Teacher's Pet
Part 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Part 1 - Devan and Lauren, student and teacher, are the only two females in a school dominated by men who don't believe women have any business studying magic. When a rash of magic thefts prompt the closing of the campus, Devan loses her outlet for sexual energy with merchants passing through. Lauren would be more than happy to fill that void, but has no idea how Devan will react.

Devan took a moment to wipe sweat from her brow and brush aside a strand of red hair that had strayed in front of her face. Taking a deep breath, she glanced around the room to relax her eyes, after staring at her worktable for several minutes to mix the ingredients of the fire-breathing potion.

Although she found potion making tedious and felt it was a distraction from learning real magic, she knew that she had little choice but to follow the curriculum of the school. Deep down, she understood the necessity of the study and how it would prove useful to her in time. The rigid instruction of the school was the price she had to pay in order to learn the advanced magic available here.

Taking another deep breath, she tried to chase away the edges of exhaustion still plaguing her. She should have completed this potion yesterday, but instead, she'd chosen to put it off in favor of finding some intimate companionship with a merchant passing through the town. Now she had just enough time to finish the potion before presenting it to her instructor at the start of his class.

Picking up the vial containing the final ingredient, she poised it over the bottle to add the two drops that would complete the potion. As soon as she tipped the vial, she knew something was wrong. A drop fell before the liquid reached the lip of the vial. Stifling a curse, she tipped the vial back upright — too late.

The bottle erupted in a hellish conflagration, obscuring Devan's vision and forcing her backwards into the wall of her room. As the flames died down, the twinkling light within a ring on her finger caught her eye. She'd only put on the ring of fire shielding because she liked how it looked. That bit of vanity had saved her from burns that would have penetrated the spell of fire shielding she'd prudently cast around her.

Unfortunately, her room didn't have the same protections. The table smoldered, and her bed was in flames. Quickly speaking the words of a spell, Devan smothered the fires with blasts of ice-cold mists.

Opening her hand, Devan examined the vial she still held. With the illusion now broken by the magical firestorm, she could see the carefully masked hole in the vial. "Aristel," she growled. One of her chief rivals in the school, he also had access to the storage cabinets each student used, due to his position as the instructor's assistant.

Just as she knew who had caused the accident, she also knew why. She'd mastered the chain lightning spell before him, and he hadn't even attempted to mask the hatred on his face. Likewise, she knew she would never be able to prove his guilt in this, his most dangerous retribution so far. Even though he had access to the cabinets, so did many others. The hole could also be explained away as an imperfection in the glass that she had overlooked.

Walking over to the table, she put down the vial on the scarred surface. The finish was ruined, but the table was otherwise undamaged. The bed, however, was a complete loss. She would have to replace that with her own funds.

The sound of laughter prompted her to turn toward her door. She wasn't surprised to see two of Aristel's bootlickers walking down the hall outside. He wouldn't allow anyone to see him in the aftermath of his revenge, but he wanted witnesses. When Devan narrowed her eyes and took a step toward the door, the two young men's mirth immediately faded, and they increased their pace.

By the time Devan stepped out into the hall, the mocking apprentices were already turning a corner at a speed just below a jog. She considered chasing them down and confronting them, but let out an irritated sigh and decided it wasn't worth her time.

"What happened, Devan?"

Devan turned at the sound of the familiar voice to see Mistress Lauren approaching from down the hall. A new instructor, recently arrived, Lauren was the only female on the staff of the school. She was also one of the few who understood — or cared about — the trials Devan endured as the only female student of the school.

"The bastards drilled a hole in my vial and my fire breathing potion blew up in my face. They masked it with an illusion, and I should have noticed it," Devan answered.

"It's fortunate that you're wearing the ring I gave you, then," Lauren remarked, nodding toward the band on Devan's finger.

Devan nodded. "I've got to replace the bed, though. This isn't some harmless prank. If I hadn't been wearing this ring..."

"We'll talk about it later. I'm afraid that a summons is about to sound."

As if on cue, the magical chime echoed throughout the school. This chime ordered every teacher and student to the central courtyard. Devan had never heard it used in earnest, and it didn't bode well.

Smiling, Lauren said, "I'll walk with you, and brush out your hair before we walk out into the courtyard. It's a bit of a fright."

Devan shrugged and said, "I'm not all that worried about it right now."

"I am. There are only two of us here, Devan. We always need to make an impression. Besides, you have such beautiful hair. It's a shame for it to look all frumpy."

Devan nodded her acceptance and sighed. Lauren then took Devan's hand and led her down the hall toward the courtyard.

"She looked like she was about to explode, too," one of the young men informed Aristel.

"Good. Too bad she didn't singe all her hair off," Aristel grumbled under his breath.

"I don't know. I think this is going too far, Aristel," one of the young wizards said with obvious caution in his voice.

Turning on his toady, Aristel fixed him with a hateful stare and said, "Are you going soft on me, Willard? If you breathe a word of this, I'll make sure..."

Holding up his hands defensively, Willard quickly responded, "No. I won't say a word, I promise."

"You'd better not. If I get caught in this, they'll start looking at other things. You'll all go down with me. I promise you that."

Quick promises to maintain their confidence from Aristel's court of hangers-on were cut off by the sound of the summons to the courtyard.

Letting out a little chuckle, Aristel waved and said, "Let's all go pretend to be surprised."

The Master of the school waited a few moments to give any stragglers time to reach the courtyard, and then ascended the dais at the head of the space to address the students and staff. "As you may or may not have heard, there has been a recent rash of theft within the town and surrounding area. All of the stolen goods are magical in nature, and the thief leaves no trace of his or her presence. Magical wards of all sorts have proven no more effective than common locks to prevent this thief from reaching his goal.

"What you likely do not know is that this school now stands in suspicion of those crimes. I have been informed by the mayor of Destindale that accusations against us have surfaced, and are deemed credible by the city council. While I truly believe that none here are guilty of these crimes, I have chosen to assist in proving that to the city council."

"He doesn't know some of his students very well," Devan muttered under her breath, staring daggers into the back of Aristel's head.

Without even turning her head, or appearing to move her lips, Lauren admonished, "Now is not the time. You'll have your opportunity to expose him for what he is."

Still fuming, but understanding the logic of remaining silent in light of the gravity of what she was hearing, Devan pushed her anger down.

Raising his hands to call for silence, the Master of the school continued as soon as the murmurs from the crowd died down. "Therefore, I am closing this campus. I and two trusted Masters will attain necessities from outside the school. Everyone else is to remain on grounds, and not leave under any circumstances. Everything — and everyone — going in or out of this school will now be carefully inspected. Even as I speak, wards are being established to prevent teleportation, illusion, and any other such magic which might allow someone to enter or leave without detection. Once we have proven that none here is involved in these thefts, we will resume normal operations."

Devan let out a frustrated sigh. She'd purposely avoided engaging any of the other students sexually, and had not done so with any of the staff since using her body to gain an audience with the Master in order to enter the school as a student. Now, she would have either to amend that personal rule, or suffer without any sexual satisfaction. In truth, virtually none within the walls struck her fancy, which only made the revelation all the more annoying.

"We will need at least this day and night to lay in the necessary supplies to self-sustain within the campus. Until that time, no personal requests will be honored. Additional information is provided in documents which each of you shall find in your rooms upon your return. I trust this necessity will not last long, but it will be strictly enforced so long as necessary." With that, the Master stepped down from the dais.

"Come, Devan," Lauren instructed.

"What am I supposed to do now? My bed is a burnt up husk. Something tells me that they aren't going to consider that a necessity right now," Devan grumbled as she followed Lauren out of the courtyard.

"You are correct. I do have a solution, however, if you are willing to share my quarters?" Lauren turned to Devan with a smile.

"You have an extra bed?"

Lauren chuckled. "No, but my bed is far larger than those provided to the students. I transported my own when I arrived here. It should be large enough for us to share until you can move back into your quarters. We could discuss magic and your troubles with Aristel more frequently, as well. I also have a bath — a real one that you can stretch out and relax in."

"That's a hard offer to refuse," Devan admitted.

"Then don't."

"Thank you, Mistress Lauren."

Reaching the door to her quarters, Lauren opened it and said, "I leave Mistresshanging on the door in my private quarters. Here, I am simply Lauren." Reaching inside to a table, she retrieved a key and handed it to Devan. "Until you can return to your own quarters, consider mine home. Go fetch what you need from your room, and then we'll work on completing your fire breathing potion before Master Clurent calls you to class again."

Devan accepted the key and said, "I'll be back in a minute. I'll just throw enough things in a bag to get through the night and worry about the rest later. I want to finish that potion so I can actually work on something worthwhile."

"I'll have everything ready when you return," Lauren said as she walked into her room.

"There. Finished with nary an explosion," Lauren said as she sat back in her chair.

"Thanks for the help. I'd have needed three hands to finish this so quickly."

"It is my pleasure. Why don't you take advantage of my bath? I should say that you've earned it — and you still smell a bit of smoke." Lauren's crooked grin indicated that the last was as much jest as truth.

Letting out a little laugh, Devan said, "I think I will. I haven't had a real bath in a long time."

"I believe I'll turn in and read for a while. I haven't taken much opportunity to relax of late, either." Seeing Devan walking toward a bucket, Lauren laughed and said, "No need for that. I only keep the bucket for carrying vegetables from the market. The tub is powered by magic. You only need to touch the red and blue rune marks to fill the tub with water of whatever temperature you desire."

"You'll have to show me how you made it. I'm going to have one of my own some day, when I've made a place for myself."

Lauren scoffed and said, "Such is not my area of expertise. This was a gift. I will be glad to tell you her name, however."

"That's even better," Devan said and laughed. It took only a few seconds of experimentation to discern the workings of the tub, and Devan soon had it filled with steaming water.

Turning back to her host, Devan saw Lauren turning down her bed after preparing a glass of water and a bowl of fruit on the bedside table. Reaching for the ties of her robe, Devan had to fight down a moment of self-consciousness. Inwardly, she chuckled at the absurdity of her feelings. If Lauren were a man, she wouldn't have even thought twice before removing her robe. She knew that her body had a power over men, and thus felt no hesitation in letting one see her unclad. Alone with a woman, however, she didn't feel the sense of power and succumbed to the natural feelings of awkwardness instilled in her by her conservative upbringing.

Finding the whole thing ridiculous, Devan fought through the feeling and removed her robe. Letting it pool to the floor, she then stepped out of her panties and stretched out the kinks in her muscles before ascending the two short steps to enter the tub.

Across the room, Lauren drank in the sight of Devan's body. From the moment she'd arrived here at the school to teach, she'd sought to find a way to discern whether the redhead harbored any attraction for members of her own sex. She well knew Devan's hunger for men, and wondered if she might have an equal appetite for a woman. Now, she felt she had the opportunity to look for those signs, and perhaps nurture them.

Beneath her robe, Lauren's nipples stiffened to pebble-hard points. Between her legs, an aching tingle assaulted her. The momentary glimpses of Devan's full, firm breasts and the fine view of the redhead's heart-shaped bottom stoked Lauren's passions to a roaring flame. When Devan bent at the top of the stairs to test the water once more — revealing her sex trimmed in short red curls in silhouette against a light beyond the tub — Lauren could not suppress a slight shiver of desire or the need to touch her own tingling sex.

As Devan sank into the water with a content sigh, Lauren untied her robe. As she let it fall to the floor, she said, "I know it isn't easy being a woman and using magic. I experienced much of what you are enduring when I was a young woman studying the Art. I believe you have the strength of character and skill to succeed, however." She dropped her panties to the floor as she finished.

Looking up as the older brunette spoke; Devan couldn't help but notice the woman's body. Though Devan knew Lauren was at least forty years old, she hardly looked it. Her perky breasts still rode high and firm, with the tips sticking out — from the sudden shock of the cooler air, Devan assumed. When Lauren dropped her panties and reached into a drawer for nightclothes, Devan's eyes were drawn to the brunette's smooth-shaven sex.

The sight was somewhat disconcerting, and yet somehow intriguing. Devan absently wondered how she might look with the carefully manicured curls removed from her own mound. It was only when Lauren turned back with her nightgown that Devan realized she was staring and hadn't responded. "I know I can do it. I'm better than half of the other students already."

Her first test having yielded a positive sign, Lauren smiled and pulled on her nightdress. The thin material did little to hide the evidence of her erect nipples. "That's the spirit. You have to have more confidence and skill than most to manage in such a male-dominated world."

Propping up a pillow against the headboard on one side of the bed, Lauren slipped beneath the covers and picked up a book. Putting on a pair of glasses, she said, "Just touch the silver rune when you're finished, it will drain the tub. You can stay up as late as you wish. I'm capable of sleeping through a calamity, let alone a guest."

"I'll probably just go to bed. I have a test in targeted spell casting tomorrow," Devan responded as she wet her hair.

"A wise decision. Enjoy your bath." Though appearing to read her book, Lauren actually watched each and every moment of Devan's bath, relying upon the enchantment of the glasses to mask her actions. As the magical glasses hid her eyes, so too did the mundane bed coverings and the bend of her legs hide her hand as it crept between her legs to massage her folds.

She knew that she would push the boundaries even more in the days to come.

In a hissed whisper, Aristel urged, "Hurry up."

"We're going to get caught. We should just wait until the Master lifts the restrictions," one of the other apprentices suggested as he oiled the hinges of the old cellar exit.

"I'm not waiting," Aristel replied. "We're not going to get caught. Nobody even remembers that this is here. The wards won't prevent us from using invisibility once we're outside in the bushes, and you can't see anything through them. Now stop acting like a woman."

"Fine, you go then. I'm not risking it," the other apprentice whispered.

"Me either, it isn't worth it."

"Go back to your beds then. Perhaps the Master will come tuck you in like the little girls that you are." Pushing upward on the cellar entrance, Aristel found that it made only a momentary squeak. Raising and lowering the door several times after the initial push confirmed that the oil had worked to silence the rusty hinges. Turning back to the other two young men, he said, "Don't forget to sweep away our tracks with a cantrip and put the boards back in place under my bed. If I get caught because of you two idiots, I'll make sure that you go down with me."

With that, Aristel climbed up out of the cellar and closed the door behind him. A few whispered words later, he crept through the night under the cover of an invisibility spell.

Word quickly circulated through the school the next morning that another theft had occurred in the night.

"So, do you think that the Master will let us out now?"

Lauren shook her head as she combed her hair. "No, I'm afraid it will take more than a single obvious example to convince those who accuse us."

Devan didn't suppress her exasperated sigh. "Wonderful."

"I know it's frustrating, but perhaps something positive can come of this unfortunate confinement," Lauren offered, hoping that something very positive might occur between her and the beautiful redhead.

"I'm not going to hold my breath," Devan muttered as she pulled out a clean robe and panties from the bag she'd brought from her chambers.

"Your nightgown is rather daring," Lauren couldn't help but say, loving the way the thin material hugged Devan's buttocks and breasts.

Now feeling at ease with Lauren, Devan twitched her eyebrows and struck an outrageous pose. "The boys like it, when they get to see it."

Lauren laughed and said, "Ah, to be young again."

"You're hardly a crone," Devan said in an offhand way as she pulled off the nightgown. "You're only as old as you feel, and I've seen more than one man watching you as you walk down the halls."

"Oh, I know. Some of the lusty glances I've noticed are rather distracting. There are several handsome young men studying here. Have any caught your eye?"

Devan smiled as she pulled on her panties. "I decided I'm not going to get involved with anyone studying here."

What about someone teaching here? Lauren silently wondered. "A wise decision, and exactly why I make a point not to encourage those glances, no matter how flattering. It has made for some rather interesting dreams, however."

"Well, dreams don't count," Devan said and punctuated it with a chuckle. She then sighed and said, "That may be all that I have for a while."

Not if I have anything to say about it. Checking her hair one last time in the mirror, Lauren then said, "I'll see you this evening when I've finished with my classes."

Devan nodded as she finished tying her robe. Lauren left for her classroom while Devan fixed her hair in preparation for her test. Even though the test would be outside in the courtyard, and her hair would likely be a mess by the time it was over, she had no intention of letting it start that way.

As soon as her red locks were in place, Devan picked up her sack of spell components and made her way to the courtyard. A few of her fellow students were already present, but the largest group was arriving at the same time as Devan. As soon as the stragglers arrived in the courtyard, the instructor in offensive magic ascended the dais to begin the test.

Student after student took their turn, most performing well, but none hitting every target in the timed test. Devan watched Aristel and his two hangers-on as much as her fellow apprentices hurling their spells. The three young men leaned in close, whispering and frequently glancing around to ensure nobody was listening.

Glancing about as well, Devan inconspicuously touched an earring she wore — a gift from a lover — activating its enchantment. She let out a little snort of frustration when some ward around the three young men prevented her eavesdropping magic from working. She noticed that Aristel looked weary, as though he had not slept well.

Devan's lips curled up into a smile. If her nemesis was tired, he might not have an easy time with today's test. Well-rested and confident in her ability, she believed that she might just have an opportunity to show up the arrogant wizard today as a measure of revenge for his vial-swapping trick.

When Aristel's turn arrived, Devan thought at first that she had somehow misread the young man, as he hit every target with skill and speed. Hope surged within her when his final magical missile missed the target, just grazing the edge. While no other student had managed to even touch the difficult target, which required the caster to guide his or her missile in flight through a series of obstacles, Aristel's miss was still unusual.

Devan's call came last, of course. This instructor shared the view of Aristel and many others in the school — women had no place studying the Art. He always made a point to call her first or last, to ensure that any mistakes she made stood out. Much to his chagrin, she usually disappointed him. He wore just the faintest hints of a smug smile today, as she had yet to succeed in hitting the final two targets in this test previously.

Devan took her place wearing an equally smug smile. She had been practicing — frequently — and had rarely missed a target in the last few weeks. The words of her spells tumbled from her lips in strong, confident tones. Her gestures were flawless, and performed with the grace of a dancer. Each of her missiles struck the target dead center, and she had extra time remaining to take care with her final two difficult shots.

She ignored the chance to take a breath and launched into her spell immediately.

Her next missile also struck the target in a cascade of sparks at the bulls-eye. Once again disregarding the time available to her, Devan launched her next missile. Concentrating, she guided the mystic bolt through the obstacles, striking the target. The shot was a little off-center of the bulls-eye, but easily as close as any strike Aristel had ever made.

Surprised — and in some cases reluctant — applause rose up from the gathered students. Devan nodded to her fellow apprentices, and then took a bow, ensuring that she made eye contact with both her instructor and Aristel as she did. Aristel's face was red with rage, and Devan could see the veins standing out in his neck even from across the courtyard.

Oh, this is better than an orgasm, Devan thought as she swept the hem of her robe in a flourish while walking back toward the doorway into the school.

"Well done, Devan," Lauren whispered as she watched the redhead stride confidently back into the school.

Turning away from the window, she crossed the room to her assistant. When she reached him, she said, "I have some private business to attend to this evening, so you will need to take over the last half of my final class."

"Of course, Mistress," he acknowledged with a nod of his head.

Lauren returned to her place at the head of the class, finding it difficult to concentrate in the face of the private business she had planned for this evening.

Devan returned to Lauren's room after her final class in a fine mood. She carried with her a scroll scribed with a new, powerful offensive spell — her reward for her performance in the test. Though excited by the prospect of studying the spell, that feeling was overshadowed by the state of arousal she always experienced whenever she proved her abilities as she had in the courtyard at the start of the day. She had little doubt that her panties would require extra scrubbing due to her almost constant state of arousal since her magical missile struck the final target.

Normally, she would have dropped the spell scroll in her room and immediately sought out a merchant or other handsome man in the town to fulfill her sexual needs. Because of the order to remain in the school, this was impossible. Knowing that Lauren's final class lasted over an hour after hers, Devan planned to do something she had not found the need to do in some time — pleasure herself. She had contained her needs all day, and she could no longer ignore them.

Opening the door, Devan was surprised and slightly irritated to find Lauren already in the room taking a bath.

"Welcome back. I decided to skip my final class today and treat myself to a leisurely bath. I just need to shave, and then you can have the tub if you wish."

Managing to contain her irritation caused by sexual frustration, Devan responded, "Take your time. It's your tub, after all."

Hearing a slosh as she sat down her scroll and bag, Devan glanced over to see Lauren lifting one shapely leg from the water to shave it with quick, practiced strokes. Devan had to wonder if Lauren knew some magic that reversed the ravages of age, because the woman's legs were as toned and smooth as her own.

The second leg followed as Devan carefully stored some of her spell components that required special care. She couldn't help but look toward the tub on occasion, both fascinated and intrigued by the secrets that kept Lauren looking young. A stronger slosh of water caused Devan to turn toward the tub. Lauren stood up from the water and brought the razor to her mound. Though she couldn't see any from her vantage point, Devan assumed that the brunette was removing nearly invisible stubble.

Lauren's pink folds just peeked from beneath her labia, catching Devan's eye. Like he rest of her body, Lauren's sex looked fresh and young. Feeling a tingle between her own legs caused Devan to feel uncomfortable. She pointedly averted her eyes and said, "I don't think I could shave down there. I get nervous enough when I get close while shaving my legs."

"It's no different than that," Lauren argued as she parted her legs and manipulated her labia. "You just take your time at first, and it becomes second nature. I've fallen in love with the feeling ever since I was introduced to it. I just feel cleaner." She paused and looked around as though seeking eavesdroppers before continuing. "And the men absolutely devour it."

The irreverent tone reminded Devan of her friend and former employer in the city, Lorelle. "The look — or it?"

"Both," Lauren replied, and then laughed. She ran her fingers over her once again baby-smooth labia, parting them slightly in the process to reveal the pink folds beneath. "Much better." She then sank down into the water once more to rinse before standing up to exit the bath.

Devan suddenly felt very self-conscious as the older woman stepped from the bath, droplets of water running down her skin. Larger drops hung from her stiff nipples for a moment, before falling against her taut tummy to run down to her sex.

"You should try it, at least around the lips. If you've ever had a hair caught in your teeth, then you know how much of a treat it is for a lover not to worry about it."

"I'll think about it," Devan responded without much conviction. Even as she said it, however, the thought did appeal to her in a way. She knew she would never shave completely bare, but she couldn't help but feel curious about how a man would react and how it would feel.

"Feel free to use my razor. It's enchanted and will never lose its edge."

"That I'll probably do. Mine is getting dull, and I can't even get a new one right now. My legs will end up looking like I ran through a briar patch," Devan said and rolled her eyes.

"Well, we can't have that happening to such lovely legs. As I said, feel free. I'm going to relax and read something for pleasure tonight." Lauren smiled at Devan when the redhead nodded. She also had not failed to notice the slight flush in Devan's cheeks at various points during the conversation. Though she slipped into the bed with her book, she wanted nothing more than to cast caution to the wind and slip in next to Devan instead.

Devan awoke, tingling all over. Opening one eye just a sliver, she glanced over to see Lauren still asleep and almost breathed a sigh of relief.

Sliding carefully out of the bed, she pulled on her robe over her nightgown and crept toward the door. The well-oiled hinges of the portal made no sound as she opened the door. Leaning up against the jamb, Devan had no idea where she was going — only that she needed to go somewhere.

While erotic dreams were far from strange to Devan, the one that had awakened her was. In her dream, Devan had writhed and moaned under the ministrations of Lauren between her legs. Having never even considered such a thing before, the dream left her disconcerted. She could not, however, deny the tingling that continued to raise goose bumps on her flesh, or the wetness between her legs. Thinking about the dream only caused those sensations to grow stronger.

Stepping away from the door, Devan walked toward her own room, having no real destination in mind. She simply felt the need to walk, and time alone to sort out her odd feelings. As she approached her door, the image of Lauren's tongue snaking out between her legs still flashing through her mind, Devan heard the hushed sound of voices.

Recognizing the voices, if not the words, Devan increased her pace to reach the corner of the hall a few steps away. Upon reaching the turn, she risked a glance to see Aristel's two lapdogs walking away from his room alone, whispering to each other.

Devan touched her earring, a wide smile spreading across her face when the enchantment worked. The two young men were not shielded by protective magic this time.

"I'm not risking it."

"We're missing out on our turns, though. Aristel might decide to cut us out completely. You heard him tonight."

"Aristel might be able to talk his way out of it if he's caught. We would just pay the price without a chance to even explain... Shh!"

Devan had heard the sound of a door opening as well, and ducked back around the corner. The action broke the spell of her magical earring, and by the time she peeked back out into the hall, the two apprentices were out of sight. She saw no sign of anyone else in the hall, and tiptoed toward Aristel's door out of curiosity.

She noticed almost immediately that the wards on her nemesis' door were not active. For some reason, he had not restored the protective magic when his two cohorts left the room. If he's even in the room, Devan thought.

Biting her lip, Devan glanced up and down the hall, carefully listening for any hint of a sound. When no evidence of anyone else presented itself, Devan whispered the words of a spell. With Aristel's wards down, she could spy into his room with a clairvoyance spell.

The magic worked, revealing that Aristel was not in the room. His chambers looked much like her own, utilitarian with little evidence of his personal taste. As she was about to dismiss the magic, something caught her eye. While the bed was made, one side of the coverings was rumpled and out of place, as if someone had recently rummaged under the bed. A closer look also revealed some dust and bits of cobweb on the floor near that side of the bed.

Raising her eyebrows and letting out an almost silent, "Hmm," Devan took one last look around the room. When nothing else struck her as out of the ordinary, she let the magic lapse and walked back around the corner to the door of her own room. Pausing, she thought, You're up to something, you ass, and I'm going to find out what it is.

With a goal in mind, Devan forgot about her troubling dream, and took the opportunity to mull over the possibilities as she gathered up more of her clothing. Once she finished filling the bag, she returned to Lauren's room and slipped into the bed, drifting off to sleep with all sorts of schemes running through her head.

Feigning sleep, Lauren wanted to slide back beneath the covers to drink in Devan's scent again. When the redhead had awakened and left the room, Lauren had pulled the covers over her head to fill her lungs with the scent of arousal. When Devan's sounds of pleasure awakened her, Lauren knew that the younger woman was dreaming of something erotic.

Aroused to almost maddening levels now, Lauren could only lie next to Devan, feeling the younger woman's warmth, and wonder what sort of dream had sparked such excitement in her temporary roommate.

A loud banging on the door awakened both Lauren and Devan a couple of hours before the normal start of the day. Lauren threw on a robe over her nightgown and answered the door. After a short conversation, she closed the door with a sigh. "We need to get dressed. Someone was just spotted skulking about in town, and our accusers want us all accounted for. I suppose we can hope they will find us all here and end this, but I doubt it."

Devan thought, I wonder if they will find us all here? I think I could live with seeing Aristel taken to task if he doesn't answer his door. With that pleasant thought in mind, she rose from the bed to hastily dress and fix her hair.

A few minutes later, she joined Lauren and several other heavy-eyed students in the hall. When the group turned the corner where Devan had listened the night before, she couldn't help but smile upon seeing one of the elder instructors banging on Aristel's door. From the small crowd gathering, including Aristel's two nervous looking hangers-on, Devan assumed that the instructor had been knocking for some time.

Damn, Devan silently cursed when the door opened.

"Why did you take so long to answer the door?" The instructor asked.

"I sleep deeply, and unclad. What is the meaning of this?"

While the instructor explained in clipped, irritated tones, Devan examined her nemesis and noticed a few cobwebs clinging to Aristel's robe. Pretending to walk past toward the room designated for the meeting, Devan glanced into Aristel's room and observed that the coverings of the bed were even more mussed than before on one side. One glance told her that the bed had not been slept in.

With even more evidence, Devan proceeded to the meeting with the edges of a wicked smile turning up the corners of her lips.

As her final class wound down, Devan let out a little chuckle upon seeing Danell's stunned stare in her direction. She'd inconspicuously dropped a note in front of him as she passed, asking him to meet her near her room late in the night. While most young men would have thought the note pointed toward the possibility of a fine evening, Danell's expression revealed that he expected something far different.

Shortly after entering the school, Devan had discovered that she had a nocturnal visitor. The mouse frequently perched at her bedside, and sometimes crawled beneath the covers with her as she slept. This all culminated in her awakening to find the creature attempting to drag off the panties she'd shed before crawling into bed.

Casting a quick tracking cantrip, she followed the mouse back to its master, Danell. She'd found him stroking his fingers over the crotch of her panties and inhaling deeply of her scent. Upon confronting him, she'd agreed not to reveal his actions in exchange for the return of her panties and his performing some of the tedious tasks of the Art for her, such as herb grinding.

No doubt, he expected that she now planned to extract additional conditions in exchange for her silence.

Lauren offered a curious glance when Devan said she felt like walking for a while so late at night, but didn't ask any questions. Devan found Danell nervously walking near her room, exactly as the note had instructed. She crooked her finger and walked into her room, closing the door behind them when he entered to stare at the floor.

Moving in close to him, Devan quietly said, "Relax, I'm still not going to tell anyone what you did. I'm wondering if I could convince you to send your little mouse friend somewhere for me, and not tell anyone about it."


"I just want a good look around without having to actually go in there. It took me a while to catch your little mouse, and I should only need once to find out what I want."

Furrowing his brow, Danell said, "It wouldn't be easy to do because you would have to tell me what you want to see, and I'd have to explain it."

"You could give me the spell," Devan suggested.

"It's my brother's spell. He made me promise to never teach it to anyone."

From the tone of his voice, Devan knew that even blackmail wasn't going to convince him to give up the spell. Danell obviously held a great deal of respect — and fear — for his brother. Devan turned to her most potent weapon, lifting his chin and smiling at him.

Though she'd made a personal pact not to become sexually involved with any of the other students, she was willing to partially break that rule to get what she needed right now. "I think I can persuade you," she said in a soft, sultry voice. With her free hand, she reached down to untie her robe. His quick, hopeful glance at her hand let her know that she had him right where she wanted him.

"I'll give you the panties I'm wearing. You just can't tell anyone about this. If you do, I will tell everyone what you did. This doesn't mean anything, and it's never going to happen again. You have something I want, and I have something you want — an even trade — that's all. Deal?"

Danell's eyes popped wide open as Devan parted her robe to reveal her bare breasts and thin cotton panties. After a few days without any real satisfaction, Devan could feel wetness gathering between her legs as she tempted the younger apprentice. The thought of him sniffing her panties and touching himself only increased her level of arousal. Slipping her thumbs under her panties, she again asked, "Deal?"

Snapping out of his stunned state of disbelief, Danell managed to mutter, "Deal."

Feeling needy and a little wanton, Devan sultrily pulled down the cotton cloth in a slow tease. Danell's eyes moved from her bared breasts as she revealed the red curls on her mound and her moist folds. Even as the thin undergarment dropped to her ankles, Devan realized that she would need some small animal to cast the spell on once she got it.

Stepping out of her panties with one foot, she lifted them from the floor with the other, giving Danell an even better look at the hidden pink treasure between her nether lips. Transferring her payment from her toes to her hand, she held the panties out to Danell. He didn't hesitate in the slightest when he took them, rubbing the slightly damp crotch between his finger and thumb.

"I'm going to need something to cast the spell on. I suppose I'm going to need to borrow your mouse, too." Reaching down between his legs, Devan's eyebrows arched upward in surprise when she felt the size of his swollen manhood. She nearly gave in to her own need at that moment, but knew that he couldn't possibly resist bragging to someone if she did. Having always harbored some curiosity about whether she could make a man come with just her hands, she thought she had the perfect solution.

Wriggling her fingers into his robe, she traced her fingers over his erection through his undergarments. "Okay, you can borrow him," Danell said in a rush.

A sly smile spread across Devan's face. "That was a little quick. I haven't offered anything in trade yet."

"I thought..." His face flushed with color, even as his manhood throbbed beneath her fingertips.

"Too late, you've already made the deal. I don't think you'll consider it a bad trade, though." Tugging on the tie of his robe, she loosened the knot and parted his robe. When she pulled down his underwear, the sight of him confirmed her estimation of his size. Once again, she nearly succumbed to temptation, and once again, she resisted.

Wrapping her hand around the swollen organ, she slowly stroked it while cupping the dangling orbs beneath in her other hand. "Not a word to anyone — ever — or we stop right here."

Danell nodded enthusiastically and let out a long groan.

"And be quiet," Devan admonished.

He clamped his mouth closed and nodded again, his hips twitching and his cock swelling in Devan's stroking hand.

Letting her hand rasp over his turgid flesh a little faster, Devan leaned in to whisper, "Does that feel good?"

"Yes," he responded in a stifled grunt.

"Good," she purred and once again increased the speed and pressure while stroking her fingers over his jewels in her other hand.

The pace of his breathing steadily increased, as did the frequency of the pulsing throbs in his manhood. A dribble of pre-cum dripped onto Devan's hand, prompting her to lick her lips and nearly bring her hand to her mouth to taste him. Once again, she resisted.

Noticing his eyes locked on her breasts, jiggling from her ministrations and tingling from her own arousal, she huskily whispered, "You can touch them, but that's all."

He reached out almost before she finished speaking, sighing as his fingers brushed over the firm globe of her right breast. His fingers moved to her nipple only a moment later, relieving some of the almost painful tingling from her arousal that Devan felt.

After a quiet moan, Devan said, "That feels good." From the sounds of his rapid breathing and the look in his eyes, she doubted he even heard her.

Devan stroked him even faster, her mouth watering as she watched the purple helmet of his cock swelling above her pumping hand. She'd never actually watched a man reach his peak before, and found the thought exciting. Hearing him groan, she looked up to see his eyes and mouth both tightly closed. She looked back down as his muscles tensed, just in time.

A thick stream of semen spurted from him, arching up to spatter over her hand and leaving a sticky trail on his chest. A second spurt followed, and then a final welling of his seed coated the tip of his organ and her still slowly stroking hand. His knees were wobbling, and his whole body trembled.

Fascinated by the sight, Devan kept stroking his shaft until he had to remove his hand from her breast to catch his balance. She uncurled her hand from around his shaft and brought her fingers to her lips.

Still panting for breath, Danell watched her lick his semen from her hand and shivered. Her own aching need overwhelmed her, and she grasped his hand to pull it to her sex. Extending two of his fingers, she thrust them into her depths. After a pair of instructional tugs, he caught on to her desire and stroked the digits inside her.

Still licking his cream from her fingers and savoring the bitter, salty taste, Devan rubbed her bud with her free hand. Only a few seconds later, she bit her lower lip as she too climaxed. As her strength left her, she and Danell both sank to their knees to fight for breath. Devan let out a sharp gasp as his fingers slid from inside her in the process.

Grasping his wrist, Devan pushed Danell's fingers upward toward his mouth. He sucked them, tasting her juices. At the same time, Devan picked up her panties, now lying on the floor at his feet with a dollop of his cum decorating the cloth. Careful to avoid his seed, she rubbed the cotton over her damp folds to coat them in her milky nectar.

Pressing the panties into his hand, Devan struggled back to her feet. He remained on his knees, still fighting for breath and staring at her sex right in front of his face. The temptation to pull him between her legs was almost irresistible.

"N-not a word to anyone, and you go fetch me the spell and the mouse now," Devan managed to get out.

Danell nodded and struggled to his feet. "That was..."

Devan shook her head, pulling her robe closed at the same time. "Just go. This isn't going to happen again. You should really get over being shy, because you have a nice cock and a soft touch. Now get dressed and go."

Danell swallowed and nodded his head, bending down to pull up his shorts, also spattered with his semen. He managed to force his trembling fingers to function well enough to close his robe, and then walked slowly toward the door. He glanced back when he opened the portal, but Devan gave him a stern glance and waved him on his way.

As soon as he closed the door, a quavering sigh bubbled from Devan's lips, and she let her robe fall open once more. Tightly pressing her hand over her sex, she shivered once more and brought her fingers to her lips to taste her own juices. After licking her fingers clean, she properly tied her robe and sat down to await Danell's return.

Danell had mastered his breathing upon his return. He placed the mouse in its small cage and a copy of the spell on the table in front of her. He cast his eyes downward for a moment and said, "Thank you." He then hurried toward the door and out of the room.

Devan smiled, imagining that he would likely come again in his own room very soon, probably with her creamy panties pressed to his nose.

Mouse and spell both forgotten in the face of that image, Devan's robe opened once more. She reached another orgasm in her chair before returning to Laurel's room to sleep for the night.

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