretary in the office. Yet she never had any chance of going up in the corporate ladder unlike other girls who show off their physical attributes. There are rumors about the firm's executives and those 'successful' girls, dirty rumors. But Nicole can't take it anymore, today she is ready to confront her boss! But, is the busty prude ready to give the dirty old man what he wants in exchange for the raise she deserves?

I look at Lynn as she leaves my boss room. She is a very cute blue eyed blonde with tits almost as big as my E-cups. She is in the secretary pool for just a month and she already had A raise. I know Akiko, a busty Japanese, had already been raised, hell she even got the Hawaii assignment!

Mr. Johnson, one of the firm's owners and the big name here, has his own way to reward the girls for their efforts. He choses who will get a better position or assignment and who will get a raise in the salary and who won't. I never figured out his method until I've heard the stories about his 'greed for young sluts', as he calls us, his female employs.

I've heard rumors that he is a lecherous man, and I have seen him ogling my tits more than once, that's why I am now wearing a minimizer when I come here to the office. But, as I've already noticed, he only gives the best opportunity to the big titted girls who show off their 'assets'!

I am the most efficient secretary in the pool and I have been here for longer than two years! And yet he never ever gave me a cool assignment or a single raise, ever since I've started to wear the minimizer bra he had not even bothered looking at me again!

There are many rumors about Lynn giving him a blowjob every week to keep the raise and that Akiko is now his mistress in the weekends, but I can't believe it is true!

I walk to his room and knock at the door. Enough is enough, I want a raise, I NEED the extra money and I will tell him what I think!

"Come in." He yells and I do so, he is sitting at his desk and punching numbers into his computer.

"Hello sir." I say opening the door, suddenly scared. I can't loose this job, but I can't stay a lowly secretary at the pool forever. "I-I'd like to talk to you."

"Sure, come in and have a seat." He answers, recognizing my voice, but refusing to look up, surely knowing that I'm wearing a minimizer.

"Thank you sir." I say meekly. He has such a presence! The big man is well known for being cruel and even firing girls at a whim, I have to do my best not to piss him off! "I-I was thinking... I am here longer than most of the girls a-and it is well known that have been doing a good job..." I start to speak nervously.

"Yes, you have been doing a good job, I've been somewhat impressed with your work ethic lately."

"Really?" I ask with a big smile. "I am happy to hear it sir!" I brighten at the praise. "I-I heard that Lynn Payton got a raise and... well, Akiko had been assigned to the Hawaiian branch and... and I was thinking i-if you plan to give me the raise we talked about last month."

"Yes, both Lynn and Akiko have been promoted in one way or another, but they also have made certain, well, contributions necessary to work their way up in this company." He says matter of factly and I am sure th rumors are right. He has been fucking both of my office friends! "They do know who to make the extra effort for the company and I'm just not so sure if you do."

"Contributions?" I frown, not understanding it, but after a moment I get what he means and blush. "I-I am a good employ sir... I-I need the extra money a-and... I-I am not s-sure I can make the same... err... extra contribution."

"That's a pity. I know what it's like to need that extra money and so do Lynn and Akiko, which is why they did what they had to get those promotions."

"I want the raise sir." I speak lowering my head as it burns with shame. I am blushing to a deep red tone.

"I want the raise, I want the raise, not sure if I can make the er... er... extra contribution, so sad!" He mutters just loud enough for me to understand him. "Take off your bra!"

"Wh-what?!" I say looking up to his face almost fainting. "Y-you want m-me to take off my bra?! Here?!" I ask not believing it.

"No, I want you to go the mall and take off your bra, put it back on and then come back here." My boss replies mocking me some more. "Now go to the ladies room or find a closet if you wish, remove your bra and come back, then we'll discuss that raise."

"I-I am n-not this kind of girl!" I answer with a weak voice, feeling lost and scared.

"Then go back to work and don't bother me until you show me you are willing to do what it takes to get what you want." The big man shrugs and looses interest on me, returning to his work. I stand up with unsteady legs, too nervous and ashamed to look at his face again and leave his room almost crying.

I go back to work but it is useless. I can't stop thinking about my rent, due tomorrow, and how unfair he is. But I can't stand being left behind when the new girls get all the best positions and opportunities just because... Well, just because they use their hooters to please the evil tit man.

Still thinking about what he said I walk into the bathroom. it is empty and I wash my face, trying to think straight. Akiko did it. Lynn did it. I've heard Adriana and Gwen also sucked him off for their raises.

I take a deep breath and undo the buttons of my bashful long sleeved blouse. A minute later I have my bra in my hands. 34 E-cups. I know my boss is a titman, and have the biggest pair around. I think I have no option unless I plan to stay the lowest of the secretaries forever!

I tuck the bra into my purse and walk away, feeling my large mounds swaying with every step. A few of the girls notice it and smile. Lynn Payton sees it and winks to me giggling. She knows! I guess the blonde went through the same drill!

Again I am at his door. This time I knock louder, with more confidence. I will do what it takes to get my raise and then my promotion!

"Yes, come in!" He answers letting out a sigh.

"I-I am back." I stutter as I enter his room again, locking it as I close the door. All my courage slipped away the moment I realized I'd be alone with him. But even so I walk to the big man making sure to sway my hips more than necessary and make my knockers wobble with my steps. My huge bosom is a lewd spectacle as it bounces free in the blouse.

Finally I impress him. My boss stares away from his computer to look at my shirt, not able to notice any sign of my bra underneath and how my huge tits wobble so, so nicely.

"Well, it looks like someone decided to get on board with the rest of us." He snickers at me with a nasty smile.

"I-I want to talk about the raise sir." I give you a weak smile, obviously very embarrassed with it all.

"Alright, I think we can try it again with a bit more success this time" He answers still staring at my tits, careful to watch for them bouncing or swaying even slightly.

"Thank you sir." I bend over at the waist, placing my elbows on his desk, my too large udders nearly touch the table top! Only the blouse prevents them from doing so. If that's what is needed to get ahead in this firm, I'll use all my weapons! Thankfully I got BIG weapons to use.

I am sure his cock is growing under the table as he is getting a good glimpse of my nipples through the shirt. The man is grinning and staring at them in lust.

"I think you wanted this." I take the bra out of the purse and hand you the big white thing. The tag reads '34 E'. "Bigger than Lynn's? Akiko must be a D cup at best, but the blonde slut is almost as big as me in the 'chest area', isn't she?"

"Yes, Lynn is almost as big, but not quite." He says taking it from me and studying it, looking impressed with what he sees. "You definitely outrank everyone in the 'bust department'."

"Well... since I have bigger tits I should get a larger raise than her!" I giggle trying not to show how embarrassed and scared I am.

"Yes and if your willing to make the same contributions as Lyn and Akiko, you'll get double what they're making."

"Well, you can see I... I am trying my best to do the same as Akiko and Lynn." I say the words blushing deeply. My breathing is harder now, I'm so nervous. And so ashamed!

"Glad to see that you're willing to get on board with everyone else, I'll get the paper work started on your raise just as soon as you've finished 'contributing'." I look at you, speaking while showing you an evil grin.

I lick my lips in doubt. I am not sure what to do now. I've always been a good girl, you know, the daddy's girl, goody goody two shoes type! But now it is all of nothing!

"Ok." I say forcing a weak smile. He is a tit man, so... why not show what he wants to see? "I get it." I undo the top buttons of my blouse, my deep cleavage is bared a little at a time. "I am sure you must be curious to see an E-cup, don't you sir?"

"Well Miss Messalme." Mr. Johson's jaw drop open and he is gazing, curious to see my jugs. "Yes, I'm very eager to see it." I see the big man reach into his pocket and start rubbing his cock.

"Well, I am bigger than Akiko and Lynn... not to mention Adriana and Gwen." I say as I undo the buttons on the bottom of the blouse and open it, baring my huge knockers to his sight. I have pale white tits, with very large areolas, almost as pale as the rest of my skin, just slightly pinkier. My nipples are surprisingly small for the tit size.

"Hum! Much bigger than Adrianna and Gwen for sure, now come around the desk to me."

"Sure sir." I nod and walk to his side of the desk, very embarrassed with it all but still smiling and trying to look confident and calm.

"Hehehe, 'sure sir' is right!" He reaches up, squeezes my huge E-cups and rusb his thumbs over my unsusually small nips, trying to get them to grow.

I can see his cock rising in his pants as my boss gets more agressive with my tits, squeezing harder and even pulling at them now.

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