What's a Couple to Do?
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Cuckold, MaleDom, Sex Toys, Slow,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What's a couple to do? Alone in a big city about to be evicted. To what lengths will Alex and Jennifer go to keep a roof over there head.

Jennifer lay awake in bed. Her husband was at work as he was most nights. When she had lost her job a year ago he had started working nights to try and make ends meet. It seems that without her paycheck though things were pretty much hopeless. She had watched as her husband Alex had worked harder and harder only to fall farther and farther behind.

She knew they couldn't afford the apartment they were living in currently and when the eviction notice had finally come they young couple had tried to find another, but without her having an income no one would sign a lease with them.

The financial bind they were in was nothing new to Jennifer. The deal that her landlord had proposed to her and her husband this evening before Alex left for work was. He had proposed that if the two of them did exactly as he told them till the debt was paid off and he would let them continue living there. She knew that this deal would involve her having sex with him. She had seen the way that her had looked at her.

She had read about things like this happening. Of course she had always assumed that they were fiction. This however was quite real. Mike, their landlord, had even been bold enough to make this indecent proposal right in front of her husband. He had left the couple the night to think it over.

Even worst she knew when he was proposing this that she would go through with it. The thought of her and her husband living on the street was more terrifying to her then sleeping with her landlord. Mike was sleazy but he wasn't ugly or ill kempt.

She had never dreamed that she would ever be with another man beside Alex. Not that with her thick blond hair and full breasts she had not had the offer. They were high school sweethearts and had gotten married right after graduation. Their parents had not approved of the wedding but they were in love and didn't care. Even when both sets of parents had disowned them everything had seemed all right.

Jennifer had been the reason they had moved to the city. She had gotten what she thought was going to be the perfect job. Alex had followed and taken work where he could find it. That was two years ago now. She had lost that job and Jeff had tried to support them. She knew he was trying his hardest, working both day and night.

Jennifer finally fell into a fitful sleep only to be woken by her husband coming in from work that morning. The couple discussed Mike's deal and finally come to the conclusion that they had to take it. They held each other for a bit, reassuring each other that everything would be ok. Finally Alex fell into an exhausted sleep. Jennifer let him, as she knew he only had a few hours to sleep before going to his next job. She had gotten them into this mess and she would face Mike alone this morning. It somehow would be less degrading without her husband present.

She soon found herself nervously crossing the hall to Mikes door. She knocked timidly on the door and Mike quickly answered it. He was dressed in a maroon terry robe. Quite classy compared to the sweat pants and tee she was wearing.

"Come on in. Can I get you some coffee?" He asked, walking away from the door and leaving her standing there. She didn't know what she had expected this morning but an invite to coffee just seemed so mundane in this situation.

Her heart was racing as she entered his apartment closing the door behind her. His apartment was furnished in a lavish oriental décor. It was quite a contrast to her sparse, second hand furnished apartment across the hall.

She followed him deeper into the apartment finally coming to the dinning area. Everything was so clean and neat. Not at all what she had expected to see from someone that would take advantage of a young couple in hard times.

Mike poured her a cup of coffee and offered her a seat.

"So, did ya think about my deal?" Mike questioned, taking a seat even though she remained standing.

"Well, ok on one condition..." Mike interrupted her in a gentle tone before she could go any further.

"No, you have got to understand. No conditions. I get to make the rules. And if ya don't like them you need to be out by tomorrow night."

Jennifer started visibly shaking and she felt the tears well up in her eyes. Mike looked back at her waiting. She saw no sympathy in his face. He was simply waiting for an answer.

"Please, I've never been with anyone besides Alex. Isn't their some other way we can do this?" She pleaded feeling a tear roll down her cheek.

"No, 'fraid not. It's either this or the gutter dear." At this Jennifer started crying in earnest.

"Ok" was all she could muster finally consenting, the word gutter making her realize the full extent of being homeless.

"Great, Give this to your husband. There are instructions in there for him. You're welcome to stay and finish your coffee. I'll give ya a call sometime this week. Call me if ya have any trouble. I need to go get in the shower though. Got a meeting this morning."

She was shocked. She had expected to be molested and violated. Instead she now sat at the table with a small white box. It was plain and had the words CB-3000 written on it. She took the box and hurried out of the apartment before Mike changed his mind. She didn't know what to think now. Had she read this all wrong? Was this man gay? Was it her husband he was after?

When she got back to her apartment she locked the door behind her. Already she felt the comfort of familiarity surround her. She took the box and set it on the coffee table and took a seat on the couch in front of it.

Curiosity finally got the better of her and she opened the box. Inside was a pink plastic cage of some sort. It looked almost like some sort of fancy child's toy.

She took the paper that was enclosed with it and began reading. The diagrams were vivid and more then enough for her to realize what this was for. It fit around a mans scrotum and penis. She could tell that when in place the man wearing it would not be able to get an erection. Further when the small brass lock was in place he wouldn't be able to remove it either.

After reading the directions she reached back into the box. Mike had placed a note there with a small digital camera. The note said that Alex was to be wearing this and the camera was to be left in front of Mike's apartment at noon with photographic proof that it was locked in place.

Jennifer and her husband had always enjoyed a healthy sex life. Even with Alex working the hours that he was they still had sex at least three times a week. She further knew that Alex masturbated daily.

With this in place he wouldn't even be able to get hard. How would he deal with this? Her self-pity turned to sympathy for her husband. They had both assumed that it would be her going through the hardship. Not this.

Jennifer had never even imagined such a thing as this existed. She knew she was not very sexually educated, but this was mind-boggling. She sat there pondering the device and thinking about what was going to happen next. Her fear was now being slowly inundated with curiosity.

It was soon time to wake Alex to go to work. She woke him and showed him what Mike had given her.

"He didn't try to have sex with you?" He asked emptying the box and examining the contents.

"No really, he just gave me this. You don't suppose that he is after you do you?" She asked in return.

"I've got not a clue what to think anymore."

She could tell that the devices use was slowly dawning on him. She could also tell that he was just as shocked as she had been. It was apparent that he had never seen anything like this before as well.

"You know with this on I cant even jack off." Alex said.

"Yes I know. Its terrible." Jennifer replied.

Even as she replied she was curious to see what it would look like on her husband.

"Its eleven thirty. We better hurry and get this on so that Mike doesn't get upset."

"Yeah, ok." He pulled back the covers and pulled down his boxers.

He held the device up and sat there for moment trying to figure it out. He hadn't read all of the directions and was fumbling with it.

"You need some help?" Jennifer offered.

"Yeah, you better help me." He said laying back and handing it to her.

She slipped it onto his penis and placed the ring around his scrotum to hold it in place. She felt her husband begin to get hard at her touch. Before he got to hard she placed the small brass lock in place. She knew that if he got too aroused he would want to have sex and there was no time for that even if she was in the mood.

She watched in awe as her husband tried to get hard at the cage. It looked uncomfortable.

"Um, maybe we should have taken care of this before we put this on." Alex said realizing the full extent of his entrapment now. "Where's the key?"

"He didn't give us a key. I assume he has it." She watched the mixed emotions play across her husbands face for a few moment.

"We better just take the pictures and get them over to Mike. We only have fifteen minuets. And I don't think we want to make Mike mad now." Jennifer said after a few moments and realizing that her husband was just going to sit there.

"Um, ok." Was Mike's only reply.

Jennifer took the camera from her husband and took several shots of him trapped in the device. She took some close-ups so as Mike would be able to see it was locked securely and one of her husband's full body to prove it was on him.

It was strange seeing this device on Alex. It was even more bizarre to see something bright and pink at her husband's waist. She thought for a moment how just the color alone was a bit emasculating. Let alone what the device did.

After the pictures were taken Alex got in the shower to get ready for work as Jennifer took the camera across the hall. She left it on the floor directly outside of his apartment not knowing what else to do.

It felt weird leaving this camera there with knowledge of what was on it. What if someone else besides Mike picked it up? She stood there for a few moments debating on what to do as the door opened.

Mike bent and picked up the camera sticking into the pocket of the blazer he was now wearing.

"Thank you Jennifer. Ill take a look latter." Was the only thing he said as he began walking down the hall.

"What do we do now?" She shot at his back.

"Ill be in touch don't you worry bout that." Was his reply without even turning around.

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